*Updated 12/13/13 - In order to have the least affect possible on user experience, the maintanence discussed in the post below is going to be pushed back until Monday 12/16 to limit the amount of time the features will be unavailable.


Hello everyone –


I just wanted to make a quick announcement that there will be some additional maintenance being performed on the site over the next 24-48 hours.

FanBox will still be operational during this time, except that any pages related to earnings or topping up will be shown as being “under maintenance.”  So, if you’re planning to do any of the below things within the next 48 hours, I recommend you do so now. Otherwise,


Nourein Mohssein

Thanks Mr. President

44 months ago
Magnum Cassandra

Great ! Maybe everything will come back to normal after this...!! Oh...So, when will the RESTART date be more precisely ? Will we be able to do aAGAIN the actions mentioned above on December 14 or on December 15 ?

44 months ago
Brian C Woosley


I want to be very conservative as to when all of those features will be available to everyone.

So I would say to not expect to be able to view those pages until the 16th just to be safe.

If you need to do any of those actions I listed above before then, you should try to do it today.

Otherwise the rest of the site will remain available for you to use the entire time and you should not notice any issues.

Thank you!

44 months ago
Haris Amin

Thanks for the Update Mr. President!!!

44 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thanks for the notice Brian. This is great when maintenance is working. Another improvement is going on.

44 months ago
Melanie Jarman

Thanks for the heads up! Happy FanBoxing!

44 months ago
Cristeta Fajardo

thanks for the early announcement

44 months ago
Brian C Woosley


I am not sure where you are coming up with your figures from, but if you are seeing users that are earning less than you believe they should be, then all that that means is that they are not working efficiently.

Just because you work all day long, does not mean that you are doing quality work or that you are even doing efficient work.

The fact of the matter is, is that Power Users and non-Power Users on average are earning more money now than they ever have before. Nothing has been changed in this regard whatsoever.

If you and/or your friends are not earning as much as they wish to, then they should be doing 2 things:

1) Going through the Learning Center to learn how to work more efficiently
2) Get in touch with their free Success Coach so that they can learn what they can do to improve their results

In addition, if you want to earn cash back earnings, then you should become a Power User through using IPL and purchasing from Provide. It is better for you to do this anyways, so if you don't want to do that, then you are making that choice.

The information on exactly what you and everyone else needs to do to earn as much as possible is in the Learning Center and in the brains of your Success Coaches - so instead of being upset, you should take action to learn what you are doing wrong to not achieve the success that you desire.

I hope that helps educate you more on what you need to do - so please take action and do them so that you can be more successful.

44 months ago
Meliha Colic

Thank you Brian for the information.

44 months ago
Jimmy Thiels

thanks for the update

44 months ago
Khalil Ebrahim Elsamrh

Thank you for this

44 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Thanks Brian for the info.

44 months ago
Parveen Kumar

Thanks Brain for advance info

44 months ago
Ngô Văn Lành

Thanks Brian for useful information. Have a good day - Happy FanBoxing:)

44 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thank you Brian for this news

44 months ago
Vo Minh Hieu

New update, thanks forNotice

44 months ago