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Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus, and simplified invitation process


With experience as both a Success Coach and now your President, something that I have noticed for some time now is that the most successful people on FanBox (and life in general) have one specific thing in common:

They have had great teachers that helped guide them along the way.


Knowledge is power, and it is undeniable that one of the most important aspects of a successful economy is having great teachers in place to provide every member of that economy the knowledge necessary to be successful and flourish.

Because of that, FanBox has always placed a high value on Teachers and given them the ability to earn a bonus based on merit (i.e. how successful their students are).


In an effort to reward Teachers even further for their efforts, FanBox is launching a series of new features to make the invitation process for Teachers much easier, efficient and profitable.


Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus

By inviting a friend to FanBox, you earn a bonus for teaching them to become a productive member of the community.

You can now earn $50 or more for EACH friend you invite to FanBox!

To reward you for being their Teacher, you now have TWO choices for your Teacher bonus:

1) $50 added to their Fanbox Balance for each friend - when each friend registers


2) Up to 10% from each friend's profits


It is important to note that your Teacher bonus does NOT cost your friend anything, and comes direct from the community earning pool.

At the moment you are inviting each friend, you get a choice of $50 or 10%.  In other words, you can mix and match – earning $50 from some friends; and 10% from others.

During the invite process simply choose which Teacher bonus you want, and then help your friend succeed!

Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus



1)      $50: 

Upon your friend registering, $50 will be added to your FanBox Balance in a pending state. After your friend has been in good standing with their New User Boost activated for 90 days, your bonus will be considered earned and available for your use, just like any other earnings


2)      10%: 

For your friend’s first 6 months, earn 10% from all your friends’ profits. For months 7-12, earn 3%, and for months 13-24 earn 1.5%


Easier Invitation Process

In addition to providing Teachers with more choices to earn, the entire invitation process has now been simplified.

No longer will you need to copy a unique activation code for each of your friends, and then have them paste it in and validate their email address to register their account…

…instead, you can now invite your friends directly through FanBox, and they can register in just a few clicks!

Simply go to your Invite a Friend Page, and click on the button “Get an Activation Code”

Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus


The next screen will appear to give you 3 different ways to invite your friends:

Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus


By selecting friends from your address book, you can easily choose which ones you want to invite with a single click:

Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus


You can then send your friends a personal email with their unique invite link so that they can join FanBox in one click – no activation code is required!

Introducing the $50 Teacher Bonus



Through this streamlined invitation process, Teachers can now invite their friends more efficiently, and focus more of their time helping their friends succeed!



Let’s Recap

Being a Teacher is an extremely important role within our community…

…as without an educated population of users, our economy will surely fail.

To reward Teachers for helping their friends and the community succeed, FanBox is now offering two choices for their Teacher bonus:

1) $50 added to their FanBox Balance for every friend that registers


2) Up to 10% from all of their friends' profits

Teacher bonuses do NOT cost your friends anything, and come direct from the community earning pool.

Additionally, FanBox has now made it extremely easy to both invite new members into the community, and for those new members to complete the sign up process.


Over the coming weeks and months, you will see more improvements to the invitation process as we look to improve the lives of our Teachers for all of the great work that they do for the community.


Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Feel free to let me know!


Michelle Gao

That is great! Simple and straightforward. Thanks for the effort!

66 months ago
Silas Zakariah

This is good news. Thanks Mr. President.

66 months ago
Yuen Kin Lan

This is certainly great news for the teachers. Thank you for enhancing the benefits of the teacher roles. Another thing that I would like to ask is many a time when a fan ask a question of what to do a certain thing and you help to answer or by inserting a tutorial video from the learning center. Would that be considered as a teaching role? Or an incentive be given as an knowledge promoter?

66 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Yuen,

Inserting the video into a message is not a way to earn money - it is merely there to make it easier to share information easier with others.

Hope that answers your question!

66 months ago
Sarah Shez

Dear Brian i appreciate your efforts to all FanBoxers in order to profitize and multiplying their struggle great thanks for offering an awesome offer to encourage and support teachers as well.

66 months ago
Jane Recela

That's another great news Mr. President. Thank you..

66 months ago
George Neacsu

For sure these are great news Brian! Our community will really grow and become more powerful:) Thank you for this awesome update!

66 months ago
Martin Binnington

Great news Brian! Both of these features are fantastic.

66 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Foarte bune informatii vestii excelente cu cit mai multii vom fi in familia FanBox cu atit mai bine multumesc

66 months ago
Lina Tanase

Thank you for this awesome update! Great news!!!:)

66 months ago
Bash Syed

wow great feature and opportunity for earning more money :)

66 months ago