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In the past year, there have been many innovations that have helped FanBox members succeed at reaching greater heights than they ever have before:

The Building My Network Tool, BFO Bar and Network Value Gauges have helped everyone understand the importance of doing things for others, so that they can earn more.

The new marketplace features and earnings role, The Sponsor, has given everyone the ability to sell things in the marketplace without the need to pay for anything upfront.

And the 0-day Power User and 0-day IPL fee features have allowed everyone to accelerate their earnings faster than ever before, while worrying much less about how they will afford it.


Those 3 sets of features on their own have made a tremendous impact in simplifying the earnings process so that our community can thrive and our mission can be accomplished – but to enable opportunity for the masses, we need to make things even simpler.


Earning Is As Simple As 1-2-3

By visiting the Learning Center, you will notice that there is now a series of interactive modules for you to follow that enable you to see why you are earning as much (or as little) as you currently are.

3 New Gauges:Why you're earning as much as you are

Let’s go through each step together, so that you can fully understand what you need to do to maximize your earnings from start to finish.


1. Optimize Your Account

If your account is not optimized for earning, then you are going to have a difficult time of maximizing your earnings from the work that you do.

Because of that, the first step towards maximizing your earnings is to Optimize Your Account.

Simply click the “Optimize Now” button to Optimize Your Account so that your New User Boost is activated and your Power User Earning Accelerator is turned “ON.”

3 New Gauges:Why you're earning as much as you are


2. Maximize Your Network

Once you’re optimized for earning, the next step towards maximizing your earnings is to Maximize Your Network.

3 New Gauges:Why you're earning as much as you are

The larger and more stimulated your network, the more you earn – so let’s focus on exactly what you need to do to accomplish both.


Build a Large Network

The easiest way to increase the size of your network is to become a fan of many people. One way to get started is to visit the Blogger Leaderboard and fan everyone there.

From there, you can bid on, purchase, or share anything that you enjoy in your news feed to build your network even further.

Stimulate Your Network

Once you have built a large network, the next step is to stimulate your network by “getting in the green” with as many people as possible through sharing their best posts and bidding and buying from them.

By doing things for others, you are ensuring your own success, as they will gladly return the favor to you.


3. Monetize Your Network

By establishing a large and stimulated network in step 2, you will have developed an army of supporters willing to do what it takes to help you succeed.

In this final step, you need to work on giving your network the ability to do just that by providing them posts to share and products and services to buy.

3 New Gauges:Why you're earning as much as you are 

Post Frequently

In order to truly monetize your network, you need to give people value as often as possible

To do that, you should focus on posting something every single day.

When you do post, instead of posting many items all at once, you should spread your posts throughout the day. By doing this, more people will see every unique post you create – earning you more for each one.

Post Quality

Posting frequently is important, but it is only half of the battle. You need to make sure that all of your posts are high-quality as well.

The highest quality posts earn more – getting 10 to 100 times more views than average posts - because they get shared again and again.

By focusing on quality, you will ensure that you are maximizing your earnings with each post you make.

3 New Gauges:Why you're earning as much as you are 

Offer Many Items For Sale

A common strategy among top earners is to offer a variety of items for sale.

The more items that you have for sale, the more potential buyers you will have for your listings – which allows you to experience a larger amount of actual sales.

As an original seller, you should make sure to allow your listings to be Sponsored so that you can maximize your earnings from every sale.

Sponsor Many Items

Don’t have a product or service to offer? No problem! Most products and services available in the marketplace can be Sponsored. 

You should always be on the lookout for interesting items for sale, that you can Sponsor (resell).

The more items that you Sponsor, the greater the ability to monetize your network will be.


An important point to notice: 

As you know, the higher your Power Level, the larger the reach that you have when you post, and the more valuable all of your actions towards others are.

For that reason, each of these modules display your performance compared to others in your Power Level.

In that respect, you will notice that your gauges will adjust accordingly every time that you change your Power Level.

To be the top FanBox earner, you will regularly be moving up Power Levels due to your accomplishments, and you can track your progress by clicking on the history buttons inside each of the modules:

3 New Gauges:Why you're earning as much as you are



Earning on FanBox has been simplified. 

To maximize your earnings:

1.  Optimize Your Account 

2.  Maximize Your Network 

3.  Monetize Your Network


Any questions? I’m here to help!


Saida Abdul

thank you so much president. i really love the new features and new layout. it really fantastic and amazing. finally, the most awaiting power subscription is now active. i can buy a higher pu now. love it so much

64 months ago
Arunpreet Kaur

That's too good !

64 months ago
Orlya  C

Thank you very much Brian for all the great features you brings to community! Now all people can build his earnings much more and take advantage of this great opportunity!

64 months ago
CArMz Ca

Thank you for simplifying the features.. Good luck everyone!

64 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

It's really excellent features. Thanks a lot, Brian.

64 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Hello Anabelle,
It's so easily. For Gauge No.2 "Maximize Your Network", you should do the following activities:
1. Build a large network = Just click at "Become a fan" of as many people as possible. (let's do it daily)
2. Activate your network = Like, comment, repost your fans' posts frequently to help them share and earn.
=> If you do these activities well, the needle of "Maximize Your Network" gauge will move to Green zone and I am sure that you will get 100%.
I believe in your ability, my friend, Anabelle.

49 months ago
Alex Aurora

Awesome, these modules now give us a great insight of how we are actually doing!

64 months ago
Silas Zakariah

You have delivered your campaign promises, Mr. President. It was no mistake electing you. A big thank you to you sir.

64 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you for the kind words Silas! It is great to hear that!

64 months ago
Pete Moss


64 months ago
Manjot Singh

Great! Feature :)

64 months ago
Kvetoslav Závodský

Thank you Brian for the great help divided into 3 steps and understanding explanation.
The only thing I still miss is to know some rules about utilizing IPL. I would like to know how much will the NUB utilize my IPL after I click "optimize your account".
Some say that it's depending on PU level. Is it set for one NUB per month? Or may be more times per month?
The second and third step seem to be clear... the green color is the best!
Good luck!

64 months ago
Shailesh Lopez

I certainly feel it depends on PU level. You can pay your IPL fees from your earning - But % is different for different Power level. [Pay 55% of your IPL fees with any (matured & non-matured) profits.] From Basic to Bronze power ,There is a 11% incremental advantage of paying IPL fees from your earning. That's what I feel. Do some reverse engineering.

64 months ago
Shailesh Lopez

55% is for Blue That I have mentioned above.

64 months ago
Martin Binnington

This is a great new addition - a simpler way to view how well we are doing in relation to other users of the same level, and what we can do to improve our performance and earnings.

I was very excited when I saw the feature appear last night, and even more excited now!
Thanks for all your fine work Brian :-)

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Thanks, Brian! These new features will help users even more to earn!

64 months ago