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Hello, everyone !

My name is  Aftab Ahmad from Pakistan and I have been a member of empowr for over 6 years now, and a volunteer Success Coach since 2014.

empowr has started from the good direction of creating a place to work in, and building a workforce that does not take into consideration age, experience, or qualifications outside of it. On empowr everyone needs a job, and everyone can have one no matter their age, race or social background!

empowr has not only changed the way we communicate, but also the way we function in our daily lives for the better!

By seeing our daily statuses, the posts, people writing about their work, personal life, health, depression, life improving and so on, it gives us hope and happiness on many levels! Even if you can't fix the problems, taking the time to acknowledge what your friends, fans, clients are going through will make them feel heard, loved and make you better too!

I feel that I understand our members, as like many people that have struggled, I have no professional qualifications.


My Success Story ===>>>>>

After high school, in 2003, I got the Diploma in Information Technology from the Board of Technical education Peshawar Pakistan and start searching for a job. But didn't found any job in my country. I know that is really hard to find a job in my country.

One-day my friend told me about the FanBox which was the 2nd phase of  sms.ac.  So I joined the FanBox social democratic platform and start my real income by sharing my own passion. After a few month's I just received a first check from the FanBox which was the $648.00. I and my family were very happy and no one believe that I just earned this money by Internet. So I just started more struggle to earn more and I received more than $10,000 last 3 years. In 2014 I became a Success Coach and also start guiding to my clients from different countries. I am really really happy that I am the part of the empowr.  

I just purchased so many expensive things also from the empowr marketplace and it changed my life. I have achieved a lot of experience here in empowr, getting to know all the areas, issues are occurring, how to deal with members and help them succeed building a friendly approach. I also learned the meaning of the leadership and how to work in a team and help others learn what I did!

I thank every and each person that helped me and had patience through my FanBox journey and gave me the chance to show the best of me. (Mr. Brian, Martin, May Ram, Cindy, Manuela Alexuc, Erika, Marius, Zoe H and my special friends and fans)

I am of the concept that you cannot be happy doing what you don't like even if it is paid well and you cannot reach the professional satisfaction!

Being helpful means a lot to me and it gives me more satisfaction than anything else, that is why I take part and help on accomplishing the empowr mission: “To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.”

Here Is my own vision about the empowr mission:

-Stop the wars in all over the countries and to bring peace everywhere in the world

-To bring more happiness and remove the unemployment that everyone improve their lives

And that is possible only to improve our this social democratic platform

All countries have the opportunity to be heard and come together in harmony! This initiative will make our presence stronger and tell the world  that real democracy is alive.

This is not just a place to make money: it is a place of opportunity, a trusting business

Planning for the  future and the ones you love.

Being able to make money for retirements, and add to it.

Being able to invest and put that money on the side and watch it grow.

The empowr mission, is OUR mission, empowr is our community, the community of the peoples are citizens their every citizens are free to achieve their goals and build a strongest business in the world.

I feel that I could do a great job as a President as I am passionate of the site, passionate to help people, I am a creative person and I truly believe in the empowr mission!

I achieved a lot of experience of the site, of the issues that are happening day by day, what users would like to see in empowr and I have many thoughts and ideas of the things that can make our community more better by developing features and tools that can helps to grow the empowr economy so that people be able to make more and more money and to build a real business on empowr.

In the meantime, I focused on the following things to improve our community more===>>>

  • Other payment processors for paying ad platform fee for those countries which are not able to use their Credit Cards and their countries doesn't operated the Paypal service, So that they can pay ad platform fee without getting any difficulties.
  • To bring more faster cash out policies
  • Improve the empowr marketplace and to be able to the sellers a faster cash out that sellers can reinvest their money again and again and put a reasonable products and services in the market.
  • To bring a Chat feature on the empowr that citizens can live chat with their friends and their Success Coaches too.

Some entertainment tools like flash games, contests that could give members the opportunity to earn extra money.

To improve the charity causes tools, to give more importance to it by having clear information and proofs that will also help the image of the site.

To add more Success Coaches from the every country from the world that the citizens can take help of their own languages to better understand the site.

To add more learning videos and posts in different languages and / or to make empowr a multi-language site and to work many more other new features for the people`s enjoyment.

If you trust me, think that I could do all this and much more, and believe that I am the right person for this job, vote for me and I will not disappoint and hurt you!

Thanks for everyone's support and thanks to the empowr that gave me this chance!”


Aftab Ahmad

empowr Success Coach!


Amada Marcelino

Good luck , Aftab.…

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Amada Marcelino :)
Have a Great day on empowr :)

46 months ago
Naked Guy

I vote for you Aftab...!!! You know our concerns and hardships ...
I will help to empower you, because I know you will
do what you can do to help many of us fix our accounts and save our
fans and friends. We need a powerful negotiator like you to fight for us.
Many of us have given up our hope as our FanBox accounts are highjacked
with Penalties, Double Fees, Past Due Fees, as we are unable use our earnings
in the Marketplace to make our own choices. USD in the Marketplace should be as good
as USD in our visa, paypal or in our pockets. USD in the Marketplace Should not be resticted
by Fanbox to pay IPL Fees and our wrecked accouts shoud be fixed retroactively and we should
be compensated.

PRESIDENT Aftab, you are the man who can fix and negotiate. I support you!

46 months ago
Love Finder

now there re 3 Pakistani in the challenge.

46 months ago

Good luck Aftab Ahmad

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad


46 months ago
May Ram

Good luck, Aftab.

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thanks May, All credits goes to you :)

46 months ago
Lina Tanase

Good luck, Aftab!:)

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Lina Tanase :)

46 months ago
Gee Rashid

All the best, Aftab ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡*:.✧

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Gee Rashid dear :)

46 months ago
Al Dhi Delia Alic

Good luck,Aftab

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Alic Deam :)

46 months ago
Rajendra K

All the best, Aftab!!

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Rajendra K :)

46 months ago
Ilya Berezkin

Good luck, Aftab!

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you IIya Berezkin :)

46 months ago
Mohi P

Good luck, Aftab!

46 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Mohi P :)

46 months ago
R.s Bhadra

thanks for sharing

46 months ago
Muhammad Noman

Best of luck!

46 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Hello Dear candidate, there are many things that concern us, among others, a detail that does not seem quite right is that of the optimization, if optimizes the user's account whenever there is money earned will climb power but of course not returned the days not consumed the previous power, it should be so, I think that's fair, because if there are users who have made selling or by huge profits, he will rise the power and again without the above have been completed and that sincerely retains the how much is optimized, I have always published aviertamente my concerns and my opinions with respect for users EmPowr we really are the ones who make the community and the president is representing us, we must all work to improve the community and contribute ideas so I made a blog a while ago, that all express our opinion and above all give a blind dome, brainstorm I think is good. I hope that the candidate who comes to do things well and always thinking no harm to the community

46 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi Aftab Ahmad. So glad to see you run this Presidential candidacy. Good luck!

46 months ago
Pete Moss

hi Aftab - thank you for putting yourself forward - that is very good - I like your experience of the site - I also like the policies you say - they sound useful - good luck

46 months ago
Kass C.

Good luck!

46 months ago
Luningning Saguil

Good luck Aftab!

46 months ago
Areeka Ismail


46 months ago

You are a good representative of the community

46 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

You are a good representatiove of the community. Good luck, Aftab.

46 months ago
Paul Sushobhan

Good Luck, Aftab Ahmed.

46 months ago
* Shahzad *

I wish you all the best for the run for president. If Sajid Ullah was with us, he would be very proudful today to see you running for presidential election. I hope you will run the office in much better way if elected. Good luck. ..!

46 months ago
Ma. Daisy Sibya

Good luck Aftab, my good coach.

46 months ago
Jun Z

Good luck to you, Aftab!

46 months ago