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Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?

              (I posted twice within the last few hours. Be sure to read the other post too).

Hello everyone!

Recently – stating with this first post – we discussed the reasons that empowr was created:

    Due to globalization and automation, mass unemployment is on the way.

    Silicon Valley tech companies will bring solutions (jobs - like what Uber or Lyft do) but because of how they’re set up and funded, the masses will ultimately all become virtual slaves to them, working for lower and lower wages so the companies can show Wall Street higher and higher profits every quarter.

   The answer is a company that doesn’t take investor capital, so that pushing revenues and profits back to its customers can be its sustainable mission.

    If such a company can succeed – which means getting big very fast and exploiting the network effect before competitors…

  – the result can be an uplifting of humankind instead of the exploitation that will occur if enriching investors is the leading company’s top objective


We concluded that the main factor that will decide if empowr will be around or not, is whether the empowr economy can become very successful, very quickly.

Definition of ECONOMY: The production, distribution and consumption of products and services

In other words, our short-term goal together must be to get many times more products & services:

1.  Listed

2.  Distributed (Sharing and Bidding on items – which brings them more attention), and

3.  Consumed (bids and purchases)


As a result of that conversation, you got very busy giving us your incredibly valuable feedback.

And, you got busy listing products for sale, and bidding / buying items from your fellow empowr citizens.

Today, as we reach the end of the month, I am delighted to report to you that:

Listings of products are up 800% this month

That’s not a typo. Listings in July are 8 times what they were in June or any month before!

         Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?

(Orange line is products; Blue is blogs; Gray is services)



OK, so more listings are fantastic…

… but listings without buyers – without people bidding on them – have little value.



So how did we do in July with bidders and bidding?



The number of bidders is up nearly 300%...

… and bidding is up over 600%:

       Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?

(Orange line shows distinct bidders; Blue shows number of bids)



These graphs speak for themselves. 

GREAT WORK empowr community -- citizens, success coaches and employees.

Together we made July a great month for the empowr economy.

You didn’t let anything get in your way – not bugs, not missing features, not shipping costs.

You made no excuses. You simply got results.




I am incredibly proud of you

Incredibly proud to be with you in this community.

Look: Talk is cheap

Results are ALL that matters.

Through your actions – and results -- you have proven that you are serious about this mission and ensuring that empowr succeeds.



It’s time for an update on what we’re doing here (at empowr’s headquarters):

A.  Bug fixes:

A number of marketplace bugs that you reported, have been fixed as of last night.

       Sponsored listings now end when sponsored time left is completed.

       Auctions that restart will no longer be shown as sold out.

       Speed: All marketplace pages now have pagination (instead of showing all listings on one page). This will enable all pages to load faster, including your "I'm Selling", "I'm Sponsoring" and "I've Bid" pages

B.  Auto-approval of your listings:

When you list something it will be auto-approved and instantly published for the community to view, bid and purchase. Your listing will be reviewed after it’s live, so you don’t have to wait.

How it works:

Each empowr citizen has a listing approval rate.

Your rate is determined by taking the number of marketplace listings you’ve had approved out of the last 10 listings you’ve submitted.

Example: If 7 of your most recent 10 marketplace listings were approved, your listing approval rate is 70%.

Based on a citizen’s listing approval rate, citizens will then be classified in 3 categories:

Auto-approved: Citizens with a listing approval rate of 90% or greater will have their marketplace listings “auto-approved” and immediately available for sale on empowr.

To help get you started, every empowr citizen has a listing approval rate of 100%.

Manually approved: Citizens with a listing approval rate lower than 90%, but greater than 50% will not be able to take advantage of the auto-approval functionality, but instead will have their marketplace listings available for sale once it has been reviewed and approved.

Blocked: Citizens will not be allowed to list anything in the marketplace for 7 days once they drop below a listing approval rate of 50%. Once the 7-day block is over, citizens will have their listing approval rate reset at 100%.

For a list of reasons why a marketplace listing would be rejected, please review the empowr marketplace guidelines.

It is very important to keep your listing approval rate over 90%.

Why? Because if you’re waiting for approval, you might miss your Daily Goal because it includes listing products. Services and premium blogs do not count towards your Listing goal at this time - so to hit your Daily Goal, you want to list products.

Hitting your Daily Goal is the biggest part of how your accelerated matured cash outs are determined, as discussed here.

Does this make sense?

There is no guarantee that your listing will be reviewed and approved quickly enough by the small group of success coaches that have volunteered to review all marketplace items. While you’re waiting, if your day ends, your Daily Goal will be missed.

The very best thing you can do is review the marketplace guidelines.

And pay very special attention to the item (4th from the bottom):

Insufficient value:  Providing items or services that have little or no monetary value.              

Many items will be rejected because they are not worthy of being in the empowr marketplace.

No more listing eBooks, photos and recipes as Products.

Included in that list of low value products, are eBooks, photos and recipes. If you have original content that you would like to sell, please create a Premium Blog listing as those things will no longer be allowed for sale (as Products) beginning today. You can sell them as a Premium Blog.

The rule of thumb: If what you're selling can easily be found for free on the Web, do not list it as a Product. It will be rejected and you will miss your Daily Goal as a result.

If we are serious about empowr lasting and becoming a real powerhouse that will help millions, we have to all agree to stop putting low value stuff in the marketplace. Otherwise, the marketplace will never be taken seriously.

If you don't care about the empowr mission, you're wasting your time here. We have all had to make sacrifices for the good of the mission, and those sacrifices will continue until empowr has achieved the Network Effect discussed in recent blog posts.


Low value items make a joke out of the empowr marketplace

Ask yourself, if what you’re posting is something that YOU would gladly purchase?

If not, don’t list it, because it will be rejected and you will end up lowering your listing approval rate and as a result, missing your Daily Goal.



C.  Citizen reporting tool

To further ensure that listings are of sufficient quality, now YOU have the ability to report any listing that you believe violates the empowr marketplace guidelines.

Reporting a listing is a completely anonymous: No one will know that you reported it. 

          Report cheaters

See someone selling a plastic spoon, toothpick, piece of paper, or anything else that would be considered as an item of low or no value?  Report it!


By doing so, you'll not only help keep the marketplace clean from low value products and services…

  but remember that accelerated matured cash outs are tied directly to Daily Goals

  so by reporting low value listings, you will be stopping cheaters from putting up low value products and services just so that they can hit their goals and steal from the cash out pool that belongs to you and other thoughtful empowr citizens.

              Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?



What’s next?

The July results were awesome but together we’re only getting started. 

What are we working on to further push up the economy metrics (listings, bids and purchases)?

A.  More bug fixes:

       Removing server errors on marketplace pages

       Sponsored listings are not showing on profile pages

       Enabling users to delete old listings on the "I'm Selling" page

       Separating out auctions and fixed price listings on main marketplace page

       Resolving all pending sales that are greater than 30 days old

       Removing all marketplace listings that are "sold out" 

B.  Marketplace Search:

·       Believe it or not, up to now, we haven’t been able to search the marketplace. Frustrating, right? Well, that’s changing:

  Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?

As you can see, were even able to sneak in a little redesign. Check out the new look, above. Personally, I like the larger photos and pagination.


C.  What about getting you even more bid and purchases?

Rather than waiting for empowr citizens to visit your profile, or search in the marketplace to find your item, the engineers are developing a personalized newsletter that will go out daily to each and every empowr citizen daily. 

It will be personalized to each citizen’s geo-location coordinates, showing them what was listed in the last 24 hours, so they never miss a beat as far as what they can use their empowr earnings to purchase.


Psst….. Ready for a surprise!

The above are all very close to being live!

I’m happy to report that the empowr engineers are deep in the final stages of development and testing of almost all of the above features.

You should be seeing all A, B and C live on empowr starting (well, a few already went live a few days ago) with the last items going live in about only two (2) weeks from today (middle of August). 



Then, in the second half of August:

First, more marketplace maintenance, bug fixing, and resolving any outstanding issues you report. 


“List this myself”

If you see a service someone else is offering (possibly in a location far from your circle of trust) and want to offer a similar service yourself...

… but think it takes a lot of time to create the listing?

Well, imagine if, with one click, you could create a listing just like that the one they are offering…

                  … make any quick edits (only if necessary) …

                  ... and have your listing live in only seconds?

That’s the idea behind the “List this myself” feature.  You can use it to list similar products and services quickly. 


Easy Sell

Imagine listing something by simply taking a photo of it, and… that’s it!

Viewers can simply click on the item in the photo to start an auction on it.

Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?

 Part 6: empowr – is there really any need?



There a good number of issues that can arise from this model, but we believe we have resolved them all – and cannot wait to get this live for you in the later part of August or shortly afterwards.

The bottom line with Easy Sell is that listing products and services becomes even easier – and you don’t need to invest much or any time at all to get the bidding and buying started…

… which gives you more time to grow your circle of trust, hit your Daily Goals and take care of your growing base of customers.

Any questions? We're here for you.

Yours truly,

              (I posted twice within the last few hours. Be sure to read the other post too).


Bob Poster

I do say I am kinda bummed about the eBooks as I do sell a lot of them. I am waiting for the Easy sell and List this myself options to go live. Also let me say this that the marketplace enhancements are looking great! It looks like something that can be opened to the general public.

40 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Ella, you will not lose any earnings for any existing ebooks that you have purchased and/or are available for purchase in the marketplace. This will only effect new listings moving forward.

In regards to the value of ebooks, there is nothing stopping anyone from creating premium blogs with the same content and selling those. Hope that helps alleviate any concerns!

40 months ago
Bob Poster

Thank you Brian! I will do that.

40 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

hi jc and my friends. this is very important post and will give opportunity to larger cashout. Thanks.

40 months ago
Sudhir Singh

Hi jc, this is a very important post,you explained many new starters and oppurtunities to larger cashout ..

40 months ago
Imad Nissan

Thank you for great updates to the Marketplace.

Is this going to solve also the phone app? I am unable to list items through the app, they disappear after clicking "sell now"
And also this causing to reset all my daily work to zero, all goal bars are resetting to zero whenever I open the phone app and do some work in it,

I have submitted the issue to my SC many time, but no avail!
Brian knows about this issue and he told me months ago that this problem is because the time lag, but I don't know what the time lag is and how to fix it, could someone enlighten me?!

But I noticed the Timezone in the app is never the same as the browser, I can never unified them to same time zone, whenever I reset one of them to Pacific (because I'm in California) the other one change either to Arizona or Alaska, and this results in resetting all my work to zero (all goal bars reset to zero) !

Dear JC, this is a serious problem, and I know some other citizens in same situation.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

That sounds like a very serious issue, Imad! We will look into it immediately.
Android or iOs?

40 months ago
Imad Nissan

thanks a lot dear JC!

40 months ago
Ms N Wow

Fantastic! Thank you JC and team. I'm really enjoying being here.

40 months ago

Me to

40 months ago
Tine Julito

I cant be more excited with all these new features of empowr! The corporate team is really innovative :) As a citizen, I will be more confident sharing this community to my network! CLAP CLAP!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Tine, thanks for the positive words! The team appreciates it, and we're happy that you're excited about the changes!

40 months ago
Tam Dieu

Great! What I'm waiting is clearly now. Thanks JC.

40 months ago
Jonathan Vasquez

Hello, JC!
I can't say enough about how happy I'm that we are going to have now a marketplace search engine, that's awesome, even get me up about the ebooks thing.

I would love to propose that when you are making a listing once you select the category of the product and service, it shows to the users the specific guideline for that specific listing that would make everything easier and the type of information they should put in the description for the listing not to be rejected if it lacks the necessary information.

Thanks again JC for this new announcement.

40 months ago
Indra SiGe

Hi JC..
To avoid low-quality products/services, 'Listing an item for sale' as part of Surge Earning's chalenge should be eliminate. Why? I think everyone knows the reason.

40 months ago
Robert Wise

All I can say is, "Thank You, EMPOWR!" You HAVE listened to us! I Will attest to this FIRST HAND!

Personally, I think it is remarkable as to the type of program you have developed against ALL ODDS! You made the necessary change from "Fanbox" and have truly become..."EMPOWR!!!"

40 months ago
Umair Siddique

Wow, I can see the pace, we're very quickly moving to the right directions. A big "Thanks" to all the empowr team :-) We can clearly see how hard have you been working :) Thumbs up ^_^

40 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

This was expecting a heavy rise in bids and sales as every one is trying to meet daily goals. But actually outcome is the value if seller send the products. Many seller are just listing but never intend to send as they dont get their personal amount not to br cashout due to ad credit heavy utilization. I personally aware many left selling when after 90 days they didnt get any cashout.
So please focus on seller personal money to be returned if he sold and ship the item and keep profit with empowr system. Otherwise it is just the exchanging of numbers and nothing. Please dont think it is any criticism.

40 months ago
Kelly Lindbom

Hey JC, this all sounds really good, I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements. I'm still having a mental block though when it comes to bidding so much of my earnings out of my oldest available earnings, then seeing the bids returned to the same day. It just seems like we are taking the earnings that we would use to increase power or eventually cash out, and moving it to where it will take longest to mature. If I have misunderstood, can you explain how it will work? Thank you for everything you are doing to keep us motivated and moving forward.

40 months ago
Kelly Lindbom

Thanks for commenting. With the new accelerated mature earnings it actually remedies the issue, as long as the amount we get is close to the amount we are bidding. I'm all for paying down my ad credit ASAP.

40 months ago
Sam Shirazi

All marketplace pages now have pagination (instead of showing all listings on one page).
Wish it would happens for items in ad campaigns too.
My ad campaigns is so heavy to load and taking my time

40 months ago
Sam Shirazi

Hi Ab

I have more than 2000 items in my ad campaigns page and for any item i want to add it ,it wants to refresh the page and load those 2000 items again.
I think it was better if it shows them in some pages instead of showing all on one page.

40 months ago
Vasanthakumari  Ballal

Hello JC,
This is awesome. Sounds really good. It will give larger cash outs, so it is very important announcement for empowr members. Thank you very much.

40 months ago
Horgan Okon

Hi JC and the ever creative working team, you guys are a doing great job to make sure that citizens of Empowr community keeps enjoying being here.
These new features to improving the market place issues are all great. Like the month of July, I pray that this month of August bring amazing achievements and growth to empowr. Someday, empowr will certainly take over the world. Keep on working to make sure empowr community get even better.

40 months ago
Massimo Marras

Hi Johnny, these improvement in marketplace are great but I want give a suggestion that I think many has in their thinking: why don't give the possibility to receive a percentage of something we have sold on marketplace, instead to waiting money maturing in 90 days? Maybe marketplace could grow more and more, it's a nice idea? thanks.
Great work has been made up to now, compliments!!!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hey Massimo- the empowr team is doing everything to make the empowr marketplace an awesome place-- especially for its sellers. Your ideas are being heard, so thank you for sharing your concerns! Keep checking for updates, as JC will certainly post as soon as new features are launched.

40 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Great news for Market place. Hope for best. JC, I have seen many time some ordinary products/blogs for sale and their price shown in thousand dollars. Due to which we could not not bid there and close the loop. There should be a genuine limit in price also. Thanks

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Rajesh- you're mentioning a concern that's shared by many. As you know, empowr is focused on updating the marketplace, and this concern is a priority on our list.

40 months ago
Cici Soewardi

Dear JC,
Thank you for the updated, but I concern about the payment of the items product we sold. I sold some products item ( I made it my own and some of it I bought ) then I sent it to the buyers local and abroad, but I don't know when will I get the money from the things I've sold. I know the payment in my balance, but it is uncertain when I will get my cash out, 3 months ? 9 months ?. Please think about this. Thank you !

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Cici, as you know, the team is focusing on making the marketplace easier for sellers to sell their products and services. Your concern is on the list!

40 months ago
Cici Soewardi

Thanks for your info SC Ab and Mila

40 months ago
Amy Maria Talledo

Thank you very much JC.
Just one thing I want to ask/request, is there any possibilities to delete empty or inactive blog folders? I want to delete some of these blogs but the delete this blog button is not responding.

More power!

40 months ago
Antonio Moore

Mines does the same thing too?

39 months ago

Great and nice changes on the marketplace, great improvements indeed.

40 months ago
Pete Moss

sounds great many thanks

40 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Great news and good improvements of the Marketplace. I have already seen and used some of them. The truth is that work in the marketplace has considerably improved and we spend there less time we did until now making our listings or searching for something to buy! I am confident that things are getting better and better and I appreciate the work you did!
Thank you for these updates!

40 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

I feel the same way and truly agree Angela.

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

As you both know, there are many more changes ahead! The team is excited to keep working on the marketplace, to ensure that it's the best place to sell and shop!

40 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Hello Johnny,
Thanks for all these wonderful news. I'm really happy seeing all these improvements concerning the marketplace. I have a question. What will happen to the ebooks that is already in the marketplace? For example: If I list an ebook some days ago and that it is already sponsored.

There are some issues concerning auctions. When an auction has ended, we all received a mail telling us to that we can edit or restart the auction but personally when I try to do so, it doesn't work and finally a product that I bid for an amount of $ 10 automatically restart at $ 0.01. If the sponsoring limit time is 15 days, it will be hard for the product to reach the amount of $ 10 or more. I suggest that when it restart automatically, it restarts on the amount we bid.

40 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Hello dear JC,
Your posts always make me feel speechless. I had to wait a few hours to respond, and I am still so happy I have tears in my eyes again. With every improvement and every announcement my love dives deeper to the core of empowr! I think we are going to change the world, and it's all because of your beautiful hearts! I love empowr, I love all the changes and all that's coming, and I love all of you. Kudos! I'm super excited!
To our success,

40 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Me parecen muy importantes los cambios y que pueden seguir ayudando a que crezca EmPowr. Pero habría que hablar más sobre la maduración de los ingresos por ventas porque hay productos que no podemos vender mucha cantidad si tardamos 30 o más días en cobrar el dinero. En eBay por ejemplo tu cobras el dinero el mismo día que tu comprador recibe el producto. Aquí debería ser igual si queremos que el MarketPlace crezca a buen ritmo.
Por otro lado tengo problemas con las imágenes de mis blogs, no se si le ocurre a más gente pero llevo 2 semanas que no puedo poner imagen principal a ningún blog y eso hace que siempre salga mi foto de perfil. Creo que no vende igual.
Gracias por todos los esfuerzos, creo que vamos avanzando bastante bien y en julio se ha demostrado. Un saludo

40 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Lo he entendido perfectamente. Me alegra saber que se está avanzando mucho en el MarketPlace creo que es una gran noticia para todos los ciudadanos de EmPowr. Un saludo

40 months ago
Gio Gfr


40 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi JC really happy for the changes and focus in the marketplace which is the core of our business. This is a great opportunity for us to avail AMCO while waiting for 90 da MCO. Glad to hear we did great in the month of July and hope will continue each month. Thank you JC and to all who worked hard. Thank you Empower! Can't wait for the monthly AMCO :)

40 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Hello JC,
This is great news for the marketplace and the empowr community.
I have one question: what will happen to the low value products and ebooks already available in the marketplace, will they be removed?
Have a Sunday!:-)

40 months ago
Catharina Claessens

I mean ' Have a nice Sunday! '

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Catharina! As JC announced, you know have the opportunity to report low value products yourself! So if you come across a low value product, report it, and it will be reviewed and removed (if necessary). Happy Sunday to you, too :)

40 months ago
Personlab Yb

Дорогой Друг это мы должны сказать спасибо Вам за то, что создали совершенный продукт, скажу, что я очень рад быть частью empowr и нести миссию компании вместе с моими друзьями. Спасибо Вам Всем Друзья. Вместе мы сделаем мир лучше.

40 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

sounds great . It is interesting news and awesome opportunity for us thanks

40 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Wow, this is really amazing update. I can´t wait to check my marketplace page now.
Hey I got Accelerated Matured Cash Out today. My SC Catharina Claessens gave me a heads up on this and tried to cash it out and it works. Fantastic job JC thank you.

40 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello JC, as I reread your blog I can´t see that you mention on the bug fixing with regards to closing the circle loop with bidding and buying. Is this feature still alive?
and also for those who sell premium blogs with a monthly subscription. Is there any possibility to make a stop subscription button?

40 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks for the amazing update JC! :)

40 months ago
Carlos Guerra

Hi JC,
Heartfelt thanks for being there, helping more and more attractive our mission in EmPowr.
Congratulations on all changes! They have been wonderful and we continue to grow.
A big hug!

40 months ago
Deborah Rolon

It looks amazing!! Many thanks to the team for all the hard work they are putting in.
Wow, selling from photos, That will be great!

40 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I have a question JC, I just went to enter a service, but wanted to offer it only within 5 miles of my home.
Will options be available to do that? I see we have a city and zip code option but that sometimes can cover a very large area, I would like to offer the service (Lawn mowing) within a more restricted distance. Can this possibly be added, to offer within so many miles?

40 months ago
Regina Talamor

I'm glad to know the great news of the Marketplace. Thank you JC.

40 months ago
Manolea Ciprian

Interesting update in progress JC. Thanks for the heads-up. In the last almost 10 days i did manage to complete with the bonus every day the 4 stage on bidding, listing, posting and sharing but no actually result. I didn't receive the maturated cash out. Why is that?

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Manolea- the empowr team is looking into this now, and we will contact you ASAP about your request.

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

UPDATE: Manolea, it's been confirmed that you did receive a cash out. Please check again, but contact me if you're having any other issues.

40 months ago