As some of you may remember, there was a period of time earlier in the year where FanBox had shut off the ability for new users to join our community (read more about it here).

After making many improvements to the way that members earned, FanBox recently re-introduced the ability for all of us to become Teachers through inviting users to the community in a limited capacity by giving out activation codes based on our own ability to reach “initial success” and also based on the power user level that we have achieved.


Many of you have been asking – why make it so difficult for new users to join?


Rather than once again making FanBox an open community where any user can join, the point behind these activation codes is so that only people that are already established members of the community can choose who joins.

By doing this, the quality of all new users to our community will remain high, which in turn enhances the ability for everyone to earn and achieve their desired level of success.


We all know that the more successful that an individual is on FanBox, the easier it is for others to be successful as well, but what I don’t think everyone here has truly comprehended is just how much of a massive earnings potential we all have right here, right now with the way that the activation code system is designed.


Before I get into that though, let’s quickly go over what it takes to earn as a Teacher:


When you invite new users with your activation code, you are automatically assigned as that person’s teacher.

Your job, as their Teacher, is to show them around FanBox, and teach them how to succeed.


When people that you invite and give an activation code achieve “Initial Success” or become a power user, you are provided with a new activation code – to replace the old activation code that you provided to your friend. “Initial Success” simply means that a user has earned at least $10 and is current on their IPL fees, which is something that anyone can easily achieve in 48 hours or less if they get started earning as soon as possible.


When they succeed, you do too!


Not only do you get the pleasure of knowing that you helped a friend learn how to use FanBox, so -- like you -- they too can start dreaming about the possibilities, but you also earn money too!

In fact, for the first 6 months that they use FanBox, you will earn 10% of the profits that they earn!


Dang Van Viet

Wonderful news Brian thank you for your constant efforts for making this a better place for all of us!

46 months ago
Fatima (Fan Me Back)

good news for me :)
thank you so much dear for this wonderful earning news :)

46 months ago
Nav नव

There are 2 types of earning on fanbox .
One is active and another is passive.
Uploading pics,blog, vids are active source ......if we dont post any content on a day , there will be no earning on that day .

and teaching, boost and ads are the passive souce ......we earn from them even if we are not online for days .

So yes teaching is an good source of income people just have to invite the people to earn.


I have a suggesstion for fanbox .
When a new user joins the FanBox , he is unaware of the various features of fanbox like IPL ,Boost.

I have witnessed that some users unknowingly activates there IPL account and as the boost portfolio is automatically created , they boost so much of money and hence utilises IPL,

hence when the time comes to pay the IPL Processing fee , they quit using the fanbox account thinking it as a Spam or something similar,

So , my suggestion is that new user can activate IPL only after 10 days of joining .as during this period he/she may learn about the IPL ,boost and other features.

Also watching the IPL and Boost video in leaderboard should be compulsury to activvate the IPL.

Hope fanbox will look into this .


46 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Nav,

I have been working on building a lot more educational material for all users, both new and old, and everyone should start seeing that very soon. I believe that that will go a long way towards helping new users especially understand how everything works on FanBox.

In regards to IPL, new users only can get IPL activated if they accept the terms and conditions along with it, so there is no reason why people do not know how it works, unless they purposefully ignore the information given to them.

In addition to that, just because someone has IPL fees that they don't want to or cannot pay, that doesn't mean that they can't earn from their account. Users are able to earn from their account from a variety of methods that don't require IPL, such as posting content, Teaching others, selling products, etc. - so if people have issues with IPL, then they don't need to close their account - they just need to stop using IPL and work on the other areas and earn from them instead.

All of this is tied to education though, so I am sure that all users are going to get more and more involved in understanding how things work very soon as that is something that I believe everyone wants and it is one of my top priorities at the moment.

Thank you again for sharing!

46 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thank you Brian. It's great message to all of us.

46 months ago
Lana Ferra

thank you, Brian! again very clear explanations from you! it is one of the best ways of earnings !

46 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

So guys, now you know how you can make more money while enjoying helping other people.. what are you waiting for? hurry....

46 months ago
Dennis Richards

Informative Post Brian , I am sure all FanBoxers will try to Maximize their earnings from Teaching New FanBoxers about FanBox.

46 months ago
Resurreccion Ramos

Earning potential is really great here at FanBox. One has just to be consistent in doing any of the different ways of earning. Thanks for sharing ...

46 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Very true!

Just like any business - if you are earning from multiple sources, then your earnings will be much more stable and you will also have greater ability to grow.

On FanBox, those multiple sources of income are from all of the different features we have available to us.

Keep up the good work! :)

46 months ago
Abdul W.

Thanks for sharing this it is a really good post. I will read it through with great care to make sure I get it right. (senior moment)

46 months ago
Paul Henry

Thanks Brian for this great opportunity.

46 months ago
Amit M


46 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Thanks Mr President .

46 months ago