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The new Pay Later (Stay Optimized) feature

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, in this blog post, we discussed an idea: 

Does it make sense to introduce a new feature that allowed empowrians to earn with ad credits now -  and pay later - but stay optimized for maximum earnings -- in exchange for a monthly fee? 

After explaining the idea, I asked you:

1.  Do you like the idea. Yes or No?

2.  If Yes, what should the monthly price be? 


Many thanks for your many, very thoughtful responses.

1.  Most people responded Yes.

2.  However, where everyone differed from each other, was in the discussion of the monthly price. The average price suggested was approximately $30/month, with many suggesting $50 or higher, and others suggesting as low as $10/month.

I think to come to a conclusion (and possibly near-agreement) on price, we will need to have a discussion about WHY empowr exists in the first place.

By having that discussion, and getting everyone (especially the newer folks) on the same page regarding WHY empowr exists, I’m hoping that it will be easier to come to a closer range for the price.

Therefore, with your permission I will lead a discussion on that topic (why empowr exists) in the coming days.


However, before we have that discussion, we will need to make a quick decision on price. Here’s why:

The empowr engineers have been working around the clock to bring this new feature to you, given the pain level that I felt from the community in the last few days. 

So let’s make a very quick decision, and let’s please agree that we can always modify the price in the future. 

As discussed, we need to strike a balance: The fee should be low enough so that it’s not too painful for most people, but high enough so as to bring in enough revenue so that cash outs can grow.

There is no exact science to setting this price (despite our many analysts attempts) as there are many unknown variables, so we believe we have a duty, given empowr’s mission and stated goals, to err to the low. 

In other words, we think we the price should be very affordable.

In the interest of speed (and our desire to go live with this feature as soon as possible) thanks to your many suggestions, we have chosen $19.99/month.

In addition, we will provide an option to pay $149.99 upfront for the year (which brings the monthly price down to only $12.50/month).

The Pay Later (Stay Optimized) feature is now live

Just a few minutes ago, the engineers woke me up (it’s 3:30 in the morning here) to tell me that they have completed the new Pay Later (Stay Optimized) feature.

To view it, please visit your ad credits page:(https://secure.empowr.com/FBBank/AdCredits.aspx?source=dashboardtab)

              The new Pay Later (Stay Optimized) feature 

Like all new launches, please expect that there will be a few glitches, so please report them to us so we can get them all fixed.

And thanks again for your feedback.

In the coming weeks, let’s continue to work together, to identify all the pain points of the empowr product suite and, one after another, find and launch solutions.


From your recent comments, it's clear that we have a lot to do, and you will be hearing a lot from me, I can promise you.

But first, let’s make sure the new feature that has launched is working to your satisfaction...

... and then – again, with your permission – we need to invest a few minutes of your time to remind everyone why empowr exists…

... after which we will be able to have even more substantitive discussions (that will likely make more sense to more people) about why certain decisions are made...

... and we will be able to go in whatever direction you choose, with everyone being more confident that that our new citizens are both knowledgeable about what we're trying to do AND are here for the right reasons.

Thanks -- and looking forward to our upcoming discussions.




Good feature and fair price, think many members will benefit from it at certain times and when needed.
Especially newbies.

42 months ago
May Ram

Good morning JC.
Thank you for the greatt new feature. And I admire you for always listening to what the citizens have to say and you always find a way to help them (us) out.

42 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Can you explain more to me about this new feature!
$ 19.99 monthly fee when we choose the ECO will be promoted or would like?

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Could you please elaborate on what you mean by "choosing the ECO"?

If you subscribe to the new Pay Later (Stay Optimized) option, your account will remain optimized with your earnings accelerator ON as if your monthly ad platform fees were paid in full (meaning that you will continue earning double from your posts and surge earnings).

In order to cash out, you will need to eventually pay any ad platform fees you may owe, but the timing of that is completely up to you.

Please note: You will not receive a 50% rebate on those fees if you end up paying them late - but that will not affect your ability to keep your account optimized as long as you continue to subscribe to the Pay Later (Stay Optimized) option.

Hope that helps!

42 months ago
Abdul Rehman

We cannot purchase Pay Later (Stay Optimized) subscription with our 0 day maturity with higher power level. does every time we have to purchase it via our pockets?

42 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for the new feature. It looks so great with these options to still keep optimized account. Thanks!

42 months ago
Personlab Yb

Спасибо Вам большое и что касается цены, на мой взгляд она самая оптимальная... )

42 months ago
Panagiotis Loumidis

Great solution and a fair price. I was planning to answer to your previous post after a thought about the price. Yet this announcement came before I made my suggestion. Nevertheless here is my idea. Instead of using a unique price per month why not let empowrians choose the price they can afford? There could be 3 prices for instance $40, 20,10 and the yearly option letting citizens choose they one its more convenient to them with according benefits.
Anyway that was my idea.
I guess Empowr's premises are in the US. A question. Will Brexit affect empowr in any way?
My best to you all.

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thank you for sharing your thoughts - we're very interested in hearing what additional options the community may wish to have access to, so please keep those ideas coming.

Regarding Brexit, this should have no effect on empowr.

Best to you as well!

42 months ago
Muhammad Alam Khan

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for the new feature.
It looks so great with these options to still keep optimized account. Thank you great

42 months ago
Life Is Everything (faith)

Greetings. I'm still new and still learning but i think i understand you are doing the best for all regardless of stress and pain...thanks for the new feature on empowr. I just pray that it will benefit anyone new and old, empowr itself and members. More power and God bless you more for you are really an inspiration to keep us moving.......

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks for the kind words Soledad! It's citizens like you that help us all keep the positive momentum moving forward so that we can accomplish our overall mission.

42 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Creo que es una gran opción, porque así todos los nuevos ciudadanos van a entender mucho mejor como funciona empowr y por otro lado van a tener facilidades al principio para poder avanzar más en nuestra comunidad sin tener que pagar mucho (si asi lo deciden).

Espero, como tu dices. Que sirva para que los nuevos ciudadanos entiendan porque existe empowr y que ninguno se sienta engañado cuando tienen que pagarlos fee.

Muchas gracias

42 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Good morning JC

Thanks for you and the empowr team who is working around the clock for bringing new and beneficial feature on the Platform, This feature Later (Stay optimized) helps the empowr citizens to build a large business here by paying just $149.99 fixed Yearly ad platform fee,
You always listen to the empowr citizen this help us move forward towards our mission together,
Thank you,

42 months ago
Ernestine G Dean

Now that I had a chance to read about what was going on it makes perfect sense to go that way! I'm happy that you chose to let the Citizens of Empower vote and have an empack on the decision making of the community. This is why there's Empower right? I'm fully on board with the Program 100% you have my support for whatever that might m

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Ernestine - great to hear!

This feature would not have happened without the community coming together to voice their concerns and opinions in a constructive way so that we could then take action to improve the platform for everyone. We are all in this together, so the more we continue to communicate effectively, the better empowr will become. Thank you!

42 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Hi , Great Option . It would be good if Skrill payment option will be available soon . Thanks

42 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi JC, am really happy to have this new feature launched so quickly ready to use and great benefits for everyone too. Engineers are awesome.Thank you JC and to all the staffs involved. Empowr is really great!
Hi everyone :)

42 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

In sfarsit pot copia/traduce .
E cu schepsis acest pret ce se termina in ...99,sper sa fie de bun augur ! ( ne vom lamuri ceva mai tarziu).
Voi veni cu cateva idei...sper ca voi primi si un raspuns,multumesc.
Finally I copy / translate.
It's gumption this price that ends in ... 99, I hope to be auspicious! (We will clarify a bit later).
I come with some ideas ... I hope I get an answer, thank you.

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Valentin ,

Please do continue to share your ideas - we very much look forward to hearing them!

42 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

M-am plictisit sa vad,comentez bloguri trantite la repezeala,un simplu video,reteta,aranjata aiurea in pagina,foto mai mare ca video...cateva cuvinte...la care comentariile curg garla !
1.A sosit momentul sa punem mare accent si pe calitate,asta e soarta acestui site.
Bloguri de calitate,care transmit ceva,la care sa comentam din placere,nu obligatie,datorie !
2.Organizarea unui concurs cu premii,(pentru bloguri )lunar,trimestrial...la care comentariile cu nelipsitul copy/paste sa nu fie valabile.
Astfel de comentarii nu reflecta realitatea !
3.Diversificarea subiectelor,sunt cu nemiluita !(arta,sport,dragoste,moda,umor,poante,poezie,reclame...)
Multi au ramas la stadiul de incepator,postand si dupa 2 ani doar video,retete si din cand in cand si altceva ce nu prezinta interes.
Voi reveni cu cateva bloguri de calitate(cred ca nu gresesc:)uneori reusesc,alteori sunt pe aproape !(parerea mea).
Multumiri pentru interesul acordat.

Bored to see, comment on blogs slamming loosely a simple video, recipe, arranged elsewhere on the page, photo video ... bigger than a few words ... that Garla comments flowing!
1.A time to put great emphasis on quality, this is the fate of this site.
Quality blogs that transmit something to which to comment pleasure, not obligation, duty!
2.Organizarea a contest with prizes (for blogs) monthly, quarterly ... that comments unfailing copy / paste is not available.
Such comments do not reflect reality!
3.Diversificarea topics are plentifully! (Art, sports, love, fashion, humor, jokes, poetry, advertisements ...)
Many have remained a beginner, just two years after posting videos, recipes and occasionally something else that no interest.
I will return with some quality blogs (I think I'm right:) sometimes succeed, sometimes are close! (My opinion).
Thanks for your interest.

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thank you for the ideas - I definitely agree that quality is very important and we are going to continuing to work on rewarding those that offer quality to the community versus those that don't.

42 months ago
Vasanthakumari  Ballal

Hello JC sir,
I like it. thank you . it is a great option to all . thanks once again.

42 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Love to have you around JC, everything work fast or get into realization quickly.
Good to have it fixed and I just hope most of Empowrians are happy with the conclusion.
Thank you and stay with us always =)

42 months ago
Trung Dong Pham

It's great option, thank you JC.

42 months ago
Sebastian Dragos

good news for beginners, thx!

42 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

very happy ...... enjoy to all. freedom

42 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Really happy to have this new feature. Thank you to JC and the awesome engineers.

42 months ago

Of course if we can help our citizens, it will be a very good option for the others to continue optimizing . Thank you for listening to us citizens.

42 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Thank you, JC. Good news! I hope this new feature will work.
Good luck to you and all the technical team!

42 months ago
Leah Leah

great.......thank you JC.... GOODLUCK ....

42 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

At lasts it is launched, awesome feature! Thanks JC for this helpful and great opportunity to all citizens.

42 months ago
Teri Ross

My ad fee balance was only $22 and I could not pay that.... I AM HOMELESS AND HAVE NO INCOME!!!! This does NOT HELP ME!!! If you were getting $0 dollars from us 'unoptimized' citizens. Why is $10 from all of us too low. It's more than 0? I cannot pay this... THANKS FOR NOTHING.

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley


I'm personally buying you the year option. Please check your account in 30 minutes from now and you should see that you are optimized. Thanks for your valuable comments as your situation is exactly what empowr was created to address. Good luck.

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Teri - your account is now optimized.
All the best!

42 months ago
Angel Kitty

Can this be made an option for us users to be able to sponsor people, unfortunately I am unable to sponsor at this stage but I have heard of citizens asking for help and citizens who would be more than happy to help through the system, but at this stage we can only give money through Paypal and I don't think thats is good, cash should not be asked for or given as we don't really know each other, but I would be happy to share my matured earnings when they mature to sponsor someone who is less fortunate.
And Brian you are the man, and showing me that this platform will really work.
I would like to be able to sponsor someone at some stage, this option if it was implemented would be of great value to us all.
Good luck Teri Ross

42 months ago
Deborah Rolon

What can you say JC, it's fantastic the way you listen to the community and come up with viable solutions.
Congrats to the team also for a job well done, great work!

42 months ago
Bob Poster

This is great and will help a lot of people. Thanks empowr! I know have sent some messages to clients today and this will help you!

42 months ago
Ninja Model

Dear coach,
Kindly revert my message..

41 months ago
Padmaja Panchakarla

thanks for new feature

42 months ago
Nhem Vicheth

So Great. Thank so much

42 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello Johnny Cash,

Thanks for this new feature , I also want to thank the empowr engineers $19.99 is an affordable price for every body .

With the way empowr is growing I see a greater future.


42 months ago
Angel Kitty

Thank you for listening, the ad platform link on the balance is brilliant along with explaining the balance sheet.
I think you have created an awesome advancement on the ad platform fees, especially with the explanations on the page too.
Thank you, I am feeling sore with empowr, but I am so pleased to see questions being answered.
I have questions and queries but this is not the right place, thank you again for listening and making improvements.
And $19.99 is a great price especially when it is actually cheaper than what the actual ad fees are.
To use the ad platform fees on $1000 is $29 for fees, so $19.99 is way cheaper than if you started on the normal rate. Anyone reading you will still have to pay the 2.9% but the option would be you can pay this later, and pay the monthly subscription of $19.99 instead of having mysterious payments of random amounts coming from your chosen payment option
Thank you again JC and empowr team

42 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks Angel for clarifying that last point for everyone here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an inbox message and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

42 months ago
Angel Kitty

Just to clear things up the progress is fantastic, my concerns are not with the payment system it is a great advance for empowr.
My concerns are with the BLOGS and Marketplace DOs and DON'Ts in the correct terminology.
But as I said this is not the right place I will contact someone at some time to clear the DOs and DON'Ts
Or maybe JC can write us a blog :)
Thank you Empowr Team and readers

42 months ago