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Here at empowr, we have a very important mission – to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.


Many of you have taken this mission and made it your own; I often hear of success stories from citizens who have cashed out, have helped charities with their earnings, or used their earnings to purchase gifts for others in the empowr marketplace.


One citizen in particular has grasped this opportunity with both hands, and has become…


empowr’s first millionaire!


I am very proud to announce empowr’s very first millionaire – May Ram!



Will you be our next millionaire?


As May said, earning on empowr is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - when you put your mind to it, any one of you could be our next millionaire!


Just make sure your account is optimized and you are maximizing and monetizing your network every day. You can watch the instructional videos to see just how easy it is, or you can contact your Success Coach if you are still uncertain.


Who knows – maybe you will be the next millionaire that I congratulate!


In the meantime, I am here if you have any questions!


Alex Aurora

Congrats May!

52 months ago
May Ram

Thank you. 😘

52 months ago
Manjot Singh

Congrats! May :)

52 months ago
May Ram

Thank you, Manjot.

52 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Congrats May! A very encouraging video and good advice.
It was very nice to see you in person, you did great on camera :))

52 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Congrats May <3

51 months ago
Nelson Harrison

Thank you May for sharing your experience and for your fine example. you are a most inspirational fellow member. congratulations and thank you.

52 months ago
Ola Åberg

Nice to see you on video and congratulation May!

52 months ago
Mohi P

congrats May Ram. and thanks for share your experience with us.

52 months ago
Kass C.

Great job, May! Good luck!

52 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Congrats May!

52 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Congratulations May. We are happy for your success【ツ】
My best wishes for all future empowr millionaires.

52 months ago
Parvez Ahmed Khan

Congratulation, May Ram.
Thanks Mr. President.

52 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Congratulation May :) Great!

52 months ago
Gee Rashid

Congrats May! ;-)

52 months ago
Mei Ya

Congratulations May..You are a model and hope to all!

52 months ago
Gerald Belanigue

Very inspiring indeed. Congrats May!

52 months ago
Tong Hieu

Congrats, May!

52 months ago
Rebecca Orpilla

Congratulations May!!!!

52 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !

Congratulations May :)

52 months ago
Zubair Shah

My dearest coach May, big congratulations for reaching a great milestone. Hope to see everyone here in empowr doing the same.

52 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Congratulations May. You are an inspiration to all of us.

52 months ago
Paul Henry

Congrate to May! Great job.

Not forgetting to give a big THANK YOU and APRRECIATION to every each of the senior community and as well as those who is NO MORE active here. We salute their contribution to the success of fanbox and now empowr.

Higher hope for the 2025 empowr mission to be materialized.

Thanks Martin for the latest update. :)

52 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Congratulations May, you are the best! Thanks Martin.

52 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

May Ram is very dedicated and committed women. She reallty work hard to become a first millionaire of FanBox. Congrats May for your awesome success.

52 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Great Post, Mr.President ....
May God Bless us all to attain our goal!--mady

52 months ago
Ninja Model

congratulations May Ram..Really happy for you...

52 months ago
Imad Nissan

Congratulations dear May, your video is excellent and it is not funny at all, please don't say that and don't underestimate yourself about this point, you English is very good and you look good too behind the camera, and also you talk well :)

I am so glad that you created this video, and also glad that Martin asked to create it,

Thank you both of you, and all empowr/FanBox citizens.

I look forward to seeing you a millionaire not in All Time Earning, but in Net Prophet Earning, hope this will be your next step.

Congrats again and have a great day.

52 months ago