Part 5: empowr – is there really any need?

Hello my fellow empowrians!

I cannot thank you enough for your investment of time and energy into this blog series – resulting in so many incredible ideas and perspectives. We have learned so much and your views are rapidly changing the company’s priorities; all for the better.

Today I’d like to discuss how empowr is categorizing your feedback…

… and how we’re thinking about prioritizing the work of the empowr engineers, as a result of your guidance and ideas. 


First, for those just joining the conversation and for all of us who could use a brief refresher:

A summary of the discussion thus far:

1.              First, we discussed that, as a result of globalization and automation, jobs are disappearing -- and this trend is gaining momentum and creating unhappiness all around the globe.

a.              Just take a look at the incredible populace upheavals happening in the political arena, almost simultaneously, here in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Scandinavia or likely your own country.

2. Second, we discussed that history teaches us that when people lose their jobs in big numbers, dictators, strongmen and fascists seem attractive as leaders...

… and the result can and will be an erosion of the democratic institutions that took centuries, bloodshed and sacrifice to achieve.

3.  Third, we then discussed that empowr has been developed to improve your economics (as opposed to simply social interaction); has been provided as a solution for billions of people (IE: not providing jobs but providing a platform for self-empowerment); doesn’t accept investor capital so profits can always flow to citizens; and is democratic (which is “the worst system for governance except for all the rest” to put it in Churchill’s words).

4.  And finally, we discussed the Network Effect, a concept which explains that, in the end, there will only be one company doing what empowr is attempting to do; and it will almost certainly be the first one to reach a critical mass of users – much like today it is virtually impossible to compete with Google for search, Facebook, eBay or YouTube for what they offer.

We concluded that:

 Given the incredible amount of money sitting in the bank accounts of venture capitalists – looking for ideas to copy in order to generate profits for themselves…

it is truly now or never for you, I and all empowrians to capitalize on all our hard work, sacrifices and inventions

… otherwise we will be surpassed before we have the opportunity to fully exploit the network effect.

(Which means some other company will exploit the network effect and achieve a critical mass first, and without doubt, that company will be organized to maximize profits for its shareholders; not the people – meaning it will only add to the global problems discussed earlier).


To be clear, empowr IS growing rapidly – today it’s the 5,475th largest site on the Web (up from site 20,000 at the beginning of this year) according to Amazon’s Alexa service:

                 Part 5: empowr – is there really any need?

A shared goal for empowrians

I believe that, for empowr to have very good odds of being the first to exploit the network effect and block Wall Street or venture-funded competitors from dominating this market empowr needs to become:

A.  A top 1,000 global site by the end of this year (2016), and

B.   A top 100 global site within one year (before Q3 of 2017), and

C.  A top 10 global site within 18 months (before the end of 2017).

To accomplish that, together we need to move incredibly fast.

empowr has limited resources

In the last posts you provided so many incredible insights and ideas through your comments, and each of them has been discussed and logged.

But which of your ideas should empowr focus on, first? 

Like what happens at all companies, of all the thousands of things we would like to accomplish, empowr only has the ability to do a small number each month.

Our trick, together, is to be incredibly thoughtful and methodical about what we choose to do…

... including the order with which we do them.


We have very carefully read and discussed ALL your feedback.

If there was one concept that you brought up the most, it was:

It’s all about the economy.
Definition of “Economy”: The means of production, distribution and consumptions of products and services.

In other words, according to your comments, it’s the marketplace that matters the most.

So, as a result of all your feedback, the empowr staff are becoming more confident that we must focus virtually all of our engineering resources on growing the empowr marketplace.


We need more of your feedback, please.

In order to get more feedback from the community, I believe we should break up the next discussions into sub-categories, as you can see below.

                  In that manner, we can gather your feedback in each topic, and sort/prioritize that feedback.

                  The ultimate goal is to use our collective intelligence (what’s that?) ( to ensure we’re moving on the right things as quickly as possible.

Our next steps are to:

1.  Ensure we have the right categories
2.  Get the best of your ideas within each category
          NOTE: I will create a post for each category, to solicit your ideas and guidance
3.  Together, prioritize (sort) the ideas within each category
4.   The product and engineering teams will then move as quickly as possible to bring those ideas to life
5.  Launch, then come back to you for more feedback

So, the questions for today, are: 

Are the below (A-I) the right categories? What’s missing?


A.   Defining success:  How to measure our economy
If you can’t measure it, with each new “improvement” you won’t know if you’re failing or succeeding.

B.  Stabilize current marketplace features
Identify and fix all bugs and issues

C.  Growing the quantity of products and services
Growing the economy means growing the supply of quality products and services

D.  Bringing a critical mass of buyer and sellers to the marketplace
Bringing more people to the empowr marketplace

E.  Growing the productivity of each marketplace participant
More people in the economy is one objective. But helping each of them become more productive, should be another objective

F.  Growing the knowledge of marketplace participants
Economies are complicated. We must continually improve at educating our newest citizens

G.  Marketplace security
As we’ve learned, in every society/economy there are a few bad seeds. We will always stay one step ahead of them

H.  Further improving marketplace product and tools
We need to continually improve our feature set to maximize the ease and speed of use, ease of learning and security  

I.   Ensuring the marketplace is accessible to all
There are still a number of countries and a large number of people that cannot fully benefit from empowr



Before we get going, please help us understand:

Are the above (A-I) categories the right ones? Are we missing any categories?


Please don’t post comments about other topics, as I will need to delete them to keep this post readable:

If your post is about a specific topic A-I, please wait for that post, and leave your thoughts and ideas there

If you think another topic should be added to A-I, specifically about how to grow the marketplace, please let us know below.

   1.  I will delete all unrelated comments; and that
   2.  Readers are NOT visiting this blog post to discuss any specific issues that you or your account are experiencing.

Please post your random and/or unrelated thoughts somewhere else, like in your own blog post, and reach out to your success coach to address any account-related issues.


Edwin Edwards

Hello Johnny,

Thanks for this great post. It's the best post about the market place that I have ever read. The (A-1) categories you have listed are exactly what we need and personally I see that there is nothing missing. With these improvements and coming features there is no doubt the a greater future and success is ahead of us.

Once again, Thanks

13 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks Johnny. We really need this ( A-1 Category) to make sure success.

13 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I think you pretty well covered it. Using the marketplace as a tool will further the economic growth and will quickly lead to empowr becoming a top global site. Everybody loves to shop! That is the factor that I think we have been missing. I believe once the marketplace has been re-vamped and more user friendly, sharing our listings to social media would create some amazing results.

13 months ago
Marsha Sortino

I'd say what is missing is a practice or pseudo marketplace with some pseudo products for the newbies or for any of us who are not sure what to do and what takes place after we bid or purchase something. I do not know if that is possible but perhaps that might get the new people going, if they could have some fun practicing first. Show them how getting their products into the marketplace as well as sponsoring, etc helps us all. You might even create some some marketplace situations to avoid and why we want to avoid them (explanations). Economics is not easy until they can see how it works and the overall effects. Also why not have a pay it forward system in place for these newer countries that cannot fully benefit yet. I do not know what these countries or people would need to fully benefit though. Just a thought.

13 months ago
Katherine (nl Citizen)

Hello JC, we should suppose to consider to lessen the maturation of earnings from the products in order to attain the - C Growing the quantity of the quality products, because not everyone has enough money for a capital to produce a quality goods. Just like me as an example, I would love to sell more, that I can guarantee as long as I can roll up my capital.

13 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Hello EmPowr team
The categorization of products and subcategorization would be perfect since for ahem. clothing and accessories, there is a subcategorization as: coats, dresses, blouses, pants, lingerie, underwear, handbags, shoes, accessories (scarves, fulart etc).
Also I ask you to take into account the bad sellers who give imnecesario work SC and buyers and frustrate the hopes of buyers, eliminating its sales, making visible and possible to assess seller who does not meet the delivery as though you put a dispute you can not judge, because you have to wait for the refund and most of the time expires rate seller. Thanks for sharing the changes that are going to be doing. a greeting

Hola equipo Empowr
La categorizacion de los productos y la subcategorizacion estaria perfecto ya que por ejem. ropa y complementos , haya una subcategorizacion como :abrigos , vestidos , blusas, pantalones, lenceria, ropa interior, bolsos , zapatos, complementos (pañuelos , fulart etc) .
Tambien le pido que tengan en cuentas los malos vendedores que dan trabajo imnecesario a SC y compradores y frustran las ilusiones de los compradores, eliminando sus ventas, hacer visible y posible la valoracion de vendedor que no cumple con los envios ya que aunque pongas una disputa no puedes valorar, ya que has de esperar al rembolso y la mayoria de las veces expira la calificacion al vendedor. Gracias por hacernos participes de los cambios que se van a ir haciendo . Un saludo

13 months ago
Grace Dagsi

I agree Ms. Yolanda.

13 months ago
Johnson Ugo Daniel

Great job JC! I think the A - I categories are spot on. If these are all addressed, there will be very little left. Concerning the countries that are having issues with payment channels and platforms , I will advise we explore more general payment options like bitcoins. Cheers.

13 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Cảm ơn ban, mong được thấy một danh sách (A-1) của bạn trong thời gian tới.
Một thị trường Empowr phát triển sẽ thật tuyệt cho mọi công dân!

13 months ago
Gene Aasen

Terrific Post JC. I also like what Congresswoman Katherine touched on. At this point in time, outside of Empowr we live in a world that runs more on a 30 day cycle rather than a 90 day. Consideration might be given to shorten up the maturation of earnings from product sales.
One other concept that occurred to me is the power and motivation drawn from competition as a team member rather than only being an individual citizen. As has been brought out, we all have individual strengths, talents and interests. In building a car, for example, some people are good at designing, some are good at welding, some are good at electrical etc. It is a lot more difficult and requires a lot more resources for these people to contribute to the economy on an individual basis and not many cars would be produced. However, when they come together as a team, their ability to produce something of value for the economy is increased exponentially.
Now introduce other groups with the same interests and the element of competition enters. If a team is rewarded in some way for producing a better product for the marketplace, they become motivated to keep producing and improving.
I know as individuals we are building trust with other individuals to share our photos, updates and products or services (like a distribution network). But what if their were a way to bring like minded people together on the production side to benefit as a group from purchases made of their product in the marketplace.

13 months ago
Johnny Cash

I'm a big believer in the (team) idea you are communicating, Gene. Our communities, which give the ability to have multiple people involved, with different powers and rights, is the first step in that direction. A lot more is needed. Looking forward to more of your ideas.

12 months ago
Romeo Duchesne

Thanks JC for your input and on how Empowr and also members responsibility.
A. It's a plus to measure the economy, thus you can pursue more goals. Have a personal graph on each personal member. Meters are nice, but not accurate because of bugs etc. at least not for me??
B. Yes, fixing bugs are so important, before moving on. Been on Empowr since March. I love Empowr, but I see so many bugs still not corrected on my page. I don't even show on the Leader Board for Canada. as an example. Some Circles do not close when I purchase products etc. Not complaining, I have learn that Patience is a virtue, in anything one achieves! The list goes on, and I am sure that bugs will be fixed. I saw the video on how Empowr came to be. So if older members can be patience, so can I
C It would be exciting to bring new products to the Market Place. It will of course go to the geographical area of our members, as to get our products that we purchased.
D. I like the idea of no referral link, and to get more people to Empowr. Perhaps have a Empowr Market Place such as E Bay and Amazon as example to Empowr format. If people are interested, then they can join. Their could be do many ideas on that matter.
E. Goals..Goals...Goals... Perhaps have more videos on how to make blogs, etc. Like basics. New people especially if no Marketing experience, have no clue on how to do effective blogs. Or how to achieve goals.
F. That would be the biggest improvement. To teach new members. Economies should not be complicated. Be up front, and let it's members know, it takes work, and this is by no way a Fast Money Scheme, such as those, that I see now and then being promoted by other members etc. Empowr can be very rewarding, as long as you put an effort.
G. The bad seeds, and yes, how to report them. I see some of the members, having products on there page, of which they didn't buy at all, and supplied by other members for there on agenda. How to report sexuality and HYIP front and back and load programs that are ponzi schemes and the list goes on.
H. I'm happy thus far with the speed. Empowr is quite sophisticated, and everything needs improvement, that for sure. Security is so, so important, especially for withdrawals and payments we need to do to be able to grow our accounts on Empowr. Perhaps also have another way of withdrawals, ex: Debit Cards.
I. It's always a plus to enlarge the Empowr World, although some countries, depending on government, where Democracy is still a freedom that is not available. Challenges are always there.
My point and my opinion is just a trickle to the many talented individuals on Empowr.
"Leaders recognize the hidden qualities that bring about success, and focus on the "special-nest" of their people."
"Inside qualities" are the most important than "outside qualities."
IMPORTANT: My opinion, is to fix the bugs before going on. It's not easy to change a tire on a car going at 60 MPH. I do congratulate Empowr though for the effort, and doing the best they can! I amazed though, since I joined Empowr this pass March, on how things are improving!

13 months ago
Johnny Cash

Very good points, Romeo. All have been noted!!!

12 months ago
WiFi Yi Tong 伊瞳

Boarding Pass, tnx a lot for ur succinct points!! Enjoy reading them. :-)

11 months ago
Yuriy Baragin

JC друг сделай пожалуйста так чтобы при покупке физического товара на ранке, деньги которые человек заплатил за товар, сразу отображались на вывод, а не чтобы они падали мне в общий баланс и я не ждал 3 месяца, пока я смогу их вывести...
Это не правильно когда я за свои деньги должен отправить человеку товар, человек оплатил, я их вывел и отправил товар, если в течении указанного времени товар не пришел человеку, то деньги списываются с баланса продавца покупателю как неустойка...

13 months ago
Richard Burger

Yes I am glade the economy is growing here and the marketplace is the blood of Empowr
and security is the most important part to keep hackers out like china hackers association,
We have to focus on the economy by getting people to join and providing the products in the
marketplace to make sales. They need to fix the problem with the read more it isn't working right
when people do premium blogs and both Empowr and the seller is losing when Empowr isn't getting
there fee from each sale and the seller isn't selling anything because people is getting it free still
when it should take them to a pay button unless they already paid for it. Then your see the sales
even grow more than they are presently.

13 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi JC first of all I am happy to see the goals of Empowr up to goal C "top 10 " am pretty sure this is reachable as Empowr is working so hard and giving importance to the community's opinion too working as a synergy. Really glad to be part of Empowr with great leaders, engineers and staffs
The categories are awesome and at this time would like to give some feedback on category B. Stabilize current marketplace features - Identify and fix all bugs and issues.
My comment is --> I think this is really great. Is this category shows us all the bugs and issues resolved?
H. Further improving marketplace product and tools -
We need to continually improve our feature set to maximize the ease and speed of use, ease of learning and security
My comment here is about the product categories. If we can makes a smaller or make some sub categories to easily find the product/s we're looking for. Like for ex. the health and beauty products has so much of pages to scroll and take so much time to see what we're looking for. Or I ma not be aware the shortest way that we already have :) If so, I need to check with my beautiful SC May. I may continue here like in health and beauty categories if we can sub categorize it as follows for example
health: categorized as home remedies, weight management, vitamins and supplements and so on and so forth. For beauty products: may be categorized as fragrances, hair care and styling, make up, nail care, skin care, shaving and hair removal and so on and so forth. And much better if we can categorize it to men and women section too to easily more accessible. Also if search for a certain product, if it can direct us to which category it falls will be much better. This way our products can be seen right away.
This is for now :) Thank you JC and to all behind the scene.
Hi to all :)

13 months ago
Kelly Baker

Hi JC,
Thanks bunches for being here to listen to our opinions. I have been with empower since March, I see there has been multiple changes since then. I feel the growth is great ! But really how much growth is there? There is a major flaw some where.

Just need to let you know because it is causing many people including myself not to cash out.
When I first created my account, it will ask for log in name.... payapal account.. Now when you have a different log in name and different paypal account ... When both are put into the system it IS creating 2 for your login e-mail and one for paypal e-mail.. Like myself most people have at least 2 different paypal accounts.. When cashing out on your phone it asks ...Which account... Now that confuses newbies.. at the time I thought is was my paypal account and used the one I wanted for here. Now I assumed it was right .. Until my other e-mail started to get fans...Then I realized that it DID create another account for me.. Now I can not cash out from this account ever..Because it was said that the tech department can not fix this error..
So with this said all else I highly agree with. Excellent job

Except that is empowt really growing or are there too many doubles that the system put into play.

Thank you very much

13 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Creo que está muy bien para empezar a trabajar en el MarketPlace. Ahora mismo da muchos errores y fallos de página 404, yo entiendo de Internet y con F5 se soluciona, pero hay mucha gente que no lo sabe y seguramente se frustra y no termina de realizar las pujas o compras.

Debería visarse esa parte de la programación. Igual son problemas de servidor porque hay sobrecarga ahora que se utiliza mucho más el MarketPlace.

Otro problema que me he encontrado es que me han aprobado unos productos y otros similares o iguales no. Por ejemplo 2 camisetas. 1 aprobada y otra denegada. No entiendo que criterio se sigue.

También se me ha denegado un curso completo de informática que ha creado yo. Creo, otra vez, que si hay gente que revisa del mismo pais o que entienda bien el idioma sería mucho más productivo el MarketPlace.

Otra opción sería poder incluir varios paises para envío. Por ejemplo: Desde España yo puedo enviar a todos los paises de Europa. Pero quizás tenga problemas con algunos productos para enviar a otros más lejanos por aduanas o legislación. Debería poder elegir a cuantos paises puedo enviar mis productos.

Gracias por todo lo que estáis haciendo, creo que está mejorando mucho EmPowr, cada vez me gusta más.

Un saludo.

13 months ago
Martin Binnington

Hi Johnny,

I agree with the 9 categories you have outlined here - each one is vitally important to stabilise, grow, and secure our economy.
As we know, for any economy to be stable and to grow, it requires "the production, distribution and consumption of products and services". The distribution of products and services, and of course the consumption of said products and services, depends on citizens having disposable income to spend... distribution also requires money for postage (particularly for physical goods and services), and from reading some of the comments above this is something that is stalling our growth - sellers don't have money to pay postage, and the postage that buyers pay is caught up in the maturation cycle when it would ideally be made available so that sellers can ship products.
This in turn makes the marketplace more trustworthy for buyers. In the long run it will make less work for the support staff (I'm referring to transaction disputes), and more people will get involved.

13 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Martin as always have to agree with your comments, the seller can not assume shipping charges, especially if they are frequent and sales appealing to the buyer. Making reliable market is not easy when so far has been a disaster, but we can put part of our efforts and reach to create a market that will grow and confidence both buyers and sellers.
  Giving confidence to security vendor that money from sales will be charged once mature and expenses shipments are to be received when the buyer receives that purchase.

Martin como siempre he de estar de acuerdo con tus comentarios, el vendedor no puede asumir los gastos de envio, sobre todo si son frecuentes y sus ventas apetecibles para el comprador. Hacer el mercado confiable no es facil cuando hasta ahora ha sido un desastre, pero todos podemos poner parte de nuestro esfuerzos y asi llegar a crear un mercado que crezca y que de confianza tanto a compradores y vendedores .
Dando confianza al vendedor la seguridad que el dinero de sus ventas van a ser cobradas una vez que maduren y que los gastos por los envios van a ser recibidos cuando el comprador reciba esa compra .

13 months ago
Elizabeth Audas

Hi JC! Thanks for your latest post which I read just now with great interest!! I have a number of specific ideas/requests related to the mechanics of the marketplace but will hold off until the specific post dealing with them is published. In the meantime, I do think empowr is on the right track. I've seen a large increase in my individual sales since the limits were put into place a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for keeping us citizens better informed as to what's new with empowr and for giving us a forum to express ourselves; Facebook etal sure don't do that!!

13 months ago
Paul Natukunda

My most concern will be on security...

13 months ago
Magnum Cassandra

Hello, JC, I warmly salute your message, the result of a hard work to improve this site. I would only want to sugggest adding a category, even if I am not sure if I understood well this possibility. I would like to be added the ”How to cash out sooner” category and this necessity comes from the fact that our earnings still need 3 months to get matured, while large amounts of Ad Credits are added daily, eating our earnings through the fee for using them and through the money we pay for an adequate PU level if we want to pay the fee from Balance and not from pocket. Please, try do something so that we can cash out reasonable amount of money really soon. Thank you

13 months ago
Yah Ben

Thanks be to Yahweh JC

13 months ago
Mazzie Lafa

I have a suggestion. When an Empowr citizen move time zones, why don't the algorythms pick this up as I have lost significant earnings because of it. Also there should be a customer service representative to get in touch with outisde of our coaches. A place to send emails to and get thins sorted.

13 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

I read all comments and i see that everybody have great ideas. I am happy for new Goals for Empowr in near future. We can do it when will working new system without problems like...after bid circle stay same...i bid 3 products and i spent about 300% more money but circle stay same. So i think with this issues special newbies will stop bid products. It need fix ASAP.
About limited Blogs - i think if Blogs make the best profit it will be good change for 10-15 per day.
My experiences are that really Newbies don;t know what they need to do after order/ bid. Maybe more deep videos change this problem because if they dont know what they need to do we have lot of unpaid items.
About payments and cash out - what about Empowr wallet??? and after cash out with check? more option for cash out help people who don't have money for good mobile, who can't open PayPal or who don't own credit/debit card.
Plus idea about account - DEAD MEMBERS who visite last time more like 1 years ago Empowr page maybe will be better cancel this account.
Thanks for good news and sorry for my English. I try the best. Irena Aisha

13 months ago
Ninja Model

yes i agree that empowr is continously gaining popularity and i am aslo noticing the growth in alexa rank since long..
i wish we achieve aour targrt of entering in top 10 sites very soon..

13 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

Suggestion for H. Further improving marketplace product and tools or G. Marketplace security


When a buyer purchase a physical product in the marketplace, the payment is 'hold' by empowr to ensure that the seller will get that payment only after the item sold has been successfully delivered. The problem is, even if the item is sent and received by the buyer, most if not all do not click the "Item Received" button so that their payment will be released to the seller. The result, the money is locked and in the "Pending" mode.

Suggestion: Add a time limit feature where even if the buyer did not marked the item as received, it will still be released after the specific period ie 10 days. And in case they did not receive the item the seller sent, they will be given ie 60 days time to request for a refund.

OR: Add a pop-up after a login blocking the use of empowr as long he/she donot answer the questions after a appropriate delivery time frame ie 10 days. So on the 11th day, the system will automatically sent him an auto-inquiry as a pop-up also for a period of time ie 10 days max if the buyer's answer is NO. And if the buyer did not received the item bought after the allowed delivery period, another button will show up ie ASK A REFUND or DISPUTE THIS TRANSACTION. So for example on the 11th day, the buyer's answer is YES, then the payment of that item will be released

SUGGESTION FOR H. Further improving marketplace product and tools

Add an EMPOWR WALLET SYSTEM where buyers and sellers can top-up money there to be used in the marketplace and off course is also withdrawable. Also, allow our empowr earnings (matured profits) to be sent/transferred in that wallet too if we choose to. Anytime we would like to cashout our funds from the wallet must also be allowed ie for replenishing stocks..

13 months ago
Grace Dagsi

I agree with Ms Mary Jane Q. We have to improve the buyers and sellers Payment Security. I won 2 bids, i'ved purchased the products but i did not received any of the product. I send messages from the sellers but they're not replying. It's so bad trip! I think we should do something about this, because you are buying their products but you can not receive the products from them. Maybe we have to set penalties for the sellers and make refund for the buyers if the i item didn't received. A lot of improvement to do in the marketplace. I Hope this will improve. Thank You.

13 months ago
Grace Dagsi

I llike the suggestion of Mr. Romeo Duchesne. Improve the marketplace like ebay and amazon. Maybe empowr people will buy more.

13 months ago
Ermes Monti

Buongiorno come già detto da tanti altri fans anch'io vedo ancora troppi bug nel sistema troppo spesso si blocca quando fai bid o mentre stai mettendo un prodotto o un blog non funziona neanche da me la classifica Italia io non risulto chiesto più volte al mio coach ma senza nessun soluzione da mesi ma questo è il male minore, gli ultimi aggiornamenti con gli obiettivi giornalieri hanno causato un sacco di problemi altro mio problema da oltre 3000 fan con cerchio chiuso ora ne ho solo 573, comunque nonostante tutti questi problemi io continuo ma avrei alcuni consigli per migliorare innanzi tutto penso che aver tolto i cash out primi sia stato uno sbaglio in quanto se si vuole che la gente sia motivata ogni tanto bisogna che veda che ritira qualcosa invece ora si paga soltanto per fee e per passaggi di livello e così si allontana sempre di pi+ i 90 giorni per poter ritirare qualcosa e la gente spesso rinuncia e si perdono fans per strada altra, cosa importantissima controllare i furbi molti fans ad esempio mette in vendita prodotti es. Ebooks partendo da 0.01 di prezzo ma inserendo una spesa fino anche a volte di 100 $ per la spedizione e facendo in modo che non puoi neanche sponsorizzare quindi paghi tutto e questo e truffa. Per fare in modo che i fans siano sicuri che tutto funziona bene e portano molti altri amici bisogna assolutamente che si risolvano questi problemi la serietà e l'onesta di un Network sono la migliore pubblicità visto che per il momento ci sono tante cose interessanti e a mio avviso che possono portare a guadagni quindi prima di cercare altre soluzioni puntate sul migliorare e se possibile semplificare le cose che ci sono ora oltre ad altra cosa importantissima tradurre le istruzioni nelle lingue di più paesi possibili in quanto spesso molti fans non fanno bene perchè non hanno capito come funziona far capire nella lingua originale dei fans a mio avviso è fondamentale perchè troppo spesso la traduzione non è corretta e fa fare errori o non fare delle cose al meglio. Voglio comunque ringraziare tutto lo staff di Empowr per lo sforzo che fa ogni giorno per far funzionare il tutto grazie ragazzi
Hello as I said for many other fans I see too many bugs in the system too often it crashes when you bid or while you're putting a product or a blog does not work either from me the Italian ranking I do not result asked several times to my coach but no solution for months but this is the lesser evil, the latest updates with the daily goals have caused a lot of problems my other problem for over 3000 fans with closed circle now I have only 573, however, despite all these problems, but I still i would have some suggestions to improve first of all i think we have taken the cash out early was a mistake because if you want people to be motivated every time you should see that withdrawing something but now you pay only for fees and for level crossings and so is pushing pi + 90 days to pick something and people often surrender and you lose fans for other way, something very important to control the smart ones many such fans is selling such products. Ebooks starting from 0.01 price but putting a charge even up to sometimes $ 100 for shipping and making sure that you can not even then sponsor pay everything and this scam. To make sure that the fans are sure that everything works well and bring many more friends that you absolutely must solve these problems the seriousness and honesty of a network are the best advertisement for the moment because there are so many interesting things and in my warning that may lead to gains so before trying other solutions aimed at improving and if you can simplify things that there are now over to another very important thing to translate the instructions into the languages ​​of many countries as possible as often many fans do not do well because they have understand how it works to understand the original language of the fans in my view is essential because too often the translation is not cor

13 months ago
Ermes Monti

Hello as I said for many other fans I see too many bugs in the system too often it crashes when you bid or while you're putting a product or a blog does not work either from me the Italian ranking I do not result asked several times to my coach but no solution for months but this is the lesser evil, the latest updates with the daily goals have caused a lot of problems my other problem for over 3000 fans with closed circle now I have only 573, however, despite all these problems, but I still i would have some suggestions to improve first of all i think we have taken the cash out early was a mistake because if you want people to be motivated every time you should see that withdrawing something but now you pay only for fees and for level crossings and so is pushing pi + 90 days to pick something and people often surrender and you lose fans for other way, something very important to control the smart ones many such fans is selling such products. Ebooks starting from 0.01 price but putting a charge even up to sometimes $ 100 for shipping and making sure that you can not even then sponsor pay everything and this scam. To make sure that the fans are sure that everything works well and bring many more friends that you absolutely must solve these problems the seriousness and honesty of a network are the best advertisement for the moment because there are so many interesting things and in my warning that may lead to gains so before trying other solutions aimed at improving and if you can simplify things that there are now over to another very important thing to translate the instructions into the languages ​​of many countries as possible as often many fans do not do well because they have understand how it works to understand the original language of the fans in my view is essential because too often the translation is not correct and does not make mistakes or do things better. I still want to thank all the staff of Empowr for the effort that makes every day to make it all work thanks guys

13 months ago
Natalya Petrovskaya

This is certainly good, but for a start, it would not hurt to resolve technical issues
1. I still not the market works. List an item for sale, it immediately becomes active, but the counter of the auction and has not changed for almost 2 months.
2. On the page, not all posts that I post are shown to the readers. Today, for example, one of my blog was on the page just in 1 hour, and then disappeared somewhere, thumbed down but I found not even a single blog of this series.
3. Tend the counters for comments and likes, sometimes it turns out that the next day, I had no free comments and likes....

13 months ago
Iulia Maria Caracostea


I have to say the following for today:
A. The economy can only measure, in real net earnings in empowr pocket, and my pocket.

B. Elimination (canceling) variant monthly subscription
because this is what appears sometimes (usually at beginners):
or and old users, and outdated topics

B1. Setting a maximum price for blogs (my proposal $ 10)
because such aberrations appear

Bid (Sponsorship)
I propose to defend warning when they reached the penultimate price.
Maybe I do not want to buy that product, but I liked it, or want to stimulate the presentation of as many potential buyers.
So who sponsored the last, will be eligible for the percentage for the advertising, and the one who wants the product, be sure that he can buy.

Thank you!

13 months ago
CDumitru Florin

Good evening !
I think the direction of development should be established depending on the time young members could spend it on the site and the rules are very simple.
JC, remember that you were younger, when you put on, legs this great site.
You should analyze now, with ideas and mind then to add the experience and relationships that you have today.
We (older guys) try to help by maintaining the network, but not enough for the targets listed.
In the past years the number of conditions and rules has increased enormously.
In this labyrinth of barriers, a newcomer is disoriented and does not understand anything.
Much depends on each level, but unanimous desire is a small gain.
Maybe I speak a little harsh, but I think so.
Sorry for the mistakes of expression, I translated by a computer.
All the best !

13 months ago
Raine Carosin

In the marketplace, a section devoted to those who don't know what and how to sell anything. How to sell intangible products, like a service or a repair to an item. How to utilize the outside businesses (like printers, bakers, couriers, etc.) in creating a circle of trust extending from this medium into the real world. F'rinstance: I would like to sell my paintings. I am able to utilize a printer who could print posters/cards/etc. and do the shipping. How is this going to be incorporated here? We cannot cut out the real world. There are people who are successful at this time in their 'brick and mortar' businesses and have no need to find an income. If we are able to join forces with the real marketplaces, and offer a system of advertising that would link the product, the payment and delivery, it could be possible to envision a future that doesn't end up with a division between 9-5'ers and the techno anywhere kind of people. I may be totally confused and confusing, but I thought I would allow myself to share a thought or two on the marketing subject. If I am way out of line, then it's okay. I am trying, which is what I endeavour to do each day forward towards a future that may be brighter for those who are not able to work in normal jobs.

13 months ago
Carla Beach

Hi Raine, your ideas have been heard! We definitely are working on getting the Marketplace to the place it needs to be and our engineers are working around the clock to make it so. We welcome all of your feedback and will bring up your ideas to the rest of the team here at empowr.

12 months ago
Robert Wise

As other's have mentioned here, many of us "newbies" really have no understanding of "HOW" the marketplace works. I LOVE the girl in the tutorials as she is BEAUTIFUL! BUT, "Beauty is only skin deep!" AND, so the videos are just that, also! They "touch" on the principle upon which EMPOWR is built but, DO NOT show "HOW" anything affects our "bottom-line!" Therefore, with the Marketplace In Mind, the FIRST item should be to make a step-by-step WRITTEN Tutorial Showing the results of any/all actions taken!
For instance: I have been notified several times this past week that my "Item" will no longer be automatically listed again for auction. BUT, "What do I do?" The "links" within the emails...DO NOT WORK! AND, questions to the coaches receive...NO ANSWER!!! "WHERE does the Newbie go?" WE are in the Marketplace BUT, there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Therefore, the FIRST THING ON YOUR LIST "SHOULD BE" . . . CUSTOMER SERVICE for the Marketplace!!! This, in itself, would solve MANY of the problems, EVERYONE is incurring!

13 months ago
Chris Courage

These are great blogs... Very informative. I'm seeing a piece of the much bigger picture with this, and that's how Empowr can realistically become a real world economy. Ok, so in my opinion, a fine-tuning of what is already in place before making major changes. For instance, it would be great for original listings and sponsored items to actually show up in the Bid / Buy tab as intended. From there it would be easy to promote bidding and sponsorship to the newer folks coming in..

13 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Totul este bine punctat ,vinzare si cumparare ,cumparatorul plateste din 0 maturizare sau PayPal vinzatorul in schimb scoate bani din alte veniturii si expediaza coletul pentru a avea feedback ,apoi daca consumul este mai mare decat venitul vinzatorul lucreaza in pierdere.Sponsorizarile nu se vad la tine personal nu sti daca sunt valide sau respinse apare doar ca licitatia sa terminat fara ofertanti si tu ii dai din nou si din nou eu am vazut la alti ,,produs cumparat dar nu era cumparat licitatia mergea la minute ,,deci sa fie totul mai vizibil si controlabil,eu am avut vinzari si dupa ce aveau un pret bunisor a venit ,,reject ,,de ce cu atit de multa intirziere este ca si cistigul din vinzare pe o durata mai mica de timp sau in asa fel incat sa nu fie bagat la banca Empowr multumesc si sper in mai bine

13 months ago
Branko Vasovic

item H / It takes a lot to invest in the training of members, because if we understand each other and how they function empowr, it is easy to achieve success.
Coaches should be in each area from which there are members.
for example . I am from Serbia, if there is a coach for our voice to be an area with video tutorials that can explain more easily, perhaps by telephone or directly, so that we can easily and quickly be trained.

13 months ago
Marius B)

All good, just B, B Jonny, B. B is something so important. The community will understand and walk and work with what works until all is fixed. B is critical.

13 months ago