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Hello again!

I hope you all have had a chance to see what some of the Success Coaches have built so far since we initially launched Communities last week.

A special thanks to all of our amazing Success Coaches for testing out Communities and providing us their feedback!

If you don’t know what Communities are, please read my first post here: http://posts.fanbox.com/9tq46


We are now ready to start releasing the ability for all Power Users to begin building Communities!


Before we get to that though, there are several important aspects of Communities that I want to explain to you all so that you not only understand how to best build your Community, but also utilize some additional information about how you can navigate and operate your Communities as efficiently as possible.


Just as a reminder, it is important that everyone understands exactly what the purpose of Communities is:

“Communities is a new social tool that allows FanBox users to Collaborate, Share and Profit with each other through engaging in the businesses, groups, causes and interests that they are already a part of or are looking to establish right here on FanBox.

So what does that exactly mean?

Think of Communities as an extension of your own personal profile, but instead of having everything centered around the multitude of activities and interests that you share with your friends and fans there, you can now create individual Communities for every specific interest, group, charity, etc that you are involved with.” 


Some great examples of what a Community should look like include:

Sony FanClub - http://profile.fanbox.com/Profile/NewCustomProfile.aspx?u=3cc849a7cf2e4f148186998e8d69cf93

Movie Fanatics - http://profile.fanbox.com/Profile/NewCustomProfile.aspx?u=3ca00bf10a1e4377b8c0270f28ab709e


As you can see, each of these Communities is actively posting new content (blogs/photos/videos), and all of the content that they are posting is specifically related to the description of what their Community is actually about.


If you look at the description for the Community “Movie Fanatics,” you will see that it says:

Be updated of the latest movie releases. Watch official trailers and celebrity interviews. Enjoy movie facts, trivia and many more!

If you quickly scroll through the profile of that Community, you will see that they are posting up blogs on reviews of movies, posting up photos of movie posters, and posting videos of movie trailers.

All of those things fit the description of what that Community is about perfectly, so if someone was looking for a Community to join that is all about movies, “Movie Fanatics” would be a perfect place to go.

That is exactly the feeling that you want to give to the fans of your Community – you want them to come back and interact with you as much as possible!


On the other hand, there are several Communities out there that have been built that are poor examples for what a Community should look like.

Examples of what a Community should NOT look like include:

Love Of Animals - http://profile.fanbox.com/Profile/NewCustomProfile.aspx?u=276ffed5e13b4873977b0351ce1f8bd5

FanBox Pakistan - http://profile.fanbox.com/Profile/NewCustomProfile.aspx?u=572aad6fdd854d5cbf8046e271d3e887


In both of these Communities, you can see that there are some blogs, photos and videos that accurately match what the description says this Community is about, but there is also a lot of content posted that has absolutely nothing to do with what the Community is described to provide to its fans.


If you look at the description for the Community “FanBox Pakistan,” you will see that it says:

Here we will discuss about Pakistani users' issues regarding FanBox. Anyone, who is facing any issue/problem or having any query, can come


Maria Dolores Rara

Communities is great...Thanks Pres. Brian... :-)

73 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks a lot for the updates.

73 months ago
Krishna Singh

It is very complicated.

73 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Krishna,

I realize it sounds complicated, but it is actually very simple:

3 simple steps:

1) Pick something that you want to make a Community about

2) Create the Community

3) Start posting photos/blogs/videos

From there you can work on gaining more fans and consider becoming a Power Community and adding more Admins to help work with you.

It can be complicated, but it can be very simple as well, so don't let fear stop you from making your own Community and building a business for yourself.

I hope that helps, but let me know if you have any questions! :)

73 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Great President, Excellent performance of your and waiting for to get down and after create communities. Thanks for best news.

73 months ago
Zubair Shah

Congratulations buddies we've got it to help each other in a much much better way and grow more..
Thanks so much Mr President for such a valuable addition.
Enjoy buds..

73 months ago
George Neacsu

Great update about communities Mr. President Brian! Good job!

73 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

I have a question , and this is very important for every one want know. For example i am in the purple power user level , and i can create 15 communities at a time. So i create it like fashion, entertainment, love, etc and so i have 15 comunities . My question is that, is this very important to post daily in these 15 comunities like blogs, pictures ,videos etc. OR only we can update daily one community. I am confused here.
I am waiting for your response, And this is important to every one know about it.

Thanks dear

73 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

communities work the same as what you do daily. It's only different thing that you own your profile page and community can be owned by many people.

73 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you Le for helping!

Just to add -

You always want to make sure you are providing the highest quality content to your friends and fans on both your personal profile and any Communities that you are an Admin of.

So if you only have time to create high quality content for 5 Communities, you should only create 5 Communities by yourself. If you have the ability to create 10 more Communities, then you should look to work together with other people on those 10 so that way those extra people can help you post quality content to all of those.

Of course you could always do as you have said and create 15 Communities where you only post a few times a week instead of every day to all of them, but by doing that you may end up making less money than you could have earn by just focusing on being an Admin of 5 great Communities.

A good example of this is to think if you made a Community about "Fashion" -

If you only posted 3 times a week on your Fashion Community, but there is another Fashion Community that posts 3 times a day - don't you think that everyone is going to want to be a fan of the other Community instead of yours?

So you need to always do your best to offer the highest quality and don't just create Communities because you have the ability to create 15 at once.

I hope that helps!

73 months ago
* Shahzad *

Thank you so much for highlighting the mistakes, even blunders, we (specially I) made in creating the Community pages. ;)

73 months ago
Rakesh Kasera

Its nice it could have been started to all power user at the same time found to be more fun for all peoples

73 months ago