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As many of you are aware, buying and selling products, services and Premium Blog Packages is quickly becoming the best way to earn on FanBox.

While this is great for the future of our community, the problem that many people have had in the past is that they have had the desire to sell things, but they just haven’t had the resources available or knowledge to actually go out there and start listing things for sale.

With the new earnings role that is about to launch, EVERYONE will now have something to sell with the simple click of a button, because they can use the existing inventory within the marketplace as their own!


Introducing a totally new earning role:  The Sponsor

Now every single FanBox member will have the opportunity to sell products, services and Premium Blog packages that other FanBox members are already selling – as if it were their very own listing. They do this with Sponsored Listings.

New earning role:  The Sponsor 

How Do Sponsored Listings work?

Anytime that someone purchases a new product, service, or Premium Blog package, they will have the opportunity to either keep the item for themselves, or they can Sponsor (resell) the listing and turn right back around and put the product up for sale.

They can do this without ever actually touching the product or receiving the service – or even paying for it at all.


Angela Fanache

Very interesting! To be sponsor someone who sells and win too! That's a market! :)

69 months ago
Ho Boon Cheong

Thank you for the new earning role.
Hope that we can earn more as compared in the past.
And able to use our earnings to pay all our fees, Power User and purchase products in marketplace.

69 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Now you can do shopping at FanBox marketplace, pay IPL fees and purchase power user levels using your yesterday profits (0-day matured profits). Wow; it's exciting news! I hope you are having good time.

64 months ago
Quentin Xavier Viljoen

It's all great and I understand the "sponsorship" BuT HOW do I sponsor an article for sale???????????
There's no indicator for the steps to follow!
Do I just go to an ad that is available to be sponsored, and click sponsor this ad?

38 months ago
Anna P

It's sound like all of us will start earning more and more from selling Products, Services and Premium Blogs in the Marketplace, without even bother to create a listing. That's great!

69 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Very interesting feature... Can't hardly wait for it..

69 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Felicitarii pentru munca depusa si pentru sansele oferite pentru noi ,avem sanse din ce in ce sa cistigam multumesc

69 months ago
Silas Zakariah

some of us are learning a new way of life. We will continue to follow on carefully to catch up with what fanbox is doing. Thanks.

69 months ago
Dau Ngoc Hoang

Thanks for sharing exciting news, Brian

69 months ago
!Happy Mood

useful post thanks

69 months ago
Mohammad Khalikuzzaman


69 months ago
Nav नव

This product seems interesting but I have few questions regarding the working of this.

1. Suppose A is selling an product and B purchase it and chooses to sponsor that product and further the C purchase from the sponsor...........Now C gives the rating to the product ................the rating will be given to the B or to the A?

2. Can B increase or decrease or I say control the price of the product like adding his profits?

3. What if an issue occurs and a dispute is filled.......who is going to handle that....its the A or the B ?

4. Can A relist the same product even when the product is being sponsored?

5. What is the time duration of sponsoring?????what is it for ?

I have these questions , it would be great if you can answer these to make me understand the whole thing.

Thanks :)

69 months ago
Nav नव

6. The amount that the buyer have purchased will remain pending untill the sponsorship time is pending or how will it work?

69 months ago
Kristin Perry

Also won't Sponsor drive up the cost of products and services in the Provide section?

69 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Great questions, let's go through them all:

1) The only person that rates the product and original seller (person A) is the final buyer of the product that actually keeps it. So one product could be Sponsored by 20 different people, but only that 20th person that actually decides to keep the product will give the rating.

2) The Sponsor is able to change: the price of the product, the type of sale they want to make (auction or fixed price), if they choose an auction - they can change the time frame (1-10 days), and they can control the Buyer Requirements of the product as well - which is a new feature I'll discuss further in my next post.

3) The only reason a dispute would happen is after a product is actually purchased and the sale was made final - so if that happens, the dispute would be through the original seller of the product and the buyer of that product.

4) Yes, you can relist any products that you want - Sponsoring will effectively increase the amount of products being sold in the marketplace because the same thing might be listed 10 different times if multiple people Sponsor it.

5) When a product is sold for the first time and that buyer wants to Sponsor the product instead of keep it, the Sponsor time duration begins.

By default that time duration is 60 days - which means that the Sponsor (and every additional Sponsor) has a total of 60 days before the sale is complete. If they don't make a sale or have someone Sponsor that product from them within that 60 days, then that person now owns the product and keeps it like a regular purchase.

So the time duration is in place so that the original seller knows that once a product is sold or Sponsored, they will be shipping the product in 60 days or less.

6) Yes, just like how things work now - everything will be marked as pending until the final buyer marks the item as received.

I hope that clarifies some things, but great questions - please keep them coming.

69 months ago
Jessicca Lee

This is actually a little interesting, like trading. Mr. President I would be very much appreciate if you can give examples and scenarios on how this will happen. This will help members (specially newbies) to understand more.

69 months ago
Brian C Woosley

That is a good way to think of it - through Sponsoring, you might decide to buy products and services you don't even want because you think you will be able to sell it to someone else at a profit.

An example of this could be:

1) John has 1000 fans and is selling an iphone 5 for $100

2) Judy has 5000 fans and thinks that she can sell John's iphone 5 for $150 to one of her fans - so she Sponsors John's iphone for $100

3) One of Judy's fans, Gloria, buys the iphone for $150, and decides to keep it for herself.

4) John would get his percentage of the $100 sale from Judy, and Judy would get her percentage of the $150 sale from Gloria

I'll be going into much more detail in several more posts - but I hope that example helps in the meantime.

69 months ago
Jessicca Lee

Hm.... interesting.

But what will happen then?


1) John has 1 iPhone 5 to sell at $100.

2) Judy thinks she can sell it for $150. So she sponsors John's iPhone.

3) one of the members decides to buy from John instead of Judy? (after browsing from the marketplace and finds the $100 value)

What will happen then?

Or is it when Judy sponsors John's phone this means John's iPhone 5 is already considered sold to Judy (until she gets a buyer at $150?)

In that case when and to whom John should send the iPhone 5 to?

I think such scenarios (with screen shots if possible) needs to be very clear because we definitely do not want products stuck from one trader (sponsor) to another and the original seller have no idea where to ship to.

69 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Just seeing this now sorry!

Once someone Sponsors something - they have purchased that product.

So Judy would be selling John's iPhone.

John only ships it to the final buyer of the iPhone that decides that they want to keep it.

Along the way, John would be getting emails stating exactly what the buyer decisions are, and whether he should be shipping the product or not - and to who.

Additionally in the "I've Sold" page, the listings will be color coded based on the status of a sale - so John will always know what status the sale is in.

68 months ago