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Technological Unemployment: How it Affects Us

by President M.a. Bradley on May 03, 2016

Hello empowr citizens! 

As your new President, I want to take a moment and talk to you about the importance of this economy and you, it's citizens. Every citizen of the empowr community is on the cutting edge of this, the first democratic social economy. As it turns out, communities and individuals all around the world are in need of the very economy that you represent as a citizen today. Over the next few weeks, I'll be talking to you about some of the major problems that this world faces, and how the empowr economy, and it's citizens, are uniquely positioned to help solve those problems.

Enjoy the article, be sure to leave a comment, and I'll see you around the empowr community!

M.A. Bradley, President, empowr


Technological Unemployment: How it Affects our World

Imagine for a moment...

It's 6AM, and your alarm clock has gone off like clockwork (like it does each and every morning).


Your day has begun with the preparation of breakfast and lunch foryour two daughters, before dropping them off at school and heading to your job at one of the local manufacturing facilities. In keeping with a routine that you've mastered over the years, you catch a series of buses, maneuvering around others on your commute to find one of the sparsely available seats. When you finally get to your plant, your shift is called into a meeting right away.

It's then that you learn that half of the shift's manpower will be laid off due to plant restructuring. Suddenly, the routine that you had spent years following is violently disrupted, and you feel yourself breaking into a cold sweat. You wonder what to tell your family and how to pay your bills. Most importantly however - you wonder what comes next. This is the reality that workers in countries all over the world are facing as machines and digital technology displace the jobs historically held by working men and women. This is the reality of technological unemployment.


So what would you do?


Now put yourself in this scenario, where the decision of what to do next is yours - what do you do first? You aren't trained for any profession other than the one that you've spent years working in, and you weren't expecting to be job hunting. You can't spend years of time and tens of thousands of dollars going back to school to acquire a new skill, only to compete with people who have more industry experience than you have. To make things worse; you don't have the savings necessary to prolong this decision indefinitely.

As technological advancement continues to automate functions that were once manpowered, more and more people are finding themselves in a limbo between the careers that are being displaced, and the careers that are being created for those that design the technology. These people are lacking a path to the one thing that they all need - economic empowerment.


What can be done about it?


This is a unique time in our world, where the internet is creating a communication framework that transcends historical barriers of geography, language and cultural differences. The world is poised to come together and find the solutions to technological unemployment, using the opportunities presented to us by global communication networks. Central to this opportunity is the growing percentage of the world's population with access to mobile smart phones and mobile broadband. Even with this quantum leap in connectivity - many people in are still in search of economic empowerment, with half of the world still living on less than two dollars a day.

This is why now, more than ever, an idea like that of the empowr platform (www.empowr.com) is best positioned to address technological unemployment, by giving everyone with an internet connection, access to a global network of economic opportunity.

By coming together in the first democratic social economy, together we are working towards bridging the divide of economic displacement, and the staggering pace of technological advancement. We are progressing towards being part of an economy that doesn't discriminate based on seniority in a position or board room politics - where everyone has a truly free and equal opportunity to earn and get ahead. Upon achieving such progress, we will no longer have to feel limited by the need to retrain or acquire new skills to keep pace with economic changes: we will be part of an economy where the education system that drives our productivity is free and available to anyone who is willing to take advantage of it. So, given that you are still in this scenario: how would this influence your decision about 'what to do first'?

Thanks to the information age, you no longer have to face the false choice of being shackled to an industry of routine, or racing tirelessly behind the winds of technological progress. Thanks to a socially connected world and those who would use it to solve real world issues, we have a historic opportunity to experience true freedom through a marrying of technology and economic empowerment. So to the empowr citizens, I ask: what do you see as the biggest challenge in an advancing economy and how do you think we as empowr citizens can address it?


!Rashid Lateef

Thanks for the update and have a good day.

35 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

Great that I am a part of the COMMUNITY . Wishing that someday that empowr can help me to uplift my family. I do hope that there is also some changes on CASHOUT policy. that can truely help us not being employed.

35 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

Thank you for that great reply SIR. feel excited waiting for the newly ideas and ability regarding the cashout policy which are all invidual needed. GOD BLESS YOU Mr. President.

35 months ago
Carol Lefrancois

Thanks for that nice resume teinted with history and hope for the future.Charlie Chaplin was a visionnairy in his years his movie Les Temps Modernes was a satyr of men and the Factory work with a vision of all the automatisation that followed shortly after.The man and the machine at work what a complex situation that created goods but also many problems that we are facing today.

It is when empower comes into play and I'm so gratefull to be part of it.Finally hope for a global solution of the economic burden the whole modern world is in now.So let's get to work sharing with each others,brainstorming for always better solutions so the generations that will follow us can have a better world to live on !!!

35 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

Thank you for share this very helpful info. I like this new system with circle of trust.I feel like we are more near and helpful to each other..Have a good day

35 months ago
Bob Poster

Thanks for the update! Yes it would be great not to be shackled to a typical job and be able to solve worldly problems like hunger, poverty and help the environment. People should come first then let's protect where we live on this great planet.

35 months ago
Umair Siddique

By addressing the common issues, glitches and concerns most of the community members are having for example;
Managed ad campaigns' too high crazy utilization daily preventing matured cash outs,
Inability to use 90 days matured profits to pay the ad platform fee and utilized ad credits,
Marketplace refunds and disputes not being attended for over 7-8 months (for some citizens).
Support tickets are not being solved like forever etc.
as soon as possible. I know these are already being worked on but it's been quite some time that some of the common and old issues are not really addressed.

35 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

we are suffering from these problems for long time. we all hope that president should really do something for the citizen. It's show time President!!!!!! We have heard enough speech. Lets go to work!

35 months ago
Mohammad Hafiz

Thanks for the official first post as a president. But instead of giving philosophical lecture, if you can concentrate on the problems existing in empowr, it would be much much better. To be mentioned, the most depressing matter is real lacking of technical supports in this site. 99% problems are not solved by support staffs or SC team leaders. So please fix it.

35 months ago
King Lrg

I completely agree kal el

35 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I think that one of the challenges of marrying technology and economic empowerment is that the majority of citizens needing the empowerment the most do not have the means to purchase the technology ie iPhones etc. I think more should be done to entice equipment providers to the marketplace here so citizens can purchase with their 0 day profits. New incentives should be put in for sellers here.

35 months ago

President M.A. Bradley: Well said, we need to know that their are choices out there for the "displaced"; which I one. So, I strongly support Empowr's mission and hope that "We" as citizens can fill the economic "Gap" that is so desperately need in our society today! Thank you so very much for all you do.

35 months ago
Regina Talamor

Great and very informative post. Thank you Mr President.

35 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Frumoase cuvinte ar trebui sa ne bucure dar ne pune semne de intrebare,vrem sa ajutam foarte multii pentru a deveni o mare companie empowr dar foarte multiioameni nu au parte de a fi aicii de ce ?din lipsa de tehnologie daca au un internet au un calculator de epoca cum este si cazul meu ,cu greu poti achizitiona un telefon dar unul performant cum cereti aici e chiar un sacrificiu pe care multii nu au cum,Vorbe multe si frumoase as intreba daca totul se bazeaza pe vinzare-cumparare ce ajutor este aceasta platforma ,uni nu au dupa ce bea apa in lume sau nu au apa ca nu pot sa o platesca ,aici se consuma mai mult decat se cistiga .Pentru a rezista trebuie sa achiti taxa IPL pe consum ,acesta este o parte rea pentru multii care se retrag sau inchid contul deci este o platforma pentru cei care au nu pentru saraciii lumii.O politica la fel ca in tarile slab dezvoltate duce tara la dezastru aici consumi platesti la inceput bani din buzunar, ca apoi cifrele de pe ecran daca nu te uiti la consum arata frumos la un calcul mai bun vezi ca este consumul =cu cistigul daci ce ai investit sau vindut este 0 .Ateptam ca presedintele nou ales sa incerce sa faca ceva in aceasta masura ...vinzarea trebuie incasata imediat si nu la maturizare,creditul sa nu mai creasca zilnic la PU marre enorm Portofoliu meu este activ dar consum nu am de un an ,creditul creste ,maturizare de 90 de zile nu o pot scade din utilizare este trecuta in mi balanta ca facut dar din consum nu scade la afisaj .ar trebui remediat sa fie mai simplu vreau sa scad se face tranzactia sa se si afiseze,daca nu consum din portofoliu de unde este utilizarea se poate o explicatie ?deci punctye ce ar trebui reglementate de presedinte;
Vinzarea sa fie incasata imediat
Creditul sa nu mai creasca atit de mult ,si nu de la setarea noastra
Afisajul sa fie actulizat la ,Plăti în jos creditele mele de anunțuri utilizate,sau anuntat prin notificare,,luna trecuta am facut aceeasi tranzactie si nu a fost procesata decit in mi balanta ,,Taxa de platformă de anunțuri,,
-Campania publicitară: Primul meu Portofoliu ,este foarte mare, daca ar fi mai mica campania publicitara care nu face nimic decit cifra de afisaj la castig arata frumos, deci aici sa fie mai putina ca de aici creste consumul,portofoliu nu are consum la mine este utilizat 0 de un an dar pe afisajul ,,utilizat ,,este zilnic mare
unele informatii ar fi bine venite de la presedinte nu de la SC
like ,postari,nu cred ca stie cineva cum se calculeaza la centi sau,,am video vazute dar la balanta nu apar ca as avea video in unele zile ,,
Poate va faceti timp domnule presedinte si pentru a inbunatatii platforma mai pentru saraci multumesc

35 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Hello dear Tita I understand perfectly, because I am also suffering these problems, ADS credit investments have been enormous and interests of course also, it is impossible to assume them or paypal account because it would leave my family without being able to survive. Investment in advertising creidto ADS has been irrational and we are in the community are not guilty of this waste, we can not assume the payment of dues, month after month not only do not get paid anything, if the interest is increased to not pay the credit or part of it. I feel helpless, I have always paid my dues, but it is impossible to take 800 $ - 1400 $ quota, I find no solution, I find out, I do not feel guilty for having invested the credit, I have my winnings matured over year and one-half sales I have made and I have not received absolutely nothing at this time, but not only have I not charged if I see going eroding my earnings from sales with these investments ADS credit and having to pay even not as quotas interest.
I have long been in this community since I was fanbox more than three years and have always paid my dues, I have always taken care of my commitments, now I and many like me are on the same problem, as you can pay the fees and go removing credit, since the money from my profit 98% of my sales are, should be able to remove that credit or part of the credit, but I can not if I do not pay dues. I opted for the community, I am here because so I decided and I found a good project, I think all we are here is why help each other to get ahead and here in this post Mr. President will freely convey our concerns, concerns of many members, many honest sellers, many people of good faith who believe in EmPowr and management of people that are elected democratically. Congratulations Mr. President and this has been my way of expressing democratically. A greeting

35 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Multumesc draga Yolanda de micul mesaj foarte informativ speram un raspuns de la domnul presedinte suntem foarte multi in inposibilitatea de a castiga este dificil sau daca nu inposibil dar speranta moare ultima

34 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Thanks , dearest President Bradley.........

35 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thanks for the update.

35 months ago
Pete Moss

hi Marcus and welcome ! congrats !
biggest challenge in an advancing economy - if you mean in the world then re-training people to be able to do the new jobs and explaining where the new jobs are and what they will be and also creating them - which is hopefully what empowr is doing - and how can we address it - build the empowr economy so the opportunities are sufficient on the platform to keep a family of 4 in housing , food, clothes and education - this could be expanding the earnings opportunity ideas on the site - although the empowr team has many of these already - empowr citizens can come up with ideas - maybe there should be an ideas forum?

35 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

I agree with you Peter make a forum for ideas, where they can contribute ideas that are achievable, no nonsense and fantasies. I myself have tried making some suggestions to discuss post, but honestly have not had any impact. A shame

35 months ago
Ninja Model

Such a great and inspirational thought by you Mr. President.
Really happy to see your first post in very short span of time after your handling the position.
This posts gives a lot of motivation to us also the expectations are really high from you.
Hope you will take our community to new heights which others have never imagined.

35 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

It was nice reading the post and await for the next one.

35 months ago
Idriss Adama Diaw

This is the understanding we have of the macroeconomy worldwide, trends in labor markets, unemployment and efforts to re-enter the world of employment. Empowr is providing a solution. However, it needs also to fix some of its own glitches. Now and then, one comes across citizens who are unhappy with Empowr, who doubt the promise made to them, or who experience something different. It is critical that Empowr find a way to listen to those who are facing technical difficulties, or are confronted with a reality that contradict the goals Empowr has set out to reach.

35 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

We appreciated you best work Mr. Marcus :)

35 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi President,

Thanks for clear thoughts on how social democratic economy helps to address technology unemployment.
We are so happy to hear up your vision and seeds of encouragement that you are adding up to the community.
So waiting for more of your thoughts. :)

35 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Waiting news!
As I see I beat up on the spot!
And that's not good!

35 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Thank you, Marcus, for your message. It was the time for it!
To your question you have already given the answer -" it's time for action and action is indeed being taken". We have already felt this fact but there isn't time to wait and talk about it. Technology is evolving very fast and we have to move as fast as we can in the right direction, even anticipating the route.
Good luck to you and to the new team! You'll have all our support in building together this platform we love and work on.

35 months ago
Cici Soewardi

Thank you for your message. Please, let us know about calculation of our add utilized. Give us the report of what we used, just like our balance report. Thank you and have a good work !

35 months ago
Tam Dieu

Hello President!
Thank you for this first posts. It's like publishing a white book on the strategic vision of empowr. And, the vision of empowr is very clearly now and we can start to turn that vision into concrete action.

So, we are very excited to wait for your next posts...
In the immediate future, as you say, let's focus on some of the technical issues related to the circle of trust, mature cash out, ..

Thank you,
Tam Dieu

35 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

I am so glad to be on a boat of Empowr with a great mission uplifting the Community by enabling opportunity helping millions of people globally. Empowr is great helping the unemployed people have a chance to earn in various ways we can chose from lower to a higher level, from slower or faster pace. We're hoping Empowr will be open to the public to have more citizens and grow as a big family and prosper. Thank you dear President and Empowr staffs. Hope to hear some good news. Empowr rocks!
HI everyone :)

35 months ago
Asif Ali

Thanks for update Mr Bradley..
Have a nice day

35 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Mr President, thank you for the first post. I am so grateful to be a part of this great community.

35 months ago
Dei Ngan

Thank you, Mr Bradley - wishing you all success in your role as president.
I would also like to add my voice to those above who have mentioned the urgent need to resolve the many issues and glitches that have been plaguing genuine users for a long time without any resolution.
Another issue I wish would be fixed as soon as possible is the problem we’re facing while visiting fans to help them. I, for one, have no complaints about this new trust circle feature, but only problem is that what’s supposed to make it all easier for us is making it so much harder and time consuming. Most of the pages are so cluttered with fanned pages, bids and likes made, etc and the new posts put up are all showing up only right down at the bottom. We’re having to spend so much time on each page scrolling 15-20 screens down at least before we can find anything we can click on to help and close the loop if we want to stay motivated with our circle. Many comments have already been made on this issue, so I’m assuming that the team is looking into it. I hope this it will be resolved soon.
Thank you and all good wishes to you again……..

35 months ago
Mohi P

Thanks for the update!

35 months ago
Ayman Abusaa

Congratulations for being our 3rd President of empowr community and wish you full success in your period.
Great thoughts to uplift empowr and its citizens to higher levels of life, and good start in your 1st days come with easier cash out policies with the great circle of trust feature that really make our work and relations more better.
The citizens are seeking to solve the seller/ buyer issues to make it more attractive and powerful, beside the cash out strategies to be monthly and widely to citizens== which will bring more newbies and staying newbies to our community,,, which will bring more success to the community.
Thank you dear Marcus

35 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

First of all I would like to congratulate you for win in election of Empowr Mr.President.
You took near about a month for your first announcement I think you were busy to understand the system:)
There are bugs in Empowr and support staff is taking too much time to solve issues.There was an email address in FanBox but now we can not send our problem direct to billing staff.
Yes we have to find a way so that a free member can also cash out few bucks per month.
Hope you will find solutions soon.
Ashok Bagaria

35 months ago
Fernando Amorsolo Villarosa

President M.A. Bradley,
I am enjoying this site since I joined almost going three years from now. for a reason of having engagement with fans and friends over the world, and sharing reciprocal our posts and thoughts. But ever since, I have not cash out even before this empowerment was introduced and I have paid out much of my pocket the ad platform fees..
As on your economic empowerment development program, I supposed to review the followings to give the members of this empowerment to earn, to wit:

1) Less <30 days earnings. - These are the earnings for the current month until end of month. Say, Jan. 2016, No gains yet. ;
2) 30 days earnings - This is counted the following month cut-off of Feb, 2016, so start the 30 days count down earnings;
3) 60 days earnings -This is counted the third month cut-off of March 2016, so the start of 60 days count down earnings;
4) 90 days earnings - This is counted the next month of April 2016 cut-off, so to start the 90 days count down earnings;
5) Fully matured 90 days earnings - This is counted on May 2016 cut-off.

Where do we earn here? None because as follows:

1) As a power user, you have to pay fee for the power level user using the matured and non-matured balances which falls down on various periods, so if you have an expected earnings to fully matured 90 days, this will only automatically applied to Power Level fee plus the shortages to other earnings, so none is expected to fully mature to cash out;
2) As periodical due date for the payment of Ad Platform fee, as a power user, you can also pay from the matured and non-matured earnings but most generally applied to use are those matured earnings, so if at #1 above you have a balance, there again that will be used so nothing again to have a cash out;
3) As time goes on our daily transactions, as we gain earnings, our ad platform utilized increases, so where does goes our daily earnings? It goes to fees and power level user fee even not fully matured.

With the scenario above, for economic development empowerment program, please do necessary for the benefits of citizen in empowerment. MY CENT OF THOUGHTS::


Thank you Mr. President. Best regards and more power for the empower citizens .


35 months ago