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Globalization: What’s Next in your Local Marketpla

by President M.a. Bradley on May 13, 2016
  1. Globalization: What’s Next in your Local Marketplace?

  2. If you’ve walked into your local market at some point within the last 40 years, you’ve likely noticed a change that wouldn’t have been present before that time. Sure, you buy your normal items like your essential toiletries and food products, but that’s not where the focus should be: such things are usually much cheaper to produce locally in your economy, and their availability is seldom challenged. 

  3. Surely with enough time, you start to see products that you wouldn’t suspect – perhaps articles of clothing that are of a different style than you’re used to. These articles of clothing bare one distinctive feature in common that sets them apart: they were made in a different economy than your own, maybe even on a different continent all together. This is the last legacy of globalization – and it affects you in a lot more creative ways than the occasional pair of designer pants that you admire at your local market. 
  4. Globalization: Good or bad?

    Globalization is both touted as the savior of intercontinental relations and the death knell to the manufacturing class,depending on what country you ask. In theory, trade between countries creates a strong, economically based relationship that is less likely to be broken by petty squabbles or unnecessary international incidents. This economic interdependence between nations has all but replaced the typical peace makers of military deterrence in the developed world. In many ways; the relationship of mutual benefit is stronger than any relationship of mutual tolerance or even coexistence. 

  5. Globalization however has its draw backs depending on the economy that you call home. Let’s imagine for a moment that you produce shoes in your country today. You come to work every day and perform the repetitive task of spinning textiles or assembling patterns; any one of the functions necessary to make the latest shoe design for economies that can afford to purchase the goods that you make. One day, you find yourself and everyone you have worked alongside of laid off in mass. The operations of your plant has just been outsourced to a company that that pays their workers less (and thus, earns the company more) than your own. This is another side of the legacy of globalization. 

  6. As politicians are quickly learning in their crusade to reverse the effects of globalization: many of the relationships and economic interdependence that has sprung from these relationships are already central to the lifestyles and livelihoods of the people in these countries. Some innovative companies however are seeing the approach to globalization a different way. Historically, international trade was restricted to access to friendly ports of trading partners. Even if these trading partners were not particularly friendly to one another, they could agree on the benefits of providing goods that helped the buying economy, and providing jobs that helped the selling economy. 
  7. So what can technology do about it?

  8. What a world of ever increasing connection through social media and readily available mobile technology is doing for people in these economies is putting the market of goods and services in the pockets of everyday consumers or producers like you. Social media platforms like empowr (empowr.com);the first democratic social economy, are not only linking people through economic empowerment, but also putting their goods and services within reach of each other. The world of globalization functions on a few basic truths: money is easily transferred from place to place, goods and services are available to buy, and these good and services can be freely exchanged. A social connects not only buyers to sellers, but economic drivers to one another, so everyone can help each other by either generating economic value for one another, or trading goods and services in a barrier free economy. 

  9. Whatever the face of globalization ends up looking like after the political sands have settled; the next solution for companies and economies around the world will have to be a seamless and accessible digital solution that combines the ease of social media with the interdependence of an economy, to tie people together in beneficial relationships like never before.Only by removing the barriers of distance, politics and cultural division from the plight of globalization, can true economic interdependence be realized on a global scale. Perhaps this, and not ships sailing into friendly ports, can be the key to replacing the folly of military deterrence, with the promise of everlasting peace.

  10. So what sort of foreign items in your local market are your favorite? If you could sell buy an item from across cultural and continental divides – what would that item be? 


Marcelina Abejero

So great to know about the global market as related to empowr. my favorite are foods came from other countries. I do hope
and pray that we could buy everything here on empowr. in the future! May empowr.. make a change about the policy of our marketplace. so as seller /buyer could trust to put capital on it.

Attached is one of the seller comment


Thank You.

Have a blessed day! Mr. President

23 months ago
Abdul  Rehman

This person is totally lair. they confirmed that they can ship product to any country but after purchasing they denying.

23 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Glad to know we're strengthening our marketplace to remove the distance barrier availing the products within their reach in the community. Basic needs such as staple foods in the form of sack of rice, potatoes, flours, various kinds of noodles, bread and any related items not mentioned. It may sound so basic but this is of help to many people who needs to have at least something to eat for the less fortunate people who can be helped by Empowr citizens. Also, there are so many lovely products that are only available in certain areas like meats in boxes/cans, coconut creams/oils in boxes which are essential for health and other related items. Somewhere some items like kitchen blenders, and any related kitchen gadgets which are very helpful in our daily life can't be found. Looking forward in the near future to sell some physical products if God permits. Nowadays we have so many high technology products and hope to see more in our marketplace to make our business more stronger and make ourselves enjoy our products.
Thank you Empowr for helping us have the products within our reach wherever we are. Hope to see more from our own market.
Thank you Mr President and to all the sellers.
Hi to all :)

23 months ago
Regina Talamor

Great information Mr President. Thank you for sharing.

23 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Interesanta politica intre cerere si oferta ,produs sau informatii avint aceasta sansa, lumea are un ajutor mare ,in postarii gasesti informatii pe care nu le gasesti usor, cautad unele informatii pierzi timp ,aceste informatii fiind in blogurii le poti cumpara ,gasesti locurii de vacanta ,locurii unde ai putea petrece o vacanta sau incerca o gustare din acea zona .Aici ar trebui sa vie stimularea aici in Empowr ca ceea ce se vinde de fiecare utilizator sa fie pretul incasat de vinzator in scurt timp nu la maturizare ,asa ar putea ca si acei cativa centii sa ii poata investi pentru a face un comert mai dezvoltat si cu produse .Deci ideea este buna pentru a fi o piata generala .Politica Empowr ar trebui sa se dezvolte pe plata vinzarilor fara maturizare indiferent de suma optinuta pentru a fi o stimulare ,multumesc

23 months ago
Luningning Saguil

Thanks for sharing a very good post! Good day!

23 months ago
Mahesh Acharya

Many many thanks Sir for sharing with us such a wonderful phrase of important message . Really a very good post. I appreciate a lot.
Thanks & Warm Regards:

23 months ago
Pete Moss

thanks for sharing

23 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Thanks for the update, dearest Pres.Bradley

23 months ago
R.s Bhadra

thanks for sharing

23 months ago
Victor Jacob

Words, words, words....What happens with buying and bidding that does not move the circle of trust ?
Can someone answer me ?

23 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thanks a lot

23 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Thanks for the updates!

23 months ago
Mohi P

Thanks for the update!

23 months ago
Amjad Alzagmori

the truth must be said about the legend of empowr
empowr not our dream maker it a commercial company
want to earn firstly then giving little or very little to her citizen ,they take their ad campaign daily from your balance what remain very little in second orange about 2 $ and after that you must pay platform fees 23 $ what remain very little
uncompromising to our effort
empowr we need democracy
do you agree or not withe me
please comment your opinion
i agree withe mr gabriel tansa abou selling physical items it must be paid to the seller not to empowr surly after their commission
at last we ask our president to correct the dysfunction at empowr

god take us to the correct way for the benefit of all company and citizen

23 months ago
Bob Poster

Thanks for the update!

23 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Is there an IDEA to bring back the BFO's??????

23 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

Thanks for that

23 months ago
Stefanus Iwan Setiawan

Thanks for sharing.

23 months ago
Richard Burger Life Builders Country

Very good I loved it and it is very true I had to learn all of this going to college up in Gainesville, FL.

23 months ago
Manjot Singh

Thanks for sharing!

23 months ago
Iulia Maria Caracostea

Oh! Oh ! What many problems !

23 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

nice sharing for our new prsdnt.

23 months ago
David Bruyland

Interesting article . What a beautiful world would it be without all the conflicts .

23 months ago
Mukhtar Bhutta

Good post thanks.

23 months ago
Pete Moss

new version of empowr app currently not opening on android - 'unfortunately empow has stopped '

23 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

I had to stop selling, to have contact with my clients, who keep asking me things and what I respond that I can not send anything, since in merchandise and shipping charges have contributed to the community an amount of $ 50,000, I sold gold jewelry intensive and economical for any value for my money vanishing advertising, increasing advertising without check that led me to have a share of $ 1,400 impossible to pay, not pay the fee does not I can remove some of the credit and my profits go fading in payment of interest on interest as it accumulates. I have not the fault of these investments that will reduce my profit from sales if this goes to 0, this is what many vendors ask the President to please resolve this issue as soon as possible and see a solution for those who are in a circle vicious we can not leave, not because of us, if not for the huge investment in advertising, I like to sell, I like to meet people from other countries and chat and make friends, I feel very frustrated by not being able to continue doing. Thanks and I hope that this President SR have a good solution for the community and for sellers

23 months ago
Lamin Kargbo

Thanks for sharing Mr. President.I am still confused with this Circle of Trust compared to BFO's.I have not seen any Circle Of Trust yet and BFO's are gone.

23 months ago
Adriano Munyi Thomas

Thanks for that idea, now my question is how can I get 4G Mobile which I can afford to buy and has a high speed system
I am using low speed Mobile where i can spend 9 to 15 hours a day.
Please assist me

23 months ago
Lee Rollinson

Wowi would not know how to do any of these things.. some fans i have been trying advice and help when i see them putting blog links on their page .as many do not know a. they arenot reading the rules,.. hope i am still hear ..thank you for this message nice to know you are still with us

22 months ago
Martin Binnington

I wholeheartedly believe that the future lies in social media technology - buying and selling on a local, national and global scale with electronic funds transfers already takes place in most countries worldwide, but what we have needed is a way to allow everyone the opportunity to earn money.
empowr offers this opportunity to everyone, no matter what your background. Nearly 2 billion active accounts exist on Facebook, so these people already have the knowledge they need to succeed on empowr... post content, build a network and reciprocate friendships and trust... the next logical step is to restructure the marketplace to take advantage of this "new money" that everyone has available, and to laud the benefits of buying and selling everyday items (such as rice... Jess Litton had this experience where he was able to buy enough rice to feed his family).

Something else we really need to do is monitor the products and services available in the marketplace. An issue with the "sponsor" feature is that people rarely actually BUY something - the sponsorship keeps going round and round.
Additionally, if someone does eventually buy from a sponsor, the original seller is not notified of this so a dispute is inevitably raised. This creates more work for the dispute coordinator and empowr employees who could spend the time on more productive tasks.

I will give more consideration to the marketplace and contact you privately with more suggestions as I think of them.
Thanks Marcus!

22 months ago