Hello everyone!


I am happy to announce that we have an exciting new feature that is going to help everyone jumpstart their earnings on a much faster pace than ever before.


As you all hopefully know by now, having a large and loyal fan base is a pivotal part towards achieving long term success in building your FanBox business.

Each of your fans and friends are your “customers.”

They consume your content, purchase your products and services and are generally interested in what you have to offer.

Without any fans, you will not succeed – plain and simple.

Because of that, FanBox has developed a new feature that gives all new users 5 free fans as soon as they create their account.

The 5 fans that new users recieve are power users, and in return all of those 5 power users are given those new users as fans as well. 


Why is this important to you since you are no longer a new user?


There are 2 major reasons why this is important to all users:

1) Any people that you invite to FanBox will now automatically have fans assigned to them, which will help them get started earning faster so that you can earn more Teacher earnings.

2) If you are a power user, then you are going to be getting a lot more free fans on a regular basis. The higher your power user level, the more free fans you will receive.


Just to give you an idea of how many extra fans you can earn for free as a power user, here is breakdown of free fans given to all power user levels since the launch of this new feature several days ago:

New Feature: 5 Free Fans


To put that into context, here is a graph of a purple power user's new daily fan count from before, during and after this new feature was launched:

New Feature: 5 Free Fans


Why are only power users being given these 3 fans?


The reason for this is three-fold:

1) Having fans is an essential element of achieving success on FanBox.

2) New users need “role models” to look up to when they are first starting out so that they can work towards achieving their own success as quickly as possible. Power Users are the most successful members of our community, therefore who better than to act as a “role model” for these new users than a Power User.

3) Power Users play an integral role in our community (read why that is here), and so it only makes sense that they should have as many benefits provided to them as possible – such as being given free fans.


Just to give everyone an idea of how powerful this new feature is for power users, I want to show you a couple of examples from what users are actually experiencing in just the last few days since this feature launched:


New Feature: 5 Free Fans


As you can clearly see, power users are yet again being given tremendous value for their contributions to our community.


So what is the take away on this new feature?


1) Having fans is an essential part of achieving success on FanBox

2) New users are now being given 5 free fans as soon as they create their account

3) Those new fans are power users, which will give new users a clear perspective of what they need to do to be successful on FanBox

4) Power Users are being given new fans every day simply for being Power Users

5) Power Users are able to earn more because they have more fans (i.e. “customers”)


I hope that everyone can see just how powerful an impact that a simple feature such as will be having on our community.


- New Users will be more successful faster

- Power Users will have the ability to earn more because they are being given more fans

- All users will earn more because our economy will be growing at an increased pace


There are a lot more exciting features and updates happening in the very new future so I hope you guys are ready for those! 


Remember, together we can achieve anything and you should feel proud to invite your friends, family and even strangers into our community so that we can spread our mission across the globe.


Thank you all, and I am always here if you need anything! 


Mihaela Oancea

Wonderful news Brian thank you for your constant efforts for making this a better place for all of us!

47 months ago
Amit M

Wow Amazing Brain, Thanks let me read it again

47 months ago
Alisha Khan

That's amazing

47 months ago
Tong (NL citizen)

Great new! I'm considering to level up my Power User :)

47 months ago
Ella C

Interesting! I greatly appreciate such attempts to increase earnings. Assigning 5 new fans may help a bit, but as we all know, it's not just the number, but the loyalty of fans/friends that'll help much. Some of us here have thousands of fans, but only a few go through our feeds, & visit/comment upon our posts/blogs/photos/videos, etc. Sometimes, I wonder, if ALL my fans/friends are even able to see my uploads/day, and vice-versa.

47 months ago
Brian C Woosley

I'm glad that you realize the importance of loyal fans Ella - that is very important.

By having power users as fans right from the beginning though, it is the power users that are generally the most active users on the site, so we will see what actually ends up happening, but I think that it will be very helpful for new users especially get the hang of things.

In the future, there are going to be some tools released I believe that is going to allow everyone to see which fans are the biggest fans (meaning who likes/comments/etc) the most on your content. That way you can see who is interacting the most with you and you can do the same in return if you wish. Many more cool things like that are on the way!

47 months ago
Ella C

Thanks, Brian. :)
Hope something's being done about the news feed as well. Currently, is it able to show all our fans/friends' posts that go through the day?

47 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Ella,

In order to see ALL of your friends and fans posts, you need to click on the "sort" button at the top of your news feed and have it sort by "most recent" and then you will see every single thing that they all post.

You can filter and sort in many different ways by messing around with those settings at the top of your news feed.

Hope that helps!

47 months ago
Common Touch*

Informative post; for sure this will help a lot as one way of lifting up the new users or member around here, too will wait for those exiting features and updates in the future. Being a member and working together as one family around here we can always spread our mission across the globe. Thanks for sharing this and always being here with us Brian.

47 months ago
Brian C Woosley

My pleasure!

Thank you for your optimism - it is wonderful people like yourself that make me confident that we will achieve our mission together as a community as you have put so well! :)

47 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi Brain Woosely, Thank you for this new update.

47 months ago
* Shahzad *

Superb idea. I love this one. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing such great news to us. FanBox Rocks! :)

47 months ago
S. Khan

wow great announcement Thank Mr. President

47 months ago
Camelia Rus

so interesting post, thank you very much for sharing,

47 months ago
Pk (andrew) Khor

Thanks again for anouncing something new to all of us..great..

47 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

A wonderful news Mr President, thank you for your efforts to improving their work in our community. I believe that we are a big and beautiful family here on FanBox! Thanks very much for this useful information!

47 months ago
Brian C Woosley

We are a great family and team here! Thank you for writing!

47 months ago
Javed Iqbal

Hmm That is good new feature i really help to boost our earning Thank You Brian for this great news :)

47 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Is fanbox android app lounch.

47 months ago
~ Ozcoa$t2coa$t . ~

great new feature

47 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Interesting news.
I understand that every Power User will become a kind of Success Coach for his Free Fans!? We'll see!
Thank you for sharing such good news.

47 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Angela,

Not exactly - the power users really don't have to do anything. Of course if a new user messages them and asks them a question, then they can feel free to respond, but simply being a power user and earning from the site is a great way to inspire new users to work and learn how to do the same.

I know that when I first joined on FanBox several years ago, when I would see people like Arlene and May Ram earning a lot, it is what inspired me to try and do the same and so now by having power users become fans of new users right at the beginning, it will hopefully give those new users the same kind of inspiration.

Hope that helps clarify! :)

47 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Thank you, Brian, for making time to answer me. I think I have understood now.
Good luck in your activity as a President. I have always admired your way of work and talk: simply and clear!

47 months ago
Dang Van Viet

Interesting information, thanks Brian!

47 months ago
Miskolczi Erika

Thanks for information :) Great :)

47 months ago
George Neacsu

Wow! These are very good news Brian and I am sure that everyone will benefit from this new update. Good work Mr. President!

47 months ago
Stana Maria

0 inițiativă foarte bună eu ajut cu mare plăcere fani mei chiar și până în prezent cu sfaturi ,mă bucură acest comunicat căci la inceput este foarte greu fără puțin ajutor bună informare .

47 months ago