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The empowr community needs YOU to be its next President


The time has come for empowr’s next Presidential election!

As you all know, establishing a strong democratic social economy that is owned and operated by its members is key to achieving our mission.

Over the next two weeks, you’ll be introduced to each and every candidate that is in the running for the position of empowr President.

Then, on Monday February 1st, 2016 you’ll be able to start voting for your favorite candidates to move on to the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the election – to ultimately be chosen as your President.


What is the President’s Role?  

The empowr President is elected by popular vote by the empowr community, and is responsible for the empowr Corporation.

While certainly not limited to this, the President will:

·         Operate the entire empowr corporation:

All company employees report up to the President

All company priorities are set by the President

·          Represent the community and ensure its concerns are being heard and its needs are being met 

·          Serve the empowr community for one term of 24 months, from this April 4th, 2016 to 2018. The President will not be eligible for reelection.

NOTE: Depending on the outcome of the empowr constitution process that is being undertaken by top political scientists and economists from universities around the world, this term may be shortened so that a new formal election may take place.

·          Live in San Diego, California, USA for the duration of the term, because that’s where the company’s headquarters is located

·          Help bring into fruition the laws and policies brought forward from the Senate and Congress, including finalizing the drafting of the Constitution

·          Work hand-in-hand with empowr employees at its corporate headquarters, and act as a bridge between employees, members, statespersons and Success Coaches

·          Lead the Success Coach program and choose a President’s Cabinet from current Success Coaches

·          Prioritize product ideas and drive change


How can YOU become the President? 

It’s actually very simple.

First you need to be a Success Coach.

By being a Success Coach, we can all be more assured that you fully understand the empowr product platform, as well as the needs, concerns, hopes and ideas of empowr citizens. More on that below.

If you are interested in running for the office of the President, and are not a Success Coach, you should become one immediately – as time is running out before the next election process begins.


Why must you be a Success Coach first?

In order to allow the community the opportunity to choose a President that would serve them well, candidates are limited to those that have already shown that they are motivated to serve the community.

In other words, Politicians (including the President) must first be Success Coaches.

In this manner, we can be assured that they:

1.  Are well-trained on the workings of empowr

2.  Have already demonstrated that they wish to serve community members

3.  Are interested in being President for the right reasons

4.  Are already very familiar with the ideas, issues, opportunities and concerns of the community

Politicians and Success Coaches have already been instrumental in making democracy a reality by guiding their clients towards success.

By providing them the information and tools needed to become Power Users, economy builders, and great community members, they have proven themselves more than capable of fulfilling this task of democracy and moving our community closer to achieving its mission.


Election Timetable: 

January 18th – By this date, candidates begin to announce their candidacy

Want to be in the running? Become a Success Coach before time runs out! 

January 29th – Final cut-off date for candidates to announce their candidacy

February 1st - Initial voting begins to determine candidates moving into the 2nd round

February 8th - Initial voting ends and results are released

February 15th - Second round of voting starts to determine top 2 candidates

February 22nd - Second round of voting ends. Top 2 candidates are announced and invited to the Presidential Debate

March 10th - Candidates arrive in San Diego for Presidential Debate

March 14th - Presidential Debate will be broadcast over the web to the community

March 15th - Presidential Election Polls are open

March 22nd – Presidential Election ends and winner announced

April 4th – The new President begins his or her first day on the job at the empowr headquarters in San Diego, California


What can YOU do now?

1.   If you believe your SC would represent the community well, encourage him or her to announce their candidacy.

2.   If you believe that YOU would make a good President, consider becoming a Success Coach quickly so you may be added to the upcoming group of candidates.

3.  Be on the lookout over the next few weeks as we announce the candidates to the community, so that you can learn all about each one and make an educated decision on who you think will best represent the community.

4. Get ready to vote! Don't just vote for someone because they are from your country or others are voting for them. Vote for them because you believe they will best serve the community and advance it closer to the attainment of its mission of helping billions of people.


Exciting times are definitely ahead as it will be great to see the next group of leaders emerging from our community to step up for the position of President.


Marcelina Abejero

That was great! I do hope and Pray that the encoming President can tackle all his duties and
responsibilities like what we have on the past.

46 months ago
Love Finder

that is a great news. any one who wants to take part in the election should have a great idea for the betterment of the fan box and for the fan boxers. we all should then spurt him/her. good luck to all.

46 months ago
Marius B)

Then let's go

46 months ago
Anmol A

yep lets go

45 months ago
Afim Prahesthi

yups.... same question..... anyones here can help us please??

42 months ago
Bob Poster

This is great! Who will be next? I am so excited for this!

46 months ago
Mohi P

Thank you, Brian. This is so exciting!

46 months ago
Deborah Rolon

It is so exciting to watch everything progress, best of luck to all the upcoming candidates!
Thanks for the announcement Brian!

46 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Exciting! Thanks for the announcement!

46 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

It's exciting to have another President for the success of all and hope for the best. Good luck to all the candidates, Thank you dear Brian for letting us know.

Hi to all :)

46 months ago
Randy And Riza Paul

I HOPE a new President will look more towards the internal workings of Empowr and see if he or she can get the problems fixed with the Auctions not running correctly, and fixing the problems with the Balance Page and the IPL page. That would be great for a change! :-)

46 months ago
Marius B)

Thank you. Believe me. We hear you.

46 months ago
Atif Ali

Good luck to all the candidates, Thank you dear Brian for letting us know.

46 months ago
Rebecca Orpilla

This is good for our community....

46 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Nice to see good move

46 months ago
Glory Raman

That is good news. Hope there will be many changes forthcoming!
Thanks for the info Brian!

46 months ago

Good luck to all candidates.

46 months ago


36 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

It's really exciting. We hope to get the best one among the community to lead us complete the empowr's mission.
Thanks a lot for this update.

46 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thank you so much, Aaron. I will consider about your suggestion.

46 months ago
Charlie Pa

I agree with Aaron. Le Thanh Kong, you are in my top 3 list.

46 months ago
Raja Qasim Ali

Hope best for the community

46 months ago
Ilya Berezkin

very exciting news! empowr citizens need a new President who will be able to organize the empowr team to work properly and fix all bugs and issues.

46 months ago
Farooq Jan

good news,

46 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks for the update Brian. It is exciting to see/watch the entire process and the new President being elected.

46 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Thank you for the update. Exciting moment starts.

46 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi Brian,

The Presidential elections are now required, and the announcement of election is a breath of fresh air for our country empowr.


46 months ago
Parveen Kumar

very good news and thanks for the update

46 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Thank you very much, Brian. This is great! very good news.

46 months ago
Josh Manske

It is exciting times once again! I really enjoy hearing all the new and fresh ideas from the candidates. I would love to become a SC and try to run someday, but my time is limited and empowr president is quite a demanding job. I hope we vote with our heads, not our hearts, and truly find a president worthy of the task ahead because we have a demanding community that has invested a large amount of time, money and health to continue working toward the goals of FanBox and now empowr. My one request is that we push for a Beta version so finally the real, larger cash outs start and all sceptics are proven wrong. Good luck everyone!

46 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Thanks for the great news. All the best candidates.

46 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Great news.Lets get this done! :)

46 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Thanks for the update with the election process. I do hope it will be successful with everyone support and as per the schedule.
It is a good start to extend the Presidential term to 24 months but we also need a process to evaluate President periodically and to make a decision whether s/he can continue with the position.

We are investing a lot of energy and time to get a President hoping to voice our concerns and to have changes OR enhancements that can strengthen our living standards. What happens if a new President is not able to show up his/her vision OR activeness in addressing very important areas from the beginning, it is so difficult to let them continue long period with the same President and we are in the middle of making a big step of revolution in the world.

We all know that empowr is in the control of the community and we need a President who is willing to enrich opportunities, inspiring the citizens and to utilize resources effectively.

Wishing the best to all the candidates who are stepping up with the process, we are so proud to have you here.

46 months ago
Bob Poster

Have you heard of early cash outs yet? Here is the blog: http://posts.empowr.com/ndrm7

46 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Thanks for the update, dearest Brian

46 months ago
Barabas Family

Thanks a lot for the great news ! May the best candidate win !

46 months ago
Jun Z

Thank you for the update news, dear Brian! I wish all the canditates the best luck in the presidential election in 2016.

46 months ago
Gilbert Ogagbe

That will be great. One thing the new president should put into consideration is cashing out. Funds are being withdrawn from our accounts when we can't cash out. This is really intelligent spamming. Other processors should be added cos cashing out with the processors available is not working If it's true that empower is legit.

46 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

We can not cash out if we don't think how to enrich and develop the community. If you only want to get money to your pocket, but you don't want to give ideas and suggestion and work to help it develop. So do you think that you can get more money in future forever or just in a short time?
So let's think positive instead of only focus on personal benefits.

46 months ago
Bob Poster

Well Said! The ones who succeed in life don't complain and never quit. Look at any successful person, they have had failures but did they quit, NO. They are very positive and never quit and they end up succeeding!

46 months ago
Maria Hrabovszki

Köszönjük Brian, remélem, hogy másképpen alakulnak a dolgok, nagyon várjuk az új elnök választást, minden jót addig is!

46 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Thank you Brian for the good news! Good luck to all candidats.;-)

46 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Multumesc de informare sper sa mergem din ce in ce mai bine si sper ca candidatul sa nu mai aiba probleme cu viza ca rindul trecut multumesc

46 months ago
Georgiana S

Hoping for the best in having a good President and for a long term that can be capable in helping the community and company grow! Thanks, Brian!

46 months ago
Georgiana S

Hoping for the best in having a good President and for a long term that can be capable in helping the community and company grow! Thanks, Brian!

46 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

Early Cashout is not working fine. I tried to cash it out twice, and were successful but not in the way it should be. Instead a partial of the cashout like 25% of the amount goes to Early Cashout and to Matured Earnings. And the 75% of the amount disappeared. I wrote to my SC and a proxy coach answered me, telling that there is a bug in the balance page and that the engineers were doing their best to fix it. Apparently, they don't because until now, it is not fixed. And also, there is no update regarding that..does it mean that, until there is no update regarding that issue, it is not fix yet? And not safe to do the CASHOUT...or you will fear your money will just gone missing again.

Hope the new upcoming President will REALLY PUT PRIORITIES...into action. Not just BLAH BLAH...

46 months ago
Bob Poster

If you read this blog the new president doesn't start until April 4th. Please contact your coach so your issue can be resolved before then.

46 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

From my experience, none of the technical issues is fixed so far. especially in my account. Same thing happened to me. after activation, my early cash out money vanished, nowhere to be found :D Then contacted support staff. They told it's technical issue and needed engineers hand and it would take time. Almost 2 weeks going to be finished, I don't think it's fixed. So I am afraid to activate the remaining early cash out.

46 months ago
Bob Poster

Ask you Success Coach! Also if you using Google Chrome that is the problem. Have your earnings been on turned on for 90 days?

46 months ago