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Circle of Trust speed, and say goodbye to cheaters

Hi everyone,

Have you noticed that that the Circle of Trust is a lot faster now, than when it was first launched?

And have you noticed that using it is a lot faster than the old way of finding your BFO bar, clicking someone, then waiting for their page to load?

Well, would you like to know a trick to make profiles load up between 300% and 600% faster?

Here's how:

Simply update your browser to either one of these two browsers:

 -- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+

 -- Google Chrome for desktop / Android / Mac OS (not iOS)

My favorite is Chrome. Just be sure to download the very latest version, because older versions don't have the special techology that the new empowr Circle of Trust is utilizing to create hyper speed for you.


Cheaters not welcome at empowr

Do you know some folks that are using automation to Like things, make fans and more?

If so, please take a moment to say bye bye to them, because they will soon (and suddently) be gone from empowr forever.

That's right, all accounts that have been using automation will be deleted. Why? Because they are attempting to steal your earnings.

Remember, there is a limited amount of money to go around, so by using automation to do things on empowr, they're trying to have an unfair advantage over honest people.

And that's why it has always been in the empowr terms and conditions: If you use automation, your account will be deleted at a time of empowr's choosing.

That's right, empowr loves its members, so when it finds cheaters, it often allows them to carry on their bad practices for a while, in order to maximize the frustration they will feel when they are eventually removed.

We love protecting our legitimate and amazing empowr citizens.


And that's it.

After you download the latest verison of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, let me know what you think about your new crazy fast speed!

And here's a newer post about speed.

Yours truly,



King Lrg

I have a question how come it seems like less people see my posts now than on the bfo system? I thought this was to lower the time needed to be on empowr, srems i have to be on twice as much now for less earnings .

44 months ago

Same trouble here, is slow now, don't get half of likes as before and am spending way more time on empowr then before, and ofc my earning are not even near as they used to be even if I am level up ....

44 months ago

nah I am sure will not be like this forever :) just need to fight over this and will be fine again :)

44 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hey folks, good comments, and good questions.

OK, so you're right that you're currently getting less Likes. You are NOT, however, earning less. (I asked an engineer to check your earnings, Lance - your earnings have not dropped). I'll explain what's going on:

First, your less Likes are caused by the fact that you are seeing a lot of folks that have not received Likes in a while. Yes, they are less active. If they don't post new things, and if they don't close the loop back with you, you won't be seeing them again. So this process of your seeing less active people is a short term thing that will start to flush itself out. Within just a week or two, you will start to notice that the folks you're seeing are more active, and your Likes will be going up.

Remember, once you close the loop with them, unless your favorited them, they won't be shown to you again unless they close the loop back. So over time, the people being shown to you will be more and more active (they're the ones closing the loop and building trust back with you) as they'll be the only people shown to you.

As the weeks and months pass by, the bottom line is that you'll have hundreds of folks in your circle of trust that you can trust will be there for you, to help you earn. And, when you sell things to them, or buy things from them, your shipping costs will be much less than before, and over time, your shipping costs will eventually come down to zero as they will be your neighbors.

Now, why are the current less Likes you're getting not leading to less earnings? (Again, I checked, you're not earning less). That's because what you're experiencing is a neutral. In other words, everyone else is experiencing the same thing, and the pool of earnings hasn't changed. So since everyone else is in the same boat, the average earnings have not changed.

Thanks for the feedback and I hope this helps. I'll try and check back here later today to see if you have any other questions or feedback.

44 months ago
Ninja Model

Great update thanks for sharing.. keep doing the good work...like the fact that you are able to counter the cheaters..

44 months ago
Iosif Nagy

Dragă Georgiana,
Anexat trimit documentele de azi ...
EMPOWR de ce nu vrea să încaseze de la PAYPAL ??? 42 de usd și ceva ?
Am încercat și prin decontare prin cont bancar, dar EMPOWR nu acceptă pentrucă am PAYPAL înregistrat la ei !!!
Dacă poți verifică TE ROG sau spune-mi adevărul să nu mă mai chinui
Cu drag, Iosif

44 months ago
Iosif Nagy

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44 months ago
Iosif Nagy

Utilizez CROME dar nu am înțeles de ce rămân datorat când am acceptat eu și PAYPAL plata permanentă ????

44 months ago
Iosif Nagy


44 months ago
Athal Kumar Hm

Hello JC,
Good to know that cheaters will be identified and deleted from the system.

44 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

That is a great news. Thanks a lot.

44 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Yes, it is so speedy..hehehe.I am using Google Chrome..Thanks and God bless us!

44 months ago
Atif Ali

great post. i really like this post my friend

44 months ago
Alex Aurora

Great news, thanks JC :)
Goodbye cheaters!

44 months ago
Tam Dieu

Great news! Im very glad to read this posts!

44 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

To be honest, I am not a admirer of this new circle of trust. Here are following reasons:
1. It suggests users according to geographical distribution and address set in users profile. And doing so, I am loosing contact with some really active and dedicated empowr citizen as they are not from my country. real facts, empowr is not popular in my country and most of the suggested users are neither active , nor serious. Where are my old buddies??

2. Share tab (middle one) is flooded with premium blog package, instead of showing blog post of the user. and the last tab (buy/bid) is also showing the same things. why blog is not displaying?

3. It is bringing older post in the timeline which is valueless as we know that our post will help us to earn in first 24 hours of posting. To complete the circle, we are scrolling down and down and liking very old posts because unlike previous unread story pages, all previous posts are available in share tab to be clicked.

44 months ago
King Lrg

Yup. Exactly im getting people from years ago who arent even on the site anymore. Empowr isnt popular in my country either

44 months ago
Bob Poster

Have you checked the People I trust Kal El? Check there and you can favorite 25 of them. Then they will show at the top of they list.

44 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

That is very true Iance. As it is a complicated site, so a good number of people can't keep pace.
@Bob: that I know. I was talking about circle to trust. the suggestion given by empowr is based on geographical location, not actually based on previous interaction , like BFO,

44 months ago
Jan Shewan

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for the trusted update.
I opperate latest chrome and find scrolling past those I have created circle with long proceedure.
After each going back to start to scroll again.
Next BFO was right there smiling at me.
Call me attention deficit but I like to see my fans news today. Last years is old.
When I am out shopping I don't like to see out of stock last seasons wares either, more time.
And finally I don't like to see all those quitters that live so close to me.
Feels hugely like invaison of privacy, and what are they doing now?
No need to give the cheeters time, axe immediately would be more appropriate I would think.
Looking forward to the dust settling and we can know what the playing feild is.
Thank assuring us with positive input.
Guan has a point too! to much objectifying of women here
Warm regards,

44 months ago
Bob Poster

Thanks for the update JC! It is always good to hear from you!

44 months ago
Mohi P

This is absolutely great! Thank you, JC!

44 months ago
Kashif Imtiaz

Thanks for the update JC.

44 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Wow! That's amazing. Thank you JC for the update :) Empowr is awesome!
Hi to all fellow citizens :)

44 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I love the circle of trust and it looks like I earn better today than earlier because my fans hits the correct post to like and vise versa. JC its so cool to hear that cheaters will be gone so that our trust each other will become stronger.

44 months ago
Abdul Ghaffar

Thanks JC

44 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thanks for the tips!

44 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you JC for introducing this new amazing feature.
You love Chrome personally, I am too. Too much faster than the past :)

44 months ago
Nhem Vicheth

Thank you

44 months ago
Debbie Nicholson

Thanks for the update - I agree though - most of the new people in my circle of trust are people who havent posted for several sometimes hundred days - I would much rather have people who are posting recently like yesterday and the day before and today. Also I am not in agreement with all the bidding and selling posts of people that come up - I dont mind them but where are all the other posts that they must put up so I can share them as well?

44 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Debbie. Yes, as you work through the folks that are inactive, they will not appear again for unless they become active. That means that in the next week or two, if you are active, you'll start to notice that more and more of them are active.
Also, the blog post issue is being investigated.

44 months ago
Johnny Cash

Debbie, update on the blog post issue. The problem has been found and the fix will be completed no later than today or tomorrow, and rolled out within 48 hours from now. Thanks to you and everyone else that reported it.

44 months ago
Sin Deelite

ive seen profiles with last posts dating 2011 it makes this look well dodgy old profiles should be removed

44 months ago
Manjot Singh

Thanks for Update. JC. I sure you,every honest citizen like the circle of trust . honestly, I love it thanks for the awesome feature.

44 months ago
Saida Abdul

what is automation of likes? is that like a robot or something?
i didnt know it. sorry for my ignorance :)

44 months ago
Asif Iqbal

Good to know :-)
Thanks sir Johnny Cash for update.

44 months ago
Pete Moss

thank you very much JC

44 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Thank you for the update.

44 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Thank you, Johnny.
We are happy with the speed and very good step to remind our protection standards.

44 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Informati utile pentru noi la fel ca si comentariile postate,sincer era o varianta buna cea veche cum cistigul nu era decat o suma afisata pentru ca nu acoperea consumul acum a scazut si suma afisata greu gasesti oameni actuali pentru a inchide cercul ,sunt oameni care nu apar postari de anul acesta sincer afisajul era mai in detaliu in trecut .Dar asa ne-am obisnuit daca ceva merge bine se schimba si trebuie ceva mai modern ,pana te obisnuiesti consumul creste si venitul sau cifrele afisate scad.Mergem inainte poate apar actualizari ceva mai usoare de lucru ,multumim

44 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Excellent blog post you share my dear i like it thanks my dear thanks for sharing.

44 months ago