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"Hello, beautiful people, wherever you are in the world!

My name is Georgiana Slincu, and I have been a member of FanBox for over 3 years now, and a volunteer Success Coach since 2012.

Originally from Romania, but now living in Italy, I left my country due to the lack of employment. Unfortunately, life here is getting even worse as well as many other countries.

FanBox has started from the good direction of creating a place to work in, and building a workforce that does not take into consideration age, experience, or qualifications outside of it. On FanBox everyone needs a job, and everyone can have one no matter their age, race or social background!


FanBox has not only changed the way we communicate, but also the way we function in our daily lives for the better!

By seeing our daily statuses, the posts, people writing about their work, personal life, health, depression, life improving and so on, it gives us hope and happiness on many levels! Even if you can`t fix the problems, taking the time to acknowledge what your friends, fans, clients are going through will make them feel heard, loved and make you better too!

I feel that I understand our members, as like many people that have struggled, I have no professional qualifications.

After high school, in 2007, I applied to study at one of the best universities: “Ovidius University at Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services” department. After highschool graduation, I took life in my own hands, started to work fulltime to be able to pay my studies but still it was very difficult for me to attend classes and pay the studies so I decided to borrow money and migrate to UK and work hard picking fruit and vegetables at low wages.

At my return, I needed to pay my debts, and I almost had nothing left for my studies. To make matters worse, I was petrified to find out that I lost my previous exam credits at the time I was away, so there was no chance for me to step into the next year - I had to repeat the first one I already did. After few months I decided to quit and start again when I had the time and necessary money. This is one of my biggest regrets now…


Anyway I cannot think about this, at least not now as meanwhile I got pregnant and gave birth to my twin boys, the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me!

I always worked in commerce (starting at 14 years old in summers), interacting with people day by day.

I have achieved a lot of experience here in FanBox, getting to know all the areas, issues are occuring, how to deal with members and help them succeed building a friendly approach. I also learned the meaning of the leadership and how to work in a team and help others learn what I did!

I thank every and each person that helped me and had patience through my FanBox journey and gave me the chance to show the best of me. (Cindy Woods, May Ram, Wendy Williams, Manuela Alexuc, Alex Aurora, CDT, my special friends and fans)

I am of the concept that you cannot be happy doing what you don`t like even if it is paid well and you cannot reach the professional satisfaction!


Being helpful means a lot to me and it gives me more satisfaction than anything else, that is why I take part and help on accomplishing the FanBox`s mission: “Uplifting humanity by enabling opportunity.”

FanBox no longer holds the option of just being a way to earn money. This has become a place where your voice counts in many ways.

Here is my own vision about the mission:

  • Inspire optimism, happiness, satisfaction
  • Stop the wars and hatred between people
  • Decrease unemployment - jobs can shape the vision people have of themselves, how they relate to others and this can have a positive effect when work is a place of employees to interact with people of different genders or ethnicities. It can be negative when employment is not available
  • All countries have the opportunity to be heard and come together in harmony! This initiative will make our presence stronger and tell the world  that real democracy is alive
  • This is not just a place to make money: it is a place of opportunity, a trusting business
  • Planning for the  future and the ones you love.
  • Being able to make money for retirements, and add to it.
  • Being able to invest and put that money on the side and watch it grow.
  • Thinking of others and help them reach their goals. If many of you are just wanting to make money and get greedy, you should stop as this is not the right way to accomplish your goals, or to help others with their goals!


We all know the issues we are facing, we live in hard times where oldest they barely can get a modest pension to live their rest of their live in peace and without worries after years of hard working and the youngest that don`t find  employment after years of studies!

The disasters that are happening, the revolution that people are doing for their own rights, to stop corruption, the people that are dying everyday just to make a change in this world! Where the corruption is coming from? The most powerful and richest people that they never had enough for themselves, they want more and more power and money without caring of the poverty their nation are facing, reducing them to the lowest level!


We, the youngest are the future, if we all unite WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE, we can change the world and FanBox is our HOPE!

The FanBox`s mission, is OUR mission, FanBox is our community, the community of the people that want not just to improve their own lives, but help every and each person improve it!

Would you like to take a super vacation going to Hawaii with your family with the money you gain here?

Well, me too, but what about those that don`t even have a roof over their head and a piece of bread to eat?

Let`s do not think just about us and think about everyone as a whole!


We the people and for the people, the chance to show the world how real democracy should be run. and to lead by example in giving a template of how it could be implemented in real world activities!

I feel that I could do a great job as a President as I am passionate of the site, passionate to help people, I am a creative person and I truly believe in the FanBox`s mission!


I achieved a lot of experience of the site, of the issues that are happening day by day, what users would like to see in FanBox and I have many thoughts and ideas of the things that can make it a better site by developing features and tools that can help grow the FanBox`s economy so that people be able to make more and more money!

Here are some of the things I would like to work on to be improved and finish the work that our President Brian started:

  • Finalizing the drafting constitution
  • Provide more cash out methods
  • Find out payment methods for Pakistani users and some others that have this issue
  • A possible e-wallet or changing the My Balance structure to be more easy for everyone to differentiate they earnings or spending
  • Improve the Marketplace by helping sellers cash out faster so they can be able to list quality products to provide to buyers
  • More testing before launching new features to avoid any misunderstanding or certain loss
  • Better customer service support and time response
  • The ability for Success Coaches to do online meetings or/and chat rooms with users
  • Making blogs worth more than 24 hours to earn from it, most of the people do not give time to them by liking and commenting without even knowing what are the posts about!
  • Some entertainment tools like flash games, contests that could give members the opportunity to earn extra money
  • To improve the charity causes tools, to give more importance to it by having clear information and proofs that will also help the image of the site
  • To add more learning videos and posts in different languages and / or to make FanBox a multi-language site


...and many more other new features for the people`s enjoyment and utility


If you trust me, think that I could do all this and much more, and believe that I am the right person for this job, vote for me and I will not disappoint you!

Thanks for everyone`s support and thanks to FanBox that gave me this chance!



Please use this post to share your thoughts and support with Georgiana, and be on the lookout for the next set of candidates being announced over the course of the next several weeks.


Gerald Belanigue

Good luck Georgiana :)

64 months ago
Nav नव

I am impreseed with the points Georgia gave.
: ) : )
Best wishes to you : )

64 months ago
Rose *myaseen*

well communicated and full description info to be electoral process

64 months ago
Amjad Hussain

Wish you best of luck Georgian.

64 months ago
Meliha Colic

I am wishing you the best of luck.

64 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

Great ideas and thoughts for improvement of Fanbox's mission and to continue the work initiated by president Brian. thanks to Georgiana for sharing your experiences in life and plans to achieve. Good luck!

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Being for years on this site, I have learned a lot, we all learned from each other! Thank you!

64 months ago
Kristin Perry

Yes, it would. She could be our First Lady President. Best of luck to all the candidates!

64 months ago
Hazel Rodriguez

Good Luck Georgiana!

64 months ago
CArMz Ca

Good luck Georgina :)

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Thanks, dear!

64 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Frumoasa postare doamne ajuta la totii multumesc

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Multumesc, Tita!

64 months ago
Ti Do

WIsh you all the best Georgina !!! God bless you :)

64 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !

Good Luck :)

64 months ago
Sica Nguyen

very nice blog thanks for sharing like this

64 months ago

The points you mentioned are so great, good luck Georgina, best wishes in this race.

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Thanks, Ayman!

64 months ago
Angela Fanache

The first brave woman! Best of luck Geo!

64 months ago
Georgiana S

Thank you for your support, Angela!

64 months ago
Silas Zakariah

You are welcome, wish you all the best.

64 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Wish you all the best.

64 months ago
Asif Iqbal

Best of luck Georgiana :-)

64 months ago