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Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I published a new blog post. As some of you may remember, I was the original community organizer, and I stopped posting when you voted for your first President (Brian Woosley) to ensure that I wasn’t taking away from your (and his) elected voice.

So why am I writing to you today?

I have a very important announcement to make, regarding a new empowr product launch.

Let me start by mentioning that a few days ago, I met with empowr Success Coach Mihaela Oancea at the empowr offices. 

As you may know, she’s one of the final two candidates that are running to become empowr’s next President, and she flew to California from Romania, in order to participate in the empowr presidential debate.


All of us here at empowr’s offices learned Mihaela’s story and were inspired by her story.

By education, Mihaela is a medical doctor, as well as a pharmacist. 

She joined empowr 3 years ago, when the product was still very early in its development. Many of the things that you like most about empowr, did not exist back then.

Then, only 6 months later, she decided that she wanted to do more to help empowr’s mission succeed. She studied and passed all the exams to become a Success Coach.

As a Success Coach, for the last 2½ years, Mihaela has been quietly and patiently helping thousands of new empowr citizens learn how to use the platform - doing that for approximately 16 hour each day, 7 days a week.


We asked her why she would volunteer to be a Success Coach, and why she would work so hard for so long, for virtually no income.

Her reply was simple: I love helping people, and I trust in the empowr mission.

A number of empowr employees that have working for many years, told me later that they cried after meeting Mihaela and hearing her story.

Her faith and trust in both the empowr mission -- and the other people working to make it a reality -- is incredibly inspirational.


If Mihaela were here right now, sitting next to me, she would be the first to say that she’s not alone.

There are a good number of other Success Coaches that have also put their trust in the platform, the other Success Coaches, the empowr employees and the empowr citizens.


Today, I want to talk to you about trust

As an empowr citizen, each day when YOU sign in to empowr, and post your photos, status updates and blogs, just like Mihaela you’re also deciding to trust:

  • You’re trusting that empowr’s mission is real and not just some silly sign on a wall somewhere that no one really believes in
  • You’re trusting your Success Coach, whenever he or she gives you tips and asks you to have faith
  • And you’re placing your trust in other empowr citizens:  That when you spend your valuable time sharing their posts and bidding on their listings to help them earn, they will return to do the same for you

In fact, in the last 12 months, you and the other empowr citizens have taken nearly half a billion actions (482,223,645 actions, to be exact) to help other people earn. 

You did all of that because of your trust:

If you didn’t trust each other… 

If you didn’t trust your Success Coach… 

If you didn’t trust empowr (the company, platform, mission and employees)…

…  I am sure you wouldn’t waste your valuable time doing all of that on empowr – when there exists other perfectly good (and well-funded) platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter) that all your friends and family are using…

… instead of spending all that time on this little (and not funded at all) platform called empowr.


The bottom line is that the reason Mihaela and you (and WE, all of us) are on empowr at this stage – when none of us is yet able to earn loads and loads of money -- is because we have chosen to trust.

As you know, trusting is a choice.

It’s actually much easier to be skeptical and untrusting.

It’s harder to trust, because it takes energy to close our minds to all the times from each of our pasts, where we trusted in someone or something…

… only to find that our trust was misplaced. We got hurt.

We have all been burned before, so the easiest choice is to just listen to those fears – the ones tell us to pay close attention to the past when we were hurt – the fears that tell us NOT to trust.


And so, it is with that background and discussion of the concept of trust and how important a factor trust has been and is to all of us, that I will introduce to you the next software features coming to empowr. 

The new software features are meant to celebrate, and build on, the TRUST that we’ve all chosen to place into each other.



Introducing the Circle of Trust


At empowr, one of the things that we believe in, is that:

             If something is worth doing, it’s worth measuring.

If you can’t measure something, you’ll have a very difficult time improving it by very much.

You won’t know if all the things you try, are helping or hurting your efforts towards any goal.

Imagine that you’re trying to lose weight.

You are trying many different things, but let’s imagine that you don’t have access to a scale to weigh yourself – to measure your weight.

The bottom line is that you’ll never know if the things you’re doing to lose weight are working - or failing - to move you closer to your goal.

If you had a scale, however, you would be getting constant feedback that you could use to do more of what works - and less of things that do not work - and you would then be able to focus your limited time and energies on continuing to improve on the things that do work.

The difference a scale would make – as far as your chances of succeeding at hitting your weight goal – are simply night and day. It would be very difficult to succeed without the ability to measure your progress.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth measuring.


On empowr, we’ve all been helping others earn, by sharing and bidding for them. We’ve hoped that those people would, in turn, do the same for us.

Over time, we’ve learned that some people are more likely to reciprocate, and help us earn, after we use our valuable time to help them earn.

In other words, each of us has developed a sense about who (which people) will be there for us. 

Slowly but surely, we have developed a network of people that we view as good, honest and reliable.

We have gained confidence that when we bid for them and share their posts with our network – networks that we have spent a lot of time building and motivating – that they would do the same for us.

The last few sentences look a lot like what you find, when you look up the meaning of the word trust on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

: to believe that someone or something is reliable, good, honest or effective

: to have confidence in (someone or something)

Therefore, according to this dictionary definition, we can summarize what we have all been doing on empowr like this:

            We have been building trust.

And, because “if something is worth doing, it’s worth measuring”...

… it would make a lot of sense for empowr to provide us with technology that measures that which we are doing the most.

            In other words, it’s time for empowr to give us the ability to measure trust.


Measuring trust

In the coming days, when you sign into empowr (first on the Web, and soon afterwards on your mobile app – first Android - followed by iPhone) you’ll notice that the top of everyone’s profiles will look different. It will look like this:

Hello everyone,

First, let’s focus on the bar in the middle of the page – the Trust Built bar:

 Hello everyone,

This bar shows the level of trust that has been built over time, between yourself and the owner of the profile.  As you build more trust with each other, the bar will fill up.

As the bar fills up, you can be even more confident (in other words, you can trust) that this person (the owner of the profile) will be a reliable partner for you…

helping you earn by distributing your posts and marketplace listings to their network.


Technology shattering human limitation

For those of you that are interested in the studies of sociology, biology and psychology: 

Human beings have had a very specific limitation since the beginning of time, one that has limited their social and economic interactions.

That human limitation is called Dunbar's Number.

Dunbar’s Number is the number of people with whom a person can maintain stable and trusting social relationships.

That number is 150.

Dunbar’s Number has been used to explain why towns around the world formed to be around the 150 person size, all throughout history.

Dunbar’s Number explains why army platoons, teams and even extended families often fall apart when their size grows beyond 150.

In short, Dunbar’s Number explains how many people you can actually be friends with, care about, remember, or have relationships with.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Dunbar Number, simply Google it or click here: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=dunbar+number


Dunbar’s Number is based on the size of the human brain.

By measuring the brain size of different species, such as monkeys, birds, humans and other animals, Dr. Robin Dunbar was able to prove that the number of relationships ANY SPECIES can have, is directly related to the size of their brains.

With the launch of empowr’s “Circle of Trust”, we will be, in essence, fusing each of our brains to the computing cloud…

….  allowing each and every one of us to effectively have larger brains and therefore HAVE and BENEFIT FROM a virtually unlimited number of relationships.


Much like the airplane removed the age-old limitation of humans to fly…

and the telephone removed our ability to speak, in real-time, to someone on the other side of the planet…

and rocket technology removed our limitation of leaving the earth’s and its gravitational pull…

With the launch of the Circle of Trust -- together you and empowr will be using technology to effectively and finally remove the Dunbar Number limitation from mankind forever.


Now, with the launch of the Circle of Trust…

You’ll be able to build & benefit from – economically as well as in other ways – an unlimited number of relationships. 

You’ll be able to do things for an unlimited number of others, and with little to no use of your brain’s memory…

… know how much trust has been built so far -- and how likely they will be to reciprocate after your actions.

The bottom line is that empowr will track, measure and remember everything, so your brain won’t have to…

… freeing you forever from the biological limitation that was placed on you by the size of your brain, a limitation that has been stopping you from growing your social and economic opportunities.


This matters because, to maximize your earning capabilities (on empowr or anywhere), much of your ability to earn boils down to the size of your network:

The larger your network of trusted people (people that you can trust to help you earn)…

            … and the larger each of those people’s networks is…

… the larger your earning potential.


I hope you’re starting to get a sense of what’s about to happen to your and all empowr citizens’ earning potential.

Let’s spell out more precisely how this technology will help you, with this example:

Imagine that you’ll soon have 1,000 people that you can trust to help distribute your posts, as well as bid, buy and sponsor items that you are selling or sponsoring.

Now imagine that each of those people, also has 1,000 people that they can trust to do the same.

That means that YOU will have 1 million people – within only two (2) degrees of separation from you, that will be viewing your posts (which helps you earn) and able to distribute and bid/purchase/sponsor anything you are selling (also helping you earn)!

Now, imagine that each of those 1 million people also have, on average, 1,000 people that they can trust to do the same. 

YOU will now have 1,000,000,000 (one billion people) that are within only three (3) degrees of separation from yourself.

Remember that each of those people are connected - through time-tested trusting relationships - back to you.

That trust is based on history of actions: Each person can be confident in those relationships because they have proven, over time and many interactions, to be reliable partners that can be counted on.


It should be easy to see how having a network of one billion people at your fingertips…

… all connected to each other through time-tested trust - and all of them motivated to maintain and grow that trust…

… should allow you to create income for yourself like never before possible on empowr - or anywhere - online or offline.


Closing the loop

You will notice a circle similar to this, at the top right of any profile:

Hello everyone,

As you can see the circle is not fully closed.

At the center of the circle, you can see what it takes to “Close the loop” with this person. 

In other words, if you share 2 of their posts, or if you bid or buy $0.01 from things they are selling, sponsoring or promoting, you would be “Closing the loop” with them… and then the loop will look like this:

Hello everyone,

NOTE: “Closing the loop” is somewhat equivalent to “Going green” in the current platform. It means it’s now their turn to reciprocate.

After you close the loop with someone, you’ll want to swipe left on your mobile phone…

Hello everyone,

… or if you’re on the Web, you’ll want to click the right arrow:

Hello everyone,

By clicking right (or swiping left on mobile) you’ll be presented with the next best person for you to close the loop with.

NOTE: This set of actions is somewhat equivalent to (in the current platform) your going back up to your BFO bar, and clicking on the next person.

            The BFO Bar

Hello everyone,

Say Goodbye to the BFO Bar!

The BFO bar is going away, as it is no longer needed. By clicking right (swiping left on mobile) the system automatically brings you the next best appropriate person for you.

(Remember that with the BFO bar, you are only shown to others when you are online and using the empowr platform).

Now, you will no longer need to be online to be shown to others!

That’s right, upon the launch of the Circle of Trust, for you to be presented to other people at any moment, you will no longer need to be using empowr!

  As you may know, empowr is always looking for ways to bring you more of what you want, for less of your time and energy.  That is to say, empowr wants you to have a life.

For an example, think back to when empowr placed a limit on how many posts count towards your earnings.

The purpose of that was to ensure that you could earn the same amount from your postings, but spend less time on empowr.


So, again, now you will no longer need to be online to be shown to others.

This means that you will now have others working to help you earn, even when you sleep.


Location matters

When you first access the Circle of Trust, you will be presented with a map and asked to enter your home street address:

Hello everyone,


Why am I being asked for my street address?

For starters, people will be shown to you that are closest to you geographically.

Soon, and you’ll have to take my word of this (announcement coming) the empowr marketplace will be exploding with new products and services for you to purchase with your empowr earnings.

When you do purchase things (and again, trust me, you will soon be purchasing a lot of things) if the seller lives close to you, he or she can simply drop off the product or perform the service for you in-person…

… eliminating the need for shipping or delivery costs for the seller, which will be very important to him or her.

If you do not live near them, you will be missing out on most products and services, because the seller may refuse to ship or deliver it to you.

You will need to trust me on this:

            You absolutely will want to enter your accurate home address.

As soon as you do, the system will go to work for you, helping you build trust with the people in empowr that live closest to you.

Over time, this will mean more trusting relationships with people that you can actually transact with locally, in-person, and even meet up with, grab coffee or have a meal with.

I predict that, many or most of us will meet some of our future closest and most trusted friends in this way.

Another prediction: A small % of you won’t listen to me, and will enter an address that is not where you live. 

Mark my words:  

The few of you that do not enter a valid address, will later find that you wasted many days, weeks or even months of your time, building trust with people that live way too far from you.

You will be incredibly disappointed with all that wasted time, as both the system - plus and the people you are building trust with - will quickly discard all your effort, and you will get little results from all your time invested.

I’ll say it one last time:

For a number of additional reasons that I cannot explain here but you will absolutely understand later, you really and absolutely want to ensure that you enter your valid, street address for your home.

And don’t worry:  Your address will not be shown or shared with anyone. ONLY YOU will be able to view or share your address.


Helping your friends learn

Another objective of the Circle of Trust is to make it really easy for new empowr citizens to learn how to use the platform.

With the Circle of Trust, in order to become productive, a new empowr citizen will NOT need to watch a bunch of videos, and learn all about things like the BFO Bar before they can get started…

Any new empowr citizen can simply “Close the Loop” by following the simple instructions in these little yellow boxes:

Hello everyone,

Along with simple instructions in yellow boxes, like the above, the product will be even easier for new empowr citizens, for the following reason:


Missing Features

If you find yourself teaching a friend (someone new to empowr), you’ll notice that on their screen, a number of features might at first be missing.

For example, compare these two profiles. Notice the missing items in the left image:

 Hello everyone,

As the new empowr citizen starts to use empowr and learn how it operates, the system will introduce the next feature to them, with a simple instruction or explanation.

For example, when they’re ready to make their first post, the yellow box will introduce them to the “Post bar”:

Hello everyone,

And then later, when they’re ready, their gauge will be added to that same bar:

Hello everyone,

And sometime later, when they’re ready, notice how “List” gets added to that same bar so they can sell products and services:

Hello everyone,

In that manner, they’ll hardly ever need to watch a video, read a blog post or even ask for help, because the system will KNOW where they are, in their learning curve, and only provide them the features they need and have learned about thus far.

Now, the time and friction it takes for a new friend to become an empowr expert will be diminished greatly – making it easier for both you and the Success Coaches to help new empowr citizens become productive members of the empowr economy.


OK, given that the best way to learn more about the Circle of Trust is to start using it, I’ll let you go and explore it on your own.  But first…


A few housekeeping items:

The Circle of Trust icon

Notice the circle at the top navigation bar:

Hello everyone,

Clicking there (as well as the empowr logo at the top left of any webpage) takes you to your new “People I trust page”:

Hello everyone,

There, you’ll be able to see the people that you’ve built the most trust with.

Please notice that your gauges are now located at the top of this People I Trust page. As a reminder, to maximize your Early Cash Outs, you’ll want to go green in any many of them as possible.

By the way, clicking here…

Hello everyone,

… will allow you to see some of the details relating to how you built trust with anyone:

Hello everyone,


Your news feed

As mentioned above, clicking the empowr logo will now take you to your People I Trust page. So how do you get to your news feed?

As you click right (or swipe left on mobile) from one trusted person to the next, you will be viewing the recent feed stories of all your favorite and most trusted people.

Therefore, your news feed will no longer be as important to you. If you miss it, however, you can find in the left navigation bar:

Hello everyone,


Feed Filters

Notice this filter at the top of everyone’s feed:

Hello everyone,

Now you can easily navigate between ALL of someone’s feed stories…

… or just their Unread Stories (the ones that YOU haven’t seen previously)…

…or just the stories that you can share for them to close the loop…

… or just their marketplace items that you can bid or buy to close the loop.

One important thing to remember is that, at first, that filter will not exist (for new empowr citizens). As mentioned, it will be introduced to each new empowr citizen when they are ready for it.

Upon launching the Circle of Trust, you’ll be treated like a brand new empowr citizen: the new features will be introduced to you gradually. Don’t worry, since you’re already quite experienced, the platform won’t take very long to open up all the new features for you.


And that’s it!

I hope that you’re as excited as I am to get started using the new Circle of Trust!

The Circle of Trust will open up to you this week!

Just remember, the two (2) steps to maximizing your earnings with the Circle of Trust is to:

1)      Grow the number of people in your Circle of Trust.

a.      Your People I trust page shows that number 

2)      Grow the amount of trust, with each person in your Circle of Trust

a.      Your Trust Built bar shows that for each person you visit


As you work to do those 2 things, you will be growing a valuable asset (your Circle of Trust) whose value will be continually growing over your lifetime…

… an asset that you will be able to monetize (which means “generate revenues from”) for you and your family, for life.



I’m here for you.


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Catharina Claessens

Hello JC,
The way we earn from posting is that changed? Now we earn if our posts are viewed in the NewsFeed of others or on our Unread Stories page. When the new feature is working, do we also earn if our posts are viewed on our profile page and does it help others to green? Thanks.

44 months ago
Brian C Woosley


With this new feature, you will earn on the views of your posts on both the newsfeed and profile page. You will notice that next to the "Like" button in certain posts on both the profile and newsfeed that there is a circle of trust icon next to it: these are the posts that count towards you closing the loop with someone (i.e. going green).

Hope that helps!

44 months ago
Catharina Claessens

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I am very excited as you are, JC, to get started using the Circle Of Trust. The new feature looks so interesting.
I cannot wait to close to loop with as many users as possible. :)

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I liked the way you talk about Mihaela and how the empowr employees cried after meeting and hearing her story.
Indeed, an inspirational story.
Let's make Mihaela the Empowr next President, to inspire all of us ( old and new users) for the next 2 years.
How cool is that? :)

Thank you, JC!

44 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Anna! That's VERY cool!

And no offense to Marcus, because I think he's a great candidate that cares deeply about the mission too, but as I told him myself, I voted for Mihaela because of the 2.5 years of experience she has as an SC.

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Doina Hrincu

Interesting post, but I don't understand why this change about local address.
It's a major change and might be a disadvantage for more.

44 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Doina, one of the biggest obstacles to the marketplace that keeps coming up (which is critical for the empowr economy to grow, obviously) has been shipping -- the cost, the time and the effort it takes. So by adding a degree of locality to the mix, we are hoping to make it easier for people to buy and sell by eliminating much of the shipping. Of course it will take time for the number of people that are near everyone to grow, but that means the sooner we get focused on it, the sooner it will happen.
You are absolutely still free to sell and ship to anyone worldwide, of course - and once many of the bugs, issues and opportunities presented by the current marketplace are taken care of, I believe more of that (selling to people far away) will happen too.

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wow -all so new - many thanks - Human Evolution by Robin Dunber is on my bookshelf - ok - thank you

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Johnny Cash

That's very cool, Pete!

We have been obsessed with on figuring out how to shatter that Dunbar number for some time, so it's good to meet someone that has also been reading Mr. Dunbar's findings!

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Lina Tanase

I have read Mihaela`s story with a great emotion. Actually, her story is my story too and it the story of many of my Success Coaches` stories, who put passion and trust as well as their soul in their work all these years.
It is the story of many old users who kept on burning the empowr flame over years having a great trust in the empowr mission.
For this, thank you JC, Brian and the entire empowr team.
I am very eager to start using this wonderful feature! :)

44 months ago
Lina Tanase

P.S. There are still two hours left to vote so, go vote my friends!

44 months ago
Johnny Cash

Yes, that is absolutely your story too, Lina -- and as you point out, a good number of other SCs too.

You guys and gals inspire us, and give us the motivation and energy to not just keep moving, but do it with renewed optimism and belief.

We cannot thank you enough for that belief and trust. I truly cannot understand where you get all that patience, optimism and belief in a bunch of strangers far away. It really is mind-blowing and inspirational to the Nth degree!

44 months ago