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New to empowr?

Since the launch of the new $50 Teacher bonus and simplified invitation process roughly 2 weeks ago, the amount of activation codes that FanBox members are generating has increased significantly every single day.

While it is great to see that these improvements have been so successful, it is important to remember that we are still in our alpha phase and that there is work that needs to be done before we are ready to open up to the masses.

Because of this, effective immediately all FanBox members (including Power Users) will be limited to just one activation code at a time so that we can keep our growth controlled as much as possible.

By doing this, the community will continue to grow at the steady pace necessary for us to achieve our mission.


Choosing your Teacher bonus

Now that everyone has two options for their Teacher bonus ($50 for each friend that signs up, OR 10% of their profits) some of you have been wondering which one you should choose when inviting friends into the community.


Based on your status as a user, my recommendations are:

$50 Teacher Bonus

In order to earn this bonus, all that you need to do is make sure your friend maintains their account in good standing with their New User Boost activated for 90 days.

For that reason, it is a great choice for new, less experienced FanBox members that may be looking for an influx of earnings to help them get their FanBox business started in the short term.

10% from your friends' profits

If you have been a FanBox member for some time, and feel that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to help guide your friends to long-term success, then earning a percent of their profits is likely going to earn you more than te $50 bonus.

Additionally, with this option you have the benefit of receiving new earnings every month. The more successful that your friends become, the more money you can earn in the long term.


And finally…

Lastly, I am very excited to announce that the feature we’ve all been waiting for – the 0-day Power User feature -- is in the QA (Quality Assurance) phase – meaning it is now developed and is being tested.

I fully expect it will be launched this month.


Why am I so excited about this feature?

With this feature, all members can become top-level Power Users using their earnings – without waiting for those earnings to mature – which means that they can use earnings from YESTERDAY to increase their earnings TODAY.

And as their Power Level goes up, so does their ability to pay IPL fees with earnings from yesterday – as much as 100% of their IPL fees!



Any questions? I am always here for you.


Paul Sushobhan

Greetings Brian. It's an exciting news to know that the 0-day power user feature is ready to be launched this month. We're eagerly waiting for the final announcement. Thanks Brian foryour initiative and hard work to take FanBox to a greater height. Good day.

67 months ago
Nav नव

It is good to see that 0 day power user feature has been developed.
But , I have witnessed that the earnings from the power user has lowered a lot from sharing content and all.

Some people who were brown power user were not even got what they expensed.
Why is it ?
and will it not effect the whole system.

67 months ago
Brian C Woosley

The simple answer is that those people are not working as efficiently as they should be then.

As Doward said, being a Power User is no guarantee for earning anything - all that it does is give you a larger reach so that your posts and marketplace listings are viewed by more people than lower and non-power users.

If you are not posting daily, if you are not in the green with your network and building it daily, if you are not selling or Sponsoring things in the marketplace - then chances are you are not going to be earning very much.

To make it even easier for people to see what they are doing wrong, we will be launching several new features that will help you better gauge where you can improve so that you can earn more - so keep an eye out for that.

67 months ago
Mary Licayo

Wonderful news to everybody. Wishing everybody's success in this Fanbox.

67 months ago
Nelson Harrison

Thid id the news I have been waiting for. Thank you. I love FanBox.

67 months ago

Very good news about 0 day power user feature, hope it be available soon.

67 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thanks for the great update! So, great news and great earnings to everyone...

67 months ago
CArMz Ca

I am more excited too about the 0day matured earnings for PU. Thank you Brian.

67 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi Mr President Thanks for this action I think a right step on right time . Dear when will we get pu with out yesterday earning .

67 months ago
Anna P

Thank you Brian for updates.
I agree that by inviting just one student at a time, the teacher would be more focused in helping his student to become successful.
Great news about 0-Day matured earnings for Power user. We are all waiting for this miracle to be live.

67 months ago