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Presidential Election: We need your input

Hello FanBoxers!

It's been a while since I've posted -- as it has been important that I step aside from the spotlight to make room for the President you elected, Brian Woosley.

I did miss speaking with everyone, however! :)

If you remember, we decided that the first Presidential term would be 6 months -- to allow our new democracy to learn to crawl before it learns to walk.

(Very short term, I know. The next President's term should be 1 year, in my opinion, and then we can increase terms even further from there, if everything is going well).

Well, Brian has been President for exactly 4 months now -- which means his term is coming to an end in only 2 months.

 This means that it is time for a new election -- as our charter calls for Presidents not being able to be reelected -- so that they can spend the entirety of their terms working for the members, instead of working on their reelection.

Question:  Would you like to extend Brian's term by 6 months -- so that his term is one full year?

Or would you rather hold a new election, and elect a new President?

I guess the question really boils down to whether or not you feel he's doing a good job for you; or whether you think someone else will do a better job.

We need your feedback, because if you want a new election, we'll need to start the process for that very soon.

Please leave your thoughts, below.

And if you would rather communicate confidentially, feel free to send me an email.

Thanks in advance. 



Jake Muanpuia

In my opinion, six months is too short for the President term. I agree to give another few more months.

70 months ago
Adam Smith

I think we need a formal referendum on this subject, since I don't advocate changing the rules in the middle of the game, so to speak. However, if enough of us feel that the term should be extended, then I'd go along with the majority.

Have we considered allowing Brian to simply run again, and lifting the consecutive term ban? (Perhaps limit a President to a maximum of 2, six-month terms). In this way, new candidates can make their cases, as can Brian. The issue still remains that we don't want our Presidents using valuable time in an effort to get reelected, but perhaps Brian can accept a volunteer or several, to run his campaign while he runs FanBox. This could be a fair precedent and would invite involvement of more members; even those who choose (or cannot due to other limitations) not to run themselves.

There's no real basis for judging the effectiveness of the current administration. It seems very positive from my perspective, but why shouldn't we allow new candidates the chance to speak, particularly those candidates who failed to win last election?

I speak in the interest of fairness, to the membership, to the current President and to FanBox and the future thereof. I think there may be some individuals who are planning on running for President and to tell them now that they cannot, due to a whimsical change in policy, would be an injustice.

All of course, in my humble opinion and with the best interests of all at heart.



70 months ago
Tamas Deak

Correct. I agree, don't change the rules during the game. It makes sense although to extend the term to 1 year for the new president and allow the re-election 2 or 3 times.

70 months ago
Kristin Perry

I have a question. The rules state that a person can not be re-elected Fanbox President. Is there a one-term limit? Or can a person be re-elected as President, provided that the terms are not consecutive? For instance, if President Woosley wanted to run for the Fanbox Presidency in five years or so, would it be allowed?

I do agree that President Woosley's term should be extended for a full-year.

70 months ago
Tong Hieu

Long time no see, Johnny!
Time went fast, I wish Brian will be chosen again, he is doing his job really well :)!

70 months ago
Jerry Rich

I fully agree with you!

70 months ago
May Ram

Welcome back JC, we all miss you too. :-)
I would like to extend Brian's term, if he has no objection.

70 months ago
Meliha Colic

Hi JC. It is nice to hear from you again. Brian is doing great job as President and I do agree that his term should be extended for 6 more months.

70 months ago
Gerald Belanigue

Brian is doing a great job and I believe he still have a lot of plans for FanBox to make this a better community. So, I would agree to extend his Presidency for another 6 months :)

70 months ago
John Gill

Hello all. It has been awhile since I posted on such an important issue. I agree also that six months is too short of a term. He should be allowed another 6 in my opinion. However, there are some things that were changed by Brian that have not been so well for folks like me, which is why I haven't been here much lately. With that said: I would say the best thing would be to take a system-wide vote. And not just on the presidential election, but also on the way the system is running: Examples- problems with Uploading pictures, the little fun funny chewing the cord dog, and I thought this was a system devoted to enabling humanity and opportunity..? I have seen way to many people posting nothing but pictures of girls and breasts, and just a basic lack of respect for others in our community- another reason I haven't been here much. What are Brian's Morals and thoughts on everything after reading these posts? We all agree he should be given another term. If that is given, what will be done about the morality issue? These are all things I believe should be addressed, by him or by the senate or by the entire community. THIS is still a community, and a community with the same objectives will fly, while a separated community will fall.
And- No, I don't want to be president.
Peace to you all. Give Brian another term.

70 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi JC, We are very happy to hear you. It is very difficult for a President to understand community needs and to make efforts to fulfill in just 6 months. I really like our President and work that he is doing is great. Please allow him for another 6 months.

70 months ago
S. Khan

It's a very good idea it should extend to a year and Brian's term should extend 6 months more

70 months ago
Nav नव

Change of policy in between ?
well in my opinion , every one should get an chance.
there may be people who have been planning new things for the upcomming election that they were expecting in 2 months.

I know 6 month is the short time but the change of policy in between does not justify it.

The other option could be that he could again take part in the re-elections.

So my opinion is re elections

70 months ago
Jiri Jedlaj Jedlicka

Yes I agree with this as well.

69 months ago
Melanie Jarman

Yes, I agree to the extention. Brian is doing well and 6 month is a short time. I'm sure the 6 month term had to be chosen originally in case the new President didn't do a good job. Brian has been excellent, so let's keep him. :) :)

70 months ago
Rayaan Jimmy Mannan

It would be good to give him one full year as he is doing good work in this position.

70 months ago
Adam Smith

Brian is, by all accounts and opinions, doing a fantastic job. But granting a term extension would undermine the authority of the first election and would raise suspicion that any future elections could equally so easily be undermined as well.

If Brian were to run for President in this election (which still requires bending the rules), it may be that he will win in a landslide decision, which would be appropriate, but which would also be the most fair way to address this issue.

We don't want to punish FanBox for the apparent error of making the initial term too short. But consider this: if our current President were not doing a good job, would we not be welcoming this next election?

Changing the rules now would render the previous and all future elections impotent. What's the point of having an election if we can simply change the rules any time we wish, with nothing more than a loosely framed request for opinions?

Perhaps the Constitution should address this issue.

If Brian runs for President again, he'll surely get my vote, but if he were not a good President, I'd be very happy to see his term come to an end. We got lucky this time - but whose to say we'll get lucky again, when the next President steps into a new, lengthier term? Or, will we grant Brian another extension six months from now, assuming he's still doing a good job?

What's fair? That's what matters.

70 months ago