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Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?                                                    Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?    

Hello everyone,

As you know, we just experienced a significant and painful software glitch.


A frustrating experience, for sure:

Frustrating for you, empowr citizens…

… as well as for success coaches and employees all continuing to work to fully resolve the issue.


Why do things like this happen?

The truth is that software glitches and other problems happen with all software platforms.

empowr, in particular, happens to be one of the most (if not, THE most) complicated software platforms in existence, in terms of millions of lines of computer code…

… and in terms of what it’s attempting to accomplish, tightly integrating a social network, marketplace, payment system, educational and political systems, and much more.

As the number of things you’re trying to accomplish with a single software platform go up, the complexity goes up exponentially.

And so do the number of issues and glitches.


But it’s even more complicated than that

To add to the issue, empowr is attempting to build this most complicated platform, using no investor capital.

That means that it must work many, many times harder, with a much smaller employee base.

For example, empowr must attract employees and success coaches that believe wholeheartedly in the empowr mission…

…. so much so, that they are willing to work for little or no pay – only for the benefit of humanity.

Not everyone is willing, or able, to be paid little or nothing, in order to benefit other people.


And so to attempt to make something like empowr successful, the participants need to be very special people:

Employees needs to know that “life balance” is not something they can have while the company is still in its alpha stage. The will need to accept that they are, basically, required to work around the clock.

Citizens need to expect constant changes and issues, many of which will be quite frustrating for them.

And of course success coaches, who act as the communication bridge between employees and citizens, need to be incredibly hard working and flexible in their own thinking.

And ALL of the above (citizens, success coaches and employees) need to understand that, especially in the short-term, resources (money!) will be in short supply.


Indeed, browsing around the community this morning, the following is just a small sample of citizens I bumped into, that have been working hard on empowr, for years:

                   Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?                                         Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?                                          Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?                                                          Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?

Again, the above is just a small sample of people that I bumped into this morning. Many more empowr citizens exist that have been on empowr, working hard for this mission, for many, many years. (My apologies to the many citizens, also working here for years, that I missed).


And here are some our longest serving success coaches:

                    Part 1:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?


All of these people, have worked very, very hard for the success of the community…

... with one common characteristic:

In ALMOST ALL of the months that they have been on empowr…

… they did not receive one single penny in cash outs.



Did you catch that?

They received not one single penny in cash outs, for almost all of the months they were on empowr, because there was simply NO MONEY to go around.


The good news is that, in the last few months, as empowr has grown, cash outs have been growing too.

But everyone continues to make sacrifices, as it will take time for the cash outs to grow to much larger levels...

... and for software glitches, missing features and issues to all be produced or fixed.


On the other hand, we've attracted a good amount of new people, a few of which cannot help but feel entitled -- and cannot stop complaining, complaining, complaining.


I can totally understand these citizens' frustrations.

They deserve the absolute best platform… 

… capable of giving them significant income with little effort on their part…

… and with no bugs, issues or glitches.


Of course empowr needs to hurry and get itself to the place where it can fully satisfy them and everyone.

And I assure you that everyone at empowr understands that time is of the essence. 

All empowr employees are frustrated and working as hard as they possible can to improve the platform.

I can assure you of that.


An important question for you

So, for the newer folks – just joining in the last few months:

What do you think?

Is empowr, at its current alpha state, a good fit for you and your expectations?

Or do you think the experience will be too frustrating for you?

Keep in mind that the type of issue we just faced these last few days, hasn’t happened for a while.

But that was the exception.

It’s more accurate for you to expect that things like this will keep happening, on a regular basis.


Also, AMCO cash outs will go up and down, depending on cash flow.

Some months there will surely be no AMCOs whatsoever, when cash doesn't allow.

When that happens - and it will, I can assure you - how will you take it?

Remember, that empowr has no deep pockets. It has raised no capital and works hard to return as much cash to its citizens as possible.

(If you remember, AMCOs from only 2 months ago, August, were only possible because empowr employees chose to not take their (already small) paychecks so that money could go to empowr citizens).

So AMCOs are not a guaranteed thing. No one is "entitled" to what empowr cannot achieve or produce.

I hope you are hearing me (as opposed to what you wish you were hearing).

And if you are hearing me, and believe that it will be too difficult for you to stay on empowr, we can totally respect that.

If so, my strong recommendation is that you put your account on hold…

… and come back in about a year, after we’ve been able to use that time to improve things…

…. and as a result, things are much better.

Staying here, and facing all the changes and issues will surely be difficult for you.


In addition, if this is not a good fit right now, but you choose to stick around…

… but you can’t help but spread negativity around and complain, complain, complain

… well, it is not fair to the people that choose to be here, and are able to keep their chins up while they continue to work towards the accomplishment of the empowr mission…

 despite the short-term setbacks, issues and lack of resources.


Does this make sense?

For the people that have chosen to work on this project for so many years…

… receiving ZERO in cash outs for most of those months…

… to be forced to see or listen to this sort of "entitled" or nonstop complaining from new folks that willingly joined this alpha project…

… it is simply unfair.


Look - we need to improve massively, so your constructive criticism is helpful, because it helps us understand what we need to focus on.

But the level of entitlement that a few of you newer citizens are showing... 

... well, it shows that you don't really understand that this is an alpha stage project.


When all you seem to do it sit around and complain...

... when your cash out is greater than what so many others cashed out in years...

... it just gets to a point where your involvement here, at this stage, is simply not beneficial for the community, that's trying hard to stay positive and focused.



So, if empowr, in its current state, is not for you, please do the right thing and temporarily leave empowr so that the rest of us can do our work.

If you decide to stay, but cannot stop the unconstructive complaining…

… then as the community moderator, I must ask you to leave or I might even suspend your account if you refuse to leave…

… so that you can return to empowr at a later date when many more of the issues are behind us.

And yes, we do have the right to do that, in just the same way that you have every right to decide who can visit your home.

As a private entity, attempting to build this project, we have the right to remove anyone that we find is not a good fit...

... and yes, you agreed to these terms, when you joined this alpha stage project.


Look - I assure you that this is not a fun exercise for me.

But it is my duty to do that, for the benefit of the constructive participants and the ultimate success of the mission.

If you need help suspending your account, please ask.


You will get the most respectful of treatment, I promise you, as you are a gem in our eyes.

Admitting to yourself, and us, that this is not the best fit AT THIS TIME, is a highly honorable thing to do…

… and you get my and everyone’s respect for doing that…

… as well as a warm welcome back when you return after we’ve had a chance to improve everything so that we can more effectively serve you.


                                                   ----- ----- ----- ----- -----



On the other hand, if you feel like you know what you’ve got yourself into…

… and can and will be happy participants in this struggle – this revolution that we're trying hard to make into a reality -- despite the shortcomings, lack of resources and all the issues…

… then of course the community embraces you with open arms. 

In fact, this mission cannot succeed without you.






What is your decision?

Shall we temporarily part as friends... and get back together at a later date...

...or will you stay here and work with us to achieve this mission and revolution...

... with the full understanding and expectations of the difficulties that we will surely face...

... keeping your chin up, with little-to-no whining and complaining, but instead helping others to stay positive?


The choice is yours. 

I hope and trust that you will do the right thing -- for the benefit of yourself, all other empowr citizens, and the empowr mission.


Elena Berngardt

Однозначно - Остаюсь и работаю !!!

38 months ago
Dezarae Ali

I love when you show us a great big chunk of your heart, and I really appreciate how you speak with such clarity and intention. I knew I found my home the day I joined, and I am grateful to everyone and the countless hours of work they've put into this world changing project. I feel like every step led me here, and I will continue to give my best effort and grow with this beautiful system as she grows. My deep respect to the empowr team and all the coaches for all they do to aide this noble mission. My love to you all.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you Dez, for your positive words. We're glad to have a Success Coach in the program as dedicated as you are. Thank you!

38 months ago

As a new user, I must confess - I was not aware of the Glitch and errors you were having. On the iphone app - it did request us to report issues, and this I have done - when I have seen anything. I do not believe I was complaining, more... pointing out where improvements would be required, going forward. In all businesses it is important to make this available for the collaberative improvement of services and performance. I intend to be here for the longterm.

Thanks for making this available. Would love to be assisned to a responsive coach - none of the 3 I have swapped to have even responded yet... (not complaining - just hoping for help to get to where we are aiming) :)

38 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Truly understand the ups and downs and willing to embrace as this is only temporary. But I believe one day will surely come up to the goal of Empowr. It isn't easy to run a business for the benefit of all with our site on a testing basis and get the best of it. Empowr is trying it's best to make everything possible with everyone's understanding. To get the best one has to sacrifice something and am willing to continue as I believe once again that Empower will soon be on the top. Citizens not getting paid will not be the same case in the future. Hope to see more citizens to stick around regardless of glitches and inability to reach their expectations getting larger AMCO.
I am so proud the honesty of Empowr sharing it's status and asking citizens opinion.
Thank you and love you all :)

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Crispina, thanks for your words. We have plenty of work to do ahead to get empowr where it needs to be. With continuous suggestions and users speaking up, we will surely move much faster. Let's keep in mind that the success of empowr is up to both the employees AND the users, so we must continue working together to make sure empowr is successful! Thanks again!

38 months ago
Manolea Ciprian

I hope that everybody will stay in a positive with a high expectations to thrive in this community and became better. The part with complaining in my opinion is all of us got a constructive thoughts that are meant to be good for community. If i was vehement complaining i was doing for the community not my selfish goals and I am sorry that i was going in a bad direction. I believe in this community and what great opportunity can arrive in the future for many who work hard. This month i personally want to work here harder than before to rise to my expectation and became more helpful for the community in achieving our goals.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Manolea, you bring up some good points here.
Let's be clear: empowr will not survive if we do not continue to hear and receive constructive feedback from our citizens. Complaining on the other hand...is different. empowr welcomes constructive criticism, questions, concerns, ideas...this is what will make empowr an awesome platform. It's great to see that you understand the difference, which if you practice this, other users will be able to learn from your lead. Thanks for your dedication!

38 months ago
May Ram

Good morning JC.
You said it all. Thank you for making all of us understood, and reminded how far we have come, and how far we have yet to go.
I, personally, will never leave you, the team and empowr in whole, till the death do us apart. We are bonded with the unique love.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

As always May, thank you for being YOU! Awesome to see you featured on the blog, you deserve it! Thanks again.

38 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thank you May -- I agree with Mila.. you actually appear twice above! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all you do!!!

38 months ago
Manolea Ciprian

Hello empowrians. Johnny, May, Mila can you please do something with the dispute program because it is moving very slow and i have over 4000$ waiting to be resolve. I want to buy more from the marketplace but now i can't:(

38 months ago
Prashant Dimri

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. ...
Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission. .
Thanks JC.

38 months ago
Ahmed .

Thank you for showing kindness and grateful for your loyal people, thank you for professional long term planning to meet our future needs, for the patience when we lose control sometimes, because any old suffer of sudden malfunction or defect.:))
I would wish to express my thankful and respect for all you have planned to reach this level of success to help us.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ahmed, this is why are are always so grateful for everyone's patience and understanding, and why it's also so important for users to speak up in a constructive manner when something isn't right. Thank you!

38 months ago

Congratulate all the people who have chosen to work on this project for so many years, and they continue to work towards the accomplishment of the empowr mission…

“The major mistake people pursue in decision making is to surround themselves with negatively minded people. People who are going nowhere will never take you anywhere; people who are going everywhere can take you somewhere.”
― Israelmore Ayivor,

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you, Andreea! :)

38 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Hi JC,
I completely agree with you. I am here since three to four years and there has never been as many complaints as this year. I think it is a lack of information because some persons just focus on the 90 day matured cash out and don't understand that it's not quick getting rich program, they don't understand that they must pay all their Ad Credits before cashing out.

Do they really watch the videos? Do they learn how empowr works? Some days ago while I was closing loop with a member of my country, I noticed that this person said that it's already 90 days and she has not get any cash out and that she is quitting. I guess she has understand nothing. As for myself, I have had many cheques and payment to my paypal account from empowr but I know that if I was not working hard, it would not have been possible.

Indeed, there are glitches and this can happen at any time when a program is in alpha mode but you, all engineers of empowr do your very best when you become aware of it. So, thank you again for all the work you're doing and thank you JC for keeping us inform always.

Patience is the key element to success!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Sylvie, you hit the nail the head here! it's so crucial that empowr continues to improve its education so that all users have clear expectations and understanding of what to expect when they join empowr. If you ever have any ideas on how to do this, please feel free to share. We have videos, recently updated learning center articles, Success Coaches, blogs...any other education tools anyone can suggest is always appreciated. It's also members like you who understand the platform and how to earn, that can also be a great resource to our newbies.
Thanks again for your belief in the system, and for sticking with us! Thanks! :)

38 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

Hi Mila,
A suggestion to better educate members when they join is have the TOS split in sections with each section ending with a place where they initial it. The registration would only be complete once all sections have been initialled to show they have read it and know what they are agreeing to. You could also have information go out with each email announcing a power up to a new level to further educate them on more ways to earn than simply posting,sharing, bidding and selling such as blogging, rating and categorising blogs, etc. I am sure there are ways I have not learned yet to earn and I have been here since April 2016.

38 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I can feel that all of you guys who work hard had got enough. I can feel the frustrations.
Sad that you have to do this but I understand that you must because without having this message, yes they are spreading and complaining everywhere like a parasite but let´s keep it this way, that they are the losers (those who complain) and take note the important issues to improve instead.
I was been here for a while now, got frustrated in silence and motivated still keep moving on being a member but still sticking around because I still believe that Empowr is not yet there, The site hasn´t reach the mission that I want to be a part of "To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence" because without Empowr I can´t do that alone, at least in here I can participate on something to fight against poverty & inequality, extremism and terrorism, and the decay of democracy.
So for you guys being a member of the community, you have to know first what you are getting involve for before spending much of your time and effort that might frustrate you in the end.
***I SALUTE you JC, Success Coach, Employees and Engineers who do a non-stop support and fantastic job to make these things happen.

38 months ago
David Bruyland

Nice post. It shows you are very committed to help succeed empowr's mission, and you're very passionate about it. I'm only from the beginning of this year on empowr, I believe in it's goals, and I'll try my best to put in my part to help reach empowr's goals. Thanks alot for sharing your passion.
-David Bruyland.

38 months ago
Lina Tanase

Almost 3 and half years ago, when I joined empowr community, I didn't know that I will become addicted to this family. Here I take breakfast, lunch, and dinner :) Being Success Coach doesn't mean only education and correcting stuff, means also being close to people. Many there are close friends, no matter if they are SC or simple users.I believed from the beginning in this site . Even there are/ will be ups and downs, I will stay here with all my heart, near this family ! I am sure that everybody who know me, will follow me and will stay here !

38 months ago
Sam Shirazi

It's about 1.5 years that I'm here and i've paid about $ 1000 fees until now and have hadn't any cash out .
And I was a success coach about 7 months.
How can i even think about leaving here?
With that time and money i've spent here HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO THANK ABOUT LEAVING HERE?

38 months ago
Johnny Cash

It's very possible for you to think about leaving, Hessam.

You're looking at this as an investment (that you are expecting a Return on Investment from), as opposed to an alpha stage experiment -- a social movement -- which by definition is fraught with risk with zero promises.

Therefore, it's clear to me that you are here for the wrong reasons, as I have explained in my blog post above.

How about you suspend your account now, and then in a year, I'll do my best to provide you with your "investment" back plus interest?

Do it for the benefit of yourself, and everyone else, because it's hard enough to work 16-18 hour days with the extra burden of dealing with your incorrect assumptions and expectations.

Imagine you invited people to your house for pizza and painting the walls. And I show up and will not stop complaining that there are no hamburgers. When is enough, enough? When will you ask me to leave, so the others can focus on what they came for? Don't you think they deserve to not have me there complaining and making the experience horrible for all of them?

Or do you think I have a right, to sit there and complain, complain, complain... I MEAN, without hamburgers, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO THINK ABOUT LEAVING?

Please do the right thing Hessam. You know what that is. The only question is, are you capable of doing it yourself, or will the community need to do it for you?

38 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante


38 months ago
Anna Kundrat

Thank you for your honesty. I want to stay with you. And I will do it with pleasure

38 months ago

We stayed her for a long time, sharing good mornents and hard ones. We were here before AMCO and never complained.
And we are here for tough times when they come.the platform of empowr became part of our life
And for sure we are with you.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ayman, it always amazes me to see users who have been here for so long, who have always believed in the mission. That kind of dedication is inspiring. Thanks for not giving up! -Mila

38 months ago
Judit Gecse

I'm already slow before two years ago, I love empowr, I can not imagine my life without him.
Thank you a lot of support, help with kindness.
Fight struggling and have faith!
One way is forward!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you for your kind words, Judit! We're happy we have your support!

38 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Goor Morning JC,
I take a lot of time to choose the words to appreciate you and all the citizen, success coaches and the employes who are working for the empowr mission for a long time "Hat OFF for all of you, you all are the genius people of the world who are working day&night volunteer for empowr mission" I'm with you till the last breath because there is no difference between the breath and empowr, empowr is my breath, my mission, my dream and my wish,
Thank you,
Khaleeq Ahmed

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Khaleeq, thank for your thoughtful words. Success Coaches work day and night also :)

38 months ago
Regan Jeya Antony

Really I have tears while going through this post as I could fee the dedication shown by those who shouldered this mission for the last 10+ years and still people blaming for silly mistakes and glitches. I hope everyone will understand their motive and stay hand in hand to support this mission along with them.

Wish you luck and all success to empowr and its employees.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks Regan- that's so awesome that you loved the post! :) While we don't want to downplay our faults, we're glad that dedicated citizens like you understand and continue working so hard to make empowr successful. Thank you again!

38 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

I work very hard here and I enjoy doing that so much. It is the philosophy behind it all that I give my heart to and that I want help realise, in every possible way I can. Something needs to change in this world and here I have the feeling that I am working toward that. Not primarily for myself but for the greater good of all. Thank you, Johnnie, for writing what you wrote. I find it so unbelievable when people are speaking about all their money and want to receive it now. Do they really believe money grows on trees?

38 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thank you everyone for your vote of confidence.

It is simply mind-blowing to so many of us - that this mission and community have been so fortunate as to have you involved like this, for so long, giving so much, asking for so little.

Every time we get the chance to talk, the fatigue goes away, and you completely motivate us to try harder, work harder, and do whatever we can to push the ball forward.

38 months ago

No one may believe more in glitches that I might. I have been on the internet since there were only 189 websites. My brother and company has done a lot online even innovated some of things that are staples on the web right now.
That said I have a good understanding of glitches and I have some suggestions as it relates to this site.
In no particular order: The distance between our success coaches and tech support needs to be shorter. The coaches need more freedom to access good information that they can then reply to inquiries or address problems. I might get an answer from a coach and my first thought is --- right !!! So I plod on trying to either work through the issue myself or wait for a solution to appear overnight.
This goes miles to help build the confidence in the system out here is user land.
The fixes needs to be prioritized perhaps differently. For example if someone tries to pay for something using their credit card that system needs to work 100%. This is "outside money" being put into the system to help it work. The payment screen needs to be 100% accurate showing for example a payment reflecting the total in the users currency at today's exchange rate. I try to pay for things just to (when it works) have to add by guessing the exchange rate for today. My community score may decline because I cannot pay for items I actually want from funds earned so I try to use my card - no luck.

In a system that is community based economy, there needs to be a high confidence level for those that are not in close communication with those who know what is happening.
Updates (if glitches or changes) needs to be more frequent, so the confidence level can either be maintained or grown.

My confidence is high in this site and it's abilities, so much so that when I started on Empowr I was, at that, point out of work for about 7 months, I stopped looking for work and made the decision to make this my livelihood. I believe but I have to maintain an income. Good or bad I am looking for work again.

And even though I got dinged for trying to improve my position by getting knocked back to day one, still believe and I stayed.

cheers and keep up the hard work.

38 months ago
Deokie Birbal

Good suggestions; may I add also add that SCs are handicapped to a large extent in the sense that answers to queries and issues are stereotyped. That in a sense, does not cater for growth and dynamic nature of this entity e.g. 1. suggesting to close more loops when the goals has already been met or with people in your geographical location.

38 months ago

Precisely an example of what I was getting at. Sometimes I feel like I got a robotic answer and no research was done to give a reply. Not their fault it's the system ( I feel like SC's are just a buffer between us and real support - staffing numbers and sheer number of potential enquirers notwithstanding )

38 months ago
Joseph Adekunle

Its amazing and great to have this great news, everyone in life pass through both difficulty and rough life before getting to the successful and happy end, provided there is hope in this struggle, please can me in, together we shall sing the songs of joy.
Well done guys.

38 months ago
Vijay Kumar Karumuri

It was not like a long term, of course many years went.
I am part of this great platform and very happy.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Great to hear, Vijay! Lucky to have such dedicated coaches!

38 months ago
James Akwasi

A m so happy to be part of this great platform,
In everything we do, there are ups and downs, am happy to be part of this challenge

38 months ago
Rajendra K

I never stop my journey with empowr until my last breath.
I started my journey on empowr almost 2year ago, and as an SC, I have successfully completed one year term, in this term, I have worked under some great inspiring coaches Vijay, Gerald, Lina and the one and only May Ram. I never imagine that one day I became an SC. I did that, with the help of these great people. empowr teaches me a lot of things, mainly patience, trust,understanding, helping others.
Thank you,empowr!♥♥♥♥

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Rajendra, so glad to hear that your experience has been awesome! Thanks for your support!

38 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

I believe in the mission, so I'm here for the long haul. Empowr in my mind is just like a bunch of kids starting the school for the first time. It's all new, they don't know what works, what doesn't, there's going to be a lot of ups and downs along the way that will be amazing if you picture the entire journey, as we can learn from it all. I'm making a 17-year commitment, yes 17 years the average time a student spends in school from kindergarten to college/university, just imagine where Empowr would be if we all stuck together, if we all worked together to fulfil it's Mission \ (•u•) /

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you Trever, so glad that you're committed and on board! :)

38 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Hello JC

I'm old user here. Empowr is my second big family and I love very much Empowr. I went through many hardships and many joys here. Many new users not know what chance they have now, they have many facilities now. We did not have a chance in the past to receive rebate when we pay fee, or pay from the balance of power up , we have not chance to receive AMCO in the past, in the former Fanbox.
Maybe one day to tell story it was Fanbox former and current Empowr. Many new users do not know the hardships we went through here, but look I'm here :)
Perhaps I too was upset from time to time but I passed, I clenched teeth and I went further on with you. Maybe sometimes I upset you or Empowr Team, now is the moment to offer you appologises , to say I am sorry. To say I love you all . :)
Let's all give a helping hand and build something nice and good for the future.


38 months ago
 Zainab !

Thank you my dear JC ... I am a new member here, I start with Zero money from my pocket but I loved to work and I did effort and you were so generous to me, you gave me big cashout compare to my PU level and my membership age ,, I ll tell all my friends and everyone about Empowr and how are you helpful and appreciated for our working efforts I end my talk with love. Just chapeau to you, sir. <3

38 months ago
Ontario O Stallings

I never had a complaint per se, I post on my page and email my coach about cash out options. I believe and I'm sure you guys do as well, that Empowr needs more cash out options. I understand the security issue, but that can also be addressed outside the app. The cash out option within the app doesn't work for everyone, such as myself, it crashes no matter I request the key within the app or from site to app. Also, not everyone has access to a compatible device, can't afford a compatible device, or simple unable to use a mobile device for whatever reason, they need an option to cash out outside the app as well! I've always suggested for Direct Paypal Cash Out Payments directly through the site with the app as an optional cash out method. An email can be sent for simple confirmation for cash out, with an option of text sent to the phone to reply to, or confirmed through the app!
Other than that, this site is great, I plan to maybe become a coach but definitely on the way to red star power user (first degree blue now) Just have those suggestions, though I'm sure you know this already - just want it to be known that we're all working toward total benefit for all!!

38 months ago
Ontario O Stallings

I have a Samsung phone, Android 4.0.4

38 months ago
M Aqeel Sherazi

Thank you so much JC for look after the humanity. I hope all will understand and help each other. We should help the humanity then we will succeed together. We give every single day lots of time other social network and what we get back just fun. We are not demanding any money from that network so why we are always demanding money from Empowr. I think we use the Empowr as a fun and for the sake of humanity. then we will get back automatically reward for that we did contribute. Again thanks JC and all the team for the thinking of humanity.

38 months ago
M Aqeel Sherazi

I am very lucky that i am acpart of this plate form.

38 months ago