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Hello FanBox community!


My name is Oluoma Martins Uche I hold a BSC in Applied and general Psychology and I am Success Coach on FanBox.

FanBox is a social site with a mission of uplifting humanity by enabling opportunities in which anyone anywhere can participate in power control and sharing of the profits generated by the site via technology and advancement of the internet. 

FanBox offers numerous earning activities such as teaching, photo/video uploads, blogging, sale of products, sponsoring, legacy earning and more complex tasks like boosting, creating ads, building communities etc. that can easily be done with devices as small a mobile phone, tablet or a PC. With the current unemployment rate and daily job loss the world over, majority of the youths are either un- employed or over exploited at their places of work, the only way to describe this initiative from FanBox is “God Sent”.

FanBox has provided the ultimate alternative were anyone can work at his or her own pace and freedom; not confined to fixed salaries that most times hardly sustains. 

With everyone looking for a way to improve their lives one question remains eminent:



The FanBox mission provides an exit to the conundrum with a secure and level playing ground for millions all over the world to take charge and control their lives the way they see fit; choose what to do, how, when and also determine their working hours.

Simply put, FanBox opens up a wealth of potential for Nigerians like me and countless others around the world, be they skilled or unskilled, educated or uneducated, regardless of race or colour an equal opportunity to be a part of the FanBox community; sharing control and profits. 

I believe that I'm a good candidate to represent the community as President, because I believe in the FanBox mission with a passion - having joined the FanBox community in December 2012 and subsequently becoming a Success Coach in the second quarter of 2013. 

Since then I haven’t looked back, and I have remained consistent regardless of the regular power outages, lack of internet connection and security challenges that I am faced with almost daily. Responding to my clients and passing on all that I have learnt to my clients, students and other FanBox members has, and always will be, a priority for me. 

I have always gone out of my way to help my clients and non-clients overcome challenges on the site. As a psychology graduate, service to humanity is my motto and I believe that all it takes to make a difference is to give someone a chance to prove him or herself.

For example, I successfully discovered a way Nigerians can transfer their profits right into their local bank accounts using onlinenaira.com, this functions to date.

I also successfully researched how Nigerians can use exchangers easily to pay their fees with liberty reserve. This I did even before I became a coach and I shared this idea with my Pakistani friends/fans and they benefited from it and even created a blog on this until the ban of liberty reserve.

Indeed I am privileged to be a part of the FanBox community. 

If am given the mandate to represent the FanBox community as president, I would direct my energy towards achieve the following 

1. Change in the Cash out method:
My first challenge would be to bring a change in the cash out method especially for profits earned in the market place and also that coaches get to cash out their bonus without having the same cash out rule as profits from the use of IPL. 
'When reinforcing behaviour with reward, is more effective when reward is instant"

2. Addition of payment options for Asia and Africa:
Having been among the top performing coaches for a long time now, I’ve come to realize that out of the all the members on FanBox from different parts of the world , members from Africa and Asia have it bad when it comes to paying their fees e.g Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana etc am sure other countries would benefit greatly from this addition.

3. Ensure that all existing features are working flawlessly:
I would also make sure that feature that exist work without bugs or hitches, or die a natural death as they are over shadowed by new feathers. Take categorizing and rating and ads for example. Member and coaches who have been here for long surely understand. For new member feel free to inbox me and ill explain better.

4. Make sure that coaches work Smarter and Not Harder:

"everything is going smart these days" This is important if coaches are to keep meeting the demands of coaching and the influx of new members. For example coaches should see their clients dashboard to know if they optimised or not, ne able to tell which step of completing their profile from messages with having to go to the client center and start going through all they clients etc.

5. Add New earning opportunities:
If am not mistaken, the "two must exiciting times" on FanBox is when it cash out time and the launching of a new earning method :) and the go hand in hand.
As president I’ll work with the FanBox team to add new earning methods making our community even better than it already is.

All this I would do if I represent the community as president. Am open for question and criticisms, do feel free to send me an inbox or need clarification on any aspect of my message thank you all.”


Please use this post to share your thoughts and support with Oluoma, and be on the lookout for the next set of candidates being announced over the course of the next several weeks.


Nenette Capuchino

Hey coach! good points! Shine On! and God Bless you this Endeavor!

63 months ago
Paul Henry

All the best Oluoma. Good luck. For quite sometimes the community is waiting a feature sharing photo with Android user. i hope it can be happen sooner or later. God Bless

63 months ago
Barabas Family

Good luck and all the best to you!

63 months ago
Silas Zakariah

This is my neighbour, Martins, thank you for showing up for us. Goodluck.

63 months ago
CArMz Ca

Good Luck too.

63 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Good Luck, Oluoma.

63 months ago
Elaine Angeles

Congrats Oluoma and my best wishes to your candidacy.

63 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Awesome. I am glad to see another candidate with great plan in place. Thank you for stepping up and willingness to serve the community. Good luck and hoping for the best.

63 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Best wishes to you! Keep on contributing more to FanBox's mission.

63 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !

Good Luck

63 months ago
Orlya  C

I wish you good luck Martins!

63 months ago
George Neacsu

I want to wish you best of luck and success in the future and congrats for the candidacy!

63 months ago