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Hi, The Citizens of empowr,

I’m Khaleeq Ahmed from Pakistan. I’m here as candidate for “empowr President”


I want to share what is the mission of empowr to me, and the things who made me the best candidate for next president,


The mission of empowr: “empower people by enabling opportunity, hope, and influence”  is a fresh breeze for life not only to me, also the people of the world too.


The mission of empowr is a thought for the people of world, I appreciate it and the result is I’m contributing in the mission for his success and not only earning money for myself but also helping others to earn. We truly empowr the people with enabling opportunities, hope, and influence.


In simple words “The Mission of empowr is to me like Breath”


Why I'm a good candidate to represent the community as President?


Our community need a president who is experienced, intelligent, have a lot of time, skill for looking in the future, courage to take some bold step for the community, ability to pick the things quickly, have a great knowledge about the thoughts of community citizens, success coaches and need of platform.


I’m an old user of site, and have been here for 3 years regularly, I have been a volunteer Success Coach for one year, I am able to give full time to community, I have the courage to take the bold steps for the community, I know what are the demand of community and platform.


I’m a businessman running my business since 1996, the first thing we need in a mission is stability of the platform empowr platform is stable and balanced, but a lot of work need to do to make the empowr platform much stable and balanced, it can be done with the help of platform employees, citizens, and Success Coaches.

All of three have a major role  in the mission of empowr. A good working relationship with the empowr employees who serve the citizens of empowr around the clock make the empowr mission smoother,  I have a lot of experience how to make a good working relationship with employee’s as a leader.

Success Coach Program have a most important role in the mission of empowr and a volunteer success coach who is the most knowledgeable and experienced person of the community is Spinal bone in empowr mission.

As a Success Coach, work with many success coaches as a team leader knows more about the thoughts of Success Coaches, in the period I realize what things need to do for the SC program and make the SC Program more effective to facilitate the citizen of empowr in much better way.

Citizen of the empowr is route of empowr mission we have a demanding community that contributing in the mission investing a large amount of time, money and health and every citizen of empowr have their own demands, thoughts, and vision, by moving on the empowr the new phase of FanBox, empowr work a lot for the citizen of empowr, give them more control on the platform make things more easy, btu a lot of things remain to do for the citizen of empowr to provide them more control and opportunities to earn more money, and use it in much smoother way, on the platform or outside the platform.


I know the demands thoughts and expectations of the citizens with new President, as a success coach I work with thousand of citizen read their thoughts with that I understand how we can make a stable balance and strong platform.


I don’t want to make a fake promise as a politician who just want to get the post “Head of State” I will do this, I will do that, but I would like to make a promise that I will do any effort that possible to for the betterment of Platform, SCs and Citizen of empowr, with that our country empowr become much strong balanced and stable, we can do that with the help of each other instead of thinking other should do that.


Be ready and vote for your Country, your Future, I’m here to ask for your vote for “empowr President”


Voting for Khaleeq means, you are voting yourself.



Khaleeq Ahmed


Please use this post to share your thoughts and support and be on the lookout for the next set of candidates being announced over the course of the next week.


Massimo Marras

good luck Ahmed for elections.

47 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Good luck.

47 months ago

Good luck Khaleeq Ahmed .

47 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

Good luck Khaleeq Ahmed

47 months ago
Imad Nissan

Best of luck to you, Khaleeq!

47 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Good and impressive thinking from you. Hope for the best.

47 months ago
Mohi P

Good Luck!

47 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Best of Luck my friend :)

47 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Best of luck to you!

47 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi Khaleeq Ahmed. Glad to hear from the first candidate and good to know that you're able to stay in US San Diego whenever selected. Wow! Just awesome and Good luck! Great platform.

47 months ago
Muhammad Noman

You have taken good step to be a president, best of luck

47 months ago
Muhammad Zeeshan

Best of luck

47 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Wish you all the best.

47 months ago
R.s Bhadra

thanks for sharing

47 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Sa fie numai bine sin succes multumesc

47 months ago
Pete Moss

dear Khaleeq Ahmed
I am very glad and happy you have put your name forward - your letter of candidacy sounds really good - i wish you very well - I want you to consider the needs of the normal people on empowr - although the site is building and at an early stage it is difficult for people to maintain their work without being able to have access to cash out even a ' little ' money , on a regular basis
very good luck in your campaign

47 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi Pete Moss,

Thanks for your appreciation, I am a community member as all of you, I have the feeling of our community difficulties, also the platform, soon I'll publish a blog about my intentions as empowr President,
Khaleeq Ahmed

47 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Sir, I am wishing you all the best...Good luck...

47 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Good luck Khaleeq Ahmed!:-)

47 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Good luck Khaleeq Ahmed :)

47 months ago
Mateus Mvemba Eyaba

Just I wish you success and good luck

47 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

Nice post. Good luck!

47 months ago

good luck bro i am with you

47 months ago
Hope Okpoho

May the Almighty God be your strength!

47 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

Good luck Buddy!

47 months ago
Lina Tanase

Good luck, Khaleeq!:)

47 months ago
Asif Iqbal

Best of Luck Khaliq Bhai :-)
ALLAH Aap ko Kamiyab kray. Ameen

47 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

Good Luck KALEEQ ! and we all HOPE for the Best! GOD BLESS YOU.

47 months ago
Varga Imréné

Szeretnem magyar forditasban kerni. Koszonom

47 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

I am delighted that members of other countries are presented to the presidency, but it is contemplated entry to the United States because that problem has already been taken in previous elections have been presidents who have been unable to get in and another that will not renew the visa input and it's really sad that they can not have opportunities candidates from other countries, if this can not be solved, we simply choose one of USA presidents.
The problem of sellers is also very important because many of them honest and formal have stopped selling for lack of cash and the cash out of their sales is almost impossible, first 90 days plus 20 it takes to get to paypal, but that is an illusion since many of them take more than 9 months without charging a $, not only the money of its sales, if not money costs shipments to foreign countries have to advance, this problem will I put in my post created to display the problem that many of us, having to justify shipments when the buyer has in items received, justify each shipment catch or copies of more than a year to be paid I think a lack of organization that should be corrected.


47 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi Yolanda,

Thanks, I have feelings about the problems we are facing on the platform and demands of the community, I published a blog about my intentions as empowr president you can read my blog from my profile, you will get my intentions about the marketplace,


47 months ago
! M Shadab Ali !

I believe that you stand a good chance of being the next President. and you will do you job very well
Wish you GOOD LUCK :)

47 months ago