Yesterday you learned about the all-new earnings role: The Sponsor

Anyone can be a Sponsor!

By being a Sponsor -- with virtually one click -- you can earn using other people’s products, services and Premium Blog packages!

Now, to make big money from selling things, you don’t need your own unique products or services!


First of all, HOW do I earn as a Sponsor?

Starting today, you’ll want to always keep an eye out for something – anything – that you find valuable -- or you think others would find valuable.

When you see something good, place a bid on it or buy it.

If you win the bid (or buy it directly, if it’s a fixed-price item), you’ll then have the choice to “Sponsor it”.

That means that you’ll be able to immediately put it back on the market – putting it in front of an all-new audience of your own friends, fans and BFOs– so that you can make a profit on it!


As a Sponsor, you are, in essence, buying an item, and immediately reselling it.

So going forward, you’ll want to always be on the lookout for interesting items.



Your fans, friends and BFOs are looking for interesting items to Sponsor too…

… as well as build their network by buying from you…

… so you already have a built-in audience that’s ready to bid on or buy the things you decide to Sponsor.



So, how much do I earn?

Are you ready for this?

In order to make it as easy as possible to earn a profit, Sponsors earn a full ninety percent (90%) of the sale price!


That’s not a typo.

It’s time to make our marketplace everything it can be – and enrich our users that are ready to use their ideas and passion to bring value to other users through the marketplace.


Cristea Grigorie(EMPOWeR ROMANIA)

da , ideea e excelenta, dar ca orce inceput, ca fi mai greu, succes prieteni, succes fani!
multumesc sefu!

40 months ago
Dang Van Viet

Thanks Brian. Very interesting.

40 months ago
Silas Zakariah

I think this is good.

40 months ago
Ayman Abusaa

New experiment indeed, let's see how it works with time.

40 months ago
Jess Litton

This is great that everyone has the unlimited opportunity to sponsor things,.

President Brian, everyone must have enough earnings to spend in the marketplace in order for them to own a purchase or resell by sponsoring. But even we will Sponsor a thing, do it automatically deduct its amount from our earnings in order to pay the seller and resell it anyway if decided to sponsor the product? just like the normal way we purchased a product directly from the marketplace before?

40 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Great question Jess! :)

Based on a few criteria, you will have the opportunity to Sponsor products without spending anything up front - meaning that you would need $0 in earnings to Sponsor something as long as you meet those criteria.

I will be posting more about this soon.

40 months ago
CArMz Ca

Good question Jess. and thank you Brian for that answer, curious to know about those criteria :)

40 months ago
Jess Litton

That's cool! It would be more interesting to know those criteria - thanks for giving us more hints! :)

40 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Another Brilliant idea Brian! Looking forward to it, always something new to earn with and this is easy. I had just purchased 6 items I would have loved to sponsor. There are some great items in the marketplace now :)

40 months ago
Nav नव


Few questions

1. How could one sponsor the premium blogs ........? as when someone buys the premium blog the buyer gets the access to it .now how can he sponsor it when he is already getting the access to it .???

2. What is the minimum time duration for the Sponsoring an we know the maximum time is 60 days ,.....what is the minimum time ?

3. How will the payment be made to the people .?

For example person A is sellling something for 100$, Person B buys it and sponsor it for 150$ person C buys it .
Now the payment to A will be received from B or directly from C .?

Please clarify this .

40 months ago
Brian C Woosley

More great questions Nav!

1) Wouldn't it be great if every time you bought an e-book or some other kind of digital product and were done using it, you could sell it to someone else?

That is exactly how it will work with Premium Blogs - when you Sponsor it, you will have access to viewing it until someone else buys it from you - so you get the best of both worlds.

2) The minimum time is 1 day - although it would be a waste to set it at that short of time because you won't get the maximum value out of the Sponsor.

3) The payment will work exactly the same as it does now:

Person A gets paid by person B, person B gets paid by person C, etc - each time you sell or Sponsor something it is a unique sale between those 2 people.

Hope that helps clarify everything!

40 months ago
Nav नव

Thank you Brian for clarifying these questions of me.
Now I feel That I have completely understood what this feature is all about and I am ready to use this .

I am so excited with this : )

Hope it gets launched soon.

Thanks Again :)

40 months ago
Indra SiGe

what a brilliant idea.. it's like a game, i think.. now, we have more option to earning more.. thanks Brian.

40 months ago
Thuong Nguyen

Thanks Brian. Its a very interesting Blog

40 months ago
Amit M

What about for purchase I had done in past i.e will I will be able to sponsor them also.. and what if seller removed that product from selling ?

40 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Sponsoring can't be applied to past purchases because the seller has to decide at the time of listing whether it is eligible to be Sponsored or not.

Once the Sponsoring feature is live, it works like this:

Person A has something for sale
Person B purchases that item
Person B will have 72 hours to decide whether they want to Sponsor it or keep it
Based on person B's decision to Sponsor or keep the product, person A will get an email telling them to wait to ship the item because it is being Sponsored OR ship the item because person B has kept it and paid for it

Once a seller has sold the item, it is irrelevant whether they remove the product from the marketplace because they have already committed to selling to someone - whether that is person B or person W - the item will be shipped to someone.

Hope that helps clarify, but let me know!

40 months ago
Amit M

Yes its very much clear but why Person A will take the pain to keep the item and send it to some one else instead he can send it to B immediately?

40 months ago
Anna P

This is wonderful, Brian.
I already start planning what to sell and sponsor etc :)
FanBox become more interesting day by day.
I am sure everyone will enjoy being a sponsor and earn much more money!
Very exciting news! Thank you!

40 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

You make people more eager to take part in the new feature. Thanks a lot, Brian.

40 months ago
Ngô Văn Lành

Thanks for the update news information Brian ! Have a good day :)

40 months ago
Miranda Yung

wow, quite interesting one Mr President

40 months ago
Kumis Belyalova Kumisb

Yes look forward with interest and is important for us that we were doing it correctly.

40 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

Good information. thanks.

40 months ago
Hari Majumder

Another fantastic earning opportunity.

40 months ago
Slisha Slisha

nice but what about members / buyers from European Union rules about selling, buying , receiving, delivery, fee's and thislike rules ?

still not simple and not safe buying , ordering, receiving in some countries inside European Union - FanBox members lol

40 months ago
Brian C Woosley


I'm not sure I know the rules you are speaking of, but if you want to send me a message with more information it would be great to know!

One thing to keep in mind is that the original seller still has the ability to control which countries they ship to.

So for example, you might only ship to Germany - but because of Sponsoring a user in Switzerland sees your product and has German friends they think they can sell your product to.

So you get someone from Switzerland buying your product because of Sponsoring.

That means that through Sponsoring your eligible buyers have shot through the roof because even though you are only going to ship to 1 country, you now have the opportunity to sell to people from EVERY country.

I hope that makes sense, but let me know if you have any questions.

40 months ago
Slisha Slisha

ok, Thanks :)

40 months ago