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MOVING FORWARD: Part 19 - The first Statespersons 

=====================  UPDATE =============================

Before we continue, let's answer these two questions many are asking:

Question: How can I be a leader (Senator or Congressperson)?
Answer: You first need to be a Success Coach.

Question: How do I become a Success Coach?
Answer: Speak with Zoe.  She is ready to assist you.


Thank you for staying with me in this conversation...

... as we moved from a very high level reminder of why the world needs fanbox to a more specific dialog about the missionapproach, money and capitalism -- all intended to encourage you to start thinking about the community's biggest challenge and potential solutions.

We then introduced the power user -- but immediately dove head-first into a plan for your financial success -- knowing darn well that if we didn't, we'd risk losing those of you with attention deficit disorder when we declared our liberty and debated what's wrong with democracies and how we might avoid that here.

Heartened that everyone stayed tuned in, we then discussed our constitution before meeting our founding mothers and chatting about the initial democratic process and code of official conduct for politicians.

Which leads us to today's announcement.

Our very first Senators and Congresspersons

Without further delay, here they are:


MOVING FORWARD: Part 19 - The first Statespersons
MOVING FORWARD: Part 19 - The first Statespersons

Egypt    Nourein Mohssei

Germany   alchimist :)

India   barkha neeelam

Indonesia   ArchyLen Farizt

Israel   Mari Juana (MJ)

Jordan     Anmar Alshatarat

Malaysia  Nasa Jaafar

Nepal   November Rain

Netherlands    May Ram

Norway      Katherine

Pakistan    Shehreyer

Pakistan    Asif Mughal

Philippines    Aliah  Reynales

Philippines    Gloria Calzita

Philippines    Nap Bayasen

Romania    Pop Mircea

Russia     lana ferra

Slovenia     Secko Rama

Trinidad & Tobago   Judith Young

Uganda   Edrisa African

United States     Chrystal A

United States     Catherine Herdt

United States     Cindy Woods

United States     PaulaAndreaPyle

United States     Marie Frabutt

United States     wendy williams

United States     Melanie Jarman

United States     Meliha Colic



MOVING FORWARD: Part 19 - The first Statespersons

India   Sudha

India   Arun Kumar Sriv

Italy    Crazy Dog Terry

Italy    Georgiana Yoana

Jordan     Anna  P

Jordan     Koko S

Pakistan   Muhammad Khalid Jalil

Pakistan  * Shahzad *

Philippines    Cool Ayz

Philippines    Dave A

Romania   Manuela Alexuc

Romania   manu enah

United Kingdom   D Poet Rhumour

United Kingdom  Vicky SC

United States     Brian Woosley

United States     Ryan Page


Their opportunity is about serving the people of the world

As volunteering Success Coaches, they are already serving people.

As statespersons, they will be serving a much larger group of people: All current and future FanBoxers. 

Even though they will now be Senators and Congresspersons from, say, India, the U.S., Germany or Pakistan...

... along with representing the needs of the people from their country...

... their more important responsibility is to fairly serve and represent the people of the world. 


Congratulations to them on this outstanding achievement!

The Founding Mothers discussed and researched long and hard -- and selected them from a much larger group.

Of course this is a big moment and achievement for the community - as it took many twists and turns to arrive at this moment.

We have waited years to take this action -- because we needed to ensure we had the right people involved. 

We didn't want to do this with just anyone. 

We needed to make sure the community had candidates of this caliber before making the move. 


Along with what this means for our community, this is also a very big achievement for them personally...

... because it demonstrates the trust and loyalty that they have successfully built in the community...

... armed with nothing but their passion & motivation, selflessness & intelligence -- and a willingness to serve.

It's the next step for their influence and power to make a real difference in the world. 

I'm not just talking about the ability to create the next big technology company... 

... or influence the next big product features or technologies...

... but I’m speaking about the power to actually create opportunities for millions and eventually billions of people...

... life-changing opportunities that might actually change the direction of life on this planet.

(If you think I am exaggerating, I'd remind you to think of those 600M jobs that need to magically appear in the next 8 years -- without which we will have poverty and famine on a scale that our world has never known).


All great things start with one small step... and move forward one step at a time.

This is our next step together.


If your name is listed below:


And thank you for taking on this extra responsibility for the good of the community.


And if your name is NOT listed below (but you wish it were):

Don't worry, you can be a statesperson too.

I'll explain:

This is the first time -- and the last time -- that candidates will be hand-chosen.

After this, they will be selected by performance.

IE: FanBox is becoming a merit-based democracy.


In other words, the Success Coaches with the highest performance at the end of this quarter (March 31)…

... will automatically become eligible to be a Senator or Congressperson for the 2nd quarter of 2013.

And from there, they can become members of the President’s Cabinet…

... and from there, the President of FanBox…

... as we discussed last week.

So if you're interested in becoming a statesperson and making a difference...

... speak with Zoe. She is ready to assist you.

So, please help me congratulate our very first class of Statespersons...

... and wish them the very best of luck!

They will need your love, energy and support... no doubt about it!

In the coming days, they will receive their special powers, so they can get to work on behalf of the community.

Any questions? I'm here for you.

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Abdul Ali

nice and informative, thanks

83 months ago
Abdul Ali

Congratulations and wishing you all the very best

83 months ago
Ophie L

Congratulations to the first statespersons of FanBox!!!
Looking forward to more successful endeavor.

83 months ago
Fred Loresco

congra to all the statepersons be u serve the fanbox.com cummunity member.

83 months ago
Brian C Woosley

I am very honored to be among those chosen to be the first states-persons of FanBox!

Congratulations to everyone that has been selected!

I look forward to working with you all, and I look forward to serving all of the members of the FanBox community to continually strive to make it the best community it can possibly be!

83 months ago
Alex Aurora

congrats Brian :)

83 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I am so please and thankful. I will try my best to serve you with respect. Hope we get your respect and understanding. This will be our chance now and I'm sure, it will be your turn next. Everyone can experience it if you are determined to do so.

Please bear with us and we need your cooperation to build up this good online community.

I extend my congrats to the rest statepersons... ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

83 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thank you for your support (=^.^=)

83 months ago
CArMz Ca

COngratulations to the state persons of FanBox! such a great success..!

83 months ago
Marius B)

For me it is the most desirable that there is life in. To serve humanity. Thank you

83 months ago
Shalanda Anderson

I'm interested

21 months ago
Charlene Hawkins

Congrats to everyone who made this possible...

83 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Congratulation guys. I wish you all the very best.

83 months ago
May Ram

Thank you, to serve the humanity.

83 months ago