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In the First Round of voting, you narrowed down the Presidential candidates to only 5.  

                  (See First Round results at the bottom of the election page)


The Second Round of voting is now open, and the five candidates will be narrowed down to 2 in the next two weeks. Those top 2 will then be flown to San Diego, California for the Presidential debates, and one will become your next President.


As soon as you cast your vote, all your friends & fans will see this about you:

                 Presidential voting (2nd round) is open!


If you haven't already, exercise YOUR POWER and....




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good luck

62 months ago
Meliha Colic

Good luck to all candidates in second round. I have exercised my power and voted.

62 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Good luck for all

62 months ago
Pure S


62 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Good luck to all 5 candidates. We hope that all of you will try your best to give more ideas and plans to make this great community go ahead.

62 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Stephen, please feel free to send me a message any time if you have some suggestions on what you would like to see improved.

62 months ago
Kristin Perry

I have a suggestion on how to improve Fanbox. Some people use Fanbox for dating. If we had a feature on our profiles like this screenshot http://prntscr.com/2p3aoc maybe people not looking for a date or a relationship wouldn't be bothered so much by the people who are looking for a date. What do you think?

62 months ago
Silas Zakariah

Thanks Mr. President.

62 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !

Good luck

62 months ago
* Shahzad *

Good luck to all of you. I just exercised my power...! :)

62 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

So exciting! Thank you Presiident Brian for bringing this up so we can start voting for the second round. Good luck to all the candidates and may the best one win.

62 months ago

Good luck for the 5 candidates

62 months ago
Massimo Marras

very good post and good luck for all candidates but I have in my heart my favourite eh eh.

62 months ago
Jun Z

Congratulations and the best of luck to all 5 candidates!

62 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

I wish the best of luck for top 2 candidates. Looking forward for Presidential debates.

62 months ago
Ophie L

Good luck to the next 2 winners...

62 months ago
Ola Åberg

Good luck all of you!

62 months ago
Luiza 254

Good luck to all!

62 months ago
Sarah Shez

Good luck to all hope the best for the community would be elected.

62 months ago
Manjot Singh

Good luck to all candidates and Happy Diwali to all!

62 months ago