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New features (prepare for war)

Hi everyone,

In the coming days, a number of important new features will be announced.

In order for you to understand the “WHY?” behind these new initiatives, today we’ll be discussing them from a high level perspective.

To be extra clear: We will go deep into a discussion of the new features soon, in separate blog posts.

Today, our objective is to help you understand:

      -- the reasons behind these new initiatives, and
 -- how these new initiatives are meant to work together.

The Situation

Unfortunately, as reported to you 6 weeks ago some bad people have been cheating, and using bots, to create an unfair advantage for themselves.

Their basic tactic is brute force: Posting and sharing thousands of times – even tens of thousands of times -- per day.

The result is that you have been earning less from posting and ad campaigns than you should have been.

Also, you have been receiving smaller cash outs than you should have been.


Everyone’s earnings (and cash outs) come from the same pool of money, so when someone cheats, their actions are costing you.

The bottom line is that these people have been stealing from you.


The Solutions

Since the post on the topic 6 weeks ago, the empowr engineers have been working on solutions to the problem…

… to ensure that cheaters can no longer steal your money.

The solutions to combat cheaters that we’ll discuss today fall into four (4) categories:

A.  Process for removing cheaters, after creating maximum pain and frustration for them

B.  Identifying cheaters

C.  Taking away the advantage that cheaters have over legitimate citizens

D.  Ensuring cheaters cannot cash out

Let’s get started.


A.  Removing cheaters

As reported 6 weeks ago, empowr has been deleting cheaters.

But more importantly, it has mostly been quietly marking such users for deletion.

As you may know by now, when someone is caught cheating, empowr often does not delete his or her account immediately.

Instead, it lets them continue to work hard (sometimes for weeks or even months) before deleting their accounts, to create maximum hardship and frustration for them.

So if you notice that all-of-a-sudden someone is deleted, that is usually the reason why.

Many cheaters have already been removed; and many others have been marked for deletion and will be gone soon.

The next time some person suggests some ways for you to use bots or cheat, I suggest you say:

“No Thanks, I’d like to use empowr stress-free… without having to worry that my account will be deleted at any time without warning. And I like being honest and not cheating others”.


B.  Reporting cheaters, scammers and spammers

         Let’s pull all our resources together to fight cheaters.

By coming together in this fight, we can and will eliminate every last one of them.

1.  So, the next time you see someone that is acting like a bot, report them.

In another post, I will show you the new functionality for reporting various types of posts and comments.

Not sure if they are a bot?

That’s OK! Just report them and we’ll take a look.

By the way: Reports are TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL.  They will never know that you reported them.

         Also, please report: 

         2.  All Get-Rich-Quick schemes.

See anyone promoting a multi-level marketing, affiliate program or any other money-making schemes. 

Report them!

Not sure if something is a get-rich-quick scheme?

         That’s OK – report it, and we’ll take a look.

3.  Spammers

Is someone posting garbage everywhere?

Report them!

Or are they sending unwanted personal messages (emails) to your inbox?

Be sure to report them by clicking “Report spam” from the inbox message. 

Remember, your reports are totally confidential – they will never know that you reported them.


C.  Taking away the main advantage that cheaters enjoy

Very soon, I will be announcing monthly (and daily) limits on posting, sharing, listing products and bidding.

Having such limits in place creates an even playing field between legitimate citizens (I’ll call them human) and cheaters (let’s call them bots).

In fact, this approach will create an advantage for humans, who are smarter than bots and can use their limited posts, shares, listings and bids in a smarter way.

For example, with limits on how many times you can comment each day, all of a sudden the bot – which can only leave dumb, unrelated (to the post) comments such as “Nice post” – is left at a disadvantage.

Humans, on the other hands, can leave smart comments that actually relate to the post.

Trusted relationships (which are the main asset you’re building in empowr – more on that topic soon) form much more quickly between people that appear to care, and take the time to acknowledge, each other’s posts.

Humans can also do much better at posting.

The bottom line is that bots can only do quantity better than humans can…

but not quality.

And it’s the quality posts that get the most shares, views and earnings.

Important question:

As a result of Limits, will the size of your earnings or cash outs go down?

The answer is:

Definitely NOT!

Your earnings and cash outs (on average for the same activities) will go up! That’s the most important objective of this Limits feature.

Remember that on any day, the amount of earnings that go out to empowr citizens, is the same, whether everyone (on average) post and share 10 items -- or 1,000 items.

But since the bots have an unfair advantage -- in that they are posting and sharing thousands (and some even tens of thousands of times per day) -- they are receiving the lion’s share of earnings and cash outs.

So, as a result of Limits (which are placed on all accounts – those of both bots and real humans) the advantage (quantity) that cheaters and bots enjoy are taken away from them…

... and therefore real humans will now receive MORE earnings and cash outs --- not less -- and that is the precise reason for launching Limits.


Again, given that repetition is the mother of success:

The pool of earnings and cash outs that go out to everyone is the same…

… regardless of whether there are limits or not…

… so blocking the single advantage that bots have – posting and sharing at high quantities daily – is the best way to absolutely ensure that we take away the motivation of cheaters using bots…

… and now the advantage will return to the legitimate empowr citizens, like you.


And finally, by having daily limits, other good things are enabled:

Your quality of life

By having a daily limit, you can do your work on empowr, then leave empowr – without worrying -- to enjoy the other aspects of life!

You no longer have to spend all day on empowr – in order to compete with bots (and with people that act like bots)…

… and that makes this new Limits feature even more attractive.


Daily goals

Virtually all of the most successful people say that a secret to their success is having daily goals.

Well, another way of looking at daily limits, is that they allow you to set daily goals!

May I suggest that your daily goal should be to simply utilize all of your daily limits!

Now, you can have a daily goal, and when you’re done, relax and enjoy everything else in your life – knowing that you did everything you could for your success on empowr.



For many years now, many of you have been asking for badges.

Badges are symbols of achievement that are posted for everyone to see at the top of your profile.

empowr is hoping to (finally) bring you badges, and we’ll start off by awarding them to people who hit their daily goal for 2 days in a row… 3 days in a row… 4 days in a row… and so on and so forth.

Bonus:  Don’t tell them I said so, because it’s not official yet, but empowr’s finance team has been working on the ability to provide surge earnings -- as awards for the achievement of these badges. 

You’ve been telling us that badges will make your time on empowr a lot more fun…

… and we’re sorry that they have taken so long to get to production.

But hopefully this month (July 2016) will be the month you’ve been waiting for. Stay tuned!

Oh, one more thing:

As your power level goes up, so will your monthly and daily limits. 



D.  Blocking cheaters from cashing out

From empowr’s analysis, they have discovered quite a number of signatures (patterns) that many cheaters share with each other.

Here are just three (3) of them:

1.  Cheaters mostly live at the bottom power levels:


Because it’s harder for a cheater to work their way up the power levels, than to simply create new accounts each time they’re discovered.

Cheaters are hesitant to work hard or pay for power user subscriptions, because they know that empowr is lurking in the background…

… waiting for them to work up their way up the power levels, so that at a future date and time of empowr’s choosing, possibly long after the cheater has been identified, empowr can delete their accounts.

Therefore, cheaters are always creating new accounts, and they generally hang out at the bottom power levels.

But wait!

Just because someone is in a bottom power level, that doesn’t mean they are a cheater!

Of course EVERY new citizen starts at a low power level. Didn’t you?

So let’s not judge someone as a cheater just because they are at a low power level!


2.  Cheaters mostly leave useless, unrelated comments, such as “Nice post”, “Like”, “Fan me and I’ll fan you back”.

Need I say more?

They’re easy to identify because they can only do quantity – not quality.

Cheaters leave garbage all over the community, with no care or respect for anyone other than themselves, or for the community that you’ve worked hard to build.


3.  And finally, cheaters have mostly been stealing your cash outs via Early Cash Outs – not Matured Cash Outs – since they almost never make it to day 90 without being busted.

         As a result, empowr will be phasing out Early Cash Outs.

Instead, empowr will push the same funds to you, by accelerating some of your earnings (in essence, magically make them 90-day matured) at the end of each month.

By eliminating early cash outs, and by blocking cheaters, of course you can expect larger cash outs at the end of each month.

Have you noticed this (accelerated matured cash outs) happening – very quietly – over the last few months?

IE: Did you notice (anytime in the last 3 or 4 months) that – all of a sudden, on the last day of the month -- you magically had matured cash outs…

… when the math didn’t really suggest that you would have matured earnings when you checked your empowr balance only one day before that?

This was because empowr has been quietly testing this new fraud-busting approach.

By phasing out Early Cash Outs and, instead, pushing all cash to everyone via accelerated and regular Matured Cash Outs…

… most of the fraud being committed by cheaters can be blocked…

… so now almost ALL of the cash can go to legitimate citizens, not fraudsters!

The end result is more cash for the honest and legitimate empowr citizens.



Want tips for maximizing your accelerated matured cash outs?

To maximize your benefit from these “magically accelerated” matured cash outs, you’ll want to:

1.  Get off the bottom power levels

Quickly work your way up from the bottom level power levels.

Remember, the bottom levels are where the fraudsters live, so accelerated matured cash outs to folks at the bottom power levels will generally be small or non-existent.

2.  Get current on ad platform fees

If you are not current on your ad platform fees – that’s absolutely OK! 

You are still eligible for matured cash outs, as always. You just likely won’t notice any accelerated matured cash outs at the end of the month.

So just work your way up to higher levels, pay off your ad platform fees, and start enjoying accelerated matured cash outs, along with regular matured cash outs.

3.   Be at the highest power level that you’ve ever achieved

empowr wants you to be very successful, so to encourage those that are motivated to get to the highest success level possible…

… it will be accelerating the maturity of your profits, if your earnings accelerator is on.

Not sure if your earnings accelerator is ON?

Simply press “Optimize” and it will be turned on; or visit your power user settings and turn it on from there.

4.  Maximize your earnings and profits

Your accelerated matured cash outs go up as:

·      your power level goes up, and

·      your profits go up.

So, what’s the best way to maximize your profits?

Sell and sponsor products

People that are generating the most profits from selling (and sponsoring) products…

… will notice that they are receiving the most accelerated matured cash outs.


Another benefit of accelerated matured cash outs:

And finally, by accelerating matured cash outs, one of the concerns that some citizens have had, is solved.

Specifically, virtually everyone loves managed ad campaigns because of the extra earnings and profits it gives them.

But some people mention that, although managed ad campaigns give them more earnings and profits now, it can also push their ability to complete a matured cash out into the future…

… because of how matured cash outs are calculated:  Profits that have FULLY (90 day) matured minus ALL utilized ad credits and unpaid fees.

That means that, now, with accelerated matured cash outs, you can “have your cake AND eat it too”:

With managed ad campaigns, you maximize your earnings and profits…

… and now you can still get matured cash outs too…

… because empowr will be driving your fair share of cash outs to you each month…

… by accelerating some of your profits regardless of their maturity level.

Remember, empowr’s stated goal is to push back 97% of revenues that come into empowr, back out to empowr citizens.


Want more earnings and profits from managed ad campaigns?

1.  Post daily

You earn much more from your managed ad campaigns on the days you post, than you do on the days that you don’t post

2.   Keep increasing your power level

The higher your power level, the more you can earn with your managed ad campaigns.


And that’s it.

By working together to identify and remove cheaters

kill their only advantage (quantity, not quality)

... and block their cash outs

 I assure you that together we will rapidly win this war.

And winning the war against cheaters is something we must do…

… if empowr and its mission are to succeed.


And in the process, we will also benefit from:

·      larger earnings and cash outs, since thieves will no longer be stealing from you

·      less work daily

·      higher quality of life

·      daily goals

·      badges and awards for their achievement

·      accelerated matured cash outs

·      and a community with much less scammers, spammers, and garbage comments being left all over your posts and the site


Thanks for listening.

Stay tuned for more details on these new features in the coming days and weeks.

 Any questions? Please ask – and empowr representatives will do their best to answer any questions that are relevant to this post.



Ilya Berezkin

It is just awesome! I am very glad to know that all bots are going to be removed! I already cashed out yesterday my accelerated matured cash out , thank you empowr team and go ahead! :-)

41 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Glad to hear that you're happy, Ilya!

39 months ago
King Harris

Nice! Empowr just keeps improving

41 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks, King!

39 months ago
Carlos Guerra

That good job !, congratulations to everyone because we help so many people have a better quality of life !!!

41 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks for your support!

39 months ago
Mhel P.

Sounds good!With these new feature,I can give more attentions to my kids and my family at the same time with empowr. Thank's empowr.

41 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...in sfarsit trisorii au fost indentificati,n-ar strica sa vedem o lista cu ei ! (cu ceva vreme in urma pe fanbox vazusem cateva profile care avansau vertiginos,desi aveau 3- 5 luni vechime ) !!!
Ce e acea" insigna " data blogurilor:)....astept de mult acesta schimbare : calitate nu cantitate !( si comentarii fara acel mereu prezent copy/paste !)
Desi postarile au fost limitate la 10 sunt unii care dau like fara numar ,inchid cercul dupa care te determina la vizite,fara a cumpara ceva de la tine !.!E mare decalajul intre acel numar de 10 limitat si numarul de like date !
Cred ca ar fi de bun augur ca blogurile cumparate,sponsorizate sa fie comementate de cumparator (asa e si normal sa vezi pe ce dai banii) uneori merita,alteori nu !
Voi reveni si cu alte intrebari,nedumeriri,multumesc pentru noutati.

41 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Sounds great, you are not boring after all JC. "Do you remember that I´m a kiddo sometime?"
Love to hear that Empowr are filtering the humans and the bots – do you prefer this word web robots?
I´m so excited to hear more about the magical accelerated matured cash out instead of early cash out. It´s been awhile I haven´t done my cash out since I´m investing more on my power level to rich the top level and I´m also happy that Empowr care for the life outside Empowr, the family and welfare, that makes us human again – less work daily and higher quality of life.
I do agree about the comments, since everyone wants to reach more loop to close, they usually write nice and like, better to click like if you have nothing else to write.

Got a question JC, since it´s become random now that many share some post links on status update. Is it valid since it is a post link from inside Empowr?

41 months ago

Good question Katherine
Some SCs say legal, and some say illegal.. Got confused!!!

41 months ago
May Ram

Hi both, Typically, only YouTube Videos that are appropriate are the only link allow to post in the status update. It seemed harmless to post an empowr blog post link. But personally, it is nothing more than spamming. When you published a blog it will appear on your profile, and if anyone visit your profile, can see the visible part, and they can decide if they are interested in reading more. If the post is from other people, you can repost, like or/and comment, it is the way to be a model citizen.

41 months ago

Thank you May, your point of view is respectable

41 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hi Johnny,

I agree with all plans going up to give more credit to citizens who are helping our community. We are just waiting for all coming -" Breaking News" and announcements :)

41 months ago

fico feliz pela Empowr está sempre tentando melhorar cada dia mais e fico triste porque muitas pessoas usam de formas erradas tentando fraudar o sistema, mas acho que pessoas assim não crescem. Um grande abraço e sucesso a todos!

41 months ago
Mgarcia40 Milagros

I am delighted that put tough on these people that all they want is to damage the good works of honest citizens who work to try to earn extra money. EmPowr Thanks.

41 months ago
Deborah Rolon

No more having to spend hours and hours trying to keep up, my kids will be so happy!
More time to read and enjoy too without having to just like, like, like to keep up with standards set by bots. Wonderful news!
Empowr has always been a happy place to come dream, develop a better future for my kids by building my business here, enjoy the best articles in the world and take my armchair vacations through the beautiful photos, so glad to hear you are cleaning up the garbage! Nice to see you back JC.

41 months ago
Debbie Nicholson

thank you Empowr for giving us all a better chance on here than we have all previously enjoyed and I agree with all comments made here so no sense in repeating them all.

41 months ago
Personlab Yb

Друг я не знаю английский, а если я пишу комменты под постами на Русском то там появляются вопросительные знаки )) я пишу комменты конечно тупые но я пишу там где мне нравится ))) Ты уж конечно извини Друг :D

41 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Me parece una noticia muy buena, yo este mes he notado cosas muy raras, tanto en mis estadísticas como en los ingresos y no entendía bien por qué. Espero que todo vaya volviendo a la normalidad.
Muchas gracias por todo lo que se está haciendo para hacer esta red mucho más segura y social :D

41 months ago
Teri Ross

This is wonderful!!! One of the social networks I use encourages us to DOWNvote and Flag offensive or spammy content. The result is that we have a wonderful community that helps each other reach payout each month via P2P sharing on the platform. I think this will work well here on Empowr also.

In regards to the afore mentioned social media that I am a member of.... I wonder if it's OK for me to promote such platforms. They are not get rich schemes, or MLM's, they are social networks who also want to give the majority of the profits back to us, the users.... TSŪ is like FB with Pay. Rabadaba is like Twitter with Pay..... and I see Empowr as the new LinkedIn with Pay... I would love to share these EARNING platforms with Empowr citizens, but I do not want to be flagged and banned for it. Are sites like these OK to promote, or should I keep it to myself so as to not be kicked off of Empowr?

41 months ago

This post should be translated into various languages due to it's importance for the community!

41 months ago
Janys P

I agree with this view. Also I not speak English. With translators understand. Good experience for me as well as six years of attempts to succeed and make money on the internet. A lot to learn yet. However, multi-language version of relevant information to welcome. I think I speak for a lot of people from many countries and cultures.

41 months ago

Great!!!! Only thing I would change on all of this is I would not wait to rise frustrations of anyone, but simply kick thieves out ASAP.

41 months ago
Jo Byers

I agree because while you are waiting to kick them out they are siphoning away the earnings.

41 months ago
Janys P

I agree with this view, sorting progress faster. You can contribute to increasing reports of spam, irrelevance of koment, rules violations

41 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

It's a good NEWS FOR US ALL...and am happy to hear it. that we have matured cash out every end of the month. than the early cash out. But how to minimize uploading or posting ..that sometimes if i do not upload many pictures or on the status my GAUGE got down and got less earnings. Really good if we have LIMITS also. Thank you EMPOWR. for the good NEWS.

41 months ago
Lina Tanase

I love hard working, smart, honest people so I couldn't be happier knowing that honest work is fairly rewarded.
These are great improvements. empowr`s economy must grow through honest, hard working people. I have always believed in this strategy of being a high-level Power User and this is what I have tried to teach my clients.
Work, tenacity, and perseverance are always rewarded.
Thank you, JC!:)

41 months ago
Mostafa Mohamed

wow, sounds good. very happy to hear that, and wait to find it success and community get built more with humans and quality :)
Thanks Empowr !

41 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Last days I feel that cheater do not let me to stay at 100% on the circle of trust gauge . Before my circle of trust gauge always was staying at 100% . No it cant . I increase it , but after some hours I see it gonde to lower again . it seems some cheaters using bots to increase their circle of trust .

41 months ago

These new features are welcome. It is time for all those who try to cheat to be eliminated, but I think that should be warned first, and if you continue with cheating to be removed.
In terms of quality and quantity of posts, although very often was explained that all posts are limited to 10 (or a corresponding number P.U.) many have not understood this.
I personally expect the quality and number of posts to be respected, because the truth is that I tired to spend many hours on the site, thus neglecting family and other daily activities.
having a daily limit, we can do your work on empowr, and then leave empowr , without worrying and we can enjoy the other aspects of life!
This feature will make it more enjoyable, stay on empowr and work here.
Thanks empowr teams, who working hard. to bring a ray of hope and prosperity to each user.

41 months ago
Tania St. Iv

Very needed measures indeed. Totally agree and support the daily/weekly/monthly limits. I must admit I've set up such limits or goals for myself since I joined empowr. It just feels healthy :)). Good to know that the leadership is on the same wavelength. Thank you! :)

41 months ago
Mazzie Lafa

Can I also suggest a limit for the amount of circles of trust to close. Seems to take up more time than its supposed to and closing the same circles all the time.
Also once the circles are closed that loop is closed and no need to go back

41 months ago
Umair Siddique

Nailed it empowr team and Jonny :) Everyone is so happy to read this announcement :) It's a win-win for everyone except the cheaters :) I've been reporting messages daily as a spam and sending messages to people, asking them to stop cheating whenever I find garbage comments and see people spamming. Now with the fear and all these measures, the quality of the posts, circle of trust and empowr as a whole will increase. Hats off to all the empowr team :) Lots of love from my side <3

41 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Empowr is once more doing it's best for the well being of its members. It's a good thing that cheaters will finally be out of empowr and that honest people can do their work comfortably.
Personally I find that it is great to have daily limits. It's just quite annoying to see profiles with more than 25 or more posts daily in their news feed when the maximum posts are 10 without counting the blogs. It's surely due to the fact that we must post frequently.
Concerning cash outs it's really great news. I have noticed for the accelerated matured cash out this morning and used them to pay back some of my ad credits :-).
Thanks for all these great news!

41 months ago
Anna P

We have to work together in reporting all these cheaters, spammers and scammers.
Its time for "humans" to take action and remove all bots forever.
I like the daily limits feature for posting, commenting, listing products, bidding etc, as we will have free time to spend with our family.
My daughter will be very happy playing Wii together after I complete my goal on Empowr :) How cool is that? :)

Thank you JC and Empowr Team for making our work here much easier!

41 months ago
Kashif Imtiaz

Great post JC we love you. sure we help you to get out of cheaters.

41 months ago
Life Is Everything (faith)

Sounds so good. New features are coming and is all for the good of everyone . Washing out and cleaning unwanted grasses and planting new trees that can bear good fruits is what matters. And this community , the empowr group is once a tree that bears fruits of good citizen but now lots of bad citizen tries to steel the best fruits , and because of this, I'm happy that Empowr leaders put an eye on those cheaters/stealers. Also, happy to know that limits on posting , listings and other more be implemented too. I almost spend more hours, make lots of listings and I'm only more than 3 month but still no cash out yet. But I believe still coming since I'm confident , Empowr is United. Thanks a lot JC for your concern and support for us.

41 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Empowr is once more doing it's best for the well being of its members. It's a good thing that cheaters will finally be out of empowr and that honest people can do their work comfortably.
Personally I find that it is great to have daily limits. It's just quite annoying to see profiles with more than 25 or more posts daily in their news feed when the maximum posts are 10 without counting the blogs. It's surely due to the fact that we must post frequently.
Concerning cash outs it's really great news. I have noticed for the accelerated matured cash out this morning and used them to pay back some of my ad credits :-).
Thanks for all these great news!

41 months ago
Regan Jeya Antony

Though it is still very long article, i loved it because of those new advancements. I like them all especially posting limits and accelerated matured cash outs. Simply awesome. Please take into account just this small request. I have been working for 4-5 hours daily reading through all posts from all citizens and liking them but there are more inactive accounts and i hope they will never turn back (as old as 1 year or so) is there any possibility removing them??? and both in app as well as web, next profile should bring the citizen with most required shares so it would be easier for us to move on (it should be generated based on every login/day) and the left button should bring a new citizen so as to widen our circles. It would be awesome if such options do exist and of course a filter option in People I Trust page so we can see all opened loops and take immediate action on them... Thanks for this announcement and awaiting for it...enjoying empowr

41 months ago