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Hello everyone!

Since the new BFO feature went live, everyone is learning that one of the very best ways to increase earnings, is being in the FRONT BFO POSITION for when their friends and fans sign in:
Introducing FanBox Score and 0-day Spending
Question:  What’s the best way to get in the front position of BFOs?
Answer:  Bid or buy things from people – and you can pretty much guarantee that when you post things (photos, videos, blogs, products or services) - you will instantly appear at the front of the list — with your photo larger than everyone else – meaning you are their biggest BFO.
But what if you want to bid on items, but don’t have money to do that?
Today, I am extremely excited to announce that you’ll be able to use your funds to buy things with 0-day maturity with the help of your new FanBox Score.


FanBox Score and 0-day Earnings Maturity


In this post, I will discuss:

1) What the FanBox Score is and how it works

2) What 0-day maturity means

3) Main points to remember



What is the FanBox Score?

Every FanBox user now has a FanBox Score.

To see your FanBox Score, just visit your FanBox Balance, and roll over "Details" for the section titled "Available to spend in the marketplace":  

                    Introducing FanBox Score and 0-day Spending

Depending on their FanBox Score, users can take advantage of 0-day earnings maturity to shop in the marketplace, along with other benefits as time moves forward.

The FanBox Score will be calculated by a wide variety of actions, but the general idea is that:

1) Your FanBox Score will go up over time if you are paying your IPL fees on time

2) Your FanBox Score will goes down each time you incur late fees


How does it work?

Every new user on FanBox starts at a neutral FanBox Score level of 500.

Once a user has paid their first IPL fee, they will begin to see their FanBox Score rise and they will be able to access 0-day earnings maturity towards shopping in the marketplace.

The longer a user has been on FanBox and paying their fees on time, the more earnings they will have available for 0-day earnings maturity - up to a full 100% (and eventually even higher than that - up to 200%).


What is 0-day earnings maturity?

0-day earnings maturity is the amount of your total earnings minus any expenses that you have incurred or have pending.

That means that some earnings from yesterday will be available to use to shop with in the FanBox marketplace TODAY minus any expenses that you incurred.


Here is the basic calculation:

Total Earnings Available Based On FanBox Score

- IPL Utilized

- Pending Purchases

 = 0-day earnings to shop with


In order to take advantage of 0-day earnings maturity, you must have your New User Boost activated.


Main Points To Remember

Pay your IPL fees on time and keep your New User Boost active


As long as you pay your fees on time every month and keep your New User Boost active, your FanBox Score will increase, but you will be able to access more of your total profits with 0-day maturity and earn more from your posts, ads and Boosts.


Buying and selling is now easier and more profitable

With 0-day earnings maturity now available for all FanBox members with good FanBox Scores...

... and with the launch of the Biggest Fan Online (BFO) feature, the demand for buying and selling things from the marketplace is about to take off in a big way!

There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to not start taking advantage of the marketplace, because anyone can earn by promoting other people’s products and simply creating a Premium Blog Package if they do not have anything to sell themselves.


Check out what’s going on in the marketplace!


Cristea Grigorie Daniel

multumesc mister prezident, idei noi, bune!

70 months ago
Tong Hieu

Fantastic feature!
Everyone will love it!
Thank you, Brian!

70 months ago
Luis Martinez

Que grandioso , esta muy bueno para ganar .

70 months ago
Ahmed .

Perfect!! Great new opportunity to earn a lot of money. Thank you Brian :):)

70 months ago
Meliha Colic

Thank you Brian for this information about new feature 0-day spending and FanBox Score.

70 months ago
Orlya  C

This is a great feature and a great opportunity for everyone! Thank you very much Brian for this post, and for every feature you bring to us :)

70 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Thank you Brian for explaining this awesome update on spending earnings in the marketplace.

70 months ago
Rayaan Jimmy Mannan

Great news...I saw this on my balance page a couple of days ago and have been scouting the market place for something to buy. I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a 'wanted' section too, where we can list what we are looking for (in case its not already there in the market place) and any of the sellers can bring those items in the marketplace. I would very much like to spend in the marketplace here but cant find anything that i can really use.

70 months ago
Rayaan Jimmy Mannan

and Thanks for another wonderful feature

70 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Great idea Jimmy - it is something we have been discussing here at FanBox as well!

I will definitely let everyone know that there is interest in this from the community and see what we can get put together for you!

Thanks again, and happy shopping! :)

70 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Excellent feature and update. We have a posibility to use yesterday's profits.
Now shopping at FanBox marketplace is very easy.

70 months ago
Martin Binnington

Another fantastic new feature that will allow users who keep their IPL account in order to take advantage of their earnings sooner!

70 months ago
Kvetoslav Závodský

Interesting news for improving the market business here. I am looking forward to see it working well for everyone.
It's very good that you try to develop and support the market, Brian, but the big main burden in the marketplace is the fact that the seller needs to wait almost 4 months to get the money. I personally welcome and really like to see the market filled with many various items in the future, but it looks still quite poorly currently.
Thank you for your great efforts, Brian, I am looking forward for the next great positive surprises

70 months ago
Brian C Woosley

The simple answer to this is - don't buy from sellers that make you wait that long for a product.

If sellers aren't completing transactions in an expedient manner, then buyers shouldn't be helping them build a business that is not friendly to buyers.

That power is entirely in your hands with the rating feature.

70 months ago
Kvetoslav Závodský

I am sorry Brian, I expressed poorly what I meant. I wanted to mention the 3-4 months of maturing time for such money, which you can get soon if you sell at any different e-market place in Internet.

70 months ago
Bahar Gul

thanks dear for sharing this Important information

70 months ago
Kati Kover

Köszönöm a tájékoztatást.

70 months ago