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Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’re all excited to get the second round of voting in the 2016 empowr presidential election started tomorrow (Monday, Feb 15th 2016). In the meantime I wanted to share with you a new way to earn on empowr, as well as a few new features and improvements that have been made over the past week on empowr.


New earnings role: Auto-Publishing

On empowr, you earn based on the number of views on your posts.

Now, with Auto-Publishing you can earn MUCH more from those posts simply by doing what you are already doing each day on Facebook and Twitter for free: Posting your favorite photos, videos and status updates to Facebook and Twitter.


How does Auto-Publishing work?

From your homepage status update box, you can now connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your empowr profile:

New earnings role and feature upgrades  New earnings role and feature upgrades


Once your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts are connected, you can then choose to have your posts on empowr automatically posted directly to Facebook and Twitter by simply clicking the Facebook or Twitter logos in the post box.


How does Auto-Publishing help you earn?

Each time someone clicks your post on Facebook or Twitter and becomes a new empowr citizen, you’ll earn $20 when they fully complete their account.


Why has this not been provided to empowr citizens prior to today? 

Given the large amount of earnings that anyone can achieve in this manner, we have been concerned about people spamming – which might be caused by some very motivated people posting too much content to their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Therefore, there is a limit on how many of your posts will be Auto-Published to Facebook and Twitter. That limit is exactly the same as the limit for how many posts each day count toward your earnings, which is based on your Power Level. 

To see how many posts you have remaining at any time, simply roll over or click here:

New earnings role and feature upgrades

Based on your Power Level, you can Auto-Publish up to 10 times per day (the same number of posts you can earn from). For that reason, you’ll want to make sure your posts are engaging so that you can maximize your earnings by enticing others to click your posts on Facebook or Twitter.

Tip: To boost your auto-publishing revenues even further, of course you are free to post your unique empowr profile URL (www.empowr.com/YourNameHere) anywhere and get credit for any new empowr citizens that fully complete their account after clicking on your link.

To set your vanity URL, simply visit your account settings, and create your username:

New earnings role and feature upgrades

But, please, do not spam. Spam is like trash, no one enjoys seeing it laying around.


Early Cash Out Improvements

It’s been two months since we first launched Early Cash Outs, and it’s great to see so many empowr citizens cashing out and sharing their experiences with others all over the web. 

As I mentioned in the Early Cash Out launch announcement in order to ensure that larger Early Cash Outs continue to be sent to more empowr citizens, upgraded security measures have now been implemented that will require all Early Cash Outs to be authenticated via your mobile device before they can be cashed out.

With mobile authentication, every empowr citizen will have a unique device associated with their account which will prevent anyone else from gaining access to their Early Cash Outs if their account is taken over, hacked or compromised.


How it works:

It’s actually very simple -

To complete an Early Cash Out, simply click the cash out button:

New earnings role and feature upgrades


In doing so, you will prompt the system to send a unique cash out key to your mobile device:

New earnings role and feature upgrades


Once you receive your cash out key – which is delivered via mobile push notification -  simply click on it to complete your Early Cash out.

New earnings role and feature upgrades 


Just remember to have your mobile phone’s Push Notifications turn to “ON” for the empowr mobile app.  And that’s it! Now you can enjoy your Early Cash Outs with the peace of mind that only you will be able to access them.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to share your Cash Out stories with the hashtag #EmpowrCashOut

New earnings role and feature upgrades 


Unpaid Items

It’s come to our attention that some empowr citizens have had their Early Cash Outs go “missing”.

We have investigated the issue and here is what we found:

If in the past, if you had any Unpaid Item fees from marketplace purchases, and you have not yet paid those fees, when your Early Cash Out was activated, the system automatically paid those fees for you. And that’s why they “went missing”.

We know this has been causing confusion for people, so we designed a fix, and have now fully implemented the fix. From now on, your Unpaid Item fees (which happens when you buy an item but decide you don’t want to pay for them) can be paid with your not yet matured (0-day) profits.

As a result, every Early Cash Out that you activate moving forward will be available for you to cash out regardless of any Unpaid Item fees from the past that you may have outstanding.


Ad Platform fee rebates

As promised, all empowr citizens are now eligible to instantly receive a rebate of 50% of their Ad Platform fees when they pay their fee on time.

By paying your Ad Platform fees with PayPal or credit card, your 50% rebate will added as an automatically-activated Early Cash Out. Alternatively, by paying your Ad Platform fees with your empowr earnings, your 50% rebate will be added as earnings to your empowr balance.

In both cases, empowr citizens can immediately spend some or all of their Ad Platform fee rebates in the marketplace, utilize them to further accelerate their earnings using empowr ads or Power User subscriptions, or cash them out via bank check or PayPal once they are eligible. 


Automated Refunds

empowr citizens now have the ability to get refunds automatically with just one click.

By visiting www.empowr.com/refunds, any Power User Subscription or Ad Platform fee that you’ve paid for in the past 30 days with your PayPal or credit card can be refunded with no negative consequences to your account.

That means that you get to keep your earnings that were earned with the Power User subscription or Ad Credits, even after you receive a refund of the fees paid with your credit card or PayPal!

It gets better:

You can get a refund of EACH fee type (that you paid with your credit card or PayPal) once every twelve (12) months – with no negative consequences to your account. You get your money back AND you keep all the benefits (including earnings) achieved from the use of those services.

New earnings role and feature upgrades


Simply click “Request refund” next to the payment you want refunded, and you can then expect your refund amount to be added to your balance as an activated Early Cash Out within 5 business days. From there you can cash it out or spend it any way that you desire.



Site Performance Upgrades

Lastly, in an effort to speed up the overall performance of the site the engineering team has worked to complete several infrastructure upgrades over the past few weeks. We apologize for anyone that may have experienced 1-2 minutes of downtime as a result, but everything is now running much more smoothly and efficiently.

These upgrades will continue to occur over the coming weeks and months to ensure that your experience on empowr is as fast as possible.



If you have any questions regarding these features and upgrades, please share your thoughts below.

Don’t forget to vote!    We all cannot wait to see how the next President of empowr will be.

Yours truly,


Brian Woosley

(I was the first democratically elected president of empowr)


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Hi Brian,
Bundle of thanks for the updates about the features and new earnings role, I have a question about early cash out security measures, "How the empowr citizens who don't have a smartphone for empowr apps will get the security key?
"Also what for the empowr citizens who belong those countries where PayPal is not working and Credit/Debit Card not accepted in America from their countries, and they are not able to validate their accounts like Pakistan, African countries or not able to receive money through PayPal like Nigeria, Uganda, Bangladesh because small amount checks are not accepted in local banks and international banks have many expenses sometime more than the check amount"
Khaleeq Ahmed

46 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi Nadeem Baig Mirza

Sorry to say, you are wrong we have full freedom to earn on the platform and no one is stopping us to earn on the platform, also, on the empowr we have more freedom no social media in the world who think for the jobless people of world but empowr, I'm here for last three year and enjoying the social media, earnings with all activities, we have right to asking questions, and I asked the questions,
We are contributing for accomplishing the empowr mission and we will complete the empowr mission.
Think positive, learn the site, work hard you will enjoy not only the platform also your role in the mission.


Khaleeq Ahmed

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