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Poverty and Education

by President M.a. Bradley on May 06, 2016
Poverty and Education

  1. What stars must be aligned to enable a poor and economically isolated person to earn and get ahead in their respective economy? Where is that magic connection between poverty and prosperity? 

    Before Howard Schultz (chairman and CEO of Starbucks) came on board as the Director of Marketing in the fledgling coffee shop that would one day turn into a household name thanks to his leadership, he was poor boy from a military family in Brooklyn, New York who used his passions and his drive for education to get ahead. 

    Escaping Poverty

    The endeavor of people all over the world to escape poverty has historically been met with unwelcomed odds, despite  the impoverished often having the intelligence and drive to do so. Consistently, what has proven to even those odds and bridge the gap between intent and economic empowerment, has been access to education and a willingness to learn. This access however still eludes countries and societies all over the world – and the economies of these countries often pay the price. Inequality of economic opportunity, by many accounts, starts with inequality of educational access. 

    There is no denying the facts: education is expensive and time consuming, requiring the very two things that many people who are actively enduring the costs of poverty or economic isolation simply do not have. To complicate matters, technological advancement, which displaces workers and drives unemployment in low skilled jobs forces the displaced into industries where there are not enough jobs for them, or for which they lack the skills to succeed.

    So how does it all come together? 

    So this begs the question: how does one gain skills in an education system that requires economic empowerment to afford, or economic empowerment in a work environment that requires skills to earn and get ahead? 

    Fortunately for an increasingly capable group of young people and older enthusiasts alike, the global expansion of internet access and communication channels are producing opportunities to share knowledge in ways never imagined before. 

    Few places is it more obvious that technology is changing the way that we work and learn, than with the educational and economic solutionsbeing tailor-made to fit our newly digital world. Creative people and companiesare finding ways to gain and provide economic opportunities using the internet,and universities are finding better and more engaging ways to educate theirstudents online. 

    How can technologly play it's part? 

    To remain on the cutting edge of these changes – emerging solutions must meet the test of usability and cost effectiveness. To meet today’s global economic challenges, the tools of economic empowerment must be accessible to people all around the world, and the education needed to use them effectively must work equally for everyone. 

  2. It is this concept of harmony between economic empowerment and education that is driving the next engine of change in social media. The empowr platform (empowr.com) for instance, is working to build an inclusive online economy where empowr citizens can attain economic empowerment by taking part in the same activities they are used to doing online (posting and sharing content) that currently offer them little to no economic value.

    In order for the empowr economy to succeed, it aims to move further towards equality of educational opportunity by providing every citizen with the free and easily accessed educational resources needed to succeed and get ahead in its economy. In the case of an online economy, as with any other economy; this equates to an informed and educated citizen of a society in which any motivated person can generate value for themselves or their cause, from anywhere in the world. 

    Economies all over the world have come to realize that an educated population helps innovate and reshape their economies. With the internet and social media changing the very definition of education – the challenge that this new socially connected generation faces is to effectively tie economic empowerment and education together in a way that is reliable, cost effective and (most importantly) accessible to anyone in the world with a desire to learn, earn and get ahead. 

    So how do you think education effects your economy and your community? If you had all of the education that you needed to get ahead in your economy – how would that improve your life? 


Le Thanh Kong

Ít is a great thing for future.

34 months ago
Bob Poster

Thanks Marcus!

34 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Education never ends. We learn new things everyday. It's true that it's painful to learn but we gain from it and it's a great tool to be successful. There's really no shortcut, and if we do then it'll be a long cut and will prolong the waiting period to be successful. It's great to have the learning center, Success coaches and technology (Wide information in the internet) available for every citizen's education. All these we can avail for free. If we have great foundation then it'll be much easier to do things we are aiming to succeed.
Thank you Mr. President.
Hi to all :)

34 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks for sharing some wonderful thoughts.

34 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Mr President, thank you for raising this topic. Vision is clear, but action is more important.

34 months ago
Delphine W

I couldn't agree more. The faster the action the better. Poverty can be eliminated. Human beings are just here for awhile so why not ease the burden until our time. Share the wealth.

33 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

The best investment in a society is the investment in educating the young generation. It is very important to offer the same chance to children to learn and apply what they have learned, especially. But education never ends. We learn new things daily if we are willing to learn from the experiences we live. Computing and Internet, especially, are a great opportunity for all of us to refresh, to renew and to find new knowledge, to know new people. Self-education is possible now if there is a will for it. But this doesn't mean that governements, society as a whole, are not responsable for the future of their citizens!
Good luck, Marcus. I appreciate your post. We all need to analyse our positions and see what we offer to society and what are we waiting from it to improve our life. First give and then wait to receive! I like to believe that this is a good phylosophy of life .

34 months ago
Giurgiuca Radu Sergiu

Interesting, documented and useful blog. Thank you for sharing!! Have a nice "EMPOWR" day...

34 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Education is a key to learn time management and a very economical oriented, adoptable and easy to manipulate the new updated system than being manipulated by others.Through education, your mind broaden and become smart on making decisions.

34 months ago
Mohi P

Thank you, Marcus!

34 months ago
Sebastian Dragos


34 months ago
Richard Burger

Very good I love education and the feeling you get when you pay it off. It took me 10 long years but I did it.
I love helping others reach for there dreams and seeing it happen as there goals being reach.
Education is the game changer to everything if you follow the system to a T., Great Blog Marcus :)

34 months ago
Tam Dieu

Thank you Marcus!

34 months ago
Manjot Singh

Thanks again Marcus!

34 months ago
Ayman Abusaa

Great and nice thoughts, thanks for sharing dear Marcus

34 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Okay, thanks for sharing, dearest Pres.Bradley

34 months ago
Nhem Vicheth

Thank for sharing

34 months ago
Kass C.

How to fight us by poverty? Please help us!!!!!
We no longer see our citizens posts, everything is mixed and we lose a lot of time swimming among communities, sales and others. Please create separate TABs for each type of posts, ALL UNREAD, SHARE, BID / BUY and so on.


34 months ago
Aurora Cruz-Schertel

Great post,thanks for sharing Marcus.

34 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

This is pure demagoguery, we must solve real problems here in EmPowr and if you want to make a community on education where open serious discussions genia, a community where people apredieran, education and culture are independent, culture is acquired knowledge , education with values that our parents have given us

34 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Thanks Boarding I am very sorry. So many of these countries do not have easy internet access Hotel by poverty, such as smart phones will have to manage your winnings? This is a democracy and as such should take into account these problems, we are all here in the same boat and paddled together, but one can not have more privileges than others by having more desarroyos in their countries.

34 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Education is the vehicle out of poverty that I firmly believe.

34 months ago
Deokie Birbal

Education is empowerment and of course the process have been immensely enhanced through the availability of the internet and electronic media, but we need to focus more on the millions who have no access to these amenities and those who cannot afford them e.g. having a suitable cellular to download the Empowr Application. The way forward is. possibly, partnership with telecommunications giants, other social media providers as well as education specialists and governments; maybe it will help to educate and alleviate global poverty to some extent. However, there are many other factors at play which prevents the equitable distribution of wealth to the extent that economic education is deliberately withheld from the masses --- and this my friend is the global challenge.

34 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Va trece apa multa pe fluviile globului pina va avea acces la internet tot omul mai bine am incerca sa ajutam oameni ce nu au apa potabile,cei ce nu au acces la medicina ca apoi sa ne gindim la tehnologie ,of doamne tehnologia este cea care a ajutat la disparitia multor locurii de munca care era cat de cat capabila sa hraneasca o buna parte din populatie ,a si usurat munca omului dar pe cat bine a facut pe atat rau a dezvoltat .Omul trebuie sa evolueze regret dar traim legea junglei moderna Multumesc de informatie

34 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thanks for this wonderful post!

34 months ago
Mulele Benoit


34 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Indeed Marcus! , I agree that Education is the key ,come to think of it on empowr people need to learn how the site works to succeed. Thanks to empowr who provide good Success Coaches.

I really expect a lot from you Bradley, Thanks!


34 months ago
Anmol A

Thanks Mr. President for the lovely post.

34 months ago
Ciordas Lucia (DANUBIA citizen)

Voi tinerii sunteti dornici de a invata lucruri noi, asa eram si noi. Noi cei de o anumita varsta ne-am saturat!!!!!!!!!!! Sunt din Romania deci iti scriu in limba romana. Daca esti interesat de mesaj, roaga pe cineva sa-ti traduca.
Pe mine ma intereseaza acum sa-mi fie platita munca. Sa-mi fie returnati in balanta banii virtuali 9000$ pentru care s-a facut tichet in martie si nu i-am primit nici acum.
Vorbele nu au nici un interes pentru mine. Vreau fapte. Prin fapte inteleg bani cash.

S-a marit numarul de niveluri PU si pretul lor dar nu sunteti capabili sa ne retribuiti munca. Zic asta pentru ca in loc sa ne retribuiti munca ne mariti creditul. Practic, din credit reusim sa cumparam nivelurile urmatoare de PU. La credit percepeti taxa foarte mare si nu numai atat taxa o percepeti la tot creditul acumulat. De ce nu percepti taxa la creditul pe care ni-l varati pe gat doar pentru luna respectiva? Este ca si cum la noi in tara se considera dobanda la dobanda care este ilegal. Nu se mai practica. Voi faceti escrocherii in limbajul nostru.

Asa ca domnule presedinte nu stiu ce drepturi sau obligatii ai si mai ales fata de cine dar lucrurile lasa de dorit. Eu am nevoie de bani nu de filosofie, nu de povesti.

Si mai mult, nu inteleg de ce blochezi pagina cu blogurile tale. Cine vrea sa-ti citeasca blogurile poate din stanga paginii. Vad ca pentru noi nu ai adus nici o imbunatatire, scrii numai vorbe, aiureli, vise....

Fa bine si nu mai bloca pagina de feed pana nu-ti spun sa-ti fie rusine!

34 months ago
Life Is Everything (faith)

Education is a non stop activity if anyone want change......thanks for sharing

34 months ago
Ciordas Lucia (DANUBIA citizen)

Multumesc Florin. M-am intrebat de multe ori. Ma bucur ca mai exista cineva care-mi confirma.
O zi faina!

34 months ago