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New to empowr?

A few personal questions for you 


1. Have you ever felt this very strong feeling…
       ….  that you want your life to mean more; that you want to make a big difference?


2. Do you have strong feelings about empowr (either positive or negative or both)?


3. Do you have ideas about how to improve empowr…
      ….  OR, are you a good listener and think you would be able to get others to provide their good ideas?


4.  Are you a good communicator?


5.  Would you like to earn more, shop more in the marketplace, and cash out more accelerated (not matured) earnings?


If you answered Yes to 4 or more of the above questions, you should seriously consider becoming a Success Coach.


Some facts about being a Success Coach

A.  Success Coaches love helping empowr citizens learn all about empowr and get their questions answered.

B.  Success Coaches get incredible satisfaction when they see their students become successful and happy

C.  Success Coaches even earn bonuses:

·      By providing high quality answers to your questions

·      By responding quickly to your questions

·      When you’re successful in the empowr economy

·      When you’re happy in empowr

Each of the above metrics are very carefully measured and the results are reported to Success Coaches monthly…
    …  and they earn bonuses when they do well in any or all of the above categories.

D.  Success Coaches -- ONLY -- are eligible to become the president of empowr.

            Some common fears expressed about becoming the empowr president:

                   I'm not experienced in running a company

When you become president, we'll get you experienced help, that will patiently teach you what you need to know

I'm not brave

            You don't need to be

 I'm not smart enough

            Yes you are

I'm not technical enough

            You don’t need to be technical


Still not 100% sure you want to be a Success Coach?

That’s totally OK – you can try it first, to see if you like it!

And even EARN $1,000 just for trying!


Here’s how it works:

1.  Watch some videos and take some automated, quick multiple-choice tests.

By doing that, you will further increase your knowledge of the empowr platform. Nothing wrong with that, right?


2.  When you pass the exams, you become a Success Coach! 

·      You automatically get some new students assigned to you

·      You also get your own Client Center, a set of tools that let you see all your students in one place, to make it easier to manage your day

·      You also gain access to the “Success Coaches only” community – a private place where SCs can talk to each other, share tips and learnings, and help each other improve


3.  When students write to you, answer their questions as best you can.


4.  When you earn your first penny ($0.01) in bonuses, empowr will add $1,000 to that, to congratulate you!


5.  If you find that being a Success Coach is not for you, that’s OK!

Simply quit the program, keep the $1,000 -- and SMILE – because you now know a lot more about the empowr platform, and even know what it’s like to be a Success Coach.


6 .  On the other hand, if you find that you’re seriously enjoying helping people, stick with it!

Each month, see how you performed with the quality and speed of your answers, and in your student success and happiness levels. 

And to help make the whole experience even more fun for you, enjoy bonuses in one or more those categories, as you improve.


Enjoy your Success Coach bonuses: You earned and deserve them!

You can immediately spend those earnings in the empowr marketplace…

            ….  or even cash out some of those bonuses on an accelerated basis.


Did you catch that? 

Success Coaches not only earn bonuses when they do a great job at serving empowr citizens…

 but now, they also get to cash out some of those bonuses at the end of the month (on an accelerated basis, without the need for maturation).

And why not?

Educating is, as discussed previously at length, among the most important roles (if not THE most important role) in any economy, empowr included.

Therefore, attracting and retaining excellent educators (called Success Coaches in empowr) should be a top priority for us all.

And with so many new people joining empowr every day, we must put our heads together, and find ways to improve our educational system. 

There’s no better way for us to do that than focus on improving both the quantity and the quality of our Success Coaches.


Most importantly, gain the satisfaction of knowing that you’re changing the world, for the better…

 because you’re doing your part to make the empowr mission a reality, by helping your students find knowledge, success and happiness.


What do you have to lose?

So, hopefully you can see that being a Success Coach can be very rewarding…

… and that if you’re not sure, there’s no harm in trying:

In the worst case, you’ll gain more knowledge about everything in empowr and $1,000 in earnings.

And in the better case, you’ll learn that you love helping people, earning bonuses and accelerated cash outs and ensuring the empowr mission succeeds.

And who knows, you might just love it so much that you decide to become the empowr president next March.


Take action now

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Simply click this link now and tell Mila that you’d like to try being a Success Coach, and she'll answer any questions and give you access to the training module and tests. (Totally confidential, by the way, no one needs to know).

There is no role in all of empowr, that's more rewarding in any way, than helping your fellow empowr citizens succeed by being a Success Coach.


Any questions? We’re here for you.


Bob Poster

Great post JC! I have been a coach for over a year now and can say it has its ups and downs but lately there is way more ups and I love where empowr is heading. So why not be a success coach?

39 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for sharing your experience, Bob!

What do you find the most rewarding about it?

39 months ago
Bob Poster

Well helping people get to the higher power user levels, I find rewarding especially when they started with me at basic orange. Do you ever sleep? It's like 5:30 am there.

39 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for your concern, comrade. Sleep is overrated. We'll sleep for infinity after we're dead!

With SCs like you working so darn hard for this success of empowr, I feel guilty sleeping.

39 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Great post indeed and so motivating too.

39 months ago
Edwin Edwards

I have been a success coach for one and a half years and I have heard the best experience ever. There is no best feeling like helping others becoming successful on empowr. So I encourage whoever wishes to become one, don't let go of this great opportunity.

39 months ago
Edwin Edwards

My pleasure! I truly agree with you.

39 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Wow! I am the first to comment this!
Thank you JC for your invitation. It is a very motivating and inspiring blog post. Many advantages but we have to see the work behind these, the time allocated to clients, the misunderstanding generated by the language and then the rewards will come.
Good luck to those who are daring to try and to become a SC. It is a great responsability, but a great honour to be a part of empowr team!

39 months ago
Panagiotis Loumidis

I m more than willing to become a success coach. Helping people is the scope of my life. That is why I became a psychologist. I have also discussed it with my SC. and she was very happy with my intention to become SC and she encouraged me. I took the first test successfully. There is one thing though that I think we need to discuss here.
I have read already that the system gives to every SC 10 clients a day unless the SC decides otherwise and sets it to less. I ve asked my SC how much time does she devote to SCoaching per day and she told me that sometimes she reaches 16 hours per day. My SC is young, beautiful and resistant. I am 60, overweight and tired. (ready for pension). I am still quite activ as a person and I believe in Democracy and empowr. I am willing to dedicate a few hours as a SC, but 16 hours or even 8 per day is too much for me. I am sure it's worth it. I wonder though. Is there a way for senior (in age) citizens like me to help and also gain coaching other citizens with less available time? Bonuses are based on competitivity. How can a 60yo SC compete with other younger SCs say 40 yo? I hope that my comment ads another point of view. I am sure that I am not the only one discouraged from the available time issue. Besides I d like to mention that many of my Greek compatriots ask me for help in messages when they see that I am the first on Greece's leaderboard and I happily provide it to them :-) (without bonus)

39 months ago
Lina Tanase

I am SC since 3 and half years. The first condition, to be a good SC is to love this site and to love people! Here counts mind and soul together . Self-abnegation, patience, responsibility counts very much. I love empowr! Thank you , JC and Brian for the opportunity to be SC in this site !

39 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Hi JC,
Great post. I have been a coach for over 3 years now and I am still learning every day. Though I have a fulltime job and it is not always easy to combine with coaching, I still enjoy helping people. What is very rewarding is that clients recommend me to other citizens. This is a great feeling.:-)
@ everyone who is not a coach yet , here in Belgium we say if you do not try you will never know. :-)

39 months ago
Krishnachand J

It 's helping moment for us ,Welcome it for good also

39 months ago
Tine Julito

Thanks for this post, very encouraging!

I have already taken the exams and now I'm at the 3rd module.
However, I observe many areas for improvement, kindly see below:
1. NOT UPDATED MODULES: All the improvements that has gone live should be reflected on the training modules. This will give the leads (potential coaches) the a better understanding and timely information that they can impart to their clients in the future.
2. LESS COHESIVE: The materials should have topics that are sequentially related to another within the module. Also, the module should provide Objectives and Content at the beginning of the course and a Summary at the end.
3. CONFLICTING CONSTRUCTION: The sentences should not conflict the view as an Empowr user, these materials should always consider that the readers are coaches.

I hope Empowr can reflect this improvements soon. Thanks!


39 months ago
Tine Julito

Hi Coach AB, thanks for your time in reading and commenting. I would love to work with you, I hope that would be soon! Hope EMPOWR will be a place of continuous improvement so everybody will commit to be a better citizen!

39 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

I have been on empowr since March 2011, and worked volunteerily as a Success Coach since Dec 2011. It's an interesting part-time job for me.
When working as a Success coach, I am not only earning more bonuses (because I coach from the bottom of my heart firstly, money is not in my mind when I am coaching), but it is a good chance for me to meet more people around the world, learn from their life stories, and practise my English. I am in a poor country and I have never got a chance to go abroad.
So coaching on empowr is like a Gift of God to me. When coaching, I understand myself more clearly and deeply.
Why don't you lose this chance?
Take it now then you will see why I am succeed here.

Thank you so much JC for your great post.

For the sake of empowr citizens, I will try my best to help and support you learn, work and earn more profits here.

Best regards

39 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

This is a great opportunity for everyone and exciting though a challenging job. I've been a success coach before and it was fun helping people when you feel they get helped. It was a learning process as we learn new things everyday. My situation doesn't allow me this time but sure will in few months as I miss this too :) I had a great experience with Georgiana, May, Mihaela, Manuela, Zoe and all SC's are great and very helpful. Everyone this is worth trying and YOU CAN DO IT too. Good luck! I have some feeling that this list of the following dear citizens will be great Success Coaches and really recommend them to try: Ayman, Shailesh, Mimoza, Jun Z, Glenn, Ed, Rebecca, Regina, Angela Jurmoni, Angela Fanache, Andreea and more people that I haven't mentioned yet. With their enthusiasm, sharing, being positive and great job I believe we should have them as Success coaches too. I know it's a time consuming, great dedication and hard work too but it might be a part of our Success as one with their great capabilities. Really appreciate our Success Coaches we have now as they're like Superman/Superwoman who want to give their answers immediately but due to business needs that they dedicate their time to solve some issues before they get back and answering questions to hundreds of clients everyday. They're all amazing. Thank you May my own Success Coach May who is brilliant and has great dedication and she has all the qualities to become a President too.
Thank you JC for this great opportunity and good luck to all!!! Thank you Empowr.

39 months ago
Boy Julito

I'm a Success Coach (SC) since June this year. When I join empowr last Feb I read about being an SC. When I received the link to take the examination I immediately tried it with full excitement because I know this could be my future business aside from my present job. Now I enjoy helping other citizens and so happy when I received my accelerated monthly cash out. I should have known empowr/fanbox earlier and by now I can imagine how much should I earn monthly and the fulfillment of helping others. Thank you JC for this post and I really feel that we need more SCs because of the fast growing number of empowr citizens!

39 months ago
Sudhir Singh

I think it is a job for those peoples who have thorough knowledge of this platform.Iam still learning and will try for this after some time.I have one point to discuss that you people take money out of paypal account willingly but at the time of giving money to citizens,there is always a problem.This is not ok with us.Both ways should be speedy.Reminders should be both ways.Photos arranements are randomly set,We post our blog according to our requirement ,but after some time all are here and there, 5days photo comes up and fresh photos go down..

39 months ago
Seshadri Sreenivasan

Interesting piece of communication. Makes one sit up, take notice and think seriously.

39 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I was been an SC on Fanbox, a name before our profile was imported to Empowr. I´m happy with what I had experienced as an SC I´m happy when my clients were happy and successful and sad when my clients were sad specially with the money matter situation and when they were disappointed not reaching their goals. It´s very knowledgeable and can learn a lot being an SC. Getting bonus is a sort of motivation, the more bonus you get, only means more of the clients under you are successful and more money on your pocket too :p

39 months ago
Richard Hall

A world of great information. Loved the post.

39 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Nice moves,
I suggest that senior coaches are allowed to invite their clients and they take exam and then coaches train them after they fully integrated to coaching program. As well as Make a set of team leaders and 4 coaches under them as once it was in the past

39 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Dear AB,
I am so happy to see that you will considered these suggestions and I have already put then in our team suggestion doc.

39 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

But we should be careful with the case that senior success coaches do all tests for those clients to help them pass the exams while those clients did not do anything, just because those senior success coaches want to build their own team.
I know that case had happened.
If that happens again, we never get the quality Success coaches, just those people who love money ($1,000 bonus) instead of working-from-the-bottom-of-their-heart volunteers.

39 months ago
Robert Johnston

Was asked to be a success coach several times. But, after having several coaches, who were very poor at communicating. Could not solve a problem I had with empowr, decided that it was not for me. Feel the level is set too low, and it is not fair to members to have such poor coaching. After three failed tries, finally got a coach who could communicate but seems to still be unable to solve the problem. Though in all other ways am satisfied that at least she is making a Maximum Effort to help me.... Perhaps there needs to be an essay portion to the test, to make sure they are better at communicating.

39 months ago
Idriss Adama Diaw

Good point, my friend!

39 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Robert, I definitely understand that a bad experience can leave a poor impression. However, another way to look at the issue would be to join the program so that you can help to improve it. It's one thing to see the problem, it's another to try and do something about it! That being said, we are heavily focused on ensuring constant improvements within the SC program to make sure that we keep raising the bar. Perhaps you will reconsider sometime and try it out!

39 months ago
Personlab Yb

Друзья я очень хочу стать тренером, я понял концепцию работы платформы... Но есть одна проблема, я не знаю английского языка, месяц не могу сдать один тест, так как из-за не точного перевода не могу понять какой ответ надо выбрать. Сделайте Русскую версию тестов.
С уважением Юрий

39 months ago
Lana Ferra

Юрий, SC должен бегло читать и писать на английском, потому что вы будете работать с англоязычными клиентами со всего мира и с материалами на английском языке. Надо знать сайт как отче наш. Отдавать работе ежедневно без выходных 5-6 часов, иногда больше. Тест сдать полезно, но стать тренером - подумайте дважды. Желаю успеха

39 months ago
Personlab Yb

Лана зачем нам англоязычное население, мы с друзьями будем продвигать этот проект для русскоязычного населения, нужно сделать так чтобы к коучу который понимает английский, приходили англоязычные люди, к Русским, Русские. А то я к примеру испанец ко мне попадет араб какой нибудь и что я ему скажу, конечно он мне в рейтинге поставит 1 так как мы не понимаем друг друга и уйдет с сайта потому что ни в чем не разобрался. Так что подумайте об этом. В России есть деньги, вот только у нас с языком туговато...Ну лично у меня...

39 months ago
Lana Ferra

Юрий, я очень рада, что наконец на сайте стали появляться русскоязычные, и многие из них успешно поднимаются. Прект продвигать безусловно надо, и я стараюсь помогать, как могу. Но тренерам дают клиентов массово, никто не будет вам отбирать тоько русскоязычных. И общаться с командой сайта придется по английски, и все материалы на англ. так что учите язык, он вам в жизни очень пригодится.

39 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

Amazing information and big challenge for everybody.I was try past SC test but still i need improve in English. Till i am not ready past test i do free private coaching and help people who don't speak and understand English language from Slovak, Czech and Hungarian speaking countries. I am sure that my time be SC will come in soon future.
Thanks JC for hard work!!

39 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Irena, it's great that you're willing to help other empowr citizens, regardless of being a coach or not! As a community, we should all be sharing our knowledge and helping each other to learn and better understand empowr. The Success Coach program could definitely benefit from your desire to help others and your language abilities!

39 months ago
Idriss Adama Diaw

Success Coaches are overwhelmed rarely responsive to customers's need and not equipped to address real issues.

39 months ago
Johnny Cash

Well there's the generalization of the century Thanks for your contribution.

39 months ago
Zara ;)

True Idress , empowr citizens are not equipped at all to become sc at orange star, they are still basically learners, and then overwhelmed with work load and clients. Those who have been with empowr for over a year are teal pu should be sc as they are more experienced, same goes for electing presidents, what's the urgency?

39 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Idriss and Zara, the Success Coach program is available to users of Orange Star level and up in order to provide all users with the freedom to join the Success Coach program once they feel ready. This is a personal choice, that no one is required to undertake. It is purely voluntary, and is definitely a decision that should be 100% well thought out. There are newer users who have put in an unbelievable amount of time and effort into understanding the platform and understand it well, while there are users of higher power levels who haven't put in nearly as much effort, etc. All Success Coaches must successfully complete the modules and all training before starting. Becoming a Success Coach will mean constant learning for everyone along the way.

39 months ago

although I am not Success Coach, always, when someone asks me for help, I try to help him in the limit of my knowledge.
I tried several times tests, I passed only two tests, the other probably because I do not know English very well, I have not managed to do more than 21-22 correct answers.
so I have insecurities that I could properly guide students, bcs I not know English very well.,
But ... not exclude the possibility for the future.

39 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Andreea! Please do not be discouraged by language or anything else. What's great about empowr is that we are a very diverse group of people. There are people from all over the world, who all speak an array of different languages. It's great when a new coach comes up board who can speak different languages that way we can help a greater number of people!

39 months ago

Thanks for the encouragement.
I will try tests , even for check knowledge

39 months ago
Illi Mai

Hello Mila / AB--

I want to become a Success Coach again at the end of fall around November time because this is when I will graduate from college. I did not have a good experience as a coach when I joined the program the first time back in March, but now I know what to expect and I would like to be placed under my SC's Power Team. I had a very unresponsive team the first time (all from my power team, SC trainer, and from empowr representatives), among other reasons which led too many frustrations that caused me to quit. Do I have to take all the tests all over again when I was a Coach before? I can easily answer YES to all 5 questions that JC posed above. I would like to help the empowr mission and help others achieve the level of success that I have and to ensure that empowr will succeed for many decades to come, not just for myself but for the sake of all humanity because of how quickly globalization and automation is changing our world on a global scale. It is sad to think that we can enter into another Great Depression so I believe this opportunity should be shared with everyone so that they can have hope and influence in their lives. I think I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that would benefit all the new people who are joining the platform now, and also help the more experienced/advanced people here as well. I am more confident in my abilities as well because I have gained a lot of knowledge along the way in my journey here with empowr.

39 months ago
Marius B)

You will definitely be a coach again and I look forward working with you Illi.
You are great man.

39 months ago
Carol Heksem

I went through the whole course and passed all the tests and that was that. I did not become a success coach.

39 months ago