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An idea for capping your monthly spend: empowr needs your input

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments in my last post.

In that post, I mentioned that I was getting involved again in the community, to act as a two-way bridge between the community and the empowr engineering team.

As I begin to blog again, my intention is to start out at a high level, reminding many of our citizens what the point of empowr is, before drilling down to many specifics including long-term and short-term strategies for your success, along with announcing new products and features.

But before I get going, I need your input on a product idea that we’ve been working on since last week.

Specifically, I’ve been hearing that people want another option for paying their ad platform fees.

Along with having the options to:

1) pay for ads up front (on a cost per click basis),

2) pay 1.5% when they pay on-time, and

3) not pay any ad fees until later (an option added last year by popular demand)…

… I get the sense that people want the ability to maximize their earnings by staying optimized, yet have a cap on how much they are spending out of pocket each month.

Therefore, we’ve been working on an idea – another option -- that would allow people to NOT pay any of their ad platform fees each month, yet stay fully optimized so they are maximizing their earnings and path to the higher power levels.

The new option I want to discuss with you needs a name. For now, let’s call it “Pay Later (Stay Optimized)”.

The idea is that people that choose this new option would stay optimized, even though they wouldn’t be paying any ad fees monthly if they don’t want to, so they could earn double from their posts and surge earnings. That means that they would be able to get to the top power levels as fast as the people that are using the Pay Now option.

The downsides of this new option would be that they would not get the 50% rebate on their fees (if or when they eventually pay them) – the same as the Pay Later option.

And of course they wouldn’t be able to cash out anything until they were all caught up with their fees.

But they would be able to get to the higher power levels much more quickly (than people who choose the normal “Pay Later” option) and then, once at the higher levels, they could pay all their back fees using only their earnings.

Our thinking is that empowr citizens would be able to easily switch back and forth into this new option, whenever they like. For example, if they are having difficulty paying their ad platform fee during any month, they could switch to this new option, and switch back out whenever they like, as many times as they like.

OK, so many of you are probably thinking that offering this new option would be unfair for the people that have been, or would continue to be, paying their fees on-time, because ultimately the on-time people would be sharing the cash out pool with all these folks that bring in little or no cash into the system.

By the way, one thing I’ve noticed in the last week is that many of the newer folks haven’t fully figured out that the amount of cash that empowr can pay out, directly relates to how much revenue it brings in.  

It cannot pay out more than 100% of what it brings in. So anything that decreases revenue coming into empowr also decreases the frequency and amount of cash outs going out to all empowr citizens.

Therefore, to make it more fair, by ensuring the people that choose the new option are also helping to bring cash into the system, the idea is that there would be a fixed monthly fee for the use of this new option, and interested citizens would need to pay this using their outside payment source (credit card or PayPal).

In that manner, these folks would also be contributing to the cash out pool of funds.

In summary, this option would provide people with the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what their maximum monthly out of pocket expenses would be…

… while also knowing that they are not slowing down their path to success and reaching the higher power levels.


My questions for you, today, are:

1.  What do you think of empowr offering a new “Pay Later (Stay Optimized)” option, in addition to the already existing options of Pay Now and Pay Later? Do you think it’s a good idea, and if not, why not?

2.  If you think the community would benefit from such an option, what do you think the monthly price of this option should be?

Please keep in mind that the less cash that comes into the empowr system, the smaller the cash outs for everyone.

By offering such an option, many people would eventually become eligible for cash outs when perhaps the only cash they brought in, was from this monthly fee.

So if you think the monthly fee for this service should be very small, you should also accept that your cash outs will also decrease in both frequency and size.

And if you think that the monthly fee should be very large in order to maximize the frequency and amount of cash outs, then what would be the purpose of offering this new option?

The right balance would need to be struck. The fee should be low enough so that it’s not too painful for most people, but high enough so as to bring in enough revenue so that cash outs might actually grow in both frequency and size for everyone.

For example, should the fee of this service be $50/month? $40?  $35?  $30?  $25?  $20?  $15?  $10?



Only if most people think that this new “Pay Later (Stay Optimized)” option is a good idea…

… and if most people can agree on a price point…

… then our hope is to launch this new option as soon as possible – maybe even as early as next week -- given the pain that I have sensed many people are feeling and the relief such an option might bring them.


Why am I deleting your comments?

As I mentioned last week, please remember that I will be deleting useless, unrelated comments and/or non-constructive comments. So if your comment disappears, please don’t be surprised. And please don’t share your personal details here. My posts are not intended to replace your success coach.

Thanks for helping to keep these posts clean so they are not painful to read, and I appreciate your help in sticking to the (very specific) topic that we are discussing here: Pay Later (Stay Optimized).

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and guidance.



Arman Carrera

thats s good thing.

42 months ago
Umair Siddique

My goodness, so many comments already. Great idea! Johnny, empowr will be making it easier for people giving them more flexibility and still making sure that economic stability is not being compromised.

1) I suggest that the "stay optimized, pay later" fee should be $35.
2) People who choose this new feature, Even with double the fee and no ECO till they reach red star, I still can't shake the feeling that it would be not fair with the people who have always been paying the whole fee upfront to reach the red star or a higher power level instead of having this flexibility. So I would highly suggest adding some more into this new feature to ensure that people who are/have been contributing more to the site get more out of it.


42 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

Yeah, definitely no ECO for this feature.

42 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Hola JC
Creo que puede ser un buena idea incluir esa otra opción, porque en estos dos últimos meses estoy viendo mucha gente darse de baja por no poder o no querer pagar los fee.

Lo que veo más difícil es la cuota, porque no es lo mismo 30 dólares en USA que en un pais de AFRICA o ASIA. ¿Sería posible que el usuario decida cuanto pagar al mes? Y dependiendo de eso tardará más o menos tiempo en conseguir mejorar sus ingresos. Creo que sería la mejor opción para que crezca más empowr y la gente se sienta más protegida.

Por supuesto tendrán menos ventajas.

Gracias por todo, espero poder ayudar con mis comentarios a hacer crecer empowr


42 months ago
Life Skills

What about people who are unable to pay platform fees at that time are placed on a reduced advertising budget so that platform fees are not accruing as fast and when they reach a certain level then (not sure what that is), change the advertising budget so that they now can afford the higher platform fee. I am still learning how this all works so I am not sure if this will work. I am concerned that if they cannot pay the platform fee they cannot pay a monthly fee and they will quit.

42 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

In my understanding of the post above, members who choose this option can pay their Ad Platform fee as their Power Level increases directly from their earnings (profits). The fixed monthly fee is for the money pool and to make it fair to other members paying on time. This is such a good idea, JC.

42 months ago
Personlab Yb

Хорошая идея учитывая что большинство новых людей вообще не знают что надо платить и узнают это лишь тогда когда система блокирует их оптимизацию, тем самым у людей висит долг и встает вопрос, а нужен ли этот аккаунт? В лучшем случае они отказываются от подписки, в худшем удаляют его и остается у человека плохой осадок об этой сети А если и знаю что надо платить, то ни черта не понимаю как работают эти проценты на уровнях и что значат это 50%... Лично я узнал о том что надо платить только тогда когда пришло мне письмо на почту )) И помогли люди которых нашел в сети и знали Русский язык.
Для такого варианта рекомендую плату в 25$ ежемесячной платы

42 months ago
Bob Poster

Yes this is a great new feature and it should be added. I think $35 is reasonable amount to pay per month. Then when you are in the blue or red power user levels and the fees are high you can choose this option then get to red star and pay the fees from there from your balance. This would be so great! This will help all the new Success Coaches as well. Let's get this started new week.

42 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante


42 months ago
Teri Ross

My ad platform fees are less than that after I use my early cash out to pay them . I am homeless with no income and cannot afford this amount. Now I am unoptimized and going backwards. Can we agree on $10 per month?

42 months ago
Ilya Berezkin

Good idea. It would be good if people can choose how much they want to pay as a fee. For example, if Jone chose to pay $10 fee he would get 1$ ECO. If Peter chose to pay $35 fee he would be able to cash out $3,5 ECO. If you pay less your will cash out less, If you pay more, you will cash out more. And people will be able to select the most comfortable amount of fee to pay accorfing to their abilities. :-)

42 months ago
Sheryl Chaney

I like this idea too. It gives us more flexibility and choice, and allows us more control at the same time. An afterthought: As with everything else here if it doesn't work well it can always be tweaked until it does.

42 months ago
Gina Gonzales

I agree with you, Ilya Berezkin. It would be good if people can choose how much they want to pay, how much they can afford to pay.

42 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

It would definitely help the citizens who are not able to pay the fees due to various issues and it would also contribute to the growth of the community because there will be some inflow but deciding on the amount is the toughest job. Everyone have their own limitations so the maximum input received would be highly helpful. What happens if one selects to pay the monthly fixed price but is unable to pay it (I know it has been taken into account)? Yes, this feature would be helpful because some have said they work on a budget and an fixed fees would be helpful.

42 months ago
Umair Siddique

I guess in that case they will be left with pay later option only and unoptimized account (if they can't even pay the pay later stay optimized, fee. :)

42 months ago
Idriss Adama Diaw

This issue is not as easy as you make it sound. Here are few problems.

1. For those who opt to pay to platform fees on time, they have the right to cash out their net profits as soon as their earnings mature. This is the basic principle of Empowr. Any new arrangements should preserve the application of this principle.

2. If the new option is implemented, there is a problem about switching on and off from from month to month. If one chooses not to pay their platform fees on one given month, but decide to pay them the next month, they should pay off all the balance of their platform fees in the previous months they skipped.

3. It is neither beneficial not practical to guess the monthly fee to be paid by those who choose to skip paying their regular platform fees. This monthly fee should be based on actual calculations that compute the exact costs involved for anybody running their Empower business. Yes, Empowr should be looked at as a business that has costs from which revenues are derived. Earning revenues without incurring costs is not a realistic approach to business and is not viable in the long term.

Hence this new option being contemplated should not give a free ride. If platform fees payment is postponed, they should still be paid at a later time to ensure the sound financial footing on which Empowr can grow and continue to operate. Thus this new option should have the following features: (1) a realistic fee based on a fraction of the actual cost of running the business, ( we should not guess it, it should be the result of actual computation). (ii) Any skipped platform fees should be paid before cashing out net profits. (iii) This new option should not put Empowr's existence in jeopardy; (iv) it should not impact those citizens who opt to pay their platform fees on time. For such citizen, cashing out their profits after their earnings mature should not be negatively affected by those who choose not to pay their platform fees, and finally (v) any new features should be a contribution to the success and longevity of Empowr and not undermine these fundamental principles and goals.

42 months ago
Bob Poster

Reread the post you still have to pay the whole with this option just not right away. This option makes so your account will still be optimized. You will have to pay 2.9x percent just now you can wait to pay it when you are a high power user. You don't get the rebate by choosing this 3rd option.

42 months ago
Teri Ross

Have you cashed out any matured earnings yet? It doesn't happen in 90 days as things are now. It can take several months past that to play catch up with how much of our add credits get utilized.

42 months ago
Peter Hauje

I think Pay later, Stay Optimized sounds great I would prefer that to be implemented because maybe people are finding it very hard to pay and some are dropping out and not interested in Empowr which leaves the rich and powerful with money to take advantage of the opportunity.. I think making it difficult for Empowr Citizen only defeats the vision and purpose of the Empowr.


42 months ago
Anna P

Hi JC,
This new option “Pay Later (Stay Optimized)” is a very good idea.
Let each one choose how much to pay for the monthly fee, and cash out to be according to what they have chosen.
I will think for a new name for this option :)

42 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello Johnny Cash,

This post is really amazing.This feature will help a lot of people are not able to afford ther fees. Personally as a user who have been here for a longer period of time and understands how Paying of the Ad Platform fees could be stressful, I would go for $20 maximum and $15 minimum per month .

My reasons are:
1. Social classes are different and there are some people who have got families to feed which involve expenses.
2. Many people will be able to pay it because it would be fair for them and would not affect their budget line. Am saying this because empowr is now public and we have got thousands of people joining daily ,so you can imagine how fair it would be for them and they would not struggle much in searching for this penny.
3.The same people who choose this options do not have a choice of Early cash out ,so it would be a must for them to pay from their pockets which its fairly good and affordable.
4. The demand would increase and many people would join. Speaking of experience as a Success Coach once , Many people are joining empowr but later on about 30% leave unhappy because of the burden of paying a higher Ad Platform fee. Just imagine if all people would be paying $15-20$ ,monthly with the rate at which empowr is growing ,would we not have a greater future in the days coming where 98% would afford to pay this amount?

Thanks Johnny for the great work so far.

Any corrections and ideas am here to learn and hear from you. :) :)

42 months ago
G Vincent Lewis

Great additional option. Ten dollars to have that option

42 months ago
Muhammad Sohail

YES, that's a good idea to start "Pay Later" option and the fee for availing this option should be $15 per month. But my concern is that when a citizen will opt this pay Later option and he will start paying a fee (whatever will be decided) for using this option, his/her monthly ad platform fee will keep on accumulating for later payment by him/her upon reaching higher power level. Will a late payment charged be applied on the accumulated ad platform fee?

42 months ago
Umair Siddique

I think, no late fee charges, but one will be missing the 50% rebate in this case so eventually one will be paying double the amount of fee i.e. 2.9% (when you're able to) apart from the "Stay optimized, pay later" fee.

42 months ago
Asad Ali

This is going to be very helpful. Agree with this genuine idea...

42 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Hello JC,
From the economic point of view the best thing would be $ 50 and from a humanitarian standpoint $ 30 :)
Best regards,

42 months ago
Deokie Birbal

1. Empowr's new “Pay Later (Stay Optimized)” option is a good idea since it is an additional option for users that lends to more flexibility either way.

2. I think the minimum should be $20 with users be given an option to pay more if they they so desire.

42 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

I agree on this new feature, this would be a big help to those who want their account will remain optimized. Thanks, JC, looking forward to being launched and maybe $25 is a reasonable price.

42 months ago
Prashant Bajpai

I support (Ilya Berezkin) suggestion.
Their should be all options to pay this fee. Anyone can pay the amount of fee according to their financial conditions and stay receiving surge earnings and early cash outs in the same proportion.

Very good decision taken by community , waiting for this feature to be launched.

But I have only one question- when everyone will pay less amount then whole empower economy will adversely effected ........and how will it pay to higher power level users their fully matured earnings.
I request someone to please answer this question.

42 months ago
Ehtesham Haider

Thanks for the update Jonny Cash, So i was thinking that isn't this little unfair with other old users who paid monthly fee using their own pocket for an year now. But on the other hand, it is useful for fresh starter on empowr. So I would suggest 20$ or 40$ monthly will be enough for people to pay monthly and it will not hurt anyone's pocket. Also, I think and its my guess that it will be creating enough cash which will not decease the amount of cash out for other users. But this feature will hurt empowr in long term as the number of new users starts to decline and current paying users reaches Red Star power level and stop paying monthly fixed fee. And what kind of results this feature gives in future is still not sure.

42 months ago
Maria Abdi

This is a good idea especially for us on developing countries that we have no means of payment like paypal or credit cards this will bring the meaning of equaliy for all citizen to get the same oppotunity GOOD IDEA AND PPRECIATED

42 months ago
Ninja Model

Dear JC,
Although this option sounds pretty interesting as more cash outs will surely encourage the entire family also in that case we will be in a position to motivate others to come and join us..
Regarding the late fees I think 50$/ month is justified as on the other hand I want that there should be a sufficient inflow of cash also it wont hurt much..

42 months ago
Al Dhi Delia Alic

Thats a very Bad Idea, for those which are aready high powered level, i work here now more than two years i never would agree to additional fees which needs to be paid, better would be : if someone sells at the marketplace - should get immediatly the value of the sold price received by Empowr, as early cashout , this is actually the sellers property.
By the way to pay now the fees is better than later what advance should that be - the Amount grows bigger if i would pay later.

As i mentioned before PLEASE settle the early cash out for those which are or want sell any products at Empowr you will see that will gives the users more motivation to work on the marketplace.

42 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

Hi JC, I think 35$ fixed monthly fee would be fair since they will stay optimized and thEIe earning accelerator is ON.

42 months ago
Massimo Marras

This is could be and idea with two faces, 1 faces good and one non good, it'd depend in which part we stay.

42 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello, JC I suggest to have a membership fee for $2/month. This membership fee available for those who want to earn which I think is affordable. Then the pay later (Stay optimized) will be implemented with a 2.9% Ad Platform fee rate and no ECO option for them.

Since Empowr is giving an ECO for the green gauges, then it will not be unfair for those who starting the level upgrade and for the top power level to pay $2 each month. At least money flows every month and I´m sure plenty still want to get a 50% rebate if Ad Platform fees paid on time.

What do you think?

42 months ago

I agree with this suggestion, most institutions around the world take membership fees to be valid users
And $2/month fees look affordable to everyone... With the rise of number of newbies come in .. The more income will empowr have.

42 months ago
Cici Soewardi

Dear JC,
I'm glad that Empowr consider about the new fee's formula. Agree with Pay Later Stay Optimized. I will be glad, if there are some option too for the service fee. We can choose how much we want to pay : $15, 30, 50 etc...
Thank you JC !

42 months ago

A fixed fee is a very good idea. In part because advertising statistics are so mysterious , No stats to look back on and assess .
Empowring those with less economic benefits than others is a way the Empowr can truly live up to its genre!
There are so many problems with the technical side of things that a "peace of mind one fee" is definitely the way to go, allowing the user to switch back and forth as daily earnings allow without losing the benefits of the hard work and time put into advancing.

42 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

O idee buna daca vrem ca aici sa creem locuri de munca pentru a ajuta o lume intreaga ,nu doar cei care au bani deja suficientii,un om care nu are cu ce plati taxa iasa si nu mai revine PU abonamentul pentru putere este foarte mare sa nu uitam ca este platit nu cu bani din buzunar dar este ca fiind o suma mare la consum nu reusesti sa cistigi suficient de mult zilnic pentru a acoperi consumul,deci bani aceea ramin in sistem pentru plati maturizate.Eu am platit taxa acum 3 ani ,bani pe care inca nu iam scos ,inca nu ii am deci 300 dolari in 3 ani au folosit la incasare la altul ,vinzare sa facut mult putin dar sa facut bani nu sunt deci s-au folosit in sistem ....vinzarile ar trebui incasate imediat ,Portofoliu este activat dar sume utilizate este 0 de peste un an si eu consum tot am de unde? asta inseamna ca cistigul reintra in calcul la consum mereu ,mereu pina cind nu stiu,
Compania publicitara ,pruimul meu portofoliu zilnic este de 1500 la care cistigul este 1580 de ce asa suma mare?aceste cheltuieli ar trebui reduse si da ajutati toti sa plateasca taxa la alegere Stiu ca traducerea google nu este una rezonabila dar sper ca mesajul sa fie inteles multumesc

42 months ago