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Part 2:  empowr -  is there really any need?

Thanks everyone for your incredibly relevant and thoughful comments in our last discussion, where we started to discuss what the point of empowr is, and if there really is a need.

In that post, as a reminder, we discussed how the two forces of Globalization, and Automation, have started wiping out jobs...

... sowing the seeds of discontent in the masses...

... and that the worst of it is still coming, as automation is about to hit every convceivable industry.

The result is poverty, and inequality, and insecurity about the future like perhaps we have never seen before.


And as if poverty and inequality on a widescale basis weren't bad enough by themselves, what they would bring with them, is the topic of our next discussion. I promise to be brief.

Poverty and inequality attract dictators and fascism

History has shown again and again, that when a large enough percentage of the people suddenly feel insecure and fearful for their income, they become vulnerable to a certain type of leader.

While there are often many nuances and subtleties to the game, its basic progression almost always follows five basic steps:

Step One:
Poverty and inequality create an undemocratic state in which the bottom segments of a society don’t control enough wealth to provide for themselves, and they wield little to no political power and influence so they cannot hope to affect any structural changes to the system they live under. This situation creates enough desperation and anger among everyday people that they become much more vulnerable to the lure of any political system other than the one that’s making their lives so miserable.

Step Two:
A new, often charismatic leader connects with the poor and disenfranchised masses, convincing them that he truly feels their pain. Sometimes, this may even be true, as a number of dictators have started out from the lower classes, themselves. In any case, after the new leader convinces enough people that he understands how they feel, he gives them a target for their hate. Another group of people, another country, an ideology—it doesn’t really matter what it is, just so long as he can make an even mildly convincing argument that the target is the cause of most of the society’s ills.

Does this sound familiar to you? Is there anything going on in your country, right now, that resembles the above?

Step Three: The leader takes power. This could be through an election or through some kind of revolution. The method of how our soon-to-be dictator rises to power isn’t as important as what he does once he gets there.

Step Four: Once in power, our budding dictator starts squashing all dissenting voices both outside of his own organization and within it. Think media censorship, purges, attacking any other voices, and in olden times the government takeover of all forms of mass communication.

Step Five:  The lack of free speech, and environment of fear, lead to a paralyzed state, incapable of addressing any of the important issues. That leads to more economic destruction, leading to even more poverty; a downward spiral of the worst kind.

Just think Cuba’s Fidel Castro...

... German’s Hitler...

... Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, or

... North Korea’s Dear Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un (a new title just awarded to him yesterday).  


The pattern and end results are unmistakable; history repeats itself so perfectly.

At some point, an even worst leader might find a way to rise up. And the cycle repeats itself again.

And in the process, a country's democratic institutions -- that may have taken decades and probably centuries to generate...

... and likely massive hardship, revolutions and bloodshed to earn...

... are thrown to the wayside like yesterday's newspapers.

It may take decades, or longer, to get them back, if ever.

Just ask many of our fellow empowrian friends from Eastern Europe about the hardships they and their families faced in the last century, and how hard it was to finally get the democratic reforms that were a requirement if their economic conditions were to improve.

I definitely do not intend to make this an American-centric post, nor do I have any intention of bringing politics into this discussion, but I simply thought the following is a relvant quote for this discussion:

Part 2:  empowr -  is there really any need?“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”


In summary: Poverty and inequality, especially when they happen rapidly...

       .... in this case via the forces of globalizations and automation...

... attract horrible leaders.


The expected result should be an erosion of the institutions of democracy, which in most cases took centuries to build. 

And sadly, much of the research and statistics on this topic are pointing to the idea that the erosion of democracy has not just already started but is gaining what many are calling unstoppable momentum.


Next, we'll discuss a possible solution.


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Valentin Beşliu

...sa nu zica careva ca acest site vine si cu rezolvarea acestor probleme cu care ne confruntam !
Sunt pe picior de plecare,revin...

41 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Alta e menirea acestui site ! altele sunt problemele ce ne framanta ! nu putem noi schimba firul evenimentelor !
Iata un raspuns..."autorizat" !
Stephen Hawking, dezvăluiri incredibile despre evoluția roboților. Cel mai mare savant din lume avertizează: "Ne vor ucide pe toți"
Se pot transforma mașinăriile în iadul omenirii? Răspunsul este unul afirmat. Stephen Hawking, cel mai mare savant din lume crede că roboții ar putea evolua în mod autonom, reprezentând o amenințare pentru întreaga omenire.
"Nu cred că avansarea în inteligența artificială va fi neapărat benefică", a declarat Stephen Hawking, în cadrul unui festival științific. El consideră că această evoluție ar putea aduce sfârșitul rasei umane, scrie metro.co.uk.
"Odată ce vor atinge stagiul critic de a fi capabili să evolueze singuri, noi nu vom putea prezice dacă scopurile lor vor fi aceleași cu ale noastre. Inteligența artificală are potențialul de a evolua mai rapid decât rasa umană.", a mai declarat savantul. ( joi,30 iunie,2016 !)
Lucrurile vor evolua cu sau fara voia noastra !
Aspept noutati pentru acest site,de celelalte sunt altii care se ocupa !

40 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Yes,true. Here in the Philippines, many of us are unemployed and I asm worrying too much for my kids future that's why I am trying to do my best abilities to excel on empowr because I know I will hasrvest all the best fruits for almodt 5 yrs being on empowr...
God bless us all

41 months ago
Bob Poster

Yes I agree with you, Amada! We do live in a poor country but if the money was based on the gold reserves the Philippines would be the richest country in the world from what I have read. empowr is the answer though.

41 months ago
Richard Burger

You have to keep focus on what you want and willing to learn something new to stay above your competitors,
it has happen a few times over my life time so far at age 53. We just seen the biggest great depression in
United States history because there is more people around today then back in the 1930's. But we can learn
to change and I feel gas prices is what cause the problem and then there is the network effect and people has
to be willing to buy and support each other to keep it from happening . Because the network effect can start
at the bottom and work its way up if you don't watch it like the gas prices cause the mom and pops stores
to go out because they couldn't afford the prices for shipping and it work its way up to like companies like
Kmart just to name one.

41 months ago
Ben Shirida Da'aja

Competition is a very good market, but this also can be harmful for both either the customers or the companies itself if there is no rules to control the market.

Like if a company start anti-competitive practice and one stops them, many other companies will leave the market and they will lose a lot, and there customer also will lose more.
=(( like EMPOWR here, if they are not reading the market well, and they find out there are other companies who gives the same things with low prices(below the cost) they will leave Empowr and after a cerntain time Epowr will be without customers and it will close down.))=

Also if there is no one to stop a company from using the cross subsidy to force its customer to buy something they don’t need included in a service or product called as an essential for them, this is not good for them as an extra expense.
=(( As you are giving me a service that is essential in this site but you are charging me more because of including other service that I don’t need, this seems as taking more tax from me for nothing, which means my profit from this service is very low.))=

Also a company is like an authority when they charge new taxes without explaining the reasons many companies will leave the market and the revenue of the authority will go down, which it means loss, so the prices should be affordable to the customers to keep it going for both.
Wish you all the best

41 months ago
Samuel Ameyaw

As the two forces of Globalization, and Automation hit every conceivable industry and marches on wiping out jobs, How do we position ourselves as a people and a community to avert/avoid the poverty, inequality, and insecurity about the future likely to hit all nations and communities?

With large sections of societies everywhere currently feeling insecure and fearful for their income, how does mankind avoid dictators and fascism?

There is a widening income gap between the rich and the poor. The 85 richest people on earth today have more money than the bottom half of the entire world's population. These own the same wealth as 3.5 billion people on earth. What is The “secret” the wealthy use to amass their fortunes, and can we all do the same at least to be economically free without any resentments, upheavals and revolutions?

What democratic and economic principles will save us? Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy, Social Democracy or What?
Should our education system and its financing be reformed? -as there is a rising student loan debt owned by many jobless people. What is the likely cause of the rising socialist movement of young unemployed graduates in the US behind Bernie Sanders?

With our current financial system, it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to achieve financial freedom. Should we continue to do the same things over and over again without any good results or resent the establishment? Should we begin to seek education only when it positions us to either to create, produce or provide best selling/needed products and services?

41 months ago
Samuel Ameyaw

I get your point, Waqar Ahmed. With this, we might succeed in spreading wealth.

40 months ago
Ninja Model

I agree compettion plays a vital role, and it eventually leads to customer satisfaction.
I want empower to eradicte this unanimity of online websited like facebook, twitter, youtube..
I want the empower to do some changes and it should add a few social netwroking options as many people here are interested in knowing the culture and nature of people from different countries..
I myself is eager to oknow people from various parts of the world..
on the other hand it can eleiminate poverty and inequality in the parts of world where it is in prominent phase..

41 months ago
Prashant Bajpai

What is the conclusion of this discussion......
Will empower comes to an end !!?
Will it be closed?

41 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Sadly to say that when issues arise like poverty, inequality or any related matter that happens globally or even from the basic community, people in power or some people who aren't even in power are taking advantage of the situation controls people's lives/emotions thus, making the situation even worse. It's diffificult to have our lives in someone or technologies control and must own our choice to control our own lives to be out of poverty and equality. And this is why we chose to have Empowr be part of our lives who can help us out of such situation. But Empowr needs the Community who understands the reason why Empowr exist. It's important to study or learn more about Empowr on how to have the strategies to better our relationship and work together for our success. It's always a 2 way process to have a win win situation. We need Empowr and so Empowr needs us, it is why synergy or working together with one goal leads to a great success for everyone and will be strong enough not to be pulled down by any negativity.
Thank you JC for this beautiful topic again for awareness. Thank you Empowr with the staffs and to all my fellow citizens.

41 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

I totally agree with you Crispina Palopalo

40 months ago
Keisha J

unemployment is the at its highest peak globally which leads poverty.empowr helps indivuals come together as community where some of these problems can b e alleviated

41 months ago
Bouwa Dzeakou Alain Marcel

Dans la plupart des pays africains les gens vivent avec 100$ par mois. Supposons qu'ils aient accès à Internet là où ils se trouvent. Combien serait prêt à dépenser 20$ dans Empowr? Voilà le type de question que nous devrions nous poser parce que Empowr, je le crois est pour de telles personnes. C'est aussi cela la démocratie.

41 months ago
Bouwa Dzeakou Alain Marcel

Poverty in the world is not at the same level in every country. What you call poverty in Swizeland may be called wealth in Cameroon. So what will be the social level base to agree upon in Empowr?

40 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it - George Santayana
... So, we are waiting to see the solutions provided by empowr to help its citizens (so many cultures, races, ages ...) having a better life and future for themselves and for their families.
Thank you, JC. Best regards!

40 months ago
Teri Ross

A dictating entity only needs to do 2 things to control the masses. Feed them and entertain them.....

I agree with everything you have said here. But how do we get the SHEEPLE to wake up and see what's really happening to them? As long as the Government controls the food (thru Monsanto) and continues to entertain with sports and ridiculously stupid TV programs.

Also, the creating an 'enemy' not only comes in the form of causing hatred between people, but also includes 'epidemics' (like the swine flu scare) and soon they will introduce 'alien invasions' as fear tactics to create a single world government. As you say, history repeats itself... even when the majority know the history and just sits back and watches it unfold again. I am eager to fully understand how Empowr hopes to close the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'.

40 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

It´s so scary to think about the future specially on how to make it better. There were be many people have to suffer and have to die for it, hope things will not be the same here. Since we have leaders and Success Coaches. Hope most of them are here to help and won't abuse their rights and potentials like what we had on the real world. Thanks for the awakening post JC.

40 months ago
Carlos Guerra

It is the global need; and we need these changes; It is urgent but we must start by changing our inside me.

40 months ago
Val Sherban

Thanks for the post. I just finished reading it and now I'm going to read every single comment. I have to be honest I don't like this approach. And even if you said you're not intending to get into politics, you just did it.
I am totally shocked about the poor quality of leadership here. I love both the mission and objective of empowr. Even if the objective itself is one of the very few things that scares me. I can "feel the fear and do it anyway".

But what I noticed unfortunately is that we are simply resisting to a system and so we are actually feeding it with our energy.
We should focus on changing our thinking. None of us should need a job. What is that?

Is empowr a job offering platform? I'm afraid that is partially true.
I am a leader and a leader never let anybody push him/her from behind. That's what empowr did to me and almost lost me as a participant into the game. We don't have to take things too serious. Life is a game. I recommend you all read this book "The Game of Life" by Florence Scovel Shinn.

By the way "Leaders are always readers". What we need is more leaders Johnny, not more jobs.
There's a huge need of leaders now, more than ever, People that you are talking about are like dinosaurs, they will disappear soon, so let's shift our focus on improving ourselves. There's a huge lack of education inside empowr, I felt it in my short experience as a Success Coach. "What empowr calls Success Coach" is actually a supervisor with some technical skills related to "the system". And "that's all! Didn't I tell you it's going to be easy?". A Success Coach should have great leadership.

I will stop here and I will also share my solution for empowr obvious problem in a future comment/post. That problem is not focusing on the right target. Our focus should be on improving leadership, not judging others by the same old perception. Patterns are everywhere. If we look in nature, we can easily observe that people tend to group around a leader. A positive leader will always have the advantage of working with nature itself as his or her partner. Nature never makes mistakes. It's law. Every time a negative leader is raising, that things happens, just because the positive leader wasn't doing his/her "job". Maybe is fear that paralyzed that leader. What are we defending here?

Much love and appreciation,
Val Sherban

40 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Lăstar se repeta SPUS Istoria dupa onu Timp, cca Doar se suntem si evoluaza lumea de îngrijire în Nu CEI real Timpul cunoastem trecutul decit de istorie DIN paginile ce Sau CEEA sa se ​​stie.Noi TREBUIE am Avut dictator, Ceausescu am trait, si muncit supravietuit timpului , copii erau crescuti in respect si de frica si noi cca dumnezeu de altfelsi sincer de DACA ITI vedeai viata ta era bine ,, munca totul, casa, familie seara ERAI Nu mai obosit nimic vroiai, de miine aveai Siguranței, ca copii tai fac stiai o scoala si se vor angaja ,, acum Nui dictator Dar sa distrus Nici tot democratie pentru o fi de piata cumparare, ne si cu taie padurile acordul Nostru, Nu mai AVEM irigatii, Nu de protectie inundtii, si asta Nu DIN si cauza dictaturii NOASTRE dIN cauza dictaturii externe.
Aici , în empowr Este o Altfel de democratie Vrem o UNIRE Intre Popoare cu ingrijirea sa muncim sa colaboram, ar trebui sa fim precum o familie mare Unita Oameni maturii Dar cu timpul cu ar trebui sa ne gindim cum am Reclamatia a sa ne integram in si familia this familie adevarata, copii, nepoti, pentru ai ,, stimula un le chiar noi achita la Pinei taxele ,, pentru un majorat Avea ani Peste onu pas in viata in scoala Sau .la LEF cum Superioara Sau sa se ​​facut Faca comunitatile si familiile Gasi o DACA RAS PortiŃa pentru ... merci..................

ACEST LUCRU Ei bine , a spus istorie se repetă, timp după, doar că lumea evoluează și noi , care astăzi nu știu trecutul doar din paginile de istorie booksor doar ceea ce este necesar sa să fie cunoscută. Am avut un dictator, Ceaușescu, am trăit, a lucrat și a supraviețuit în timp, Childs au fost crescute cu respect si frica de Dumnezeu, ca noi, și onest dacă ai văzut din viața ta tot ceea ce erau fine, munca, casa, familie, nopți ați fost epuizate, n - ai vrut nimic, ai avut seiful de maine, ai știut că erau la dumneavoastră childs școală și ei vor fi angajați, acum nu este chiar dictator , dar nici democrația, totul au fost distruse pentru a fi de cumpărare pe piață, au tăiat pădurile noastre și cu noastre permisiune, nu avem, nu de protecție a irigații de inundații, și nu pentru că dictare noastră, ci de dictarea exterior. Aici , pe empowr este un alt tip de democrație dorim să fim uni între popoare cu noi poate să lucreze, colaborati, ar trebui să fie ca o mare familie unită, oameni maturi, dar cu timpul ar trebui să ne gândim cum am putea integra în această familie, iar familia adevărată: copii, nepoti, pentru a le stimula, într - adevăr plata impozitelor pana la împlinirea vârstei legale , să aibă peste ani , un pas în viață sau în școală superioară. La fel ca și modul în care s - au făcut comunitățile să se facă o familie în cazul în care s - au găsit o ușă pentru chestia aia ... Vă mulțumesc.

40 months ago
Seshadri Sreenivasan

Wow! This is getting interesting. Especially the reaction and some comments of the well meaning fellow citizens.

40 months ago
Jonathan Vasquez

that's why we all need to work together in this economy to enable opportunity around the world !
thanks JC for this blog that remind us what is the enemy empowr is fighting against poverty, inequality and authoritarianism.

40 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

We need EMPOWR to LIFT UP humanity as if globalization and automation is concern.

40 months ago
Ismay Leerdam

Even though I wish it was not true, I have to admit that all ( and more )is like you put it . Hope we can make a difference together, thanks .

40 months ago
Abd Elmanam

Why you said
Socialist experiments of the dictatorship just like (Custer _ etc etc.
It did not give the likes of capitalism, which made poverty
Who is making hunger and poverty is capitalism
Why did not you tell us one example of capitalism that created wars and conflicts
For the arms trade and trade in oil etc. etc.
My friend (must be fair in order to be fair case

40 months ago
GeoffGeoff Lyon

A very lucid and accurate insight into how despots rise to power, and if you think it's not able to happen in civilized countries take some time out to read and understand D Trump's rhetoric and the motives behind that rhetoric.. Also take a look at his historical behaviour in regards to the way he has acted in the past, and his mindset.. A great way to do this it to access his TV reality show called "You're Fired" that once aired around the channels..

40 months ago
Aurora Cruz-Schertel

Hi JC,
More than a couple of years ago,Globalization was a breaking news in Germany.Rumors spread out in the town where I live.Our community Hospital,which is a government Institution,is going to be privatized.However,our Governor those time called for conferences among the Prominents to prohibits that this will happen.It was successful then.It is still under government.
Innovation and Automation: Our Administrator sent all of us ,group by group,to seminars to study and to learn new developments and the so called "Electro Data Processing".

There is a need for EMPWR.


40 months ago
Chris Eyen Jnr

Today is the best time to fight and win democracy. History will not forgive us, if we refuse to fight and win.
Get up 'Toghether, We win.'

40 months ago
Mishelle Bookout

JC, these very insights you're offering in the last two blog posts are indeed a scary thought that has been crossing my mind for some time. Especially with the current state of political affairs here in America. The rise of social media and the need for instant information, instead of unbiased accurate information, has given rise to a plethora of people who no longer know or understand what is truly happening to them. Oddly enough, it's the young generation - the Millenials - who seem to be giving the most thought to the process, but are basing their opinions on often false or misleading information. They are well informed, but not with the right information. And they are out to make a difference in the world. The people of my generation - Generation X - who have lived 40+ years and have acquired life experience have given up any hope of making changes and fall victim to the barrage of memes that are based on someone's opinions and not on fact.

It's a scary, volatile time we are facing within the next year. It's better to be on the evolving end of it than stuck in old ways of thinking. I really appreciate your insights, but they also scare the living crap out of me!

40 months ago

A synopsis of this this should be translated and posted in various languages.

40 months ago
Mulele Benoit


40 months ago