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The FanBox Presidential Election

Money won't create success, but the freedom to make it will

--Nelson Mandela

While we believe Mr. Mandela's statement to be true, it’s clear that the relationship between modern governance and corporate interests has resulted in a world in which hope and hopelessness are separated by only the slimmest of margins.

It is innate to the human spirit, however, to seek self-determination. Regardless of their limitations, most people are strongly driven by the need to realize whatever vision of success they hold.

They know they can’t do this on their own.

We believe that the purpose of social networks is to facilitate connection. We know that wherever large numbers of people come together value is being created, transacted and enhanced.

We believe that the most popular social networks have demonstrated the viability of a well-designed system to substantially influence the lives of their members, to permit them to share and create value and to generate revenue along the way.


We also believe that the time has now come for the emergence of a system that shares the commercial value created in its system with its members through a democratic system of self-governance.


Ultimately, we believe you should be free.



The time has come for this community to take the next step -- and elect its leader - the President - so that true freedom via self-governance can begin to take hold.


The President’s Role

The FanBox President will be responsible for the FanBox Corporation.

Also, the President will represent the FanBox community and help us move closer to completing our mission to uplift humanity by enabling opportunity.

While certainly not limited to this, the President will:

·       Represent the community and ensure its concerns are being heard and its needs are being met

 ·       Run the FanBox Corporation -- meaning all top executives of the company report up to the President

·       Serve the FanBox community for one term of 6 months, from this September 21st, 2013 to March 20th, 2014. The President will not be eligible for reelection.  Future terms will be longer – but let’s let our new democracy learn to walk before it runs.

·       Live in San Diego, California, USA for the duration of the term

·       Help bring into fruition the laws and policies brought forward from the Senate and Congress, including finalizing the drafting of the Constitution

·       Work hand-in-hand with FanBox’s staff at its corporate headquarters, and act as a bridge between employees, members, statespersons and Success Coaches

·       Choose a President’s Cabinet from current SCs

·       Represent the community to the public

·       Prioritize product ideas and drive change



Being the President of a democratic social media website like FanBox is a huge responsibility, as is moving to the corporate headquarters in San Diego.

To ensure this is a possibility, the President is offered the following compensation:

·       A monthly salary of $8,000.00 USD

·       Paid-for round trip flight to from his or her home, to San Diego.

·       Access to a vehicle paid for by FanBox

In order to concentrate on the role, upon his or her election, the President will not be able to continue as an SC or earn on FanBox during the duration of the term.

However, the President’s SC status and any of the President’s previous Clients will be automatically returned once the term ends.


Who can be a candidate?

In order to allow the community the opportunity to choose a President that would serve them well, candidates are limited to those that have already shown that they are motivated to serve the community.

In other words, Politicians (including the President) must first be Success Coaches.

In this manner, we can be assured that they:

1.  Are well trained on the workings of FanBox

2.  Have already demonstrated that they wish to serve community members

3.  Are interested in the President role for the right reasons

4.  Are already very familiar with the ideas, issues, opportunities and concerns of the community

Politicians and Success Coaches have already been instrumental in making democracy a reality by guiding their clients towards success.

By providing them the information and tools needed to become Power Users, economy builders, and great community members, they have proven themselves more than capable of fulfilling this task of democracy and moving FanBox into a new chapter in its history.

Any Success Coach who meets the three following criteria will qualify to announce their candidacy:

1.     Must be a current SC

2.     Must have been an SC for at least 3 months

3.     Must have strong verbal and written English skills

We believe all our SCs have already done an outstanding job representing FanBox and have been instrumental in helping their Clients succeed.

However, newer SCs simply do not have the experience necessary to represent the community as a whole. 

While SCs with less than 3 months of experience will not qualify this time, they will certainly be able to by the next election.

We also believe having strong English language skills is a necessity.

FanBox.com (the website) is currently only available in English, our headquarters is located in the United States, and our staff primarily speaks English.

We apologize for those SCs who may not qualify for this reason, but being able to communicate in English is essential for efficiently performing your duties as President. 

However, as FanBox grows and becomes more localized, this will no longer be a requirement.


How can YOU become the President?

It’s actually very simple.

First you need to be a Success Coach.

(How do you do that? Speak with one of the FanBox Founding Mothers: Zoe)


Election Timetable:

Right now -  Current Success Coaches are considering if they will choose to announce their candidacy

June 25th - All candidates are announced to the community

July 1st  - Initial voting begins to determine top 5 candidates

July 8th - Initial voting ends

July 17th  - Second round of voting starts to determine top 2 candidates

July 24th - Second round of voting ends. Top 2 candidates are announced and invited to the Presidential Debate

August 14th - Candidates arrive in San Diego for Presidential Debate

August 16th - Presidential Debate will be videotaped and presented to community

August 28th - Presidential Election Polls are open

September 4th – Presidential Election ends and winner announced

September 20th - (Last day of summer) Presidential Inauguration and ball (A big party on a sailboat)!

September 23rd – The new President begins his or her first day on the job at the FanBox headquarters in San Diego, California

  ===== The SECOND Presidential Election =====

December 25th, 2013 –  Candidates are announced to the community -- for the next Presidential Election

January 16th, 2014 - Presidential Debate will be videotaped and presented to community

January 28th - Presidential Election Polls are open

February 4th – Presidential Election ends and winner announced

March 20th - (Last day of Winter) Presidential Inauguration and ball


As an engaged and responsible community member...

What can YOU do now? 

1.  If you believe your SC would represent the community well, encourage him or her to announce their candidacy.

2.  The SECOND election takes place in about 6 months from now.  If you believe that YOU would make a good President, consider becoming a Success Coach now (speak with Zoe) so you might be eligible by the next election.

3.  Meet the Presidential candidates!  

4.  Get ready to vote!  Think about the community as a whole. As I heard Josh Manske say in an earlier blog comment regarding this topic, vote with your head and not your heart.


Any questions? Concerns? Ideas?  I'm here for you.


Tong Hieu

I'm not candidate!But I hope some day I can be!Thank you JC!Great news for potential candidates!

78 months ago
Nav नव

Hey JC , would the new candidate be announcing the new fatures as you announce through your blogs ?

78 months ago
Khaleel Daud

President will have a good moral characters and He knows how to deal with poor people in and outside Fanbox. President will be our model and helps us to improved our future Fanbox.

78 months ago
Ahmed .


78 months ago
Jimmy Thiels

Nice :)

78 months ago
Martin Binnington

Interesting... I think it's great that people who have enjoyed enough success to become success coaches can be considered for the presidency position. Many SCs already help their students and others, so to be able to be a part of the decision-making process is a great opportunity, for any of us!

78 months ago
Hazel Rodriguez

This is a good opportunity for all deserving success coaches to play the part as President of FanBox for 6 months and to be able to share his/her thoughts and communicate personally with the staff in San Diego for the good of the community.

78 months ago
Bors Ioan

Va doresc mult succes si responsabilitate...

78 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

Good news .Every candidate should have their own written personal information, achievements, education and other qualification fit for being the elected President. Good luck to the prospective candidates.

78 months ago
Asif Iqbal

Excellent news about the FanBox Presidential Election.

78 months ago
Stana Maria

Bine organizat spre un drum de viitor pentru noi toți mulțumesc

78 months ago
Edz Sam

Brandie has so far been the best President and I love the way the community revolves. JC and FanBox team has really done a great job. :)

78 months ago