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The Final Chapter

by Brian C Woosley on April 21, 2014

The Final Chapter

As you know, FanBox is in an experimental “Alpha” project, and has been closed to the general public.

For reasons that I will now explain, the time is now or never to accelerate this project…

…so that we can permanently close the final chapter of the experiment – and: 

·        increase everyone’s earnings to higher levels, and

·        allow in the masses

To do that, we need to first accomplish something.

Towards the goal of closing the final chapter:

Today, I’m going to list the 13 features that FanBox will be launching over the next 18 days.

After you read this post carefully, and have a chance to think about it all…

…I am sure you’ll agree that these features will likely change everything you have come to know about FanBox.

 Let’s discuss:

  • Why we're launching these features
  • What we're up against; and
  • What the consequences of our success -- or failure -- might be



Part I

A. The world is currently headed towards a bad place
B. It is quite possible that only you and I can stop it
C. The plan


Part II

D. New Earning Opportunities
E. Accelerating your Capabilities and Success
F. Infrastructure Support
G. Your Strategy

Before we get started, let me repeat my appreciation for all of the very positive feedback you provided me, in my recent post titled “Important Notice and Offer.”

I am honored that some people departed from the community so graciously, after realizing that this stage of the experiment was not ideal for them.


Having said that, I’m also very excited that, now, everyone is primarily here for the one, right reason:  Our Mission

Let’s get started. 

Part I

A.  The world is currently headed towards a bad place

In 2008, the world entered “The Great Recession”, as a side effect of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Many people became unemployed, which was expected and is no different than what occurred in previous recessions.

Gradually, most countries have come out of the great recession.

Typically, as recessions end, employers start hiring again.

But this time it’s different.

The hiring has simply not caught up, like it did in most other recessions.

Jobs that pay the most – and especially the middle-wage jobs – have not returned…

…forcing many more people to take low-wage jobs.


In the following chart, notice how the higher-wage, and mid-wage jobs have disappeared…

…and also notice how the lower-wage jobs have expanded – as people have been forced into lower-wage jobs in order to survive:

The Final Chapter

 What’s happening?

To understand what’s happening, consider one industry:


Intuit, the creator of Turbo Tax, launched an application (for $49) that helps people calculate and file their own taxes.

The Result:  Hundreds of thousands of accountants have been put out of work.


Question:  Where did all the wealth go – the money that the accountants were previously earning?

Answer:  That money is instead going to a small number of people – creating a billionaire and a few millionaires (Intuit’s largest shareholders).

That was an example of what’s happening as a result of just one piece of software; in one single industry.

The same thing is happening in every industry.  

Employers are asking: 

“Now that the recession has ended, why should I hire all those people back, when I can create savings, and therefore profits, by instead using technology to accomplish what they were doing?”

The trouble is only beginning

To understand what’s headed our way, consider Moore’s Law, which says:

Computing power doubles, every 2 years, for the same price.

Incredibly, this law has proven to be accurate for the last 50 years – from even before Intel founder Gordon Moore made the prediction in his 1965 paper.

In the past, when computers were really slow, doubling their speed didn’t really add up to much in the short-term:  computers were still not fast enough to be able to do what a human could do.

But every 2 years, computing speed doubled…

…then doubled again…

…and again… and again…  and again… and again…

…and now, the mobile phone in your pocket is more powerful than the billion dollar super-computers that were utilized to send men to the moon just a few decades ago.

Computing is just now reaching the level of power needed to replace many jobs that humans are doing – a trend the economists are calling “technological unemployment”.

What jobs or sectors will be partially or fully replaced by technology?

ALL sectors and jobs are targets of technological unemployment.

Just look around you:

  • Many patients are getting the answers they need by Googling, instead of visiting their doctor.
  • Instead of traveling for meetings, many business people are using teleconferencing applications (like GotoMeeting) - shrinking the travel industry.
  • Except for the wireless phone companies, the billing dollar mega phone companies have all disappeared - wiping out millions of jobs - transferring all that income and wealth to a handful of billionaires (such as the founders of Skype).

Check out this video clip from the U.S. news program called “60 minutes”, on Technological Unemployment.

The bottom line:
There’s simply no competing with Moore’s Law.

Computing speed has finally crossed into the thresholds needed to do amazing things  -- many of the things that previously only humans could do.

Based on today’s processing speeds, many jobs will soon vanish.

But computing speed continues to double every 2 years.

This means that in just 4 years from today, computing speed will be a 4 times faster than today!

And in 10 years from now, it will be a whopping 32 times faster than today!

With those massive amounts of cheap computing power, there’s very little that software and robotics will not be able to accomplish.

Because of Moore’s Law, we’re headed for a very bad place – very quickly – as software and robots continue to replace humans…

…diminishing the middle class as people are pushed into one of two classes:  The rich and the poor.

The gap between the rich and everyone else 

As a result of what we’ve been discussing, the gap between the rich and everyone else is widening for people everywhere.

Did you know?

Today, the richest 85 individual people in the world….

…together have as much wealth…

…as half the world’s population (the 3.5 billion poorest people on the planet).

I am not saying that those rich people were dishonest; didn’t work hard for it; or don’t deserve it.

I am saying something entirely different.

I am saying that technological unemployment is rapidly pushing the wealth of nations to a small group of people…

…creating a larger gap between the rich and the poor…

…generating more poverty, despair, hopelessness and fear.

The system will break.

At some point, when the middle class has all but disappeared…

 …leaving nothing but a small number of very rich people -- and lots of poor people without opportunity, hope or political influence….

…the poor people will naturally rise up and disrupt the system.  

And that’s not good for anyone.

The solution: Fight fire with fire

What if we could develop a solution to the problem described above -- that actually takes advantage of Moore’s Law?

As discussed, the problem is caused by the exponential growth of computing power (Moore’s Law).

I’m suggesting we need a solution that also benefits from – and will continue to be assisted by that same phenomenon – computing’s doubling of power every 2 years.  

We need a software solution – or platform -- that creates opportunities for millions and eventually billions of people…

…but is controlled by the people

…so that the purpose of that solution is and remains to bring wealth to all its participants – not a small number of shareholders.

I know I don’t need to say more, because this is exactly why you and I -- and so many others -- have been working for so long and so hard…

…on the FanBox Mission.

By working together, we are creating that exact solution -- owned and operated by the users – you and I.

Because our solution also benefits from Moore’s Law, it too will keep getting twice as powerful every two years…

…even if we weren’t all working so hard on improving everything (but we are)!

To succeed, we need to:

  1. stay together (like we all chose to do this last week)
  2. stay focused on the long-term mission (instead of short-term gains or benefits to each of us)... again, like we all just decided to do
  3. and work as hard as we can to improve features, and create more long-term opportunities for everyone

By doing those 3 things, there’s no question that we can build the missing elements; fix bugs and issues; and accomplish our mission.

B.  It is quite possible that only you and I can solve this

Perhaps it is unlikely that someone other than you and I (the users, Success Coaches and employees at FanBox) will be able to solve this problem any time soon.


To create a product like FanBox, Facebook or Google, it takes at least 2 things:


(FanBox spent over $100,000,000 (One hundred million U.S. dollars) on its system before almost any of us joined. NONE of that money came from profit-seeking investors)

The people that invest big money, rightfully, expect and deserve any profits to go to them…

…so of course it doesn’t make any sense for investors to risk their money – only to have possible profits eventually go back to the people.


 It took Facebook and Google over ten years to get to where they are now – and they moved very fast – thanks to MASSIVE investor money.

Did you know? 

Facebook took in over $1,000,000,000 (One billion U.S. dollars) from investors before becoming self-sufficient (profitable and able to pay its bills using its revenues)?  

Today, Facebook management is scrambling – like all publicly traded companies – to show maximum profits to their shareholders….

…and to make sure those profits grow again significantly – every 90 days -- from quarter to quarter.

If their profits do not grow again and again – every 90 days -- they face serious risk and the collapse of their share price – which can have fatal consequences towards the company’s survival…

…because everyone from top employees -- to shareholders -- will head for the door (for the next place to get rich) if they even start to smell that the share price is at risk.

The FanBox participants (employees, Success Coaches and users) have invested 15 years – all of that with little or no pay – to get to this point.

(That’s over 1,000 employees over the last 15 years – mostly software and computer engineers – doing it selflessly and mostly for the love of humanity…

…hundreds of Success Coaches in over 50 countries…

… and thousands of Alpha users in over 150 countries).

This means that


…is in a better spot, than you and I are, to develop the solution, because of our unique combination of:

  • the 15 years invested into the software/systems produced specifically to address this problem
  • all of that work done without any investor capital

You and I need to solve this, and time is not on our side. 

From everything I have seen first-hand as a user…

…then as a Success Coach…

…and now as your democratically elected President…

…I can confidently tell you that we CAN pull this off.


And if we don’t pull it off, it’s quite likely that no one else will be able to either….

…for the reasons I just discussed, therefore…

…we MUST pull it off.


I hope that by now, you know me well enough, to know that I try very hard not to exaggerate or be dramatic.

The world very literally needs you and I to succeed at this mission.

Let’s discuss the plan.


C.  The Plan

First, a word about our mission:

Without spending too much time on this subject right now, in this post, I will soon suggest that we update the wording of our mission… 

…and then quantify it with specific and measurable goals:

My suggested updated mission:

To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.


My suggested goal:

During the calendar year 2025, help half the planet (4 billion people) earn $25 or more per day.

Did you know?

An average citizen income of $25 per day, is the level of income in democracies that have survived.

At that level, not one democracy has failed. 

Below that level, democracies have lasted, on average, only a few years, before failing into a non-democratic state.

The year 2025 means we have 10 years to ramp our capabilities, earnings and membership to those figures.

Again, at a later date, we’ll discuss in more detail why I’m suggesting this mission wording update and goal.  

Today, we have other topics to cover.

We’re at an important juncture.

We have these next few months to prove that we can create the solution we’ve all been talking about.

It is now or never for us to create a self-sustaining economy capable of lifting millions out of poverty.


The math is simple:

Today, each new member that joins FanBox, generates a net monetary loss for the project.

As a result, the company can only allow in a small number of new participants. 

If our mission is to succeed, we need to let in the masses:

Millions, and then billions of people, will need to be allowed in.


The answer is also simple:

We need to ignite our economy…

…which means the sales (earnings) of your products and services within the marketplace needs to explode.


As we do that, each new member will create a net monetary gain for the project – growing the overall economy and opportunity for all.

And naturally, those that got here first – you – will be best positioned to ride the wave – and benefit from the “first mover advantage” -- as all tides rise. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that – in my opinion.

It only makes sense that those that did all the hard work in the beginning, and took the early risks, also benefit uniquely in some ways – just like the investors do, that we discussed above.


Some of you may remember this:

Before you elected me, I was the number one worldwide top seller in the marketplace…

…cashing out between $10,000 to $15,000 each month.

I am not saying this to impress you

…but to impress upon you, that there’s a very special place in my heart for the marketplace. 

And from the day I became President (7 months ago) I have been quietly working with the FanBox team…

…to bring you these features, that are now about to launch.


Come take a walk with me.

Let’s take a stroll down to the FanBox marketplace.

Let’s take a look at all the new things rolling out next week.

I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that these features will ignite our marketplace – and economy…

creating significant monetary rewards for everyone.


The launch of these features will allow us to call these next 90 days, the final chapter of the FanBox experiment

…after which we will emerge out of the experimental “Alpha” mode – and open up our membership to the masses.

The new features are organized into three (3) groups:

  • features that create new earning opportunities for you
  • tools that accelerate your capabilities and success
  • and infrastructure (behind-the-scene items) that support your and the economy's success

After that, we’ll briefly discuss the right strategy for your success.

D.  New Earning Opportunities

1. Legacy Earnings -

Legacy earnings allow all FanBox members to be compensated for their contributions to the community beyond the “fresh period” or first 24 hours.

By ensuring that everyone can tap into the full value of their contributions indefinitely, we can ensure that the community will be filled with only the highest quality posts and ads…

…and that everyone will have more money to spend in the marketplace, if they so choose.

Lots of buyers with more money in their pockets = marketplace growth.


2. Sponsored Listings -

By enabling every FanBox member to Sponsor (resell) anything in the marketplace and earn 90% on each sale – the amount of buying and selling that will happen in the marketplace will explode.

Lots of buying and selling = even more marketplace growth


3. Increased Seller earnings -

Sellers now earn 90% (increased from 70%) of the total sales they make.

Additionally, they earn 5% every time someone Sponsors and sells their products to someone else – allowing them to earn over 100% on every product or service they bring to the marketplace.

Lots of buyers + lots of sellers = even more marketplace growth


Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Everything FanBox is launching is about growing the marketplace and economy.


E.   Accelerating your Capabilities and Success

4. Pay Now $0.00 -

All FanBox members can now bid on, Sponsor, and purchase anything in the marketplace without having any money in their FanBox balance and tying up their personal funds.

This completely eliminates any barriers that someone may have previously had, from buying and selling in the marketplace.

More buyers = even more marketplace growth


5. Unpaid Items -

Unpaid Items allow you to Sponsor anything at no risk to you.

If you fail to sell the item you are Sponsoring, you can choose to pay for it and keep it; or you can make it an Unpaid Item and cancel the purchase entirely.

Eliminating risk will give every FanBox member the confidence to Sponsor many items – resulting in even more marketplace growth.

(I will publish a separate post about this feature this week)


6. Instant Discount earnings -

Buyers now earn 20% cash back on every purchase made in the marketplace.

This cash back will go directly to the buyer as an earning, and immediately allow them to use those earnings to:

·        Buy things in the marketplace

·        Pay IPL fees

·        Buy PU subscriptions

·        Create Boosts and ads

·        Cash out

(I will publish a separate post about this feature this week)

7. 0-day IPL payments -

  All Power Users can pay some or all of their IPL fees with their 0-day earnings – the higher the Power Level, the higher the portion.

This will reduce the outside capital needed for each member to build their FanBox balance quickly.

The faster members are able to get their business operating successfully, the faster our economy will grow.


8. 0-day Power User purchasing - 

All FanBox members can use their 0-day earnings to immediately purchase a Power User subscription.

Being a Power User enables you to have a larger reach to the entire FanBox community – resulting in higher earnings and more sales for every member.


9. Enhanced Promoter earnings -

By simply bidding, liking or commenting on a marketplace listing, FanBox members can earn 1% on every sale made (within 2 levels) as a result of that action.

The amount of marketplace listings flowing throughout the community will sky-rocket as a result – giving sellers massive exposure to their products and services.


F.   Infrastructure Support

10. New FanBox Balance Infrastructure

Over the past several months, the FanBox engineers have been busily installing new balance infrastructure – in order to increase the dependability, speed and accuracy of your earnings and balance.

The process is virtually completed, and FanBox now has a much more robust infrastructure and set of processes in place to ensure that every member’s balance is accurately accounted for from here on out. They will continue to monitor and improve on these processes as one of their top priorities.

11. Issues and fraud prevention policy

With all of the new features described above, funds will bounce around the FanBox economy at the speed of light.

Consider this:

How the system worked YESTERDAY:

Joe earns, and waits 90 days to cash out.  (This gave the team 90 days to catch bugs or fraud).

How the system will work, starting later THIS WEEK:

Joe buys something from Sally….

…who can then IMMEDIATELY buy something from Jane…

…who can IMMEDIATELY pay her IPL fees with that money…

…or buy a Bronze Power User subscription, thus exploding her daily earnings….

…and use those earnings IMMEDIATELY to again, buy anything in the marketplace…

…from sellers that can use that money IMMEDIATELY to do all the same things…

…and so on and so forth…

…enabling funds to roar through the community and economy…

 …changing hands over 100 times in one single day.


The number of transactions happening in the FanBox system is expected to rise by a factor of 1,000 times in the next 90 days.

And the accounting team’s task -- to catch issues and fraud – is also set to go up in both volume and complexity -- by a factor of over 1,000 times.

Needless to say, the accounting team is busy staffing up to handle this increased workload.

In order to enable all of the incredible opportunities described above, I am installing the following policy:

For the next 90 days, in order to cash out, you need to either: 

1.     Have your New User Boost activated

 These are usually people that are regularly contributing back to the community – therefore there’s lower risk of fraud.


2. Have your New User Boost de-activated

I ask that these folks not cash out if they have earned in the last 30 days – giving the accounting team a chance to review their earnings.

Note: Please don’t turn your New User Boost on, just to cash out. If you do, allow 30 days for the review.

(Again, I am instituting the above policy only for the next 90 days – at which point we’ll review how the new system and accounting staff are working out, and adjust as needed).


12. $100 Bounty for Marketplace Bugs

Due to the complexities involved with launching so many new features at the same time, it is expected that some bugs and glitches will occur when these new marketplace features are first rolled out.

Since many of these features will be financial in nature, FanBox needs to address every issue as soon as possible once it has been discovered.

To speed up the discovery process, FanBox will pay $100 to any member (Success Coaches excluded) that reports any previously unidentified bug/glitch in the marketplace.

How will that work?

1)    Find the bug and document it as best as possible (screenshots, URLs, exactly what you did, etc.)

2)    Send me a message, subject titled “Bug Report,” reporting this bug

3)    If the bug has not previously been reported, I will thank you for your help and have FanBox add $100 straight into your balance


13. Earnings Catch Up

As I am sure you are all aware, the daily earnings reports to your balances are currently several weeks behind where they should be.

Thanks to the new balance infrastructure discussed in #10 (above), in the next few days, FanBox will initiate a massive one-time payout to your balances.

This earnings catch up will get the daily earnings reports back to within 24-48 hours of real-time, and you will then experience the daily earnings reports in your balances daily again.


And there you have it:

13 items that will all be live within the next 18 days…

…most of them going live later this week

…and all of them designed to explode transactions in the marketplace by 1,000 times…

….ensuring the success of our economy and mission…

…and that all the work and sacrifice from all of you, was not for nothing.


OK, with everything about to launch, what is the best strategy for your success?


G.    Your Strategy

For the sake of time, I will detail this in another post soon, but I will summarize it for you here.

Pay very close attention to your Active Network gauges – ensuring that you are in the green with as many people as possible – especially those in the higher Power Levels.

Your Active Network gauge with any other member is the top gauge that appears for you when you are viewing their profile:

The Final Chapter


When the needle points to the green, it shows that you have tilted the balance of the network in your favor…

…which means that you’re optimally positioned to maximize your earnings from that “node in your network.”

New tools are on the way to help you view your entire network – in one glance – and how green (or yellow, or red) it is…

…which will provide the most direct answer to the question, “Why am I earning this much (or this little)?”

Until that post, what’s the very best thing you can do?

You can get a head-start by trying to get in the green with as many people as possible – especially those with the highest Power Levels.


My Request

As always, please keep your expectations in check.

The only way we can launch these features – such as using your 0-day funds to pay your fees or purchase Power User subscriptions…

…without knowing exactly what will happen as a result…

…is because we’re conducting an experiment.

Hopefully these things will all be fabulously successful, and we’ll make them even better…

…but it’s more reasonable to expect that some of them will fail, or not create the desired results we are all looking for…

…and so I want to reserve the right to remove any of these features in the future, if at any time I determine they are not benefiting the community.

By electing me into office, you empowered me to bring you these opportunities; as well as take them away.

But I am cautiously optimistic that we’re about to turn a very important corner…

…one that will change everything, for all of you and future generations of FanBoxers.

Thank you for your support, and for choosing to be a part of this journey…

…so that all of us can have the hope of a better tomorrow for our families and ourselves.



Tmcn Px5

Thanks and Congratulations to our President Brian for these important announcements. Success and prosperity is knocking is knocking at our doors because of your hard work only. God Bless You.

68 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

Thank you Mr. President for the great effort ! I appreciated a lot such a very useful system ..to uplift the community.

68 months ago
Peter Culturedstar

Hi.Brian.This is a very very useful info.Thank you very much for these tips.

68 months ago

Great and rich news, the post is full with hope for better future to all of us.

68 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thanks a lot for this great post.

68 months ago
Jose Lucero

The elevation of low income classes to a sustainable level has been a dream of mine for 50 years. I am overwhelmed with joy that many more able minds are working on the fanBox mission. I congratulate all who have put in their time to improve the lives for our posterity. Unless poor people obtain means to improve their lives we can only expect revolution in the future and the eventual decline if not demise of humanity. I truly appreciate the work of everyone involved with FanBox.

68 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you for sharing Jose!

It's a great feeling to have so many people in this community sharing the same mindset - knowing that something needs to change to make our world a better place.

It's an even greater feeling to know that what we are all working towards building here could be that solution that changes everything.

I really feel like we are getting close, and once we get to where we need to be, nothing will be able to stop us from achieving our mission.

68 months ago
Angela Fanache

This is a lucky number 13! 13 complex steps, all for our own good! I am very happy!

68 months ago
Manjot Singh

Yes! It is always lucky for me. In our native language 13 pronounced as a TERA it means Your's. These features for your's ;)

68 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi Madam Angela I am agree with you .

68 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

Hello Brian,
You did really a great job now for the whole members of the community. I read it and will ready again to understand each and every feature FanBox team is going to launch new coming days. I believe we can all achieve our goals if we all work hard and help the all community members who are sharing their time to uplift this awesome community. Best of luck and wishing a batter future for all of us..

68 months ago