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Since the launch of the new earnings gauges in the Learning Center, I’ve noticed that there are some users making the mistake of not having their accounts optimized for earning.

As a result, they are unfortunately losing out on BIG earnings every day.


Notice the difference in earnings between these 2 Gold Power Users:

Since the launch of the

Since the launch of the


What is the difference between these 2 users?

Ayman has his account optimized for earnings, and the other user doesn’t.


To make sure you are maximizing your earnings, and not missing out, simply make sure your account is optimized for earning by clicking the “Optimize Now” button in step 1, and you should see your earnings double in just a day or two!

Since the launch of the


From there, just follow the simple instructions on how to get in the green in the next two gauges, and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your earnings.

Since the launch of the


That’s all there is to it! 


Sound too good to be true? Optimize your account for a day, and watch what happens to your earnings.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll stop losing important earnings!


Pete Moss

thank you

64 months ago
Bach Ngo

Thank you very much for this useful update!

64 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Yes, the differency is very clear if the user optimizes their account and works hard.

64 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

I will keep it on all the time

64 months ago
Sandra Mosley

Brian, Thank you for this further information.

64 months ago
Nelson Harrison

Thank you Brian. I have noticed the difference.

64 months ago
Amjad Hussain

Thanks for update. New features are now necessary to earn more.

64 months ago
Nav नव

Hi Brian ..
Why is it that we earn less when our account is not optimised ?????
Why earnings have a dependency on EA. ?

64 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Nav,

Being optimized means that you are taking part in the features that FanBox has built to help you be successful. If your account is not optimized for earning, then clearly you are going to earn less than if your account was optimized because you are missing out on easy features that were designed to help you succeed.

In order for us to achieve our mission, we need our economy (and everyone in it) becoming as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

That is exactly what the Earnings Accelerator helps you do: earn more at a faster pace, while paying less out of pocket in the process.

Can you still earn a fair wage with your account optimized?

Sure, but you are going to have to work much harder.

So if you want to work harder, by all means, don't optimize your account.

If you want to work smarter, and maximize your earnings, then optimize your account.

64 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks Wendy!

I just noticed I made a typo above Nav:

The question I posed should actually say:

"Can you still earn a fair wage WITHOUT your account optimized?"

Apologies on the oversight!

64 months ago
Silas Zakariah

I believe following simple instructions will take one to greater heights. Thanks a lot sor.

64 months ago
Jessicca Lee

Please check my screen capture Mr. Brian.

I can assure you it never went green. I only have time for 1-2 hours a day and I still post one blog post a day (if I can find anything to write) and post pictures and videos faithfully. The only difference is I do not have much things to sell in this account because my community account is the one doing the selling (as a start up company). I have stuffs sponsored and the person decided to remove it, and I have no way to un-sponsor it (and no way to issue a dispute until the sponsor time frame is over) according to my SC's advice.

So this doesn't sound too rosy, isn't it? Please help us look into situations like these if possible. Thank you.

64 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Jessicca,

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

Looking at your profile (and by your own omission), it is very clear to me why you are not in the green:

1) You don't post throughout the day
2) You are not selling anything
3) You are not Sponsoring anything
4) You are not bidding on anything
5) You are not buying anything

If you want to maximize your earnings, then you need to follow the instructions in each gauge. If you just follow that, then there is no reason you will not see better success for yourself.

Hope that helps clarify things for you!

64 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Just to add - please be sure that you have had any issues with Sponsoring reported to your SC so that the FanBox team can look into it.

Additionally, you need to realize that because you are one of the highest Power Levels, you are going to be competing against very experienced users in regards to where you will end up in the gauges. So the work that you are doing for your Community may be easier for you to get into the green with if it is a lower Power Level.

64 months ago
Jessicca Lee

Hi Brian,
I did report my sponsoring problem.

Another thing is I DID bid for things. My network gauge is increasing on the middle one (the network building) but I do not like to post thing throughout the day because I like a balance of both, post and support. Isn't that supposed to be? Maybe I am sponsoring too many people and then others are not doing the same favour because I do not spam post everything the whole day?

(I do not sit in front of FanBox the whole day unfortunately, sometimes I travel and work and other things)

I personally have friends here to supports others for as long as 18 hours just so to clear the BFO list on her home page and hopes that everyone have equal chances. Unfortunately, because she did not post as much as the entire day (because she is actually reading and supporting other people's posts - namely internet images most of the time) and no one likes her normal day to day interesting family pictures (to me they are interesting because it is family life, just not those internet super crisp pictures).

She was in one of the highest Power Users once and now she has decided to turn off the accelerator and goes back to the lower part of the power users where she is less stressed out in many ways.

If your idea is to allow FanBox to be full time entrepreneurs who does nothing but to spam contents and sponsor something they do not need and sit in front of FanBox to read other posts the whole day, then this system would work perfectly well.

But then it will only be posting, and the EA will keep upgrading them to the max, but at the end of the day if each person only sponsors and only perhaps 1 in 100 members here purchased, what will happen to the seller?

And if every single person follows the exact same formula and one just slightly slows down a day and causing that to turn totally red (because of the absence of it, even though there are still people supporting his / her posts) and ended up earning scraps from Legacy, and boosting and ads; it gives plenty of stress to the member because of the EA doesn't really allow net earnings to grow towards maturity (as it is now upgraded to platinum) and has to slave their way back up (for me, if I have enough time, it only probably just increase by 1-2% after a whole day of trying to re-establish the network) with tons of content sharing which clogs the entire home page of others? Especially with 80% of the time music videos, internet images and post with music videos?

Is this considered a healthy content vibrant site?

I am only speaking through what I see it. I hope FanBox will look into this matter as well. :)

64 months ago
Sarah Shez

Thank you so much dear Brian we are proud of you; you not only introduce the new features to make not only the FanBox site but towards FanBoxers too to achieve maximum profits but you are always ready to make helpful guidelines for the achievements of bright profits. Very easy way to follow the steps you introduced by the loyality you are performing for making the FanBox site awesome.
Its a basic key to success.

64 months ago