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Part 1: empowr - is there really any need?

Thanks again for your ideas and thoughts regarding the new Pay Later (Stay Optimized) option.

More new features are on the way

The empowr engineering team is working feverishly, developing in parallel a number of new initiatives that will be launched in the coming days and weeks.

I am EAGER to open up the discussion about those new topics, but as discussed in the last post, we first must ensure everyone is here, at empowr, for the right reasons.

The issue that we need to address immediately, is that thousands of people have joined empowr in recent months…

… and despite the sizeable number of educational assets empowr has made available (all sorts of videos, a book, success coaches, etc.) some of these fine new empowr citizens still seem to have no idea what empowr is here to do, and why it exists…

… and perhaps some of them see empowr any nothing but a place to make them some short-term cash.


As a result, it is near-impossible to have a constructive discussion together about many of the new things that are about to launch…

… if many of us are not sure why empowr exists…

…  or worst – if they have an inaccurate understanding of what empowr has been developed to do for them.



So before we discuss all the new features and initiatives on the way, let's discuss…. 


What’s the point of empowr? Is there really a need?

All you need to do, is turn on the news these days, and you’ll be reminded that some big changes are happening in our world – and it’s not clear that it’s for the better.

People everywhere have a growing sense that the world appears to be headed to a very different, and likely much darker place.

In the United States, Donald Trump has shocked the world with his ascendency.

Upon investigation, the reason that large groups of people seem to believe in him, is that they are feeling insecure economically. More on that in a moment.

In Great Britain, last week the people voted to leave the European Union.

Again, just like with the U.S. example, when you dig deeper, the main reason you will uncover is economic.

Like the message from Trump, the fears being expressed were about “outsiders” and “immigrants” stealing their jobs and economic power.

It’s important to note that the United States and the United Kingdom are two of the countries that have recovered fairly decently, relatively speaking, from the 2008 global financial meltdown.

Most other countries have not quite done as well yet, and their economies are doing worst than the U.S. and U.K. economies.

The bottom line is that there are a couple of forces at work…

… and those two forces are, unfortunately, bringing with them significant upheaval, and…


… economic inequality…

…  and insecurity about the future.


What is causing this poverty, economic inequality and insecurity?

The changes – and widespread poverty – are being caused by two big and unstoppable forces:

1.  Globalization

Globalization is where someone in, say, America or Europe, as an example, who is accustomed to earning $25/hour to $40/hour…

... loses his/her job because it’s now very easy to give that job to someone in China or Vietnam who is willing to do the same job for $1/hour to 2/hour.

In the above example, if you live outside America, you might say, who cares what happens in America? You should care, because it WILL affect you too, as I’ll explain in a moment.

As the jobs move away rapidly, the people losing their jobs hardly have an opportunity to notice what’s happening, and have no time to retool / reeducate themselves.

The changes happen so fast that schools, governments and society have little ability to react, if at all.

Everyone is left feeling overwhelmed. And many are feeling angry.


2. Automation

Automation is where jobs are replaced by software, or robots.

This is happening around us very quickly. For example:

When Skype (with only a few hundred employees) is all that’s left of millions of jobs that once supported long distance telephone companies around the world….

Or when Walmart, using smart centralized “big data” wipes out millions of mom and pop shops…

… only to have Amazon do the same to Walmart...

Or when digital music, distributed over the web, decimates the entire global music industry…

… or e-books wipe out bookstores around the world…

… or millions of travel agents have been replaced by a few dozen travel websites…

… you get the picture.  Software and automation are wiping out jobs.

20 years ago, if you predicted these changes would happen this quickly, you would have been laughed out of the room.

But wait. It’s only about to get worse, as the pace accelerates.

The rate of change is increasing.

In the next few years, the effects of automation will be felt in even bigger ways.  Need an example?

Let’s take a look at the #1 most popular job in many countries around the world (the job that more people do than any other type of job)  -- the U.S. included: 

The number one type of job is driving a vehicle.  Truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers etc. 

As you probably know, self-driving automated (driver-less) cars are on the way.

Massive competition is underway between all the car companies in addition to the tech giants such as Google, Apple, Uber, etc.

In the next decade, most drivers will be replaced by self-driving vehicles.

In fact, it’s easy to predict that, soon after self-driving cars become the norm, in many/most parts of the world, it will slowly but surely become illegal for humans to drive a car on public roads….

…  because humans, unlike computers, don’t have hundreds or thousands of sensors like computers can have -- noticing every little movement on the road and talking to all other computerized vehicles in the vicinity at the same time.

It will simply be too dangerous to have humans driving on those same roads. 

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents is now the #1 leading cause of death for young people globally. 

Source: The World Health Organization

Road traffic injuries is the number 1 cause of adolescent deaths globally, and the second largest cause of illness and disability for them.

Humans will not be able to compete with the safety that automated cars can provide; so driving on most public roads will likely eventually become illegal around the world, in an attempt to drive down road traffic injuries and death.

If you look at most of the other top type of jobs, it’s getting easier to see the same pattern:

Most other jobs too, will be wiped out by automation.

It takes very little imagination to see that eventually most job, from doctors to waiters to teachers to factory workers….

… will be replaced by more efficient, harder working, cheaper and more effective software applications and robots.


Great wealth will be (and IS already being) generated

The companies that bring these technologies to the world will create massive wealth for their founders, major shareholders and a few key employees.

But for everyone else, these technologies will wipe out their jobs; they and their labor will simply no longer be needed.

The result will be unemployment like we have likely never, ever witnessed before – not even in the greatest of depressions.

In the past, when technology replaced workers, the workers eventually found new jobs.

For example, when new technology (such as tractors, fertilizer, etc.) pushed workers out of the farms, those folks moved on to all the new factories that new technology was enabling.

But this time, automation is coming to everything so quickly that the world will hardly be recognizable in just ten or so years.

Summary: Globalization and Automation are about to usher in a new era of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

The effects of widespread and sudden poverty

As if poverty wasn’t a big enough problem by itself, it (poverty) creates another massive problem -- a problem even more damaging than widespread poverty -- which we will discuss in an upcoming post.


In the meantime, we would all love to hear your thoughts

… on the effects of globalization and automation in your country….

… and related topics.


Please remember that, as discussed recently:
   1.  I will delete all unrelated comments; and that
   2.  Readers are NOT visiting this blog post to discuss any specific issues that you or your account are experiencing.

Please post your random and/or unrelated thoughts somewhre else, like in your own blog post, and reach out to your success coach to address any account-related issues.


Jo Byers

If you take it a step further we would no longer need cars because our work would be at home on the computer. Amazon will deliver groceries with drones to your house so you will not need to leave. We also have virtual vacations so you will not need to go to the hotels or to the beach get it right at home. So in essence our whole world would evolve and we as a people will gather via the computer or holographic device etc. Now are we ramping up to be in a good position by being active in Empowr? You bet.

42 months ago
Bouwa Dzeakou Alain Marcel

Yes We will have nothing to do apart from eating and sleeping the whole day... Vacation forever! We will not neeed money and farming, robots will do everything for us even voting will not be usefull. Robots will rule the country. For us here in Africa we do not want that to happend and that is why we need to pray and ask God to give us wisdom and understanding to build a world that reflects His will.

42 months ago
Idriss Adama Diaw

Is it the life people have been dreaming about? Economic, social, and family virtual life?

40 months ago
**Nick Mare** :-)

Thanks to Johnny Cash for their hard work and feasible invested in the development of this social network. This article I read a few years ago, but about FanBox.
The only thing I did not see in this blog, that means the name "empowr"

42 months ago
Personlab Yb

Полностью согласен с написанным выше... Давайте рассмотрим все на примере компании Amway. Компания которая дала людям лучший продукт с возможностью заработка и построения своей собственной организации, что сделало ее самой успешной и лучшей сетевой компанией в мире вот уже на протяжении 56 лет.
Что я предлагая, сделать маркетинг план... Продукт есть это платформа за которую мы все платим... 20 долларов которые мы получаем от приглашенных это не серьезно. Рассмотрите и разработайте вариант создание маркетинг плана и вознаграждения, на примере маркетинг плана Amway )

42 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

What else do you want ? )

42 months ago
Umair Siddique

Really explained it well, I have been following the Presidential blog posts and empowr for quite some years now, Although explained already but this is the perfect time to make hundred thousands of new people joining the empowr to give the precise idea by reminding why empowr is here and it is unique website of its own kind, they need not confuse it with some other fast money making websites. It's a long-term business and they need to care for the community and understand its essence of existence if they want to succeed here :)

42 months ago

Agreed, Umair. I am still learning everyday about this site and trying to get the hang of it, while making money, not losing. I feel like I am doing something wrong though, but I cant pin-point it. Idk...

35 months ago
Umair Siddique

Let me know if I can be of any help.
P.S Your Success coach is your biggest source of information so use it whenever you have questions :)

35 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Thank you, JC.
It is a very good analysis you made here, in this post. I agree with you even if the reality of our days is very black painted. But what is the place of empowr in this world of globalization and automation? I think that the answer is very clear: using these two tendences empowr is going to offer to his citizens new possibilities using the new technologies - the computing - to fight unemployment and the lack of job places - using a social network - all over the world! So, we are turning globalization and automation into new opportunities for empowr citizens!
This is why I joined fanbox / empowr and I stayed even if not always the things worked as I wished. Good luck, my friends!

42 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Chúc may mắn!
Cảm ơn bạn!

42 months ago
Sosanwo Tobi David

Nice one Angela, Please let me now how i can cash out of empowr. I just a month plus into the system. Kindly advice me. Best Regards!

37 months ago
Kayondo Mathias

All this is right technology is a good thing that is coming with challenges. But believe me not, from now on, whether globalization or not, each one of us is needed for sustainability. This issue of one county or one section of people becoming rich when others are becoming poorer is gonna end. When you look at the Sustainable Development Goals to be perused in the next 15 years, the world has come to believe that each and every nation should develop to achieve sustainable development. There is no way challenges like climate change are going to be mitigated without involving all. Challenges like the refuge crisis hitting Europe, are because of conflicts that could be stopped or reduced if rich countries had focused on social progress of the less privileged countries. The thinking of domination its self is not sustainable and those who think domination works, are those who cut the branch of a tree on which they are sitting and they are about to fall with it.

42 months ago
Bouwa Dzeakou Alain Marcel

Can Empowr become a solution for Globalisation and coming automation? If yes then I would like to know how.

42 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

I think Empowr would be a solution to provide opportunities to raise incomes around the world so if a member loses their job to automation and/or globalization but have been building their Empowr business for several months to the point that they can withdraw each month, they will still have income coming in to meet their needs.

42 months ago
John Francis

That is the standard

37 months ago
Ermes Monti

concordo pienamente con quanto scritto e sono anche convinto che le persone dovranno trovare lavori alternativi e penso che è quello che Empowr sta facendo quindi il futuro sarà Empowr o altre piattaforme simili questo è l'inizio del futuro, mi permetto di rispondere sulla notazione che molte persone non hanno ancora capito come funziona e che cos'è realmente Empowr e penso che il motivo principale sia che non è tradotto tutto e in particolare tutti i video sono solo in inglese e anche se oggi con la globalizzazione l'inglese dovrebbe essere alla portata di tutti in realtà non è così e anche se una persona ha studiato l'inglese la traduzione dei testi con parole tecniche specifiche diventa un problema e molti non ne comprendono il significato reale sò che è uno sforzo grande ma sarebbe ideale poter avere la traduzione perfetta in diverse lingue

42 months ago
Ermes Monti

I fully agree with what is written, and I am also convinced that people will have to find alternative work and I think that is what is so Empowr making the future will Empowr or other similar platforms this is the beginning of the future, let me answer the notation that many people have not yet understood how it works and what is really Empowr and i think the main reason is that it is not translated everything and in particular all the videos are in English only, and although today with globalization, English should be affordable all it really is not so, and even if a person has studied English translations of texts with specific technical words become a problem and many do not understand its real meaning I know that is a great effort but it would be ideal to have the perfect translation in different languages

42 months ago
Onih Idris

well explain keep it up

42 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...cam asa stau lucrurile,asta e crudul adevar.
Tehnologia de ultima clasa isi spune cuvantul lasand pe multi pe drumuri.
Pe moment nu e de bine ,in timp lung o sa-si demonstreze beneficiile.
In sfarsit se poate copia si traduce,multumesc.
Sper ca si in Empowr aceste noutati,sfaturi,tehnologii sa fie de bun augur.

42 months ago
Panagiotis Loumidis

Great post and meaningfull comments.
Let me add a few thoughts of mine. Globalizaton and automation are definately the 2 main factors for social and economic progress everywhere on the planet. So? We need to stop Globalization and Automation? Society progresses weather we like it or not. Globalization takes away opportunities from many in our countries and drives them to other countries. If workers in China would work for 20-40 $ per day instead of 1 or 2 there would be no need for a company to search for workers abroad. So maybe a solution would be for governments and countries to make an effort to raise people from a lower living quality level to a higher one. For instance this is why EU was created and that is why countries had to fullfill some minimum norms to enter. And now UK wants out. What a huge miistake. People around the world and not only in UK think they can do better themselves without the help of others. UK will suffer for their choice. In order to raise the living quality level of anyone there are two nessessary factors. Education and opportunity. This is where empowr comes in. It can offer both education and opportunity. Plus you can join from any part of the world. No discriminations. you can be black, yellow, white, red, green, smoker os not, whatever sexual orientation. This is freedom and democracy. This is why I love empowr.

42 months ago
Bouwa Dzeakou Alain Marcel

I still don't understand how Empowr can stop Globalization and Automation.

42 months ago
Martin Binnington

Bouwa, nobody is suggesting that empowr can or will stop globalization or automation.
What we need is a way for everybody to continue to be able to earn money to support themselves, their families and communities in the face of such global advances in technology.
empowr offers one such opportunity - you already know how to "do" social networking (Facebook has been teaching us this for the past decade); empowr has taken this a step further and "monetized" the opportunity (by turning 97% of ALL revenue generated back to the community, so that you can earn from your social networking activities).
By making provisions for the future, by seeing the advantages in current and developing technology, and by thinking of ways to utilize all of these things to the advantage of our growing community, we can build a better future for all!

42 months ago
Yuen Kin Lan

Yes Martin, I can't agree more with your comment that empowr is actually providing the link with opportunities to reach more people globally thus easing the problem of migration.

42 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

I am impressed how well you have put into words what is going through my head concerning the future. In my opinion it's not so much the loss of jobs, but the loss of income that is the biggest issue. Seeing around me, certainly in Holland but in the western world in general, that the pace of the rat-race is becoming more and more frantic, with addictions, stress related illnesses, burn-outs and other very unhealthy afflictions as a result, I have the feeling that for people in general a more tranquil life would be very beneficial. It's the financial side of affairs that desperately needs adjustment. I am under the impression that Empowr is gearing its efforts towards that.
But thanks for putting into words my thoughts so coherently.

42 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Very well explained! Thanks for this post Johnny. Many new citizens are joing the system but they are not sure whats the purpose of empowr.Other people think that its some place to become rich quick and so forth many cannot be patient but I belive that if many users or all users would be reading these presidential posts ,I think they would understand what empowr is all about..
Its a great opportunity which empowr offers and personally I have never come across a system like empowr.Its the best.

*Globolization and automization has brought loss of jobs in my country, many people are unemployed and this has somehow affected the whole economy,Forign exchange rates are high, taxes too. Things are becoming too expensive.

I think am benefiting a lot from empowr and I can't denie what I see ahead. I see greatness and a better future.

Thanks Johnny.

42 months ago
Richard Burger

That is very true they have been doing test at colleges since back in the 1980's on automation when I was going to them
and now we our even seeing the results world wide from them test on automation at Wal-Mart on check out lines
just to name one place and there doing other test like Jonny Cash is saying on Automatic Driving Cars and Trucks
and people was laughing back in the 1980's on Automation taking factory jobs but most of your cars built today is
done all by Automation. Point is that is why you need to learn how and work your empowr business and not just sit on it.

42 months ago
Marius B)

While we all transition into a world where social capital is much more important than money capital, the chances for a big time paradigm shift where never better. It is a dilemma, all can go down, or all can go up. You guys have created this site for us so we can dive into those babies of capitalism called sharing economy, collaborative communites, virtual economies, etc... where we spend our time on the more beautiful things in life and can have more time to raise our kids, take care for our health, enjoy more time with our friends and interests and commit ourselves more to the future of all our countries and give our then available time to help out in more and more important social work.

Take mine, Germany, while in all Europe populism is on the rise and people think that war or life 100 years ago was a black/white movie, a big ignorance for our future is produced by media, public speakers and enforced my interests with money and people who are just angry and scared. It is just that the media do not sufficiently promote what is really ahead of us. It is like the good things are left out. Lucky, where I live the people are more cosmopolitical yet still that doesn't matter when people are unsure of their own future and those we find everywhere.

When one studies the current developments in technology and our future as species with a scientific look at reality one knows this is the end game. By the last quarter of this century we will know if humans have had the ability to come together for their own and their neighbours' sake or not.

There are people every day getting smarter, working harder, using their time more and more selfless to become experts on all the developing fields that interest them (especially kids). They know we leave a ecological footprint with our actions, they with the right education, have all what it takes to work together locally and globally on the solutions that really matter. They already learn in global classrooms, in Africa from their smartphone can study in free US American Ivy league University online courses, they see technology like 3d printing and understand immediatly how powerful this can lead to sharing things to almost no costs with one another, including themselves in markets they create themselves and maybe all will be urban gardeners in smart cities, participating as matured citizens of a smart planet.

Perhaps the biggest unemployment is ahead, perhaps the biggest mass employment project begins transitioning around 300 million buildings in the European Union, office buildings, park garages, entire communities and neighbourhoods in self sustaining power houses that moves to a smarter world, trading energy with other countries that was produced at lower costs and can power a 3d printer that builds a self driving vehicle to much less costs or your smartphone in your pocket without needing fossile energies. Perhaps that all will be lateral and decentral organized and all future workers will work on these things from their homes with open source technology.
And then may be we can actually have a much better outlook. One who studies the future may be cautiously optimistic.

All that I see that happens on empowr, you guys, bring us all closer together and make us all better citizens of our own and prepare us for the future. I see it all in sync with all the good that is happening and I will write it all out in my PhD thesis.

In all it is a beautiful planet when you look at it from the stars, and it is our generation that has to make the difference for all times.

42 months ago
David Bruyland

I like your post . But i believe we'll find a way for everyone to maintain . This can't be the end !

42 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Very good points and I agree, jobs are becoming scarcer and especially for those who are un-educated. The windows of opportunity are closing rapidly for many. Truck drivers must know nowadays how to use computerized devices, my husband was stuck in his job at one third the pay as they did not require them. My son who is now mentally handicapped can not be even a simple grocery store stocker as he can not learn the complex devices required to scan and label. The world is changing rapidly, even simple field work that was available just a few years ago has now been automated. With empowr's new circle of trust, easy to use app and instructional videos, I have high hopes that even my son can someday learn, be financially independent and more importantly be introduced to a global community that will expand his knowledge and offer views of the world not available to him otherwise. With empowr, the future of our children is brightened immeasurably.

42 months ago
Bouwa Dzeakou Alain Marcel

That is good for you in america where you already have what it takes to be on Internet but in Africa more than 90% of the population is not yet connected and connot benefit from Empowr. Are we ready to help unprivilege be part?

42 months ago
Life Is Everything (faith)

I agree of what you shared. everything changes rapidly.Advance technologies gave us great changes but more on to those who can afford. Globally speaking,these new advance softwaresfrom advance technologies brought effect widely...not to count more years, possible that robots can slowly manipulate individuals. And here on empowr , generally, they put emphasis on global distribution and freedom to live naturally with alternative ideas on how to live yourself without trouble. Just have your gadget at home and be a part on empowr, relax and do the work. of course not to think of shortcuts to richess for if you do, empowr is not for you and me, needs education for a long term financial support in life. This kind of business is just like giving and taking relationship thus, unity is needed to embrace the world to equality. Thanks a lot JC for your endless support and other officials on empowr keeping all interested citizen moving forward ............

42 months ago
Kelly Baker

Hi JC.. Loving your blogs..
As I see it Democracy by definition means the government by people. That means that all the people should be able to have their say in one way or another in everything that affects their lives. Dictionaries usually say that this right can either be exercised directly (by all members of a community ( Empowr) having the possibility to enter personally, without mediators, their position on a particular issue into the decision making process - modern technology is able to provide this possibility for increasingly larger and larger communities), or through representatives (members of legislative bodies). This second arrangement is then called Representative Democracy.

So empowr is the community that is by the people for the people. Thank you

42 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

It is true that many changes are happening worldwide.
In Spain there is also much uncertainty about the future after the latter one vote. People vote for fear of course for economic reasons.

On the other hand. To help understand much better why EmPowr exist, I think it would help and FAQ translating some content into other languages.

42 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

My reply to this just got stuck from my other computer that freezes too often :) This is my second attempt.
Hi JC, thank you for this another interesting topic that everyone must be aware of what's happening to our economy globally. Yes, technology is awesome but on the other hand it wiped out millions of jobs and more to happen in the coming era with upcoming more greater technology that's scary at the same time as it replaces the manual job. Anywhere will be the same effect as every country are affected by the technology globally. With this being said thank God we're with Empowr giving us the opportunity to work at home or anywhere we are at our convenience. It is why, while we have the privilege to be with Empowr it's important to study/learn more our business with Empowr to have the opportunity to understand and earn more. Take the advantage to visit learning center ask our Success coaches on how to earn more but not being agitated/angry as we're all in the same page. Looking forward constructively will help us focus more, have happy atmosphere and have great earnings.
It's mentioned that Empowr is not a fast cash scheme business but a long term investment that gives us the opportunity to have an income in the future. While waiting patiently Empowr is not sleeping but always looking forward to give the best in store for all of us. Working together for a long term business will bring us success and hope this will be open to the public to have more fellow citizens join the boat and get helped before the worst scenario comes in the coming era.
Thank you again JC and to all the engineers and staffs behind the scene. Thank you Empowr. Can't wait for the new features and products to come.
Good day to all dear fellow citizens :)

42 months ago
Illi Mai

I agree with this Crispina!! I am very grateful that we have a business that can accessed anywhere!!

42 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Illi Mai :)

42 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

Im in Zimbabwe a third world country. Here in my country we have been revolving slowly in technology it will take years to reach were first world countries like America and Britain are today, but our problem is poverty. There are no jobs, factories are closing and those factories which are still functional are retrenching workers in large numbers leaving them jobless. Corruption is also fueling poverty, Heads of states, government officials are very corrupt and greedy they loot everything at the expense of poor people. The gape between rich and poor is very big, there is no middle class, is either you're very rich or very poor. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer everyday. Empowr has come at right time and is it a solution to these problems. Thank you guys.

42 months ago
Teri Ross

I am not sure if this will be discussed in another post, or is an extension of this one, but the reason we have not been able to reap the rewards of our hard work is CONSUMERISM, Taxation and Monopolies.
1. People are paying 100+/mo to watch TV. And half the channels you pay for are home shopping networks and infomercials ON TOP of the commercials that are already paying for the programming. People are being coerced into buying a lot of crap they don't even need, and products are made to guarantee your repeat business. (Light bulbs & batteries for example).
2. Taxes between the states can be astronomically different. And the economy is pushed by "Perceived Value" not actual values based on supply and demand. For example, a pack of cigarettes cost $3 in NC and $12 in NYC nit because of supply and demand but because of the amount of taxes imposed by the state. Another example, 100,000's of new cars are thrown in a trash heap every year to make room for the new year's Models. (I was married to a Dealership owner). They will not offer these cars at a much cheaper price, or donate them to needy individuals because it would effect the "Perceived Value".
3. Here in Florida citizens have 1(one) electric company. No competition and they charge whatever they can get away with. As a result electric bills average in the $100's/mo. In Maine there are several companies to choose from and electric bills average $20/mo. The truth is we could all be generating our own electricity for free.
4. Our stock market is manipulated. Government pays farmers to NOT grow food in order to control the market price of corn and pork bellies. They also manipulate the value of our money which is no longer worth the paper it's printed on.
Automation & Globalization should work in our favor, if all these other pressures were not placed on us. We no longer have to build our own houses or hunt for our food. We should be able to enjoy life and pursue our passions, like the Wright Bros and Tesla. I can only imagine how different our world would be if we actually allowed the dreamers to pursue their dreams. Instead of being turned into hamsters on the wheels of society.

42 months ago
Robert Wise

Interesting topic. According to you, Automation will replace ALL of us...right! AND, if it does so, then MOST of the populatio Will have to...PERISH!!! As you mentioned, only a few "key" individuals will be necessary for the NEW WORLD ORDER. EVERYONE else Will be outside their circle and totally expendable.
NOT even EMPOWR will survive as this requires "OUR" income to support it. According the the scenario above, MOST of us Will NOT have that income except that which "WE" produce through EMPOWR. The ONLY reason EMPOWR works today is that "WE" are working. Once "WE" have been replaced, EMPOWR too, Will cease to exist.
Sorry, but you paint a dismal "NO WIN" scenario of the future for the "common man!" AND, since you Will delete the following statement as it pertains to "faith" and God, you are no different than the ongoing forces here in America stripping it's citizens of their "unalienable" Right to FREE SPEECH!
You Will read this and that's enough for me. What really needs to be addressed is NOT the economic situation but, the lack of faith in Scripture. "WE" live on a Flat Earth which in turn, means that their IS a "Firmament" above separating "US" from Heaven. The question then becomes, not one of faith but, one of, "consciousness."
"MAN" is doomed to progress any further on this Earth, no matter how you "Cut it 'n Dice it!" IF "WE" are to progress, then "WE" must rise-up and accept the next level of consciousness. Accepting the FACTS of Flat Earth and the Firmament, is the first step as it makes "US" aware of a "Being" and/or "Beings" much more intelligent than us as "they" created us.
Having been made and/or created in their image, "WE" have a purpose and it is NOT to perish, it is to "rise-up" or be "risen-up!"
Take Care and God Bless!
btw...I AM working this program to create a new income for myself, so I do believe in this system...so far.

42 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Tehnologia ,automatizarea,un cuvint simplu Robot ,o masinarie care este proiectata de om cu un scop de a usura munca omului ,de a face mai multe lucruri ,deci a fost facuta pentru un ajutor drept dar a sfirsit prin a face rau omenirii ,lasindui muritori de foame ,lasand tari intregi fara apa potabile.Apropo de ce nu face o masinarie apa potabila acolo unde nu este?sau modificat genetic boabele de porumb si in zona unde a crescut acel porumb au murit albinele ,deci acest lucru cum se numeste ?tehnologie sau greseala cu victime colaterale? cine va plati productia agricola carre -daca omoara albinele pe noi credeti ca incet dar sigur nu ne va termina,sau poate asta se doreste sa murim in masa .Tehnologia distruge ceea ce trebuia sa ajute, la fel ca si traducerea google este tot o tehnologie dar sincer ce traducere ,daca dupa doua traduceri incerci sa vezi ce ai scris este foarte departe de ceea ce ai vrut sa spui ,sper sa nu fie o operatie facuta pe un corp deschis precum traducerea de tehnologie ,ca acel om este mort direct
As dori ca aici sa nu fie la fel sa reziste toti cei ce pot lupta ,munci,ajuta corect ca doar nu suntem robotii ,ingineri care dupa cate stim sunt oameni adevarati care lupta pentru a inbunatati si a ajuta lumea care vrea sa lucreze cinstit aici

Tehnology, automatizing, a simple word, Robot, a machine that is proiected by human with the goal to easy the work of a man, to do more things, it was made for help but it ended by hurting humanity,leaving the people starving, leaving hole countries without water. By the way, why don't a machine make water where isn't? The corn grains weregenetic modifiedand in the place where that corn grew, the bees died so how's named that thing? Tehnology or mistake with colateral victims? Who will pay the agricol production that if it kills the bees, at us what do you think will do? Do you think that slowly and sure it WON'T kill us, or the wish is that we die in mass. The tehnology destroy what it need to help, just like Goodgle Translate, is again a tehnology but sincerly... What translate?! If you after two translations try to understand what you wrote and you see is very far of what you tried to say... I hope there isn't an operation made on an open corpse like the translate by tehnology, 'cause that human is instant dead.

I wish that here isn't like it, for all to rezist that can fight, work, help right but we aren't robots, the engineer that after what we know are true people that fight to upgrade and to help the world that want to work right, here... Thank you

It was translated by my grandson.

42 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

Hello JC ,
I think you are addressing the point that Empowr is reply to google and apple from which we the Founder citizens will get benefit.That's what Point of Empowr and it is really needed.

42 months ago
Bob Poster

Yes you can see jobs disappearing as we speak. In the USA tax accountants are not needed anymore because of websites like TurboTax and TaxAct. Also to in the food industry pizza will be delivered by drones in the near future. So it is not just high paying jobs being automated. Look at phone operations. A lot of companies use automation for that now. I could go on and on but you get the point. Your job can be automated by software or a robot or some new tech. Change is inevitable and it is coming! Thanks for the great post JC. This is why we need empowr.

42 months ago
Illi Mai

So true Bob!! TurboTax even does a better job with people's taxes than a live human can!!

42 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

On my part, if I could put some brake to automation then I will. There should be a balance between the software or machines and the people. It would not be healthy for the people, to sit down and stressing out with the computer works. This is use today through banking. You cannot able to go into some bank to cash a check or to get some money. It should be through ATM or through mobile phones. We can able to pay by our phone no. Even paying the bus is now through mobile, you just let the driver see your mobile if the ticket is activate. Even the post office are very view open since there is what we call a digipost. We can even handle our food through internet and it will be deliver through your door. Even in the gasoline station. You have to DIY and pay through the machine. Cash wash can be one of the example too.

I can feel the effect of globalization. Though I migrated in Norway too but my salary is as good as the Norwegian standard salary but since there are many people from other country who wants to come and work in Norway, it is not so easy to get a job since the requirement starts to be demanding which is not that strict before. With globalization, there is some sort of ineffectivity because of the language barriers. Education is a must and yes privatism and capitalism is created since, there should be more company to engage in, to produce more work and a lower salary and yes the tax is high since there are a lot of services and security that need to feed in.

42 months ago
Derek Hawkins

Thanks for reminding us all of why empowr is needed. It forces us to be more selfless. I am proud to be a member of this community and will do my part to create an environment where citizens around the world will be able to withstand the impact of Globalization and Automation on unemployment, poverty and inequality.

42 months ago
Illi Mai

I agree and totally feel the same way. We need to practice the attitude of gratitude!

42 months ago
Mishelle Bookout

I have been in IT for 20+ years. I have been watching these very things happen and you're right - if you had said 20 years ago that any of this would happen and happen so fast, you would have been laughed at. It's a scary prospect unless you see it and switch your thinking from traditional to new.

42 months ago
Adriano Munyi Thomas

Thanks God because everything that has been written is coming true. Daniel was told to relax for the end will comes when the Technology will increase. Now everything in due time all things are gonna be automatic and the Gospel will be preached digitally as a witness to all, the everything will come to an end. I wanna say thanks for Empowr system that makes the poor to eradicate poverty thru their system that's makes us move from one level to another.Automation will make things easier and perfect, accuracy, faster, systematically and that will makes everyone to share better opportunities together and lovely and that is the fruits of Empowr. Thanks for Empower.God bless you.

42 months ago
Gene Aasen

Hello JC and blog contributors,
I am a Baby Boomer and relatively new to empowr so still learning the ropes but really like the concept and this discussion. Many great comments. As I see it, one of the consequences that has emerged from the technology revolution is the concentration of not only wealth, but great power and control over others, into the hands of relatively few. I personally have no problem with anyone accumulating great wealth through their own efforts. However, I do have a problem in how the great power and control over others is exercised by some individuals.

Take Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook fiasco. Zuckerberg has an incredibly successful and influential business. He talks a good game but as we have come to find out he's a liar and has misrepresented his product by controlling what should be a free exchange of information and ideas and censoring what get's put out to suite his own personal agenda. I really don"t have a problem with him controlling the information because it's his company. But be transparent about it and stop lying to the Facebook users. Then they can decide if that's the kind of company and platform they want to participate in.

Politicians obviously are another great example of the abuse of power and control. They, in their political position contribute absolutely $0 to the economy. They are purely takers and high priced re-distributors of other peoples money. Rather than doing this task in the best interests of the people they represent, they have over time manipulated the system and the media to do what benefits themselves and their friends. The most disturbing thing to me is it seems that "lying to their constituents and violating their oath of office" has become part of their job description and apparently accepted by we the people! Where are the consequences for these behaviors and crimes?

On the upside, as you pointed out, things are changing so quickly and at an accelerated pace that people like Zuckerberg and the Politicians don't have time to bury and hide their transgressions so they are getting exposed more often. I do not think that my examples above are unique or the result of the technology revolution. They have been going on forever. The difference today is that because of the internet and social platforms, more people are becoming aware worldwide. Thus the evolution of the Trump phenomena.

To me the bottom line to all this is we need to emphasize, promote, and believe in "doing the right thing" for the benefit of not just ourselves, but of other's. That appears to be a core value of empowr which is part of why it is so appealing.

As we move forward, I would like to add one more thing. Be "openminded" and try to accept the concepts that there is more grey area in the world than black or white, sometimes the majority can be wrong, and there is great dynamic synergistic power and energy that, as of yet can't be measured, when like minded individuals work together towards a common goal. If each of us made a positive difference in just 2 peoples lives and taught them to do the same thing, we would change the world.

Hopefully the empowr platform will be the tool we needed toget the job done.

42 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

In the real life, we fight for a job. Many people do not help each other do not teach his colleague to work better because they wish to be the best to have a chance to keep his work at the first reorganization.
On empowr is different! on the contrary! Here we do all our best to help and to share our knowledge! Other citizens success will be our success. We are happy when we see one who was invited by us is successful and we are happy when more and more citizens join to this site :) We are not afraid that somebody will have our place!
So empowr is an opportunity for everybody from the whole world and when the globalization and technique will swallow many jobs all who are here will have a chance and if they build their business they will have no reason to afraid for what will be tomorrow.
Thanks JC for this post and hope many citizens will understand better what’s the point of empowr.

42 months ago
Kristiadi Kristiadi

Yes...very good. Empowr is the best!

35 months ago
Dilshad Abraiz


28 months ago
Seshadri Sreenivasan

Interesting message. I am overawed by the wonderful comments my fellow citizens have shared. All I have to say is that jingoism never succeeds. It is a sure step to doom in today's shrinking world. We must go global or perish. We must innovate or perish. we must reinvent ourselves or perish. No one can work in isolation and hope to better the living standards of their own countrymen. Amen!

42 months ago