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The moment that you all have been waiting for is finally here!


Now Launching: 0-day Power User Purchases

Effective immediately, ALL users are able to pay 100% of the cost of their Power User subscriptions with their 0-day profits (i.e. the money that they earned yesterday).

There are several features involved with this new functionality, so let’s go through each of them below.


Power User Earnings Accelerator

Now that every member can afford to become a Power User, they are able to earn more at a faster rate…


they are able to do that using less outside money since they can also pay a percentage of their IPL fees with their 0-day profits.

Clearly, everyone will want to be as high of a Power User as they can afford to be – because then they can accelerate their earnings faster than ever – and worry much less about how they will afford it.

To help members maximize their earnings, FanBox has released the Power User Earnings Accelerator feature.

Here’s how it works:

At the top and bottom of the Power User page is where your Power User settings are located.

Now Launching: 0-Day Power User Purchases 

By clicking on the settings button, you will see the option to turn your Power User Earnings Accelerator “ON” or “OFF.”

Now Launching: 0-Day Power User Purchases 

By turning your Power User Earnings Accelerator “ON,” you will maximize your earnings by upgrading your Power Level as soon as your profits allow.

What is so great about this feature?

Based on my calculation, a brand new user -- without any earnings at all -- will be able to become a Basic Power User and increase their earnings at a faster rate…

…then, within just a few days, become a Yellow Power User – using ONLY their earnings…

…then, again in just a matter of days, use their earnings again to become an Orange Power User…

…so on and so forth until…

… are you ready for this?

…they become the highest level Power User only 3 - 4 months after becoming a FanBox member – meaning that they:

1. NEVER used a penny of their own funds to become a highest level Power User, and

 2. Can then pay 100% of their IPL fees using their (0-day maturity) earnings, and

 3. Can earn thousands of dollars each month.


My own calculations show that a user could earn more than $100,000 in only their first 12 months, just by posting quality items daily, and building their network…

…using very, very little (only a few hundred dollars, at the most) of their own outside funds during that year to pay the small % of IPL fees they would need to pay with outside funds (because they’ll be able to pay most IPL fees with 0-day earnings)…

…and already be generating serious profits by the end of their first year – profits that they could choose to cash out, spend in the growing marketplace, or invest in any number of opportunities to even further accelerate their earnings.

Then, with that year 1 foundation, their year 2 could be simply astronomical – keeping in mind the network power they will have gained by being a high level Power User for most of that period…

…including gaining likely tens of thousands of fans and friends – who will be lining up to hear their guidance and advice, share their posts, buy the items they are selling or Sponsoring, as well as pray and wish for their continued success.

Simply put, the sky becomes the limit when you can become a highest level Power User within just a few months – when you don’t need to pay for those Power User subscription costs from outside funds – and when you can pay almost all your IPL fees using those increased earnings.

It really is unbelievable what you’ll be able to accomplish for yourself and your family…

…and what we can do together towards successfully accomplishing our mission of uplifting people around the world.


Power User Subscription Settings

In addition to controlling your Power User Earnings Accelerator, you will also have the ability to upgrade, downgrade, or get a full refund on any automatic subscription purchase you have - within 72 hours of that purchase.

This ability is great for people that have their subscriptions renewed, but were looking to upgrade, as it allows them to add the amount of their subscription purchase towards that upgrade (i.e. a Green Power User upgrade would only cost $50 for someone that just re-subscribed to an Orange Power User subscription).

Now Launching: 0-Day Power User Purchases 

New Users Are Automatically Power Users

Last, but not least, to further stimulate the community, all new users will now be provided a complimentary Basic Power User subscription the moment that they join the community.

That means that with the Power User Earnings Accelerator, new users will have the ability to become a highest level Power User even faster.

As a Teacher, this is a great advantage that your students will now have to begin succeeding from day 1.


Now that everyone can easily afford to be a Power User, the next step is to make earning even easier so that we can work towards accomplishing our mission at a faster pace.


In my next post, I will be sharing with you all a new feature that will allow you to do just that!


Barabas Family

Great and awesome news, thanks a lot, Mr. President !

64 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Glad you are enjoying it! Your blue Power Level matches your shirt well! ;)

64 months ago
Asif Iqbal

Thank you so much President for the good and great news.
Best wishes for you :-)

64 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

News past it :) :)
I would dare to come up with some proposals ... I think beneficial to many of FanBox.
I will return.

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Thanks for the updates, Brian, these are great features, can`t wait to try them all!

64 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Thanks Brian for your valued efforts in bringing up this great feature.
It was my dream to grab high level power user in FanBox and I am very happy about 0-day PU feature.

64 months ago
May Ram


64 months ago
Marius B)

Simply amazing :)

64 months ago
D Poet Rhumour

This will be a Great step along the way for many many members. I expect to see a lot of rising colours now :)

64 months ago
Bj Mir

great... thanx Brian...

64 months ago
Anna P

Super cool, Brian. Now is the time for everyone to start earning big!

64 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Congratulation to everyone. The Biggest step of the FanBox to provide more and more opportunity for the members. It's awesome and great features that every one waiting for it and now it's announced.
Thank You president !

64 months ago

Wow, the best post I've ever read until now
I can see many members took the step immediately and became bronze
Really wonderful
Can't wait for the next post dear Brian.
All the best for our community to succeed,,,, (( FanBox ))

64 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Here are the news we were waiting for! Thank you, Brian and the FanBox Team for keeping your promise.
Good luck to everyone!

64 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Foarte inportante informatii ce le asteptam cu sufletul la gura va multumim

64 months ago
Florentina Popa

THIS IS REALLY GREAT ! I can't believe it's finally here ..>! PLEASE, let us know how can we use for PU the cash back earnings from purchases we didn't use yet. THANKS AGAIN

64 months ago
Istvánné Szőllősi

Wow, this is a really great possibility! Thanks

64 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Awesome and super cool update now every one is near to become a successful FanBoxer

64 months ago
Josh Manske

Happy to see all the smiling faces here! Wishing everyone a prosperous time ahead!

64 months ago