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Dear FanBoxers,

As you know, I’ve been working on ideas on how to accelerate the FanBox economy (your Provide sales) – because the future of our community depends on that.

That’s why I posted my last post – titled “Exciting Power User Updates

I spent the weekend thinking about all your feedback, and then today I spent the morning with the FanBox finance team.

I instructed them to do some research and help me come up with other possible choices.

Here’s what I found:

The MAJORITY of Power Users ARE already using IPL and boosting


Those that have


D Poet Rhumour

Here is the proof of the democracy, we are listening to our members and responding, something that doesn't happen anywhere else. Be proud of your community, it is unique and will move forwards stronger than ever! Thanks to Brian and all the hard working FanBox team that make it all possible.

73 months ago

I agree with you Dave :-)
Obviously option A will work better than B for the FanBox future.
But option B will give more flexibility for the user who doesn't like the idea of paying any fee.

Thank you :-)

73 months ago
Melanie Jarman

I agree with option B. This gives the community a choice to choose what is better for them. Great update!

73 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thanks Brian/FanBox for giving an importance to FanBox users. Whatever works for the majority is fine for me. It's always nice to work with the company that is strong and always looking for improvement for the benefits of all users. Power to all of us and hoping for the best.

73 months ago
S. Khan

Thanks Brian for giving a chance for asking. I will go with option B

73 months ago
Atiq Langah

very nice post

73 months ago
Nav नव

Option b is an good aproach....some extra things can be added on it like...if we directly purchase the pu.....the cash back can be earned if we use some ipl and pay a fee on it......or by creating a compulsions to buy the products worth some money to get the cash back....as a results the market place will too enhance.

There may be some other ways too like...if a user buys the product of 4 times value of the power user ....he can become power user....for example to become the basic powee user a person will have to buy the produ ts of 30 $ ....this will enhance the market place.

I have many more ideas that I can share

73 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you for your ideas Nav!

Several of the ideas you listed were actually considered when I was working with FanBox on different options to pursue. Based on all of the user's feedback though, it seems like everyone wants simple and straightforward approaches to how things work, so that is why option B is that way.

Please feel free to get in touch to continue sharing your ideas though and I am sure that once all FanBoxers feel more comfortable about how things work that we can branch out to additional options beyond what A and B provide.

73 months ago