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Hi everyone,

You will want to pay very special attention here, as I will be making you an offer, that some of you would be wise to accept.

As you know, you elected me last year — after 3 rounds of elections – to be your President. 

Specifically, you sent me to San Diego to ensure that the mission of FanBox succeeds — as so many of you – Users, Power Users, Success Coaches and employees -- have spent many years working on it.  

Years of sacrifice, hard work, long hours, no pay and low pay — these have not been easy sacrifices at all.


To this day, I remain truly humbled by the opportunity you have provided me.

Thank you for that trust.


It has now been 6 months since I quit the job I had for 10 years at Cal State University Los Angeles -- and arrived in San Diego to take the leadership helm.

Since I became President, I have had the opportunity to speak with many more of you – from all over the world – and become acquainted with your specific situations; learn why you joined FanBox; and why its mission means so much to you and the community around you where you live.

As technology continues to replace workers around the world — unemployment — and underemployment — continues to rise.

As a result, the wealth and income from those unemployed and underemployed are moving rapidly to the people that own the technologies that are replacing workers.

As this trend continues, we will no doubt be heading towards a very bad outcome — where the middle class will shrink even further.

Eventually, the frustrated masses will have no choice but to rise and disrupt the system — which will only cause more chaos, poverty and hardship for all.

The only solution that comes to mind, is a technology approach that puts the income, wealth and control in the hands of the people that use the technology — not simply the owners of the technology.  

As you know, the FanBox experiment aims to accomplish that. 

Today, almost 15 years after the FanBox mission was started, many visionaries are now starting to see the issue, and are writing about it. 

Example (Watch this video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdEuII9cv-U


If you seriously have an interest in the underlying problems and solutions, watch that video then read his book. You will gain much knowledge about what FanBox is attempting to do, and why.

Want more good books on the topic? Just ask me.


Yes, this is an experiment.

The goal of this experiment is to create a democratic social economy capable of uplifting billions of people around the world — bringing them opportunity, hope and influence.

And there can be no guarantees that this experiment will succeed.



Here’s the part that is troubling me:

Participation in this experiment is completely voluntary.  

For a long time now, FanBox has been an invitation-only community, to ensure that only a limited number of people can participate…

… that special kind of people who think about the big picture, worry about the future and where the world or their people are moving towards…

… people that REALLY want to (and can) help do their part in this (very long shot) attempt to make this hope a reality.



When you joined, you saw the "Alpha" symbol under the logo everywhere:

Important Notice and Offer

“Alpha” means that the product is not ready for mass use. 

In fact, Alpha means that it’s not even ready for “beta” users – which is the stage BEFORE its open to the general public.

Of course you agreed to terms and conditions before you were allowed to use the product.

But  -- knowing that many people don’t read the terms and conditions – the first time you visited your Dashboard, you were also presented with the following pop-up:

Important Notice and Offer

You were unable to proceed into the Dashboard unless you ONCE AGAIN read and agreed to these terms.

Notice the language there.  Have you ever in your life seen a product say – up-front and center:

You may lose time, money, friends and even your first born child. 


But still, it seems that some of us have forgotten that we are part of something bigger than just an ATM machine…

… where you input $50….

… you send around photos that you or someone lifted off a free website like Google images or Flickr…

…And then it pops out $100.


As an example, look at this recent comment:

Important Notice and Offer


There appears to be a number of people like this, that seem to care less about the mission, the economy, company or its future.

All I seem to hear from them is “ME! ME!  More money for ME!!!   NOW!!!!!”

To these people, I ask respectfully:

Why did you join? 

Did you not read those notices placed in front of you??


Obviously, I am concerned about the future of FanBox and the tone those people set.

If these are the Alpha users – the ones that set the expectations and culture for the future – then what does that say about what this community will be like years from now?


But I am also concerned about these people – on a personal level.

Somehow they believe AND EXPECT that everything is going to work perfectly RIGHT NOW…

… that there will be few errors that will need to be corrected…

… and that most everything will be working fast for them EVEN NOW.


While I am quite confident that those things will be true in the future, eventually…

… I can tell you that it’s not the case right now.

A lot of work is being done to get us there – and a lot more work will need to happen before we’re there.


They believe that they deserve to have everything working perfectly, fast and accurately.

And I agree with them.

Everyone deserves that.

But to achieve that, it takes a lot of work – work that is being done right now.



Think about it:

When you go on a vacation, you deserve to stay at a Hilton Hotel where everything is working perfectly.

But if you show up 2 years before the hotel is complete, what will you have?


No running water. 

No bed or TV.

Lots of noise, and sometimes things falling on your head.


I know how hard the Success Coaches are working.

I have seen it with my own eyes, and have even been one myself.  Some of them are at their computers for nearly 20 hours a day.


Now that I am working inside the FanBox offices, I also see how most employees work well past midnight – often until 3am or 4am -- almost every night… only to be back at work at 8am the next day.

And they do that for a fraction of the pay they could get elsewhere.

Computer scientists with these skill levels are very in-demand. They would have no challenge getting many offers within a week.


But they stay here and they work hard, because they believe in the mission and what it could eventually do for millions of people around the world.

Every time I see someone post a comment like this (that has no relevance to the blog post content, by the way), I am embarrassed for us all:

Important Notice and Offer

I simply cringe when I think abut an SC, employee or user reading that comment – who hasn’t left his desk in 18 hours; who’s wife is upset with him because she never sees him; and his bills are piling up.

It just makes me very, very sad to be a part of this community – much less its President.


I don’t imagine you elected me as President just to be sad.

You sent me here to take action.

I am now taking action to fix this situation for the benefit of everyone involved.


Here’s what I am thinking:

If you are here to be part of this struggle…

… despite the dust and noise and broken/missing things…

…. then the community welcomes you; thanks you and appreciates you.

We need you here – in any of the roles that you are playing.


However, if you made a mistake by joining—because somehow you didn’t understand the situation – or thought or believed that everything is near-perfect right now… that’s OK. 

Everyone makes mistakes.  Heaven knows I have made lots of them.  (And that’s why I am about to make you a special offer, below).


But let’s agree that it’s not fair to you – and to the others that still believe in this mission – that you stick around here and suffer (and share your negativity).

If you are not able to be a part of this because:

….  you can’t afford your fees…

… many important features do not exist yet or are broken….

… you want more money NOW – regardless of the consequences to the mission….

… you are simply an unhappy person and just like to complain…

… you can’t stand it when bad news happens, or things change…


...  well, in that case, for the good of yourself and the community, I am going to make you an offer.


Don’t get me wrong. I do want you here.

I just don’t think you should be here now…

… while the “hotel” is still under major construction.


Please leave now and come back when things are better. I promise you that they will be much, much better in about 12 months.

Until then, the people involved have a lot of work to do, in building the features, processes and community, one heavy brick at a time.



Yes, there are many positive things coming, like:


“Sponsors”, and

“Paying your IPL fees with 0-day funds”, and

“Purchasing Power User subscriptions with 0-day funds”, and

… many, many more that are in the works.


I am confident that the earnings opportunity for everyone will be increasingly significantly in the future, based on a series of launches that are on the way, some of which I am unable to speak about at this time.


What I can tell you for sure – is that none of these things will happen overnight.

Along with “positive” events, there are also frustrating events coming – some of which I have been personally working on – like auditing the balances and making sure the community earnings pool is accurate.

(Many such audits have resulted in accounts not being able to cash out – and I can assure you that at least a few more such big events are coming, based on the work I have been doing with the finance team).


Therefore, if the thought of waiting for things to be better drives you crazy, you do not belong here at this time. (Come back next year).

If the next audit causes your account to not be able to cash out – and that will cause you to miss your rent payment – you do not belong here at this time.  (But you do belong here next year, when these issues are all behind us).


The bottom line

If you can’t put the long-term success of this community before your own short-term needs or desires…

… rolling with the punches and keeping positive when change or  “bad” things happen…

… then (for your own sanity and ours) you need to leave now, as this is not the right time for you to be here.


To make it easy for you to leave, I am going to make you this one-time-only offer:

For the next 10 days, contact me personally, and I will have FanBox freeze your account, so that no one – including yourself – can access it.

Then, when it’s time for your account to cash out, I will personally process your cash out with your earnings fully matured and send you your earnings, delete your account… and give you my thanks.

You’ll receive my thanks because sometimes the best thing you can do for a group of dedicated people that are focused on a cause – if the “fit” or timing is not ideal for your involvement -- is leave them alone to do their work.

Sometimes the most unselfish thing you can do, is leave.


On the other hand, if you decide to stay:

I am hereby raising the bar on the expectations from all participants. 

By 10 days from now, if you do not reach out to me, and your account is still active, I will take that as a promise that you will be a positive contributor….

… no matter how bad things are for you…

… no matter what changes come your way…

… no matter how long things you are waiting for, are taking…

… no matter what payment companies exist or don’t exist in your country…

… and no matter what happens as a side effect of new features, and bugs, and audits, and your cash out situation and your IPL fees, and your earnings, etc etc etc.



Let me be more clear


If you want to leave: Thank you. Let me know and I will take care of you.

If you stay: I will instruct the customer service team to remove accounts that belong to complainers -- without warning.



Why without warning?

It’s simple: NO ONE has the extra time or energy to deal with you. Not other users, not SCs, not customer service reps, not me.

As President, I am not about to ask anyone to invest energy into people that simply do not belong in an Alpha experiment.

In fact, I am instructing everyone to do exactly the opposite.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on this.

(You didn’t send me here to make me popular and only do things that everyone agrees with).



Not clear enough? Need an example?



Let’s say I post about a new role, Sponsors.

In the comments of that blog post, you post this:

Important Notice and Offer


RESULT: Your account is instantly removed without warning.


That means no more complaining when things don’t go your way, or something isn’t working the way that you want it to.

There are constructive ways to voice your opinions – and complaining is not one of those ways. Not right now.


In the interest of being extremely repetitive and clear:

This is an experimental site.

Many people (users, SCs and employees) have worked and are working very hard – in the hopes that, against the odds, it will ultimately succeed.

If you cannot tolerate the conditions, I expect you to do the right thing, and let me know now.

Otherwise, your account will be removed without any notice whatsoever – as you agreed to in the terms and conditions -- so that the others that want to be here, have at least a shot at accomplishing their mission without unnecessary distractions.


Not sure which way to go?

… accept my offer to leave?

… or stay?



My suggestion?


If you’re not absolutely, 100% sure that you can stay without suffering, then there’s a very good likelihood that you won’t be able to stay positive…

…  and so rather than lose your account one day without warning, you would be wise to take me up on my offer now…  and I’ll be sure to take care of you.  


From now on going forward, I am asking all users, Power Users, SCs, all customer service reps, and anyone else that can help:

When you notice someone that is suffering, that really does not belong in an Alpha environment like this… please forward such evidence to me…

… such as an inbox message, comment, or message from another site…

… and (as promised in the terms and conditions, and discussed in this post) I will ensure that their account is removed immediately – ensuring that they suffer no longer.



The success of this mission is not certain.

There can be no guarantees that FanBox will be around next month or next year.


Therefore, it’s time to get back to the basics.  

The best chance we have is to focus all of our collective energies on solving the issues in front of us.

If together we don’t have the discipline to remove all distractions, we risk letting down all the people that have sacrificed so much for this mission.


I thank you again for the opportunity to serve you.


Robin Knight

Removal with no right of appeal seems a bit drastic, Brian, especially for people with, say, limited English, who might not be expressing themselves easily......and what happens to any funds accumulated by that member before the "removal"

68 months ago
Brian C Woosley

I'm hoping it doesn't come to that Robin - but I want to make it clear to everyone that we have to work together to build this community.

If people can't express themselves in a constructive manner, then it just upsets other people and disrupts progress from being made - which just slows all of us down.

If everyone can realize that the success of the entire community will lead to their own personal success and not let themselves get distracted by short term issues, then everything is going to move much faster for us all.

68 months ago
Rose *myaseen*

I read the post, it is a leading way to success all member as well FB, it is the honest of President to describe all aspects regarding Fanbox major issued whereas mostly members having minor issues and wanna to get more money, is this a hype site? that give you a lot profit in its alfha phase, if someone expecting more profit, should join hype site and resultantly will face major loss, If any member wanna to success to step by step slowly and steadly to success in community as some Leader-boards members get their aim with full devotion and loyalty with Fbox

68 months ago
Indra SiGe

I read this post several time and i read it accompanied by my tear.. it's the best argument for users which only think about money and money.. thanks Brian for serving us.. i believe, you're the best gift from God here.

68 months ago

I hope everything will go for the best, in order to get FanBox more healthier and safer for the benefits of all.

68 months ago
Gombu Tsiring Sherpa

YEssssss. Its a right time to filter, and scan all the virus. The SYSTEM is fit for all but all are not FIT for the SYSTEM.

68 months ago
Abdul Ali

Great post thanks for sharing Brother

68 months ago
Duc Nguyen Huu

I know the computer scientists are working very tired to complete Fanbox serve the interests of all people! I would like to thank Brian president shared current difficulties of Fanbox with us, I will pass along this difficult Fanbox because I love Fanbox!

68 months ago
Nav नव

Let us all work positively for the growth of community .
Negativity is not what we need in here.

The site is still in alpha mode and yes we should give our time and energy for the positivity of the community.

For every big work , the small problems do occurs , but that dont stop the work but motivates to reach the higher potential and level.

68 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

It's always true that you can only be positive if you understand or love what you are doing. I truly believe that if we want something we're also ready to embrace its temporary imperfection. I love what I am doing at FanBox and understand its mission and hard work behind the scene that no one can imagine. Being on Alpha stage FanBox (who never sleeps) is truly awesome making so many experiments (which results are not happening overtime) for good reason "giving the humanity an opportunity to earn for a living/good life". Waiting may be painful but much easier than those who are working hard behind the scene just to make sure everything will be taken cared of. We can't be successful without them. What I can say to those who are working behind the scene "you all are amazing working for the benefit of all" Thank you so much for that and very big thank you to our dear president who is working so hard. Helping one another will make our community even better. FanBox ROCKS!

68 months ago
CArMz Ca

Thank you Brian we will be going through with all these process FanBox has to go through just to reach our goals.
Good Luck!

68 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Brian you are doing a wonderful job and you deserve our 100% support. I think it is amazing what you have taken on in such a short time and the new programs you managed to put in. I am sure you have great ideas for the future of FanBox and resolving old problems , yes it is going to take time but I believe if anyone can you can do it. Personally what upsets me is the negative blogs on the internet and I have responded to many of them.
I see you are upset about the negative comments here within the site and I do agree, they need to be curtailed but also....Do you remember FanBox past? The news archives are full of members complaining LOUDLY too, Remember Dan Leonards Complaint box blog? Yes there are a few comments I see here and there but you have almost singlehandedly turned that around and I attribute that to the wonderful communication you keep with the members here. I can understand what you are saying about the long hours put in and the lack of appreciation for the team here. They need our support too! I think if members have comments like the ones posted above they can be asked in a constructive manner to their coach in private and more constructive inter-action, communication and suggestions should be encouraged. Keep up the great work Brian! It is almost unimaginable the magnitude of the tasks you have in front of you but I am sure sometime will be a stronger , brighter future for us all if we work together.

68 months ago
Brian C Woosley

I think you hit it on the head - no one is saying to not speak up when there is a problem you are encountering. We need people to tell us that so that things can be improved and fixed. But when people just complain and offer no constructive feedback with those complaints, it just offers no value to the community, and it wastes everyone's time - including the complainers.

I know we will get where we want to be - and it all starts with a positive and unified front right here.

Thank you for always being a great support to the community Deborah!

68 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you for your thoughtfulness Joseph - but you definitely should feel more than welcome to contact myself, FanBox Support and anyone else you may need to if you have questions or concerns.

We all would be more than happy to help - it is always better to ask questions than to not.

68 months ago
Silas Zakariah

I agree with you Mr. President. This is a welcome development, let's sanitise the whole house.

68 months ago
Melanie Jarman

Well said, Brian! My applause! We must all learn to accept that we need to work together on this FanBox project, and accept the bad with the good.

68 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

I believe and trust in FanBox :) I am here, I work here with 100% confidence! Many people complain that this is their conception about everything in general. Many people complain that this is their conception about everything in general. There are people who we can not satisfy never, no matter how we try.
So FanBox mission is to do and besides all these people to see what is good for them and the opportunity to be here now. I think the hardest part is that these people become optimistic and positive, but I hope we will make this also toghether like a family :) encouraging and teach him to be positive :)

68 months ago