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Part 7: empowr – is there really any need?

If you’re just joining the conversation, this is part 7 of a conversation, and I recommend that you start with Part 1 and work your way forward before reading this.


An additional cash out?

Hello everyone!

Two days ago (Sunday) we had this discussion:

Did you just receive an accelerated matured Cash Out?



A number of people commented how happy they were with their (end of July) accelerated mature cash out (AMCO) because they had hit their Daily Goals.

However, a number of people felt like they hadn’t really paid attention in early blog posts about how hitting their Daily Goals…

    Part 7: empowr – is there really any need?

… would be the most important factor for most or all accelerated matured cash outs.

Others didn’t realize that the Listing goal meant Listing products, not blogs or services.

As a result, some folks didn’t hit ANY Daily Goals during July (not even once) and therefore didn’t receive an AMCO on the last day of July (Sunday).


Some people weren’t happy.

Here’s a comment that stands out. Here, empowr citizen Ehtesham is basically saying that it’s unfair that he’s not getting an AMCO – because he didn’t really understand the relationship between AMCOs and Daily Goals:

   Part 7: empowr – is there really any need?


After a discussion back-and-forth about whether he has been reading the blog posts or not (which he has)…

  I then explained to Ehtesham that if we (all of us, together) want to move fast, we cannot give months of advance notice on new features:

   Part 7: empowr – is there really any need?


Anyways, fast forward about an hour. After I was done telling him how he was wrong…

  I began to see his point of view too.



From his point of view, I could see how it seemed unfair: 

   Part 7: empowr – is there really any need?

I promised I would speak with the others at empowr, to see if they would also agree with him.

After speaking with the employees back at empowr on Monday (yesterday) they started to see Ehtesham’s point of view too.

We ended up discussing it at length.


Here’s where we stand:

For the month of July (that just passed) we would love to give everyone AMCO cash outs for hitting their goals (like we just did)…

            … BUT IN ADDITION…

  give an AMCO cash out to those that did not hit their goals (like we did last month - June).

This is for the benefit of the people that missed the earlier posts (about AMCOs / Daily Goals) and failed to hit any goals.

We would LOVE to give both groups an AMCO cash out!



There is, however, one BIG obstacle.  :(

At the end of each month, empowr distributes back to its citizens all of the funds that it was able to save during the month. 

        (This in accordance with its stated goal to distribute 97% of revenues back to its citizens) 

But since all those funds have now been distributed to the citizens that hit their goals (IE: The AMCO that just happened) there are literally no funds leftover to give to everyone else.

There’s no money to do this. Period.


Since yesterday, we have been racking out minds on how to do this…

… how to come up with all the money we would need to do that.



Without boring you with all the details of how the discussion went, let me quickly tell you where it ended up:

The empowr engineers want to thank you for doing your part in making the empowr mission come to life through your patience, hard work on the platform, and belief in us through the ups and downs.

Therefore, in a showing of solidarity with you, they are foregoing their August paychecks in order to fund the following:

Along with all the AMCOs that just went out yesterday…

… everyone will also receive a bonus equal to what they received a month ago (June).

Yes, so those of you that hit goals in July… you are getting two (2) bonuses!


By the way, for those of you newer citizens just recently arriving at hotel empowr:

Why would employees of a company forgo their paychecks like this?

Do you really need to ask?   Answer

It’s the mission, folks.

The empowr team is made up of engineers and non-engineers, some of which have each sacrificed a decade or more of their lives to make this a reality for you.

During ALL of those years they have worked very long hours… for NO or low paychecks.

They sacrificed it all for one thing:

The empowr mission: 

To empowr people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.


Not one of these people are wealthy.  In fact, empowr was the first job out of university for some of these engineers, over ten years ago, now in their thirties.

If you want to know more about the history of the company, heat up some popcorn and watch it here.  It’s fun to watch, and I promise that it will be worth your time.


The bottom line 

The employees love you, empowrians. 

We love you for standing right there with us, and making this mission your fight too.

And we know it has been (and continues to be) a hard road for everyone involved, given our attempt at making this happen without investor capital.

            By the way, look how far we’ve come!

                        Those of you that have been here for years…

know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!


We have come a long way…

 strictly because of personal sacrifice on the part of everyone...

… empowr citizens, success coaches and employees.


I have a to take a moment and say HOW PROUD I AM of the empowr employees…

            … for their decision to give up their paychecks…

                        … to take care of the citizens.


Time after time, when asked to step up, they always do. 

It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve been asked before.

They simply always find a way.




OK, enough of the mushy stuff – let’s get back to business. 

Here’s what you need to know:


As many of you have learned, hitting your Daily Goals…

(which means hitting your goals in bidding, listing, posting AND sharing in the same day)

… is what you need to do to maximize the amount of accelerated matured cash outs (AMCOs) you receive at the end of each month.

In order to have received any AMCO at the end of July, you must have: 

      hit your Daily Goal more than once in the month of July

      been a Green Basic Power User or higher

      been at the highest power level ever achieved with your earning accelerator on

If you did not meet all of those criteria, then you would not have received an AMCO.

As a reminder, AMCOs are how the system accelerates your profits to full (90-day) maturity so that they can be immediately cashed out.

If you received an ECO (early cash out) instead of an AMCO, it was because your account did not have the necessary profits to cover the amount the system attempted to mature. 

With ECOs, you can activate them, later, whenever your profits allow.


Now, an additional bonus for July

Whether or not you received an AMCO in July, you'll now be receiving an ECO (early cash out) if you:

      received an AMCO at the end of June

      posted (even one thing) at least once in the past five days

By using this last criteria (posted once in last 5 days) for the ECO, we can eliminate more fraud and ensure that only active empowr citizens receive an ECO.

To our dearest success coaches: I hope you understand, but there is simply not enough funds in the sacrificed empowr payroll to give you that double cash out.  Sorry. :( 

You, like the employees, are always asked to sacrifice for the common good. I know most of you don’t mind but, still, it needs to be said how amazing you are.

          Which reminds me, everyone:

Have YOU hugged your SC today?

If not, why not take a little tiny break from closing so many loops, to send them a little message of love and support?

Thanks for being so diehard, success coaches, pushing the mission forward one educated new citizen after another.



OK, let’s discuss timing

More good news:

empowr’s payroll time is coming right up, so the funds that are being held to meet payroll (which are no longer needed thanks to the employees’ gift to you) can be redirected to you now.

Expect to see the extra ECO bonus in your empowr balance within 12 hours of this post, if you haven’t seen it already.


OK, before we wrap up, please remember:

We are in a big rush

Together, all of us here at empowr, are in a big rush. We need to become a very large social economy quickly, if we want the mission to succeed.

Why? Take a moment to understand the The Network Effect – it will be a topic that we will reference again and again in the future.


That means, growing the empowr economy

Together, we need to make the quantity and quality of products in the empowr marketplace explode.

We can do that by hitting our Daily Goals – which (along with posting and sharing) includes listing (selling) anything that we’re not using, and bidding – which means distributing and consuming.

If we pull empowr off (if empowr succeeds) we will together have created a powerhouse economy – accessible easily to all via the Web or Mobile apps -- that’s democratic (run by the people, and revenues belong to the people) – as opposed to what’s currently coming your way:

… the Ubers of the world that will soon dominate each industry category…

… that will put us to work….

 … and then slowly, over the course of just a few years, suck us dry in every way…

… in order to make their company more profitable and the founders and early investors richer and richer…

… by gradually paying the workers less to keep pushing their profits and the value of their company stock upwards.


Please don’t forget 

Remember to ensure that nothing you list gets rejected – by paying close attention to the marketplace guidelines -- because otherwise it will be hard for you to hit your Daily Goal.

Your listing goal is about posting products, not services and blogs. You can still list and sell services and blogs, but they don't count towards the listing part of your Daily Goal. 

And don't list digital content (such as eBooks, recipes and photos) as Products. They will get rejected. You can sell those things as premium blogs.



Looking ahead to the August AMCO (awarded on August 31)

So, again, just so we’re all on the same page now…

How will the August AMCO (which happens on August 31) be calculated?

The calculation starts by looking at how much profits you have…

            … and multiplying in the number of days you hit your Daily Goal in August.



Assume that Jane, Joe and Sally all have the same amount of profits in their account.

If, in August…

… Jane hits her Daily Goal 30 times…

… and Joe hits his Daily Goal 10 times…

… and Sally hits her Daily Goal 1 time…


Joe’s AMCO will be 10 times that of Sally…

… and Jane’s AMCO will be three times as large as Joe’s…

… and Jane’s AMCO will be 30 TIMES as large as Sally’s


To maximize your August AMCO:

1.  Try and hit your Daily Goal each and every day

--  To receive an AMCO, you don’t need to achieve your additional bonuses, however doing that helps further increase your profits (which increases the size of your AMCO).

--  Some days you won’t be able to hit your Daily Goal, because of other things going on in your life.

When that happens, don’t feel bad!

Look: empowr, hitting your goals, work and earning are NOT everything in life! There are other things that matter too, such as time with your loved ones.

Just pick yourself up the next day and carry on!

2.  Maximize your profits

--  What’s the very best way to do that?

--  Sell things that people will gladly spend a lot on!

--  Each successful sale increases your profits!

3.  Close those loops

Keep building your circle of trust!

The more people that you can trust to help you earn…

... and the more you trust each other…

… the more views your posts get…

  and the more sales your products and sponsored items get…

… driving UP both your profits and your cash outs!


Some thoughts about Listing Products

Some of you have commented that listing products for sale can be difficult.

And there are postage costs involved when shipping products.

So why does listing products matter so much?

The reason is that, as discussed at length recently, for empowr to succeed, its economy must succeed.

And the success of the empowr economy boils down to the sale, distribution and consumption of products and services.

Services, however, are a little harder to offer right now, because of the average geographic distance between empowrians and people in their circle of trust. That will change in the coming months, for sure, as many more people are joining empowr each day.

And listing digital content, such as photos, recipes and eBooks that can be easily found on the Web for free, does nothing to help empowr succeed.

In fact, listing digital content as products weakens the empowr marketplace and devalues it – making it more difficult for empowr to succeed.

You can still sell digital content, but you need to add it to a Premium Blog and sell it that way. That’s what Premium Blogs were created for.

Therefore, over the next few months, we all must focus deeply on the sale of products. 

If we do that successfully, meaning if we sell, distribute and consume enough products to and from each other over the next few months…

 the empowr economy will be able to grow to a point where there are enough satisfied consumers involved…

… so much so, that there will be enough people locally, living close to each other, to also offer and consume services from each other.

And that’s why there is a such an emphasis on listing products, not just sharing, posting and bidding.

Just be sure to list things that you wouldn’t mind buying yourself. There needs to be sufficient value in the things you list, to ensure you’re helping the empowr economy instead of turning it into a junkyard.

That’s why any products listed that are not of sufficient value will be rejected, and the person that listed them will then miss their Daily Goal as a result, diminishing their AMCO cash out.

Tip: Many sellers save themselves time by waiting to go to the post office until the end of the week, to ship the items they sold.

Yes, there are postage costs involved, and that’s why it makes sense that:

o   AMCOs go out mostly to product sellers

o   The circle of trust is working hard to show you people closer and closer to you, so that your shipping costs keep dropping until they are eliminated completely

So, in summary, by listing products, as well as bidding on products, sponsoring them, and also buying them, you will be doing your part in building the empowr economy.

If we all do this to a sufficient volume in the next few months, empowr will explode into a viable economy, capable of attracting and serving many millions of people.

If that happens:

empowr can then easily sell advertising – to the tune of billions of dollars – just like Facebook and Google are doing…

… and then funnel those funds back to empowr citizens, making empowr an even more attractive place for people to earn…

… which will solidify empowr as the leader in the space – using the Network Effect to block Wall Street funded competitors.


And if that does NOT happen:

empowr will not have a viable economy… and will cease to exist.

I’m sorry to say that it really is that simple.

The good news is that we have enough people involved here right now… people committed to the empowr mission, that we CAN pull this off if together we decide to.

To do your part:

1.  Look around the house, and list for sale the clothes, electronics, jewelry and anything else you are no longer using.

2.  Then, as you use empowr and are closing the loop with people, look for things you think you can purchase and quickly turn around for a profit – by sponsoring them.

3.  And of course, be sure to pamper yourself, by keeping for yourself (as opposed to sponsoring for a profit) those items that you could use and enjoy.

If you do steps these three steps (1-3), you will maximize your profits, your enjoyment and your AMCO cash outs.

Most importantly, you will have given the gift of permanent life to the empowr economy…

… so that it can be around for many decades to come…

… providing opportunity, hope and influence to people in every part of the world.

In my opinion, the effort it takes to make this mission a reality, is worth the effort and postage costs (even if cash outs weren't in the picture) and missed paychecks for the employees, because of the current state of the world, and the world's democracies.

The world needs empowr to succeed before it's simply too late.

In summary:

I know listing things can be difficult… and there can be postage costs involved…

… but if we each can roll up our sleeves and make this sacrifice for the short-term, just over the coming weeks and small number of months…

… the result can and will be worth it, for ourselves (in the short-term, via the products and AMCOs we receive) as well as for the future of humanity, as we, together, deliver this labor of love to all of mankind. 

The road ahead

In the coming months, as the empowr economy continues to take off, I anticipate together we will decide to change the Daily Goals to no longer look at Listings, but at actual Sales….

… and then a few months afterwards, AMCOs will be based on just your profits and not Daily Goals.  I think this can happen as soon as we get achieve sufficient velocity to ensure we surpass the level of momentum needed to solidify the Network Effect.


And that’s it. Thank you Ehtesham and many others for speaking up.

And thank you, everyone, for being empowr citizens and working so hard for the successful realization of our mission.

Any questions? We’re here for you.



Bob Poster

This is another great blog! I am so grateful to be a part of empowr. I almost quit as a Success Coach not long after I started last year. Now everything is so much better and we can all see where this is heading. In the next few months I do belive we can hit our goal and have a marketplace better than eBay. Let me say thank you to the empowr employess and all the empowr citizens for making this site a success. THANK YOU!

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thank you Bob - for your belief and hard work!

40 months ago
Ken Spence

Awesome - thats got me fired up for selling more even if I dont hit the bidding targets often - I guess that will change once there are more real items to bid on. Thanks JC and all the engineers for your sacrifice

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

We feel your passion, Ken. Thanks for all you do!

40 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I've been trying to comment for 20 minutes, absolutely speechless at the amazing dedication the team has shown and continues to show at every turn, you have every reason to be very proud of them. They are a true inspiration to us all.
empowr truely listens to it's citizens. Once the new methods to list items is in place, I believe more citizens will list items as the current process is overwhelming to those that English is not their first language. Looking forward to seeing the new changes come in and especially the newsletter. Huge handclap and standing ovation to the team, you guys are fantastic!

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks so much Deborah, they are a relentless crew, just like our amazing SC like you!

40 months ago
Umair Siddique

Thank you, JC and empowr team for sacrificing so much for the community. :) We're here to help and make this dream a reality, will definitely be doing our best. Thanks again :)

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Many thanks Umair!

40 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Cảm ơn JC! Cảm ơn những hy sinh của các kỹ sư Empowr.
Tôi sẽ cố gắng hoàn thành các mục tiêu của mình, và thực hiện bán hàng theo hướng dẫn của bạn JC!
Cùng nhau đi đến thành công của Cộng đồng Empowr nhé! (*_*)

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Cảm ơn rất nhiều Tuyền Hai! Chúng tôi đánh giá cao bạn!

40 months ago
Jeuti Nath

I, honestly can't thank you (empowr employees) enough for the sacrifice that you made for the benefit of empowr citizens. I am happy that I got a $65 EC now and also sad that you, empowr employees, have given up your pay checks for us. Thank you again for hearing the voices of empowr citizens!!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We're happy that you're happy! Thank you for your dedication as an empowr citizen, we appreciate you.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Mila said it best. We are honored that you are taking out of your time and life to help us all achieve this mission. Thank you Jeuti!

40 months ago
For The Children

Well, darn.

Let me say thank you, first of all, to the Empowr nation. In all my life, there has not been another group of like-minded people. My first 41 years without this comradeship were just too hard. I don't want to think of moving forward without you all!!!!! :'(

Money is a touchy subject, huh? Everywhere. People are hurting out here. My mother's prescriptions are hundreds of dollars above her extremely modest $293 social security fund. My daughter is on the brink of suicide, too afraid to leave the house to work. The general population cannot function. This communications base is going to be critical as we spiral into fallout.

I am wondering....there are four communities i have that do hold funds that might be more beneficial to Empowr than left sitting? The communities are not profitable enough for me to maintain them properly. It's a ballpark of $18,000. How could I effectively roll that back into the Empowr nation? There's a slight percentage in earnings there that I would rather not simply delete, but the benefits to Empowr could far outweigh my loss.

Am happy to be helpful....let's find ways to work together.
Sharon Kay Massie

40 months ago
Sharon Massie

Thank you for taking the time to clarify. I like then, and all, and do try to keep up with the program. Will just ride the storm out and do what we can. Thanks again!

40 months ago
Jan Shewan

Dear JC,
I have followed your posts closely and of late with a sickening heart.
e-products, how tos, information, and software, are all I have been selling and not ones with no value.
Just look at Warrior Forum or Amazon Kindle to find the market value.
Nor can my items be found free on the net. I have purchased rights.
Believing in the mission, education and income to all, I list products at 1% of market value thinking with time and perseverance
I can help many enabling them to learn, sponsor and profit and am now seeing some Items return 1000%
of original sale price.
In the last two months I have felt under close scrutiny and at times have had 75% of my listings stalled.
Each has been approved at least 4 times, a few after very minor editing, as I do know the criteria and do not
want to subvert the community listings with outrageous shipping charges, shoddy product or false subscriptions.
It is with trepidation I relist these approved products and since the no e-book ruling have received 11 products already approved
approved again.
Now I have reached auto approval stage concerned I may wake up one day banned.
Yes I do sell some cute products that I've yet to list but because of shipping cost $7.50 upwards for anything thicker than 14mm
anywhere in Australia it is cheaper to buy from China where there shipping is government subsidised. So to gauge things by shipping between countries is not an even playing field.
I felt distribution of quality e-products was my niche I could be of service with and judging from my reviews I have in small measure been successful.
I just hope I can continue doing so.
Rather than creating another Ebay I think the biggest hurdle to the missions fulfilment is political change in countries without stable 3rd world economies and education.
Well that's my two penneth.
I am grateful to empowr and the community support I have received.
Thank you for the time spent to read my comments

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Jan, I just want to add that you still have access to creating Premium Blogs. This is a great alternative to e-books and other e-products.

40 months ago
Jan Shewan

Dear AB,
I do feel more should still be done to curtail the scourge of low quality items and plagiarism all the while empowr and coaches profit from the continued practice.
That is not me.
Thank you Mila. I understood blogs were for authors material, recipes being exempt because the intellectual rights owners were largely women, so a ruling was made that there is no copy right on them.
At present the blog feature to make blog cover image is not functioning hence the flood of non compliant blog posts we are seeing. And really plagiarism is exactly that no matter how you dress it up
AB I don't think you read with comprehension my note regarding postage and I cannot comprehend how the disadvantaged can raise themselves up to the information technology era without information and technical tools, some of which I offer.
Really I know an argument will not serve me well but I think recent moves to be a better Ebay is retrograde and will serve the 4 billion we are looking to serve about as well.
Thank you,

40 months ago
Love Finder

more information coming to me by this blog. thanks for sharing and caring. i request that their should be a live chat option for getting information and solution to new members . often success coaches do not response in time. so if there is a live chat, immediately problems can be solved. again i thanked to fan box team for making such life changing program for lot of people like me who do not invest money. good luck to fan box world.

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Love Finder- that's an excellent suggestion. However as you know, empowr is working with little resources and manpower at the moment, and our Success Coaches and Customer Support are doing their very best to help the community. As we continue growing and succeeding, we will definitely keep this idea in mind! Thanks again for your suggestion.

40 months ago
Sudhir Singh

more information from you.,that in listing we have to sell products instead of premium blogs.one question sir,can i sell my stamp collection on empowr under listing?

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Sudhir - to clarify, you can sell products, blogs, or services in the marketplace. Just make sure whatever you're listing is a quality product (if it's something you yourself would buy, it's most likely quality!) However, only Products will count toward your daily goals. You can definitely sell your stamps! If you're unsure, be sure to review the marketplace guidelines first.

40 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

nice blog amzing !! Thanks for this very best dedication. empowr rock. im also very happy i got AMCO.wonderful.
anyway one thing. not solved my problem yet. pls check my account and help to cash out it.


40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Imam- I'm still reviewing your particular issue, but I will message you back shortly!

40 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

sir,i got ECO now but i cant cashout it too. all are wrong in my cash out key. pls check my cash out key.and tell me how i can i cash out? i have already have experience in cash out. but this is confusing me. otherwise stop my cash out key . after i can do cash out in my computer. just now i cant cash out from my computer and my mobile also.


40 months ago
May Ram

Hello dear Imam, your Earning was turned on 58 days ago on June 5th. To be able to request the cash out, the Earning must be ON for at least 90 days. You will be able to cash out after 32 days.

40 months ago
May Ram

Thank you for such inspiring words, JC.
It is 5am here, but I think I am going to miss my sleep, because I am gong to enjoy reading this post again and again,
Whenever I am exhausted due to Coaching, I told myself that it is nothing compared to the endless scaricifies you and the empowr team have been making, since many years ago.
All I can say is, I am here with all of you, at your service. :-)

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

May! You are an inspiration to the team, and to many within the community. I don't think any words or thanks you's would be adequate, but you are VERY much appreciated and we're lucky to have someone as dedicated and hardworking as you are on our team. You've been crucial to our success thus far! Thank you again!!!!

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

May, I must add to what Mila is saying. News of your offer to forego your own AMCO for the benefit of the employees has been circulating the office. Of course we won't let you do that, but the fact that you would offer means a lot to everyone at the office. And that, after all the sacrifices you've already made and are making on a daily basis. You're one of a kind, May!

40 months ago
Bash Syed

I can never forget the extreme struggle which May have done for motivating this community. I wish I could have that patience and strength like you.

40 months ago
Carol Heksem

I hit the daily goal several times and did not get a AMCO????

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Carol, we will gladly review your account. We appreciate your patience while we dive deeper in the issue! Thank you

40 months ago
Imad Nissan

OH wow, I am really speechless, I don't know really how to thank Empowr's employees and Success Coaches for their generosity of sacrificing their paychecks, now here we can really see the kindness from its wider doors!

JC and all Empowr team, you guys are amazing, this, what you are doing is going to be another bright sign marked to pages of the history!

I know you guys are so busy, but I just have some remarks about the marketplace:

1- Products with Shipping fees and Gas cost fees: when bidding on them the shipping fees are included every time to each bid,
This mean every bidder is paying also the shipping fees again and again, if I am not wrong, the shipping fees should be applied only to the winner or the buyer , please let me know if I am not understanding the mechanism of bidding?

2- Selling products without actually touching or seeing them : most companies offer some times (or all the time) items for free shipping, plus some others (and now it is very popular) they provide Free PickUp method, is it legal in Empowr to sell products directly from third party markets? e. g. I pay for an item in Walmart but putting the Empowr citizen address for shipping, or his/her name for Free PickUp, In real life this is something normal like buying a gift for a friend or family, but is it OK to take advantage of this through Empowr and of course if this will benefits Empowr economically?

3- Going green: I noticed after implementing these marketplace new features to Empowr, that I am receiving tons of Notifications and Emails, I am receiving every single bid that citizens are making to same item that I bid on, is it possible (if not already but I missed it) to control that in the notification page?

Thank you again, have a wonderful night!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Imad, we are humbled by your kind words (I speak on behalf of the team). We also appreciate your excellent suggestions regarding the marketplace. Your ideas are great because you're really thinking big picture: how can we make the empowr economy as competitive as possible? Your feedback has been noted and we will be sure to discuss your points.

40 months ago
Imad Nissan

I forgot to mention the reasoning about the first point above, is that most of citizens are avoiding bidding to those items with shipping fees!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Shipping costs and rules are a concern shared by much of the community-- stayed tuned as we keep making changes to the marketplace!

40 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

What a wonderful feature! Thanks for inspiring us and get motivated to hit the goals daily.

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We're glad you're a fan. Thanks for your hard work as a Success Coach!

40 months ago

Very interesting explanation and full of emotion. I want to indicate a detail regarding color difference between auction and purchase. It would be easier to select. Thanks for your attention.

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Bigalam- we are aware of this request and will add it to our list. Thanks!

40 months ago
Rajendra K

Hi JC, and empowr team, thanks a lot for your endless sacrifices and inspiration. Without empowr I can't imagine my life. Thanks again for giving me an hope and opportunity to survive in this world. We are always with you to make your dreams come true!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Rajendra- your positive words are so uplifting, thank you! We couldn't feel luckier to have the community that we have. Thanks for your continued support!

40 months ago
Bash Syed

I will thank to my brother ehtesham who came up wirh some idea. JC just for clearing my confusion, do we have to complete just daily goal or bonuses too. Waiting for your kind reply :)

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Bash- I hope this clears it up:

1. Try and hit your Daily Goal each and every day
-- To receive an AMCO, you don’t need to achieve your additional bonuses, however doing that helps further increase your profits (which increases the size of your AMCO).

40 months ago
Bash Syed

Thanks Mila. Can I take your words as an official?

40 months ago
Ehtesham Haider

Thank you at least, I came up with an idea which was useful.

40 months ago
Teri Ross

Hello, again... Squeaky wheel here... Everytime I read "look around your house for something you don't need"... DOES NOT APPLY. As mentioned before, I am homeless, and ONLY HAVE what I need... However, I am a digital photographer. So I have been selling my ORIGINAL ARTWORK as a product. I offer it to be delivered digitally so the recipient can use iithowever they wish. For their phone, or computer, or business cards, or print them to any size they want as wall art. I was a bit offended when you say digital images bring down the value of the market. Because my pictures are AWESOME! And people like them. Why is my original, digital art less market worthy than someone's old clothes?

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Teri, I congratulate you for your awesome pictures. A few points:

1, Surely you can agree that not everyone's photos they are posting are awesome and unique. Most are lifted directly off the internet
2. Therefore, can you try and think of empowr as not just a platform here to serve Teri, but actually made for the general public? From all your comments over the months, it seems hard for you to get out of the "me, me, me". empowr cannot have its rules made for the benefit of a small minority or worst, one person.
3. Place your photos in the a premium blog and sell them that way.
Sorry Teri, but with all the sacrifices everyone is making, your "me, me, me" comments for months are starting to wear on me. I strongly suggest that you get in the spirit of the mission, or come back in a couple years when we've had more time to improve it for you, so you can, as an example, sell your photos your way.

40 months ago
Teri Ross

I know I am not the only Digital Artist... I have been on Empowr since March 19. I have been here EVERY SINGLE DAY.... Working Empowr like a job... I have earned over $300 in early cash outs. MY SACRIFICE to this community is the fact that I did not CASH OUT any of those funds. Instead I chose to use them towards my Platform fees. My contribution comes in the form of my TIME and the quality of content I offer for closing circles. I hope that is enough to show you that I am not just in a ME ME ME mind set. I voice my opinion and represent 100,000's of DIGITAL ARTISTS who sell pictures everyday. Why would you exclude them from the community. And what about musicians who have songs to sell? And songwriters, article writers.... Are none of our "products" good enough to be counted towards our daily goals?

40 months ago
Teri Ross

I am also a published author. Of two ACTUSL BOOKS... Not ebooks, but actual in print books that I WROTE. They are one of the first things I tried to sell on Empowr. But my listing kept getting rejected. Even though my name is right on the front cover... I also sell designs on CafePress. And I would love to offer for sale the things I have for sale thought the internet. It would be really nice to use Empowr as a single outlet to all my various streams.

40 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Wow! Simply amazing post. Thank you for the great newsJC. Special thanks to all SC's Empowr employees and everyone who sacrificed for the benefit of the Community. Very proud to be in an honest company showing the true need to give a fast growth of the marketplace which for me is VITAL for Empowr to exist and be successful for decades and not only for few years. I would not want to be in a company selling only premium blogs as most of the products. For sure everyone agrees to be in a sound company with great source of income from the marketplace. I can feel we have so many dedicated people at Empowr and I am so proud and can't thank enough for all the sweats, sleepless nights to make everything in the right path. Everyone has an item at home but not the junk one for sure. So let's rock and sell even 1 item as a start.

This is the company I am looking for with direct communication to the community and hearing our opinions though sometimes not clear or not even useful. Love you Empowr. You rock!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Crispina, wow, thank you for the kind, kind words :) We're happy that you're excited for the great things ahead as well!

40 months ago
Marsha Sortino

Today was the first day I have not been able to hit my daily goals. I have been unable to get into the marketplace, not even to thank my customers or do anything in the marketplace

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Marsha, are you experiencing technical issues? If not, no worries- as JC says: Just pick yourself back up and get back to it tomorrow! :)

40 months ago
Marsha Sortino

Thank you Mila. yes I am still experiencing technical issues. I cannot get into any parts of the marketplace.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Marsha, can you provide details as to what is happening? We are having difficulty understanding what you mean by "I cannot get into any parts of the marketplace". Thanks in advance!

40 months ago
Marsha Sortino

Also what I own fits in a suitcase. I am a complete minimalist. How are people like myself supposed to earn here and support others. I have been a good customer in Empowr and right now it feels like unless we have actual physical items, we should not be here. This does not make sense to me if we are helping the less fortunate. I myself do not mind paying for items that are recipes or ebooks as long as they are reasonably priced.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Akanksha, the bottom line is that for an economy to succeed, most people taking value out of it must be bringing value into it. empowr did not invent that law - it's the law of nature.
Keep thinking about how you can provide value to your fellow empowrians. If you have no products to sell, surely you can help others that are selling products, reach customers, by sharing, bidding and sponsoring? By doing that, you'll be creating profits for yourself, which you can cash out as a regular matured cash out. You can also purchase products, which you can turn around and sell. I realize there is postage involved and this is why we are so focused on helping you build a circle of trust around people that live closer and closer to you: To eventually eliminate postage costs, and to enable you to bring value by providing services to your circle of trust. I know it's not easy, but stay positive and keep thinking about how you can provide something of value to your fellow empowrians - that's where the conversation needs to start from, because the fantasy of everyone extracting monetary value from a platform without providing anything of monetary value in exchange, is nothing but an empty fantasy. Together, we must all find a way to bring value to each other, because otherwise there is nothing of value that anyone of us can receive from empowr.

40 months ago
Parveen Kumar

Hi JC, Update are awesome and it will motivate clients to reach there daily goals. AMCO help everyone to sell more and more product.

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you Parveen! Thanks for your hard work as a Success Coach!

40 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

sir i got now ECO and i activated but i am unable get it. when i am cash out it in my computer giving message"send my cash out key" only. after in my smart phone i m getting my cash out key . but no option to cash out there. i cant get my early Cash out also.
pls help to get this.

40 months ago
Ehtesham Haider

Hello please try again and before requesting for cash out key make sure that your account is validated and you ECO is activated.

40 months ago
Imam Fairoosa

I try several times any system problem.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Imam, would you please fill out a ticket with your success coach so your issue can be investigated? Let's get this fixed for you!

40 months ago
Ehtesham Haider

First of all thanks to Jonny for listening and understanding my words, It is very generous that empowr team consider my advice. Secondly, it was not necessary to post a screenshot of my comment. :D omg why you do that. Now everyone knows that I was the only one complaining around :P
Anyway, I am thankful to Empowr's employees and Success Coaches for their generosity of sacrificing their paychecks. I really didn't want that to happen. This shows how true democracy works in empowr and how well they understand and listen to citizens of empowr. Thanks empowr great work!!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ehtesham, we are thankful that you reminded us about the mission and what its all about! It really is the empowr community that keeps the team on their toes. Thanks again for your commitment to empowr!

40 months ago
Ehtesham Haider

Thanks AB and Mila, it was just the idea which I put, the real work is done by Jonny who discuss it with the empowr management and engineers, I was just the hand, It was Jonny who did the work.

40 months ago
Grace Dagsi

Hi JC! Thanks for the information, i've learned a lot. My salute and thanks to YOU, the SC's and the Empowr employees team for sacrificing so much for the community. I agree with Love Finder for Live Chat option. Many empowr citizens will be happy. I myself experienced 3 times i did not get answers from my coach. But i do understand maybe he's busy too. Yes it's true current market place is flooded with ebooks and all digital products, we can access all of these free from google. We have to improve our marketplace for better quality and more items to sell. Thanks again, we're here to help each other and make this dream a reality. GOB BLESS and MORE POWER!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Grace, thank you for your kind words. Success Coaches are doing their best to help everyone as well. Thanks for your dedication!

40 months ago
Boy Julito

Hi JC,
I am motivated more upon reading this post! I just joined empower Feb this year, upon joining empowr, I have doubt and was curious to find out how the earning figures that was shared in my yahoo email could be possible. In my curiousity, I read about the history of empowr how it started and with some testimonies of other citizens. With that, I was motivated and just follow the daily process in posting and observed what happen. I was so curious also how the power ups behave and how the fees are computed. Having gone through the platform I really learned a lot, and that, I was motivated again to take the SC Training. I also experienced not feeling good when my credit card was charged with ad platforms fees. But I just continue being determined to earn and last month June and July I was able to get my AMCO and I'm so happy that I got a real money from my earnings in empowr.

Thank you so much JC and to all Empowr employees for your ideas and true dedications! Thank you also to all SCs and citizens who contributed their ideas. "Mabuhay tayong lahat!" God bless us all!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Boy, thank you for doing your best to understand and learn all about the empowr platform--and then caring so much that you decided to become a Success Coach!! We appreciate all that you do, and we're looking forward to all of the awesome improvements ahead! Thanks again :)

40 months ago
Ioana Dumitrache

Thank you Empowr team,this is a great news !!!

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank YOU! :)

40 months ago
Tam Dieu

Thank you JC. Great new for all citizen. Please send my regards to our engineers and non-engineers :-)

40 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Noted and will pass it along :) Thank you as well!!!

40 months ago
Angela Fanache

How beautiful began my day! An surprise ECO ! Right is necessary a thank you of my part!
Nice day for all of you!

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thank you and good morning, Angela!

40 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

I Appriciate your efforts and all emplyess for this sacrifice, Money is need of everyone and it is great if they have done so as I read in post,,,, Salute!!!!
Market place will definitely grow if sellers start shipping and receiving AMCO on the base of their product cost. Many have nothing in home to sell they must have to buy and ship from Market. I suggest bidding on product should be not allows just fix price that is reasonable. In Pakistan a normal postage cost per KG is not more then $10 dollars even low to 5 as I know. And almost every one know about the price of any item in market. So If we honestly set price and postage, no doubt it will fly marketplace.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for adding your voice and positivity, M Arshad. And for all you do as an SC to make this fly.

40 months ago
Horgan Okon

Thanks JC, other employees and success coaches, for all your efforts and sacrifice to make empowr mission a reality. I must say that, empowr will certainly grow and keep growing if all the Citizens plights are taken into consideration. The truth is, we over here in Nigeria needs another cash out option added, as PayPal and the Cheque system is not working for us, thus making it impossible for us to make use of our ECO, and AMCO just the way we will have to.
I'm saying this because, as you all know, we all pay ad platform fees, spend time, energy, and other things to make sure empowr works and to keep us active on the platform.
So it becomes frustrating and fruitless if after such investment one can't take home anything good. I strongly believe that, going with the empowr mission and to actualize it as fair and democratize, all the Citizens must be given equal sense of belonging and their plights considered as plights of all.

Finally, as a thinker like every other empowr employees and SC who aim to see empowr grow in ways more than one, I will love to say that it's time empowr begin to think of having a niche where all its success coaches Vs new citizens learning hurdles, in clarity, and unsatisfyableness etc, can be addressed with just a visit. This I'm referring to Empowr having a College right within this community, where citizens will always visit to get solutions to any bothering or unclassified issues where at times, success coaches can't profer.
I heartily appreciate those who let go their pay cheques just to ensure there are check, balance and fairness within empowr pay economy system. You guys are indeed gentle men and women. God bless you all, and the empowr founding fathers.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for the kinds words, Horgan. And I hear you on the payment situation, Horgan. PayPal not being accepted is a big issue in a handful of countries, and we would love to find a solution that works. We have invested in other payment mechanisms, time after time, only to find that the people shouting for them never actually used them, and that engineering time would have been better utilized on things that serve all empowrians. But we will keep trying every chance we get.

40 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Please Johny Read this comment and do not delete it . Will Empowr add a new payout option ?? because it is very hard for me with cashouts . Paypal does not accept payments in all countries . And Empowr does not validated my Visa Electron card . I validated Entropay virtual Visa card but I could not withdraw my ECO to that card too . I am very confused . Can you add a payout option such as Skrill or something which works in all countries ?

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for the kinds words, Khayal. PayPal not being accepted is a big issue in a handful of countries, and we would love to find a solution that works. We have invested in other payment mechanisms, time after time, only to find that the people shouting for them never actually used them, and that engineering time would have been better utilized on things that serve all empowrians. But we will keep trying every chance we get. Thanks for your feedback.

40 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Bank Wire option for cash outs could be also helpful for non paypal countries . it does not need any big investments or researches i think ))) Thanks for attention

40 months ago
Kashif Imtiaz

Thank you JC for your hard working to provide us a platform where we earn and grow for life time. Good news is one of my client receive last day AMCO and ECO too and he is very happy with that.

As a success coach i received $50 AMCO because i have many Jobs in empowr so last month i just complete the goals a few time but i am happy that now system works properly and calculation is 100% correct and everything work fine.

I list some products and amazingly today i see it's sold out.:)
In my little mind i have some little idea's that i want to share with you don't know if it's use full.

What if empowr save 7% from the 97% cash outs and use this for a business near to empowr office and earn some profits then give again to empowr citizens for example a hotel?
If empowr purchase shares for empowr citizens and sold out when they profitable.

To increase the empowr family if we use mobile phone number for inviting and users can create an account with the phone number (like FB).

and at the end i say thank you again for empowering my life now i have to go back my inbox for helping my clients.


40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, Kashif. And for all your do as an SC.

40 months ago
Martin Binnington

JC, as always I am dumbfounded by the sacrifice that the employees are willing to make to keep us citizens happy! It sets an example for us all to follow.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Well, Martin, coming from you -- a person that literally trekked across the planet and away from family and everyone/everything, for the benefit of this mission -- well, that means a whole lot to us. Thanks for continuing to add so much value and constantly educating everyone!

40 months ago
Lloyd Baltar

Hi Team,

One of the benefits of paying the ad fee on time is you can immediately cash out the 50% rebates. Is there anyone here can enlighten me about this process? It's more than 24 hours already since I paid 54% of my ad fee out from my pocket and I still don't see the 50% rebate that is ready to be cashed out. Please PM me for details. I might not be able to read your response here. Thanks much and I would appreciate your quick response.


40 months ago
Juan Antonio Fernandez

Gracias por todas las explicaciones que estáis dando para que podamos entender mejor todos los cambios de EmPowr.
Creo que es muy positivo apostar por los productos en el MarketPlace pero hay criterios que no entiendo.
He intentado vender camisetas en el MarketPlace y a veces son aprobadas y otras no. No entiendo que criterio se sigue, son el mismo tipo de productos.
También me ha pasado con otros productos similares. Pan y dulces. Algunos se aprueban y otros no.
Sigo buscando productos que se puedan vender bien, y creo que se podrá vender mucho más cuando se pague antes las ventas. Hay productos para los que no puedo esperar 90 días para cobrar la venta porque yo tengo que pagar por adelantado.
Gracias por todos los esfuerzos del equipo de EmPowr, creo que vamos a crear una potente red social.

40 months ago
Johnny Cash

Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras, Kamy.
Te escucho acerca de la situación del mercado de aprobación. Tiene que ser mucho más consistente. Voy a trabajar con el equipo para mejorar las normas y la coherencia.
Siempre es bueno saber de usted. Gracias por creer en empowr y trabajando muy duro para esta misión, Kamy.

40 months ago