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Hello fellow FanBoxers, 

I am 
Dr Chigbo Ibeh from Nigeria, and this is what FanBox’s mission means to me:

(a) It is not a secret that the world economy is broken, and it is stuck in low gear and set on an unsustainable course. Like a ship, it has hit the rock. Much of this mess is of policymakers’ own making. Massive injections of public money years ago saved the system without fixing it.

(b) A World Bank report that was published about two years ago indicated that hundreds of millions of jobs will need to be created in the next few years in order to sustain the current unemployment rate. The implication of this report is significant, and its significance lies in the fact that for the present world unemployment level to be reduced, over a billion jobs need to be created within the same span of time.

(c) Now, with the governments of the world sunk in incapacitating corruption, unimaginable vices, the index of corruption being the only parameter that is always on the rise in governance and the hearts of politicians cluttered with the insatiable desire for more material acquisition at the detriment of the governed citizens, the question that begs for an answer is this: Who will bell the cat in reducing unemployment in the world or maintaining the present employment level?

(d) So salvaging the future of the human race becomes no one’s business as big organizations are equally guilty of existing for themselves and unbridled profit maximization becomes their only focus. To them, man only exists as a tool for production.

(e) It is comforting that an organization like FanBox has the mission of existing for the people. The people of the world own it, control it and profit from it. This mission is diametrically opposed to the prevailing trend whereby an individual or a group of people control and own the profit realized from running a business. 

(f) FanBox is a world community that thrives on exploring the utilization of technological conquests in enhancing a platform for uplifting humanity by enabling opportunity. It is focused on a world -wide community that is driven by the desire to alleviate suffering, hunger, poverty, joblessness and helplessness. To me, this is a great mission. This mission is progressive, futuristic, liberating, a tool for human emancipation put in the hands of the deprived, oppressed and economically subdued people.

(g) I deeply and honestly buy into this mission and that is why I am here. It is ours and we have the great responsibility of propagating this mission for the good of humanity.

(h) Throughout human history, individuals and celebrities have had cause to engage themselves with the life of uplifting others, nevertheless, FanBox’s model is organizational issue – YOU and I, a community, a people, a “movement” without boundaries.

(i) FanBox concept wasn’t just a project on a computer and which would have been sold off. While the option of selling it off was made possible by investors stepping forward with their cash, the mission was considered “unsellable” and not exchangeable. The interest in changing the world could not be compromised. Having media corporations owned by conglomerates has failed to appeal to us more than the need to uplift humanity by enabling opportunities.

(j) So, Fanbox’s achievement so far is not an overnight success. Its journey to fame and prominence was laid on a humble beginning that was willing to sacrifice all for all. That’s why Napoleon Hill said that “Desire is the starting point of all achievements.” If FanBox were to be a person, I would address it as a friend who has a like mind with me. We are making the world a livable place, open for business and for everyone.

(k) We are creating open flow of information, success, uplifting others and enablement through an enterprising social media and harnessing and exploration of technology for human social benefits and financial emancipation.

(l) I have always believed that if an insight is razor sharp, truly tailored to human functioning, then however arduous the journey, the business will stand a high chance of benefiting humanity and throwing off a little money too.


As to “Why I'm a good candidate to represent the community as President”, I hasten to congratulate and salute every other Candidate for this enviable position. I doff my cap for their seeming competence. First off, it is not easy to become a Success Coach on FanBox’s platform, and for one to have struggled and became one, I salute him or her for such a milestone. So, I am not here to shovel anyone off.

(ii) Nevertheless, while we will always strive, we cannot be equal in terms of experience, passion for a job, competence and possession of deployable resources. Without, therefore, trying to intimidate or cow any of my fellow competing candidates, I say with outstanding confidence in my experience as one who has made stardom in related international businesses that I have what it takes to take upon me the mantle of leadership of Fanbox as President.

(iii) I have close to thirty years of experience in the fields of lectureship- in universities in three continents of the world, in working with international organizations, in living as a consultant to international business moguls, in supervising business startups, savvy in IT utilization , Astute and diligent, trusted in relationships, a man of stable and sound character, teachable, collaborative, ability to create and sustain collegial place of work, hardworking, a good listener, passionate, stoic in hope and mind and faith and a team maker. 

(iv) While all aspects of difficulties in the utilization of FanBox’s platform is well known to most of us, I hope to commit myself to revolutionizing the engineering department, the administrative and financial departments in a way that every FanBoxer will be empowered all the more. Shall I be talking of:
• the bugs, the glitches,
• the poor assigning/ introduction to IPL
• the delayed answers to critical issues, 
• poor blog readership on the part of FanBoxers,
• inefficient and crises ridden market place, 
• Over-cluttered inbox
• Absence of efficient blog search box within a profile
• badly programmed accelerator,
• payment difficulties for members from some countries
• High mortality rate of Success Coaches (we can’t go on losing hard-trained SCs)
• Absence of input from Fanboxers on how to best make our balance readable. I will extend democracy to this taunting, vexing & painful aspect by calling for input while at the same time knowing the constraints of FanBox management
….. etc?

Suffice to say that enumerating them here will not offer a solution, but action toward deep rooted restructuring of things will speak better.

The few enumerated and more are doable and actionable, because they are not based on changing Terms of Service of FanBox or the laws of any nation. These are purely technical and administrative encumbrances. The WILL has always been on the side of our management to listen.

(v) I possess everything that the position demands in being a good bridge between the management of FanBox and the FanBoxers on one hand, and the entire FanBox community and the world on the other. I understand that we are all bound in one destiny- to succeed, and make our social experiment a model to be envied and copied.

(vi) Though I possess strong work ethic, positive attitude, the willingness to work and learn, the language skill and sound educational level, unmatchable experience in entrepreneurship and illimitable passion in the mission of FanBox, business does not succeed without hard work and commitment. And these are things that I have good disposition toward. No magic wand! 

(vii) In the course of building businesses, working for businesses and participating in businesses with organizations; I have seen and learned a lot of things, and I am still in the learning process (perhaps till my last day on earth). Always being willing to learn and humbly being teachable sustains me most and wells up joy in my life.

(viii) I am committed and on a mission to demystify what it takes to succeed on FanBox for every FanBoxer.

(ix) I am not sharing this with you to thrill you but to challenge you to stick it through the entrepreneurial and social process and enabling of others while I stand on the vanguard based on your mandate through your vote. 

Since the mission and focus of FanBox is, “Uplifting Humanity by Enabling Opportunity”, enable yourself by voting me in. We should have it at the back of our mind that we are standing at the precipice of major change. And we should not allow it to slip off our hands by not voting for me as one who will bring about the much needed breakthrough. Vote right! Vote for success!

I’m the only one best equipped to answer to your needs.

Thank you and remain blessed!”


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George Neacsu

I want to wish him a lot of success and good luck!

63 months ago
Rose *myaseen*

welcome to Presidential Election

63 months ago
Sica Nguyen

very nice dear, thanks for sharing

63 months ago
Rebecca Orpilla

Best wishes and godluck Dr. Ibeh...

63 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

Good luck my dear.

63 months ago
Fantastic Photos

Best of Luck Mr. Chigbo...

63 months ago
Syed Irfan Hussain

I liked your video

63 months ago
Kristin Perry

Yes, it was an excellent video. Good luck to all the candidates!

63 months ago
Ilya Berezkin

My respect to Dr Chigbo Ibeh!

63 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Wish you all the best.

63 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Wishing you achieve your goals.

63 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

yes, certainly. We are here in a great community.

63 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !


63 months ago
Silas Zakariah

Sounds to me like our saviour has come. Welcome Dr. Chigbo. -yes you can-

63 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Wishing you a good luck Dr,. Chigbo. I am glad you step up for the Presidency election and share what you can give and serve the community. Wishing you the luck and may the best candidate win.

63 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Good luck dear Dr. Chigbo Ibeh. Hoping for the best and thank you too.

62 months ago

Good luck dear and welcome to the race

63 months ago