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Hi everyone,

Since my last post, I’m sure you’ve been eagerly anticipating your invitation to join empowr. I am excited to announce that the Success Coaches have been exploring the site for the last couple of weeks and are very happy with the changes we have made from FanBox.

Now, it’s time for everyone else to make the transition from FanBox to empowr, beginning with Red Star Power Users.

For those of you that are Red Star Power Users, the next time you load your homepage, you’ll see a pop-up window that enables you to move your content, settings, balance and other information automatically over to empowr.

empowr Open To Red Star Power Users

Everyone else: I will let you know when empowr opens up to new Power Levels -- and as soon as the pop-up window appears for you, it will be your turn. As soon as the Red Star Power Users get a chance to use empowr.com, report any bugs and tell us that everything is working as they expect, the next level of Power Users will be allowed in. I expect this process to happen very quickly.


$20 Bounty for Bug Reports

Once you begin using empowr, it is quite likely that you could encounter some bugs during the first several weeks.

If you encounter any bugs, please report them directly to me in the following manner:

1) Find the bug and document it as best as possible just like I explained in my last post.

2) Send me a message on empowr titled “Bug Report,” reporting this bug

    You can find me here

    Please include:

a.       Your name and the email address you used to sign up.

b.      The details of the bug and the URL of the page it is happening on

c.       What you expect to happen when you are performing this action

d.      Screenshots of the bug. You can download a free screenshot app from http://prntscr.com which will let you create screenshots with web links

The first person who reports a bug will be compensated $20 once the team here verify and resolve the issue. 

Your help in this regard will greatly help the empowr team in giving you the best possible experience moving forward!


Platform Updates

You may have already viewed the videos on the empowr homepage and noticed some changes to how empowr works differently from FanBox.


All citizens will still have the ability to utilize Ad Credits to accelerate the growth of their audience and earnings without paying for advertising ahead of time.

By utilizing Ad Credits, citizens will be classified as having their earnings “ON”, which means they have the ability to earn on the platform just like they have been on FanBox. Citizens also have the choice to turn their earnings “OFF”, which means they will not have the ability to utilize Ad Credits, earn from their activities, or spend and cash out anything in their balance.  

By keeping their earnings ON, there is still a monthly Ad Platform fee in place, but there will no longer be late fees if someone is unable to pay their Ad Platform fees on time. Instead, when they pay their Ad Platform fee on time, they'll instantly receive a rebate of 50% of their fee directly into their empowr balance that can immediately be cashed out via bank check or PayPal; spent in the marketplace; or utilized to further accelerate their earnings using empowr ads or Power User subscriptions.

To ensure all current FanBox members have the time to adjust to these changes, the new Ad Platform fee logic will not take effect for them until January 1st, 2016. In other words, current FanBox users will continue to enjoy earning from boosting and IPL, and their fee will be approximately 1.5% on any IPL they use.

For new empowr citizens, the new Ad Platform fee logic will be in place immediately. This means they pay approximately 2.9% on any Ad Credits used, and get 50% back immediately when they pay it on time – so that in the end, they end up paying about the same as current FanBox users if they pay their fees on time.

Post Limits

In empowr there will be daily limits to how many posts a citizen can earn from. This feature will be live immediately, which means the quality of posts and the amount that citizens earn per post will be increasing on empowr. To be extra clear, citizens will NOT be earning less than before, as the same pool of funds will be used to pay everyone. The new limits just mean that everyone will be earn the same, on average, but with much less effort.

Also to be clear, you can make unlimited posts each day! The limit only applies to how many of your posts will apply to your earnings.

When you make a post, you'll be notified of how many posts you have left to count towards your earnings for that day, and choose whether to count your current post or not.

empowr Open To Red Star Power Users 


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is starting now!

I’ll be in touch soon to announce the next set of Power Users that are able to join empowr.

Any questions? I'm here for you.


Trung Dong Pham

Wow , Great news,thanks Martin !

52 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Great news ! Fantastic job on the new empowr! Congrats to the Team on the wonderful job they did! it is beautiful! :)
Thanks for the update Martin!

52 months ago
Farooq Jan

Today i am so happy because at last i joine the empowr and its awseome.
thanks Team empowr

52 months ago
Ashok Ahelleya

Nice information Mr President, thanks sharing

52 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Thanks Sir, Many Red Power Users were waiting for your announcement and they are happy now.
Happy Empower, And absolutely, You Make Happy us on Our Independence Day of Pakistan today 14 th

52 months ago
Riad EZ

Thanks Martin for clarification, keep posting your clarifications it is really helping us to understand empower more and more.

52 months ago
Bob Poster

Great post. I am glad there are more people now on empowr to experience it!

52 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Thats a good news.. i hope it is opened soon for everyone.

52 months ago
Imad Nissan

Looks awesome, thank you very much for the announcement, the switching was/is so smooth, but I can't find this blog in empowr, where the new announcement list is located in empowr?

52 months ago
Anna P

I joined empowr now. Going to explore :)
Thank you Martin!

52 months ago
Rebecca Orpilla

Yes, I am now in empowr.com! Just great.

52 months ago
Kanwal Ahsan

superb blog post,keep it up,at fan box.

52 months ago
Imad Nissan

Never mind, I found it, on the right hand under the ads list.
I found to bugs so far,

1- I am unable to reply to a somebody's comment, the Reply button is not responding.
2- I can't view the Newer Comments at bottom of the blog, when I click the button it won't drop down.
I am using Google Chrome, Windows -7

52 months ago
Atif Ali

i will soon open it empower in next pu level.

52 months ago
Silas Zakariah

Good job.

52 months ago

good news here... I wish succes for all

52 months ago
Buddhi Raj Adhikari

Great news to all the Fan Boxers.We are excited about it !!!Thank you !!!

52 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !

Great news Mr President on a great day
Happy independence day to all Pakistani members :)

52 months ago
Ninja Model

Thanks a lot for the update Martin B....
Eagerly waiting to switch to empower..

52 months ago
Mei Ya

Great news to red power users who are excited to start exploring Empowr! Thank you, Martin!!!

52 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks for the update.

52 months ago
R.s Bhadra

thanks for sharing

52 months ago
Fomi .

great information about empower so many people waiting

happy independent day 14 aug

52 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Mr President, thank you for the update.

52 months ago
Miranda Yung

wow, this is great News Mr President. I am going there right away.

52 months ago

Cool and nice news, nice to start with Red Star PU

52 months ago
Imad Nissan

You guys need to log out and sign in again to FanBox or empowr on your cellphone to be able to access empowr, I had the same problem. but now is working well.

52 months ago
What A Wonderful World

Very nice and cool sharing, nice news indeed

52 months ago
Pete Moss

awesome Martin /fanbox / empowr team - looking forward to the next stage and the future

52 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

Thanks for the updates.

52 months ago
Fantastic Photos

Great news,thanks Martin !!

52 months ago
!Rashid Lateef

very nice great
thanks sir for share

52 months ago
Ehtesham Haider

Same thing happened with me. I was on Mobile phone and cant proceed. So i log in my account from PC and the invitation was gone. Never came again. Can we get another invitation?? Thanks

52 months ago
Smiley World

Very nice update and cool sharing

52 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks for the updates Martin! :)

52 months ago