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Hello brothers and sisters of empowr.

My name is Athal Kumar.

I  am from the city of Chennai, which is in the State of Tamilnadu in the country India.


I have completed my Diploma in Hotel Management.

I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration.


Once, I  finished Graduation I  worked with the Hotel “Le Royal Meridien” in chennai as a Chef De Partie for 3 years.

Then I joined the P&O Cruises which is the NO 1  luxury cruiseliner in the United Kingdom. I worked with them for 6 years and during the period I became a Sous Chef. During that time I have travelled around the world 6 times. (Complete world cruise) Have been to many travel destinations, have met people from different cultures.

After I came back to india I did not want to work as a chef because it was Hard Work and less pay in my country for chefs.

So I wanted to earn smartly. I had an idea in mind. A software which I wanted to implement. So I assembled a team of Software engineers and created a software which would send SMS instantly to parents mobiles of school children once they reach school or leave school, It combines the use of Biometric device and a sms gateway to send these messages.

Many schools liked the idea and I have been marketing my own software and gaining out of it.

Apart from that I have created a Online printing website www.vprint.co.in (which is under testing) from where one can just upload anything and get it printed and delivered to their address.

I am also a President in one of the club of “Lions Clubs International” in India (Lions Club of Madras Hasthinapuram) which is an organization which strives towards aiding the people in need.


You may ask “why should we select you as the president?”

The empowr has a lovely mission to “empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence”

So the goal is set to aid half the world’s population to earn $25 or more per day by the year 2025 and I will make sure that I will aid in every part to make sure that happens.

To me once I have an idea I will work to make sure to understand the system first and then make necessary changes and will work hard till the idea is implemented. This is the main reason I want to run for the president. I have been a regular citizen, then became a success coach and have understood how the site works. If I become the president I will be able to understand how the system works and then I will be a bridge between the citizens and the technical side. I will try my best to make sure implement the best of your ideas to enhance the site and make sure it is beneficial for both empower and its citizens.

Also my idea is to make sure every citizen who spends time on this site irrespective of power level should earn on this site and should have a regular cash out. (The % of revenue may depend on the power level).

Every citizen should have a way to cashout and pay the fees. And I will try to make sure that this happens.


(But for this to happen I need all the possible ideas from all the citizens)

I want to make empowr not a part time earning but a way of regular income for all its citizens.

I will be every citizen's representative to make your ideas impliment for the betterment of this site.

We all should know that empowr is creating a way to enhance every citizens future by creating an income.

I will bring in extra preventive measures for our site from hackers and cheaters and there by creating a safe environment for all the citizens who are in empowr. And also I expect cooperation from you to report if you come across any instance of Fraud. (Because this is the main reason the 90 day maturation rules have been implemented - If hackers and frauds are removed from the system then the site will be safe)

I will not break any rules. But, if it is possible to bend the rules I will make sure the rules are bent for everyone and not for just a selected few.

Also I will be needing your ideas and comments in how you want your president to be and what you expect so that I can tune myself to it.

Even if I do not become the president I will put in my ideas to the upcoming president because I think it is every citizen's responsibility to give valuable comments and ideas for the betterment of the site. Because if the site develops we (all the citizens) develop.

Once again please know that I am only a candidate it is your responsibility to choose the president who you feel would be the best for the betterment of the community and company.

Athal Kumar


May Ram

Good luck, Athal.

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Thank you May

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Hello Anam Baby,
This site has a 90-day maturation period to combat fraud in our economy (people used to come in, make a lot of money very quickly by fraudulent means, and cash out before we could investigate the activity).
This way, ALL users of this site can be safe in the knowledge that fraud/scams/stealing is prevented because fraudsters are unlikely to wait for 3 months to get the money.

We are all president candidates. Not the president. Once one of us becomes the president we will have the responsiblity to look into enhancing the cashout policy so as to benifit everyone.

If you have an idea of how a cashout policy be enhanced please let us know and if it is a good solution we can make it happen.

We are running this election to find a representative of all the citizens (including you)
The president will be acting like a bridge between the citizens and empowr. Anyone with a good solution or suggestion please let us know and we will try our best to impliment if the idea is really worth it.

47 months ago
Lina Tanase

Good luck, Athal!:)

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Thank you Lina

47 months ago

Good luck Athal Kumar Hm

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Thank you very much Andreea Alessia

47 months ago
Gee Rashid

All the best, Athal ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡*:.✧

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

thank you Gee. need all the support i can get

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Thank you all for your wishes

47 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Best of Luck Dear Athal Kumar Hm :)

47 months ago
Mohi P

Good luck, Athal!

47 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Thank you Mohi

47 months ago
Rajendra K

Good luck Athal:)

47 months ago
Charlie Pa

Good luck Athal ! You have very good ideas !

47 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Best of luck.....

47 months ago
Ilya Berezkin

Great ideas, Athal! good luck!

47 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

Good luck buddy

47 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Good luck dear friend, there is much work and so much to change that works well for the community and every day we are many users of the site to be content. But I wonder how the other candidates, is expected to enter the winner of the elections in the United States? and if you do not grant the visa as happened before that would happen? we just have only US candidates are those who have no problems with the entry papers?

47 months ago
R.s Bhadra

thanks for sharing

47 months ago
Muhammad Noman

Best of luck!

47 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Good luck Athal Kumar. So happy to see so many candidates are running :) You're all awesome willing to impart your life and dedication. Wish you all the best!

47 months ago
Pete Moss

thank you Athal Kumar for putting yourself forward - a very nice presentation - your policy ideas are certainly right in helping empowr citizens - good luck

47 months ago
Ninja Model

Good luck mr. Athal

47 months ago
Eva Kiss

Sok sikert Athal!

47 months ago
Luningning Saguil

Good luck Athal!

46 months ago

Hoping that your technological expertise will improve FanBox

46 months ago
Areeka Ismail


46 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Good luck, Athal.

46 months ago
Moon .

Good luck dear

46 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Succes si speram in mai bine multumesc

46 months ago
Paul Sushobhan

Good luck, Athal Kumar.

46 months ago