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MOVING FORWARD:  Part 11 - Declaration of Liberty

The Founding Mothers and I are delighted to present to you, the community's Declaration of Liberty.


MOVING FORWARD:  Part 11 - Declaration of Liberty
MOVING FORWARD:  Part 11 - Declaration of Liberty
MOVING FORWARD:  Part 11 - Declaration of Liberty
MOVING FORWARD:  Part 11 - Declaration of Liberty


The purpose of this document is to spell out:

1. Why FanBox exists and what it's attempting to accomplish

2. That the owners are now officially handing over control of their work to the community

 3. How the community rules will be created, and by whom

4. The responsibility of community members, if they choose to participate in the community


One of the important parts of this document is:

"We, the owners...

... do hereby grant control of this technology platform and company to the community of like-minded people...

... according to our Constitution as drafted by the community, providing for the rule of law, separation of powers, individual rights and liberties..."


Which means that it is now official:

FanBox is now under the control of the community.

(That means YOU).




Let's have some discussion about this document, to ensure it truly represents the will of the people.

Please share your thoughts.

Afterwards, let's get to work drafting our Constitution...

... after we've had a chance to discuss and agree on WHAT WENT WRONG in today's democracies...

... and what we can do to avoid those same obstacles...

... so that we can install the right safeguards (in our Constitution) to help ensure we avoid those potholes in the road.


Abdul Ali

very nice post thanks for sharing

85 months ago
Alina Derek

Hi, Good day my dear how are you today Happy New year for you and your family.I hope everything is fine. in your work my dear I need to know about you. It's a pleasure to hear from you and to write to you and you wanted to know about me.I'm not sure if we can know better here or later.please contact me with my email is ( misalina1010@gmail.com ) A very beautiful relationship.God bless you.

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

Handing over their baby to you...

Is that hard to do?

The FanBox team has slaved away for 12 years – under conditions often so terrible that its hard to even bring up the topic...

… and they walked away from millions of dollars in personal wealth: http://posts.fanbox.com/z4775

Trust me -- that is very hard to do when you’re dirt poor -- and you, your family, your reputation and the company are a few measly dollars away from bankruptcy and total failure...

... and seemingly everyone around you everywhere (from family members to customers) are telling you that you're stupid, simple-minded, silly, dreamers...

… all in the hopes of creating something that -- in the very slight chance that it survives and actually succeeds -- might eventually help other people -- complete strangers -- uplift themselves out of poverty, oppression or intolerance.

So, yes, it's hard to do.

And so my personal request to you is that you also pay special attention to something else in this Declaration:

"We, the united people...

We understand that our road will continue to be paved with hardship and we're prepared to persevere...

... placing the fulfillment of our mission and long-term interests ahead of our personal short-term interests..."

As they hand over control of their baby and work to you, the employees wish to THANK YOU for all your sacrifices, and they wish to make special note of how so many of you seem to constantly prioritize the fulfillment of the mission ahead of your personal short-term interests. Thank you.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Bella, it is only with thoughtful, passionate and communicative members like yourself that this community will ever come close to making a difference.

Therefore, I and other FanBoxers are so delighted when someone like yourself comes along that is so willing to take on the burden of explaining, to some of the others, what's going on. It's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

85 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Great love means great sacrifice - thank you FanBox!
About the constitution - I am certainly not knowledgeable - but everyone should have a right for respect...

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Tivadar, be sure to visit the next part of this blog post -- where together we set out to draft the Constitution.

85 months ago
Alina Derek

Hi, Good day my dear how are you today Happy New year for you and your family.I hope everything is fine. in your work my dear I need to know about you. It's a pleasure to hear from you and to write to you and you wanted to know about me.I'm not sure if we can know better here or later.please contact me with my email is ( misalina1010@gmail.com ) A very beautiful relationship.God bless you.

23 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Though I havn't met you, whoever you are, I vow my head on you and to you JC... For the hardship you'd done to guide us and unite us stronger to believe that this online community exist to help improve lives worldwide. I heartfully thank you.

All I can guarantee to you, as a member of the community. I respect and continue to support to help build up the community and I will help to deliver the seeds of opportunity worldwide.

I am touch with your kindness and this online world must be taken care of, no matter where I'm standing, you can count on me.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Katherine, you bet we're counting on you!

Did you know that, as of this month (December) the community has been counting on you for exactly 24 months (2 years)?

You've always been ready to do whatever it takes -- despite the other conflicts going on in your life... always one of the first to step in with your positivity and strength whenever a negative situation presents itself.

You're like a rock, Katherine.

85 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Like a rock from the outerspace? lol
Anyway, encouragement words, made me become like a rock...
Specially when someone meant what they say... Thank you ♥

85 months ago
Meliha Colic

This Declaration of Liberty sums it all. What caught my eye is "We, the UNITED people", FanBox community members from all over the globe are working together and contributing to this amazing site that gives us an opportunity to better our lives and start using technology to uplift the humanity and improve even more. We are united. Thank you JC.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Meliha, people keep suggesting a name change (away from the Alpha name "FanBox") -- to something that incorporates the concept of United People...

Do you or anyone else want to share your opinion on this?

85 months ago
Krishna Singh

Great Declaration !
I am all with you !
Let us all make it a reality !

85 months ago
Martins .

Am new to this esteemed community only about a week on board and yet to see any earning in my around account( boosting etc). As a newbie I don't really have much to say aside that I am an advocate of change especially when its gainful. From the look of things the owners have they community at heart if not I doubt fanbox would have lasted this long. Keep up the good work.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for believing and lending your voice so early, Martins -- overlooking the fact that you haven't even earned a penny yet.

85 months ago
Marius B)

I hereby declare, as a member and part of FanBox that I agree with the FanBox Declaration Of Liberty with all my heart, mind, body and soul.

And further, that I aspire for the best benefits of our community & company FanBox and our own Declaration of Liberty, which is built on the hard work and selfless sacrifice of good humans, heroes of mankind.

I strive for the Realization of this Declaration and Vision.

In line with our Declaration Of Liberty on FanBox, I unshakably believe in a new form of equitable sharing of all resources in the world. I belief that this Liberty creates in all of us a common response that urges us to shake off the stifling political culture and mindset that the market – state duopoly has forced upon us.

In order to live up to this Declaration of Liberty, I belief in a new sense of justice and responsibility.
And in us people as a purifying force that carries us all towards the common good.

What hinders the common good must disappear, what preserves it must rule.
And we, as mature citizens of FanBox will increase the new values and begin to inspire people.
Because the existing order has no plausible path to the future .

We have to pave this road ourselves! For we are the people. And politics will eventually follow us.

The idea that everyone should take as much from the whole as he wants, is a fallacy. The myth of the market left to itself is a false assumption. It is a dangerous illusion.
It undermines the role of the Community.
It destroys the existential relationships between people and nature itself.

I belief with us like minded individuals with our common sense and our corresponding thoughts,
we will step out of the system of separation and into the power of participation.

Together, our collective spirit is so strong and inspiring that it will grow and produce itself wider than we can think right now.

We the community form a creative mind that follows the principles of nature itself and reconnects us with her, after so long separation from her.

The more open we are for the so beneficial New to inspire other people, the more we will form a new human language that will globally transform politics, business and culture completely.

Unity in diversity and relatedness. Success equals consensus. Open Source. Winner is the one who is most deeply connected with the community. Culture of the art of living.

I belief that FanBox means co-creative individualism, which allows us our god-given human ability to think within a strong, productive and self-reliant group. To feel, to learn new skills and to act without ever losing our own autonomy.

In the culture of us FanBoxers, it is no longer about money, disguised as personal freedom.
Rather the greatest possible quality of life for all of us, that comes from unity within diversity.
By the discovery of unknown inner abilities that result from creative interactions of us, the key players.
It's about an economy of abundance.

What better life could one imagine?

Haven't seen a space to sign the FanBox Declaration Of Liberty.

So I sign here.

FanBox mission is to uplift humanity by enabling opportunity.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Wow, seriously amazing, logical and inspiring thoughts and conclusions you have arrived at in your life, alchimist.

They say "Leadership is taken, not given" -- and you and some of the others are proving that its true.

I simply cannot wait to hand over the reigns to you and your SC colleagues here momentarily...

85 months ago
Marius B)

For sure :)

84 months ago
D Poet Rhumour

My long held view is that only by learning to cooperate instead of conflict can mankind progress successfully from our current fragile state into a stable society that all our children can share in with hope, dignity and justifiable pride.

FanBox is providing a structure through which such ideals can be made possible - let us not miss the chance to make our children proud of us, not because we seek any praise, but simply because it is the right course of action.

85 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

Brilliant ideas with good intention to empower the fanboxers. thanks for sharing.

85 months ago
Alex Aurora

marvelous, simply marvelous!!!
just reading the declaration made me so proud to be a part of this unique community and hereby I pledge to our mission!
now lets all unite, spread the word and educate every single member and newcomer! this is not just a paying site, this is a REVOLUTION !!!
Be Impeccable With Your Word.
Speak with integrity.
Say only what you mean.
Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.
Use the POWER of your WORD in the direction of truth and love.
Knowledge is power!

85 months ago