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As I mentioned to you all in my post yesterday, I was fortunate enough last year to earn and cash out tens of thousands of dollars due to the sales that I made in the FanBox marketplace.

Back then, the marketplace features that are now live, didn’t even exist.

Features like:

0-day earnings to spend in the marketplace


…and 90% commissions for Sellers – just to name a few!


Knowing now just how powerful those features are, it should not be hard to imagine the earnings possibilities that you all have at your fingertips right now – which is why I’ve titled this post:

How To Become A Marketplace Millionaire


Here’s something to think about:

There are currently millions of people earning a living from selling goods and services on EBay.

In fact, there have been thousands of people – just like you – that have become millionaires over the years just from selling on EBay alone.

One of those people is a man named Jack Sheng who turned a $500 investment working out of his garage, into a $40 million per year business just from selling on EBay.

To read more about Jack’s story and his keys to success, I recommend you read this post.


And while EBay has been a great solution for a lot of people in the past, I truly believe that the marketplace that we are growing right here on FanBox is going to end up blowing EBay away.




Because unlike EBay, FanBox has a captive audience of users that are earning money daily - constantly looking for great things to buy.

More importantly though, the social aspects of FanBox give all sellers (big and small) a way to reach potential customers on a much larger scale than ever before.

For example, take a quick look through your newsfeed, and you will see that people are sharing product listings at a rapid pace:


How To Become A Marketplace Millionaire

What does this mean to you?


It means that if you aren’t selling on FanBox, then you are missing out on by far the EASIEST way to earn – and giving everyone else the opportunity that you should be taking advantage of yourself.


That being said, there’s more than enough room for everyone to be successful…

…so instead of waiting for the “right time” to get started selling -


Let’s get right into it!


One of the biggest issues that people have with selling products, is that they don’t know what to sell, and if they do know what to sell, they don’t know how to sell it.


The new Sponsoring feature has erased those issues from every FanBox member once and for all…

…but what if you could take the same concepts that Sponsoring offers you…

…and use it to sell products of your own, with a team of Sponsors working for you?


Imagine if you didn’t have any overhead, you didn’t have to house any products, and you didn’t have to spend time physically shipping anything - but you could run and manage your own online store right here on FanBox.

It would be simple for you to get started and you could work anywhere in the world from your lap top.

Sound too good to be true?

I can assure you that it is not if you follow three simple steps in the process that I have outlined below.


Here’s what you should do:

1.       Find products or services that you think people will want to purchase

Visit some of your favorite e-commerce sites that ship to the locations you want to sell to – EBay and Amazon are great places to start.

If you can't figure out what to sell, my suggestion would be to start out with something small.

Once you get a few sales under your belt, you can build your way up from there and start to sell a wider variety of more expensive things.

If you can find products that are not yet listed on FanBox, that's even better. You can dominate the marketplace until other sellers catch on.

2.       Create a detailed listing on FanBox for those products and services -

The great thing about finding products on other websites, is they have done the hard work for you. Simply copy the images and descriptions of those products and list them for sale on FanBox. When

3.       Sit back and fulfill the sales for your buyers as they come in -

When someone buys the item from your FanBox listing, simply go to the retailer's website, place an order with your payment information and add in the FanBox buyer's shipping address.

This strategy works well because the retailer has reliable shipping times and quality items.


That’s it – you can make sales all day long from the comfort of your own home without having to actually touch a product or complete a service.



Recommended Settings for Product Listings

Having the right settings for your product listings are just as (if not more) important as the actual items that you are selling:


How To Become A Marketplace Millionaire 


Some key settings that you should consider for all of your products include:

1.      Always set your listings as auctions

Auctions attract much more attention than fixed price listings because of all of the new stories that they create from bids and shares.

This means that your listings will have much more visibility and you will get more potential buyers – vastly increasing your sales.

2.      Keep your auctions as short as possible

Three to five days is typically enough time for you to get an item sold.

By having a shortened wait time before an auction is over, you will gain more interest from buyers that want results as quickly as possible.

3.      Start your auctions at the lowest possible price

The lower the starting price you set, the more action you will get on your item - $.01 is a great place to start.

If you are concerned about not earning enough on your sale, you can set a reserve price to ensure that there is no risk to you.

4.      Always allow buyers to Sponsor your listings

By allowing Sponsoring, you will attract more buyers to your listings, which will result in a higher overall sales volume.

To increase your sales even further, I recommend you keep your reserve price as low as possible – leaving your Sponsors with more room to make a profit.

This will increase the amount of times your products will be Sponsored – netting you 5% profits from every sale.


Consider this scenario:

You find an iPhone for sale on Amazon for $100

You list it on FanBox for $.01 and a reserve price of $100

You sell it to Joe for a final price of $110, who decides to Sponsor it – earning you $99

Joe sells it to Jack for $120, who decides to Sponsor it – earning you $6

Jack sells it to Jennifer for $150, who decides to Sponsor it – earning you $7.50

Jennifer sells it to Jamie for $175 – earning you $8.75


I think you are starting to get the picture here on just how powerful Sponsoring can be to your overall earnings from sales.

Not only are you earning from every sale, but you are building a network of buyers that will continue to come back for more and more – forever!



Now that you know how to find products to sell, and how to list them -

How do you actually get people to buy from you?


Remember Jack Sheng from earlier in this post?

He credits much of his success to the dedication he and his partners gave to providing a great experience to his customers by interacting and building personal relationships with them.

Sound familiar?


How To Become A Marketplace Millionaire


Building Network Value and “getting in the green” with as many people as possible is a key element in finding success from selling on FanBox.

The better you are at building your network, the more money you will make from everything you do on FanBox – especially sales in the marketplace.


Road To Riches

The keys towards becoming a “marketplace millionaire” are clear:

1.      Harness the power of existing retailers to stock the products and services you have for sale in the FanBox marketplace


2.      Build your network, as large as possible, to ensure that the products and services that you do list for sale are seen by the most amount of people as possible


If you can do just those two things well – then the sky is the limit for you.

Selling doesn’t need to be complicated. It is something that everyone can do.


So what are you waiting for?


Get started today – time is a wasting!


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Waiting time is over, Thanks Brian I accept this job offer.

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Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Selling products and services is the best way to earn and the success with sales has no limits.

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Interesting post, nice tips and advice to follow.
Thank you for sharing your experience, Brian.

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