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Part 12- Democracy: What went wrong? (i)

Now that the community has declared its liberty, we'll soon begin our focus on the drafting of our Constitution -- something we'll want to accomplish together.

But before we start that process, I'm trying to get my facts straight...

I'm powering through one history book after another - attempting to see if I can reach a consensus mong historians and political scientists around the topic of "What went wrong"... in democracies.


What do you think?

What went wrong? -- in the world's oldest modern democracy (America) -- or in your country -- or in any other country that you have an opinion on? 

Can it be fixed?


Or do you feel that Nothing is wrong?

Please consider this a "practice post"... with an intent of warming up your thoughts on the matter...

 ... fully bringing to the top of our minds the best our community and research have to offer, in the areas of, "What went right" and especially "What went wrong" in democracies...

... information and opinions we'll want quick access to -- as we embark on the process of drafting our own Constitution. 

Thanks in advance.


In the next post, after carefully reading through your thoughts and comments below...

... I'll post what my own research has lead me to... and ask for more of your feedback.


Abdul Ali

Your every post is very informative
It really helps me.
I am very happy with your work
Thank you very much my friend

84 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Ron Jenson writes about this I am not sure I can quote it correctly but it is something like this: great civilizations went from slavery to faith, from faith to bravery, from bravery to freedom, from freedom to wealth, from wealth to indulgence, from indulgence to apathy and from apathy back to slavery loosing the freedom.

Somehow the problems arise when we start thinking that we can get along without working and whithout serving others...This can happen to a whole generation or two generations that live from the wealth created by their forfathers. Interestingly enough, good times do not contribute to the birth of great personalities...Tough times give birth to great personlities..

This problem of consuming without working can be aggravated by the abundance of credits. So a limit on consuming type of credits should be in place too.

I also think we should continually raise leaders. Success and happiness cannot be managed and guaranteed by institutions. It takes mentoring... And today we also know the secret of reaching consensus in groups (see book The Different Drum). This so called community building process also helps with the authenticity and integrity of the people involved. If it was up to me I would introduce this practice into all high schools as it is a very effective way to teach civility, high respect and great cooperation. Only people who are ready to take responsibility for themselves are worthy of the compassion and help they might need...

This is for now :)

Your friend,

84 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Instead of indulgence I would rather write self-complacence...

84 months ago
Karen C

What went wrong? Corruption and power.
Can it be fixed? The ones to fix the mess the U.S. is in will be the PEOPLE not the government. I just hope there are enough people with common sense to correct the problems before it is to late. It's not going to be easy, but I think we will get through the tough times that are coming.

84 months ago
Just Jeff

The big problem is a semi-ignorant populous, a disconnected electorate, and stubborn leaders, like John Boehner, who,even though their party lost the general election at the executive level, continue to fiscal budget legislation and threaten the entire economy and well-being of our nation, and, inevitably, the world. Such intractability should never exist here on FanBox, unless it concerns a basic and fundamental right.

84 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

What went wrong?

Everything that was mentioned from the following comments here about greediness/corruption, principle, pride are the cause of bad governance.

There are plenty of different political parties leading the democratic government with different political agendas that may lead to a discussion and giving the result of no solutions. They are afraid of who will get the huge powers who? Even if they know one of the political leader has a great plan but sadly it's not a member of the majority members of a certain political party.

This may cause of power corruptions.

Can this be fix?

Yes I believe so... If we are just focusing in one mission like Fanbox did. No political parties but by individuals who believe and support the mission and focus on the benefits for the people before its ownself.

84 months ago
Krishna Singh

Henry Maine in his study Ancient Laws concluded that development of laws in a progressive societies had hitherto been from status to contract. Later on some critics showed that the pendulum has swung back wards ie fro contract to status. They were giving the example when people elect there leaders they give back there freedom of contract back to their leaders who misuse it and manipulation of that power makes the status of masses subject to the decisions of leaders. Neither Maine nor his critics had before them the power of Information technology before them. The potential of Internet has thrown up new possibilities of controlling the individual greed of the leaders and their selectors. It is now possible to make them more accountable!
Let us all brood upon it and suggest how we can improve governance.
Governance is no longer an esoteric tool to be used by only few knowledgeable. Everyone will have to be more accountable for one's deeds.

84 months ago