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MOVING FORWARD:  Part 16 - Meet the Founding Mothers

In a moment, we'll be announcing our first ever Senators and Congresspersons...

.... an all-important milestone as we push forward to becoming the world's first democratic full-fledged social network.

But before we do that, let's get our newest FanBoxers introduced to our Founding Mothers...

... because it is our Founding Mothers that will be instrumental in the installation of our first statespersons.


A long time ago, a group of FanBox members took a journey out to San Diego, California...

... to meet the FanBox team and discuss the future of the community.

Among other things, they discussed the possibility of creating the world's first democratic full-fledged social network -- and the potential it had to make a real difference in the world.

Since then, these four ladies have acted as a bridge between the FanBox employees and the FanBox members...

... creating the trust and culture of cooperation that we are all witnessing today.

As importantly, they have worked day and night to help resolve the many thousands of issues -- and the hundreds of thousands of questions -- that FanBoxers have had along the way.

In order to resolve those questions and issues, they came up with the idea of the Success Coach "SC" program...

... where every day, normal FanBox members that have figured out the answers and gained more knowledge than the newer members...

... could actually volunteer to help newer members accelerate their own learnings and path to success.


They then proceeded to build the SC program...

... brick-by-brick...

... including everything involved with that process:

From the selection and screening of candidates....

... to the training, testing and managing of hundreds of coaches from every corner of the world and speaking dozens of languages...

... to the development and continual updating of the ever-expanding set of rules, guidelines, training modules and videos...

... to the thought, design and discussion needed to create the SC tools and technologies.


They took it all on, and allowed no obstacle to get in their way.

Perhaps as remarkable:

All of this happened while they maintained their own students, as much or more than any other SC...

... because they wanted to always be personally aware of what the issues were...

... and what the Success Coaches were going through.


The dedication and selflessness it took for each of them to personally maintain and serve hundreds or even one thousand students...

... while simultaneously managing all the other hundreds of coaches...

... while also acting as the bridge between the community and FanBox management including weekly calls...

... while also feverishly working on the rules, tools and training...

... was a heroic undertaking and accomplishment unlike anything I have personally ever heard of or witnessed. 


Today, as we stand at the eve of the handoff of control of the community -- from FanBox corporate to the community...

... there is probably no more appropriate moment than right now, for us all to stop what we're doing...

... and grasp what I am about to tell you:

If there is anything that you enjoy about FanBox....

Or if you believe that there might be future potential here for you, your family and/or even many citizens of the world...

Then please take a moment to think about this:

None of this would be even remotely possible, if it weren't for the sheer luck that you and I had...

... in somehow attracting these four ladies to FanBox.


They have worked day and night...

... patiently listening to every new or old member that had any issue, question or concern...

... dealt successfully with the nightmare that yours truly (me, JC) can sometimes be...

... all while also -- successfully -- juggling everything on the home front with their families.


They did all of that with no promises of anything for themselves or their families...

... and at great odds to their ability to garner income from elsewhere -- given the amount of hours this massive project has sucked up from them...

... all of that so that you, the FanBoxer, just might get closer and closer to the realization of your own dreams and aspirations.

Pure and simple, these ladies deserve to go down in history as the Mother Teresa's of our generation...

... and I firmly believe that they will...

... because together we're continuing to march forward to the successful accomplishment of our mission, and we will succeed.

So today, as we prepare for the community to take control, let's put our hands together and thank our Founding Mothers...

... for it is likely their personal and non-assuming hard work and sacrifice, that convinced you -- directly or indirectly -- to throw your own passion and skills into the mix and get involved in the mission...

... and it is their dedication and sacrifices, that so inspired a corporation and company of people...

... that they would willingly hand over their property and investment to their customers...

... something that I believe has probably never happened before.

Let's meet them!

Anyone that has been around the FanBox community for a while, has surely bumped into the Founding Mothers...

... and quickly concluded that there's something very special about them. 

It doesn't take long to sense a certain glow, power or magic around them.

But for those of you just joining the community...

... that haven't had a chance to speak with them or meet them yet...

... below is some information about them -- helping you get a sense of what they're all about.

I am sure that, like myself, as you learn about their sacrifices and accomplishments...

... and get the opportunity to interact with them...

... their example will also inspire you...

... so much so, that you too just might decide to step out and attempt to change the world for the better, in your own way...

... whether here at FanBox, or somewhere else.



Here they are:
 The FanBox community's Founding Mothers


Arlene (Visit her profile) 

MOVING FORWARD:  Part 16-Meet the Founding Mothers

Arlene (Visit her profile)

I have been a long-standing FanBox member since 2004. It was not until FanBox became a blogging site that I returned and became a full-fledged member. That was when I first realized I could profit from my passion for writing. Then shortly afterwards I saw how the FanBox revolution had touched and changed so many peoples’ lives. I decided I wanted to be part of FanBox’s mission to uplift humanity by enabling opportunity. I saw the opportunity to really make a difference and be involved in a company that was dedicated to seeing their mission accomplished. I left my stable high-paying corporate job so I could contribute my time, effort, and ideas to develop the success coach program and become an entrepreneur.

Ultimately, my main passions in life are my philanthropy work to make this world a better place, writing, and traveling the world. What I love about FanBox is that it incorporates two of my passions---philanthropy and writing. FanBox contributes to worthwhile charities while enabling me to earn for blogging and writing. This is why I am dedicated to helping make FanBox a success---it is a company I have believed in since the beginning.

Some of my favorite things include:

Favorite Color – Blue
Favorite Movie – Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Band – Foo Fighters
Favorite Fruit – Mango
Favorite Food - Italian
Favorite Instrument - Saxophone
Favorite Activities/Hobbies – Extreme sports (sky diving, bungee jumping, repelling, hang gliding, etc.), snowboarding, writing, reading, theater, concerts, eating, and traveling.



Jenny Lee (Visit her profile)

MOVING FORWARD:  Part 16-Meet the Founding Mothers

Jenny Lee (Visit her profile)

I am  from a small town in Indiana. I have lived in other states ranging from Florida to Michigan but have always seen Indiana as my home, so I couldn’t help but move back.

I have 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, and a wonderful husband I will be married to coming up on 5 years.
Before joining FanBox I worked in retail management until I found out I was pregnant with my son then I decided I  didn’t wanted to miss a minute so after my son was born I became a stay at home mom.  I searched endlessly to find something on the net where I could make money to help support my family.

Almost two years ago I found FanBox it was a God-send, because of FanBox I was able to help provide for my family, to the point of helping my husband buy us our first home. The best part is I get to be home with our children while I am working towards FanBox mission, I get the best of both worlds.

I believe in the mission FanBox has, just reading over the FanBox history blog inspired me in so many ways, not only is the FanBox staff working all of these hours to help everyone around the world but FanBox donates to different causes based on what their members want. I was able to present a check from FanBox to my favorite charity, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary.  Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? We are changing the world.

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Movie: The Notebook (Gotta love a good love story)
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
TV Show: The Walking Dead
( I don’t have a lot of time for TV but this show always gets my attention)


Jo (Visit her profile)

 MOVING FORWARD:  Part 16-Meet the Founding Mothers

Jo (Visit her profile)

Jo Potocki was born in Oklahoma in a town with a population of 500 people. Her client center has more people than the town she was born in. She moved to Texas at a young age it was her home state until 2003 when she moved across the country to Ohio where she lives with her boyfriend and business partner. Jo has 3 children, 2 are living. A daughter 19-years old that is entering med school and a wonderful son who is 7-years old.

Before FanBox, Jo was CEO of a successful company with multiple offices in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. The company did criminal background checks, forensic accounting (looks for financial shenanigans within companies), and credit bureau reports for financial approvals.
After years of running in the corporate world, Jo was tired of the non-stop travel and realized she wanted more time for her family and to pursue art and writing full time. So she sold her company and started illustrating children's books and ghost writing full time. She has published over 2,000 articles online and ghostwritten 35 books. This later turned into web design and search engine optimization which is something she still enjoys.

Discovering FanBox just over a year ago, Jo loved the idea of a company that put the needs of its members and highlighted being able to give to charity as a result of participation. She dove in and never looked back. She enjoys talking with people all over the world daily, learning about new cultures and especially cooking foods from countries all over the world. This is how Jo discovered her family really doesn't like blazing hot Moroccan food as much as she does.

Jo loves FanBox and is especially honored to be a part of the SC Program. Teaching people to help others is something she truly enjoys and something she hopes to continue to do for years to come on FanBox.

T.V Shows: Huge fan of Dexter and Walking Dead

Zoe (Visit her profile)

MOVING FORWARD:  Part 16-Meet the Founding Mothers

Zoe (Visit her profile)

It all started for me in London, England where I was born. My family took a vacation to Los Angeles when I was about four years old and we moved to California shortly after because my parents loved it so much. I have been here ever since and love living in Los Angeles!  LA has so much to offer including the beach, great shopping, amazing restaurants, great weather and it’s only a few hours to drive to the mountains, wine country or Las Vegas! All of which I enjoy very much!

I have been on FanBox for over a year and a half now and I believe it was my fate to be here! I worked at a 1031 Exchange Company where we dealt with real estate investors and the tax code. If you have a question about deferring your capital gains taxes when selling an investment property....just ask me! Sounds fun right? Well, I did really enjoy my job and I was there for over seven years. I started with the company when the real estate market just began to explode and I was there until the market tanked.  The company was acquired by a bank and they shut our little department down, so there I was for the first time in 15 years without a job.

A week after I was off work I found out I was pregnant and was so excited! I enjoyed being home with my son and did not want to give up spending time with him to go back to work. So, I began searching for a way to earn money from home and found FanBox! The site has been amazing for me for many reasons.  First, it has allowed me to earn from home and I have been able to spend so much time with my son which has been amazing.  When I first started I didn’t think I would be good at blogging and had never done it before, but I found I really enjoy it!  I have met some great people and I love being part of the SC program which has allowed me to teach and encourage others.

Zoe isn’t a favorites kind of person.




Arlene, Jenny Lee, Jo and Zoe: 

From all of us:
   Members, Success Coaches and employees:

  T  H  A  N  K     Y  O  U


Now there is only one step remaining before announcing our very first Senators and Congresspersons:

Next, let's discuss the initial legislative process and the Founding Mothers' role in that effort.


Iftikhar Ahmad

JC I appreciate your decision to choosing our founding mother of this amazing community. I am lucky I worked with all of them and I learned much a lot with their guidance. Best wishes for all of them and their successes.

83 months ago
May Ram

It is a great honour to have work with all four of you, our founding mothers. Thank you so much for founding this amazing SC program. and being here for all of us.

83 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Thank you for all the time and effort you ladies have put in! From the heart it is deeply appreciated that you have helped FanBox become what it is today. Because of you ladies we can all hope for a better future. Thank-you is an understatement but i have not the words to express the gratitude I feel. It will be an honor to work for you ladies, looking forward to the New Year 2013.

83 months ago
Abdul Ali

good post thanks for sharing

83 months ago
Hari Majumder

Thank you JC for bringing out the details of our FanBox founding mothers. Hats off to all of you. Happy New Year. Let 2013 bring all the peace,prosperity and happiness for you.

83 months ago
Marius B)

You are fantastic strong women! Thank you very much!

83 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Awesome tribute! You guys are all amazing and have given so much to the community and will continue to do so for many, many years!

Thank you all for the tremendous work you do on a daily basis! :)

83 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

THANK YOU ARLENE, JENNY LEE, JO and ZOE! I mean thank you!!

83 months ago
Just Jeff

All four of you have been instrumental in my modicum of success here on FanBox in some way, shape and form. I actually modeled my blogging tone, format and subjects on those of Arlene, who was number one at the time I started about 21 months ago. Then Zoe came along and gave me quite a bit of encouragement. Jo became my Success Coach and has been my guiding light and Rock of Gibraltar ever since. Jenny I know has been a supportive force behind the other three. So let me take this opportunity to congratulate Jo, Zoe, Arlene and Jenny on the recognition of their hard work, commitment and accomplishments on FanBox and in their lives. And here's to a great 2013 for all!

83 months ago
* Arlene *

I feel honored to have been part of FanBox's progression. It has been such a profound and enlightening experience to be able to contribute in some way. I am also a better person for having had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in FanBox, as well as the other founding mothers (Jenny Lee, JoLynn, and Zoe). I can't wait to see what else is instored for FanBox in the future....there are just some many exciting things to come. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience! And thanks to my extended FanBox family!

83 months ago