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Hello again!


I just wanted to announce to everyone that the ability to create/Admin Communities is now available to Red Power Users so


Hazel Rodriguez

This is good news for red power users.

74 months ago
Haris Amin

Will be waiting for my turn... Fanbox is great :)

74 months ago
Parveen Kumar

really grate news for red users

74 months ago
Nav नव

when is it supposed to open for the basic power user ?

74 months ago
Anna P

That's great!
Communities are moving faster.
Very soon all Power User will be able to create their own Communities and start earning much more!

74 months ago
Paul Henry

So do I Anna P, Invite me to your community...:)

74 months ago
Brian C Woosley

You can only be an Admin of a Community once it is available to your Power User level, so you guys will need to wait a little while longer or upgrade yourselves to get access.

74 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Congrats to Red Power users

74 months ago