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PART 2:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?   

Hello everyone,

Are you ready for some exciting news?

What I’m about to announce might be the most exciting news we’ve ever announced. You’ll need to be the judge.

But first a recap:

Yesterday, for the benefit of our newest citizens, we reminded everyone what is meant by the word “alpha” – a word next to the empowr logo almost everywhere you see it:
                              PART 2:  So is that what is meant by “alpha”?

“alpha” means “very early stage” – empowr is still very much a laboratory experiment.


It also means that:

·      There will be many bugs and issues happening in the near future, some of which will be incredibly frustrating or maddening

Also, in empowr’s case, it means that we will continue to be operating with no investor capital…

… because it is critical for empowr to be owned and controlled by the community – empowr citizens like you…

… as opposed to just a few rich investor shareholders (which is what happens in most tech companies).

As discussed, that means that resources will continue to be constrained in the short-term:

·      Not as many employees on staff as we need – so empowr employees must continue to work double shifts (16 or more hours per day)

·      AMCO Cash Outs will continue to grow, hopefully, as they have been these last few months…

 but, as always, remember that empowr has no deep pockets, which means that…

… depending on revenues during any month, or any unexpected costs that come up…

… during some months there may be less or even no AMCO cash outs

NOTE: I have said nothing new in the above; I’m using the painful software glitch we experienced last week to remind us all of the reality we continue to live with.



We met many people that have been on empowr for years…

… during most of those months received not one single penny in cash outs…

… and then I asked you all to think about the “fit” between YOU and this alpha project (empowr) -- given all of the above.



In other words, knowing what you expect and deserve from empowr or any platform…

… given empowr’s early (alpha) stage and “no investor capital” approach it’s using…

… the question I asked you was: 

Are you able to deal with all the issues that are surely headed our way, and will you be able to, generally speaking, stay positive…

… in a manner that allows everyone else the opportunity to also fight their own mental, financial and emotional fights to stay positive?




… do you think you will have great difficulty with that…

… and, as a result, not be able to help yourself but drain everyone else’s energy and positivity?



A few people were not happy with me and what they called my “harshness”…

… when I asked, perhaps even demanded, that if you cannot stay positive, that you must leave…

… because everyone else should have the right and the ability…

… to participate in this experiment without the additional burden of putting up -- day in and day out -- with folks that cannot help but be negative continuously, mostly because they are simply here, participating in empowr, at too early a stage.

I apologize if anyone’s feelings that got hurt, but the bottom line is that my job (and top priority) is not to be Mr. Nice Guy or make everyone happy (although I would love nothing more)…

… but it is to ensure the eventual success of the empowr mission for the benefit of everyone.


As a result, of that post and discussion, a number of our citizens decided that it was time for them to suspend their empowr accounts…

… and (I hope) return later, after you and I have had more time to work to improve empowr, and will therefore be more prepared to meet their expectations.


To those people I say:

We thank you, for your honesty (to both yourself and to us) and for doing the honorable thing.  

We will miss you, look forward to your return, and we promise to stop at nothing in our work to improve empowr until its capable of meeting your, and most people’s expectations.


----- ----- ----- ----- -----


OK, so guess what?

There’s more to alpha projects than just hardship (lack of resources, bugs and issues).

Good things can also come from alpha projects.

Ready to hear about some good news that we received this morning?


As you know, for years, many of you have been working very hard to build empowr…

… most of that time with little or no compensation whatsoever.


To thank you all, and reward you for your huge sacrifice, given the lack of cash resources…

…. wouldn’t it be great if empowr could actually give you a piece of the company?


In other words, wouldn’t it make sense for empowr to make you a shareholder in the company?

Absolutely, it would!  It would be fantastic!

Did you know that, in tech companies that end up succeeding, the people that received stock options while the company was still small,  often become extremelywealthy, thanks to those stock options?

Their stock options in the company sometimes end up bringing them hundreds or even thousands of times more wealth than their salaries or investment of capital did. 

Indeed, thousands of employees at Facebook, Twitter and other social media and tech companies have become millionaires, simply because of their stock options.


So, why has empowr not given you – and all the hard working empowr citizens, success coaches and employees -- stock options in empowr?

Here’s why:

In the United States, there’s something called the “500 shareholder rule”:

When a company reaches 500 shareholders or more, it must register with the United States SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) …

… which is a very expensive process…

… and a process that the company will need to stay on top of every 90 days, by filing quarterly statements with the SEC.


As a result of this rule, empowr has been blocked from giving stock options to you.

But, just like what has happened many times in the past, when the empowr community has been told “No” by someone, it keeps searching and fighting for a way forward…

… until it finds a way.


The huge news

This morning, empowr’s lawyers reported that they believe that they have found a (legal) way to accomplish our objective of bringing empowr ownership to you.

This is big news.

It’s big because it means that, if empowr can indeed give out millions of stock options to its citizens…

… and if it continues on the very successful path its been on since the open alpha phase launched exactly one year ago…

… many of you could end making millions of dollars from the stock options…

… which is much more than you have earned via your empowr earnings.


Does this all sound too good to be true? I agree, it does.

Just Google for yourself to learn how when a tech company goes public (meaning when it first sells its shares on the public stock exchange)…

… how often times many people (hundreds or thousands of people who previously received stock options – usually employees) became “instant millionaires”.

Well, because empowr has no venture capitalists (investors) that it needs to give most of its shares to, it can instead share them with you.

And since it doesn’t have a huge employee headcount, it can instead share much of the ownership with you.

And since its employees’ top goal is NOT to be the richest people in the world…

 rather, it is to make the world a better place via the successful accomplishment of the empowr mission…

… they want to ensure ownership in empowr is spread among its citizens, NOT just a few billionaire individuals…

… so they are actually quite motivated to share the ownership of the company with the people that are working hard, every day, to make empowr successful…. YOU.



To summarize this last part:

Ownership in tech companies usually goes to investors and employees.

empowr has no investors, and few employees -- and those employees continue to believe that empowr must mostly and ultimately belong to its community of citizens and success coaches

Therefore, the only obstacle that remained in the path of giving you ownership, has been a legal one.


And for the first time, we have received positive news on that front…

… that our attorneys believe they have found a path to doing that…

… one that is completely legal and will not cause trouble for empowr.



OK, so now, I believe three (3) questions remain:

1.  How do stock options work? Exactly how do they make you money?

2.  When will stock options be distributed to you and the other empowr citizens? And when can you sell them, so you can have the profits in your personal bank account?

3.  How many stock options will go to each empowr citizen?


Let’s get right to answering these questions.


1.  How do stock options work? How do they make you money?

Stock options represent a chance to buy company shares at a certain price.

That price (called the “strike price”) is fixed (meaning the price is set) very early on -- at the time the options are granted to you.

Therefore, if the company continues to do well (meaning the current value of empowr shares continues to increase)….

… the difference between the strike price, and what the shares are worth at any point in the future, can become quite large.

Example: If your strike price is set at $1…

… and the company does well, with its share price growing to $100 on a certain date…

… your profit per stock option, if you choose to sell it on that date, is ($100 - $1) = $99 per share option.

And that’s how many people that receive stock options in technology companies have made thousands, millions or, in some cases, even billions of dollars in profits.


Question:  Do you have to pay for your options when you receive them?

Generally not.

From what I’ve ever seen, you don’t pay for your options, until you are actually ready to sell your shares (when the shares are worth a lot more than the option “strike” price)…

… and (depending on how the lawyers set it all up) you can generally pay for the options using the money you make from the actual sale of the shares.

Sorry if that sounds confusing, but believe me, it is actually fairly simple:

The stock options can become more and more valuable as the company does better and better…

… because your option “strike” price remains the same the whole time, even as the share price is going up.


Question:  What can I do to make the most money from my stock options?

Generally speaking:

A.   The better the company does, the higher its price per share on the open market, so the more valuable (profitable) each of your stock options will be.

B.   The more stock options you have, the more money you can potentially make.


So, to maximize what you can make from your stock options, you’ll want to:

Get your hands on as many options as you possibly can (more on that in question #2, below), and….

Together, with your fellow empowr citizens, do everything you can to make empowr successful (more on that topic in the next two (2) blog posts).


Now, in order to not violate the 500 shareholder rule, you cannot sell shares until the company officially “goes public”…

… meaning until it officially files with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission…

… which is an expensive process for which empowr is not yet ready, or successful enough yet, to do.

So what you want to do, between now and then, is:

Do everything you can to earn as many options as you can…

… and do everything you can to make those options worth as much as possible.

The good news is that, because empowr is a community… 

… and many others will also be receiving stock options when you do…

… you won’t be alone in your efforts to increase the value of your stock options.


We’re all in this together…

… and as history has shown, we can accomplish anything that together we have decided needs to happen.


If any of this is confusing, it’s probably because I didn’t do a great job explaining it. 

As you ask questions and get answers, I am sure it will all start to “click” for you.



2.  When will stock options be distributed to you and the other empowr citizens? And when can you sell them, so you can have the profits in your personal bank account?

Before empowr starts handing options to its citizens, its lawyers need to complete all their prerequisite tasks.

But we don’t want their work to stop us from moving forward.

So, here’s what I’m thinking:

Let’s create something called an Ownership Point (OP).

(We’ll discuss how to earn these OP points in question #3, below).

Then, when the lawyers are ready to distribute the options and we know exactly how many options we’ll be distributing…

… we’ll divide the number of options by the total number of OP points in existance. 

... and distribute the points accordingly.


Does this make sense?

Let’s look at an example:

If empowr decides to distribute 100 millions options…

… and empowr citizens have earned 10 million OP points on the date of distribution…

… then each OP point will be worth (100M / 10M = 10) ten (10) stock options.

So, using that example, if on that date you have 1,000 OP points, you’ll receive 10,000 stock options.

By using Ownership Points, we’ll be able to start tracking our progress, and charging forward together as owners, doing the things it take to end up with the most stock options.

If and when the company’s lawyers are ready, we’ll distribute the options to you, based on the number of Ownership Points you have at that time.

Then,  if and when the company is ready – as we continue to succeed together – we’ll file with the United States SEC to do an IPO (Initial Public Offering) – which is the event where the company first starts offering its shares to the general public.



3.  How many stock options will go to each empowr citizen? What are the rules by which we earn them?

Let’s use the comments in this blog post to discuss this and come up with the right answers!

Here are some of my ideas:

1.  How many Daily Goals you hit

2.  How many other people did you personally invite to empowr that became successful

3.  Were you a success coach, and if so, for how long?

4.  As a success coach, how successful were your students? (IE: How successful were you as an SC)?

5.  Did you eventually coach other successful SCs?

6.  How many power levels did you achieve since you started?


Also, what actions should disqualify someone from being an owner of empowr?


What do you think?

What other criteria should be rewarded with empowr stock options?

Please use the comments below to share your ideas.

(In the meantime, let’s assume that all of the above (1-6) are valid starting immediately – so if you’re doing those things, or working to do those things, you’ll be on your way).


And finally, some legal protection text.

empowr operates in the United States, a country full of lawyers that are looking for an opportunity to take people and companies to court – to sue and collect as much money as possible from them – mostly for their own good.

Therefore, I  must inject the following text here – which pretty much is intended to nullify anything and everything I’ve said above, in order to protect you and empowr from the litigious U.S. business environment:

In this blog post and related material, no promises are being made. empowr may not succeed and for a variety of other reasons, it may never go public. It may never share ownership with you or anyone else. If it does, those stock options may be worthless. The above is intended to only communicate the intent of the company at the time of this writing. That intent may change without notice or never materialize. The owners of empowr have no intent to sell empowr at this time, but ownership control of empowr may change, which will bring in new owners who may have other ideas. The bottom line is that you may never receive stock options for any variety of reasons; those options may be worthless for any variety of reasons, so you should not do anything different with your time, money or anything else you plan on investing into empowr, if your intent is making money from empowr options. That’s all the negativity I could think of at this time but if I think of more, I’ll add them here, and I reserve the right to do that, which means that I or we can change anything and everything mentioned in this post without notifying you or without penalty. Oh, and if anything said in the above is later found to be not legal in your country or state, it will be deemed null and void as we don’t want to break any rules or laws.

To be extra clear: Our intent is for a good number of you to make millions of dollars from your empowr stock options.

Look: If empowr will be worth many billions of dollars, just like many other tech companies, and therefore individuals will make millions of dollats, why should that not be you?

So, if empowr becomes very successful and goes public, meaning it opens up the selling of its shares on the public stock exchange…

 we totally expect that some of you could and will make millions of dollars from your shares, if you choose to sell some or all of them.

But empowr is not guaranteeing anything whatsoever. I am merely communicating our desires, which may or may not materialize for a variety of reasons, most of which we cannot even imagine.

Also, for empowr’s stock and options to be worth anything, it must first continue to grow its revenues and other key metrics, to much higher levels than where it is now.  No promises can be made that that will happen.

Also, I am communicating the employees’ intent of distributing shares and options to the community. Who knows, they may fall and hit their heads, and as a result, decide they were crazy to do that. Do you think after all these years of hardship and resisting the urge to raise capital from investors or sell empowr, that they will change their minds? Eeverything can happen, so I’m adding this text to fend off hungry U.S. lawyers.

So, in a nutshell, no promises can be made or are being made in this blog post. 


OK, back to the question:

On what basis should ownership (stock options) be distributed?

Clearly, not everyone puts in the same amount of effort into empowr, so what would be the fairest way of distribution?

(Then, in the next post, Part 3, we’ll discuss a different way for many of you to generate more short-term AMCO cash outs).


Ninja Model

Wow really happy to read the news related to becoming shareholders of empowr..Its like the happies moment since I am working on empowr..Thank you for making it happen..
Regarding the number if stocks you are going to share i think PU level is th ebest option as not everybody tried here of being the success coach..also I refered few people here in India but still its not that easy for people in my country to work on empowr as may be they are not intersted in investing and taking risk although I will try to convine more people about it..
Thirdly I think we should allow some investors also as the gonna boost our economy..

38 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Great news . But when you will have new Cash out method which works in my country I will become Success Coach )

38 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello Khayal,

The options will come but we don't become success coaches with any expectations, we do it deeply from the heart, with commitment with a goal of achieving the empowr mission.

38 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Yes , Manuela , because hungry coach cant teach others . I need to eat to stay alive and to serve empowr citizens 24/7 .

38 months ago
Bob Poster

This is great news and I have been waiting for the stock options. That means empowr is doing good. I noticed also we are at going higher on the Alexis ratings as well. http://prntscr.com/cs2uow As for fair distribution of stocks I think good sellers should get more shares. Call it the good seller bonus. This is really great I am so excited!

38 months ago
Stjepan Tokic

Paying for Tomorrows Pleasure Today

Let’s continue our conversation from last time we spoke about discipline, because it’s extremely important for your success…
Discipline produces success even if your definition of success has nothing to do with money. If your idea of success is to be a great pianist or painter or gardener, then to get there you must postpone immediate trivial pleasure such as watching TV or going out to the bars. Instead you must practice the piano, study painting, or weed the garden ready for the spring. I would submit that even if your definition of success was to be at peace with the world and to be in a blissful connected state with the universe you must first practice the long hours of discipline required for meditation, and practice the minute-by-minute discipline of pushing out the constant chatter of thoughts from your mind. A Zen monk, for example, could be said to be almost perfectly (and excessively) disciplined. I think unsuccessful people are often that way because they have these two characteristics: **Sponsor** Outsource Your Website Development to Us Your websites can be up in just a few minutes... The hosting is covered... And most importantly, they're ready to take orders. All you need to do is go here and grab it.**End Sponsor** 1. They rarely think of the future or plan for it. They live only for today. Self-development guru Jim Rohn’s secret of happiness is 'enjoying today while planning for a better tomorrow’. Living for the moment is only half of the story. You can only enjoy today because of the plans you made or work you did ‘yesterday.’ Similarly, you can only enjoy tomorrow because of the plans you make or work you do today. This includes simple pleasures like a day walking, listening to the birds sing. You can only do that because 'yesterday' (last year, etc.) you worked hard enough and saved some money so that you could take time off. It is obvious that you can only eat today because of the work you did yesterday, unless you have set up your life to scavenge from others.

2. They spend every single penny they earn (and usually more) on pleasures right now, today, and do not put anything away for the future. This is similar to being given a week’s worth of candy and eating them all in one sitting! Disciplined people use their time and talents to create present and future wealth for themselves. This means doing something. This is hard. This takes effort and it takes will-power. Undisciplined people watch soap operas seven days a week, go out all the time (a net outflow of money), buy all the latest toys or generally fritter away their time and talents for thirty of forty years. And then.... huge surprise...they're broke when they retire! Look, this hardly needs saying. There's nothing wrong with watching television sometimes, going out now and then and having the odd meal out. These are pleasures. This is jello now. Then, you turn the TV off and get to work on projects that will make you wealthy. You stay in several nights and work through until midnight on the same thing. This is investing time in your future, and is an identical concept to investing (saving) money for your future. A disciplined person does not spend all his/her time now, in trivial pleasures, they save some for the future. Time is funny stuff. You can't put it in a box and save it for a future day, say the end of your life, and then haul it out and get extra days of life. The rule with time is that you have to invest it straight away. It multiplies and produces money in the future. You use this money to buy time from other people. For example, the money releases you from the need to work, and so that gives you a whole lot of time - much more than your original investment of time. Or, you use the money to pay someone to do your garden, and that frees up a whole lot of time for more pleasurable things.

38 months ago
Andrea Knight

I love your post and many of your ideas on time and how to use it! remind me of my studies on the "Power of Now" Eckhardt Tolle Great read!!!

How to give out shares? I think consistency is the best way to decide!!! I have been building my businesses and sometimes I'm not as consistent in closing loops and fulfilling my goals with Empowr! I love Empowr but I love my clothing line MORE!!! Now I'm not saying this to disqualify myself or any other business owner on here! However if one truly expects to recieve any pay out for anything they must be invested!!! Soooo those who show their genuine investment through time, post, comments etc over a long consistent time frame should be FIRST on your Empowr list to recieve Shares! You as the Start up don't need faulty half way there investors! You we ALL need investors who have ideas drive determination and a business consistency to see Empowr and all the Citizens to Success as a WORKING COMMITTED COMMUNITY!!!

38 months ago
Igor Murov

Замечательная новость! Новы стимул для граждан empowr.

38 months ago
Umair Siddique

Just Wow :) So excited :) I would agree with all the options, all seem valid to me but some carry more weight in my point of view. Obviously, the team leaders who have many coaches to guide, understand the importance of our mission better than most of us and they deserve better chances and points. All other points are justifiable in my point of view. Let's see what the community says and however it is feasible for the collective good of everyone! Yayy! :-) :D :D

38 months ago
Edwin Edwards

This is a great idea, as I remember when empowr was launched the share option was one of the goals planned at the beginning and I see it coming through. What do I say? Despite many challenges in every stage of life you have to choose to be constant or to move on but together as a team the empowr community moved on. This is extremely great news. Let me think as an economist at this;
How should the stock options be distributed?
1. According to the power user levels. The higher the power user the better.
2. Great sellers should also gain from this. People who sell real products and actually ship them to buyers should also have a distribution.
3. We can compare this to the Daily Earnings Options which matters a lot. The Platinum option people should get more than the rest options. That is the higher the daily earning option, the better.

The rest I have seen on your post and I agree with them but frankly, the idea of stock(Shares) has just made my day. Some people might not understand but as an economist, I see this as a great opportunity and greater future on empowr. Long live empowr!

38 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

Great news, let us join hand together and stay positive for the bettement of Empowr.

38 months ago
L Sam

Fantastic news ! I should say this is the greatest news that I have heard after joining empowr! I don't know much about stock option. I think stock option has some expiry date. So how it will be implemented and empowr being a global community, how non-US nationals will get benefit is the question. Do non-US nationals need to open account with US stock exchange or what! Little chaos in mind !
This would be a perfect way to reciprocate with the citizen, employees, success coaches' efforts to accomplish the mission of empowr.

38 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Wow, I was thinking about this a few times over the last few weeks and now it's being presented to us as a beautiful possibility! You have asked for ideas, but you have left us all speechless I'm sure!!
I love the ideas you already stated, how about also figuring in Feedback rating of Sellers, how often their products are paid for, citizen participation in the Economy Builder Program, Auditing Team & Marketplace Moderation considered, community score reflected, Team Leaders given extra Options, Trainers/Supervisors recognized, reward Top 100 worldwide leaderboard, maybe a Top Ten Leaderboard for the best marketplace sellers considered.
Thanks for the awesome news! I love the idea of Ownership Points, and I'm excited for everyone! :)
I love having more happiness to share with empowr citizens!! Love you love you love you empowr!!

38 months ago
Dezarae Ali

I should clarify what I mean by Top Ten Seller Leaderboard - Like a monthly contest to reward those bringing in the greatest amount of paid sales gets a set # of OP to the winners each month :)

38 months ago
Artur Karimov


34 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed


A good news I was waiting since we move to empowr and announce in a post Ownership Share will give to old FanBox User at the mid of 2016, My suggestion for Ownership Points is
For citizens,
How long they are on the platform, achieve the power user level and contributed to empowr economy
For Coaches
2) How long they are on the platform, how long they are a Success Coach and their overall performance (would be good communication quality since they are a success coach),
Again thanks for this exciting news,

38 months ago
Lana Ferra

I agree with you, Khaleeq ! The most loyal and faithful citizens must be rewarded the most. It is the good time to thank them for their faith and contribution.

38 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi AB,

Would be good SCs has a separate pay grade for OP like they have for their Sc bonuses and earnings this will not only encourage them to work better also, encourage empowr citizens to join the success coach program to serve the community as volunteers,

38 months ago
Stjepan Tokic

The reality is 1 share = $ 1

38 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

I have to say that I am a bit overwhelmed by this. At the same time, I have the feeling that this is a stroke of genius. It seems to make so much sense. But I am one that needs to think this through. But I have this exciting tingle inside me that seems to tell me that I am part of something very interesting and binding.

38 months ago
Kelly Baker

Hi JC,
How awesome is this! This is an opportunity for all citizens! I love it! Sorry really excited now.
My opinion:
1.) Goals made
2.) Because SC's, Moderators, team leaders, trainers and of coarse supervisors do not have as much time to complete their goals daily, I agree with your success coach, how successful were your clients and students? (IE: How successful were you as an SC, trainer, team leader, supervisor and moderator )?
3.) How long you have been a coach, moderator, supervisor and team leaders.
3.) Yearly profits
4.) How much a citizen has put into the Economy builder

Thank you JC :)

38 months ago
Artur Karimov


34 months ago
Adam Smith

Sounds terrific and something we've all been waiting for.
I think one criteria to be considered should be the length of time a member has been with Empowr. OP should be awarded on our Anniversary and to start out it could be done retroactively, with so many OP per year of membership.
There could also be surge earnings that generate OP instead of cash.

38 months ago
Adam Smith

There certainly should be an audit of accounts and dormant account holders should be contacted and given an opportunity to become active, pay up any outstanding fees, etc., before earning OP. If they do not respond in a timely manner, their accounts should be either deleted (with appropriate warnings) or put into a dormant status that would require some specific steps performed in order to be returned to active status.

38 months ago
Koviljka Kosta

Thanks for the good news, the news svkako even more motivated to do well and from the heart for us to empower the community. Thanks again empowr team for hard work and good luck, just ahead together we are stronger.
Thank you !

38 months ago
Artur Karimov


34 months ago
Donald Braswell

I believe when you share with the people who make the company, the people are more likely to stick together to make this happen, good job to all of you at empowr.

38 months ago
Massimo Amenta

This is a great news and puts a full stop to start again with more force than before, Empowr is a wonderful idea and we are all ready for its implementation, full speed ahead Empowrs ...


38 months ago
Natalya Petrovskaya

Good news and great idea I like it.
p. 2 in your proposal: What it means to become successful? to what level people should get: green, blue. red, that would get the bonus shares?
Bonus shares for paying for platinum level
When you return 50% payment for the platform that you had a choice, let's say 40% refund money 10% stocks, 30% money 20% of the shares well, etc.
Bonus shares for paying for gold level
When paying for a platform at the gold level - was a choice
Let's say for 19.99 + 10% (shares); of 19.99 + 20% (shares)

38 months ago
Jan Mh

Its a great Idea! As a matter of fact and human psyche-- One start caring much better of things, when he own it.
Criteria in My Opinion should be
For Citizen :
- For how long they are on empowr
- Number of power user achieved and contribution to empowr
For Coaches
(4. As a success coach, how successful were your students? (IE: How successful were you as an SC)?))
It should not be counted, because you can not make one successful unless he wants to be..
I am very excited and looking forward to have it.


38 months ago
Gregory W

Excellent move, I m excited about everything that is discussed. Empower is even ranking higher day by day that is a good sign. I'm just glad to be a part of something so GREAT!. No one shouldn't complain just work hard to achieve their goals and I also believe The Empowr community will achieve its ultimate goal in the future for sure.

38 months ago
Aurora Cruz-Schertel

Very great idea.
the following are my suggestions.
For Empowr Citizens:1)How many daily goals you hit.
2)How many power level achieved
For Succes Coaches:1)How long they are already working as a SC.

Thank you JC

38 months ago
Artur Karimov


34 months ago

This is very exciting. I have always thought that Empowr could for example, take on Ebay and give fantastic value back its user base. It would be an effort rewarded based system for those who put in daily and not for occasional users. This is very very exciting.
Looking forward to further developments in this area.

Thanks Team

38 months ago
Jermaine Ellison

This is great news! I think the best way to distribute shares (OP) should be based on two things. How long have you been part of this community. And, how successful you are on this platform/mission.

38 months ago
Helga Nezda

I dont understand it all yet, but so far it sounds like great news. thank you.

38 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

wow it's actually a genial idea and l'm agree with the criteria you wrote up, on how much stock options citizens allow.
Someone wrote about the sellers rating and how many goods they deliver. Since they are one of the Economy builder here, it should be added on the list but it need to be filterize - serious/unserious seller, only those who really produce something in the marketplace.

Disqualification for owneship:
- peopel who share only referral links or links from outside Empowr on their post. Since I started this was not tolerable at all.
- Spreading negativity that will destroy site reputation. Hope this will not misunderstand.

38 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Yes, one thing more that I can think of, by giving an overall rating to each citizen by other citizens inside their COT and vice versa. Empowr can able to create an app that will just show up into the notification to give rate to a respective profile and give some feedback that might help motivate or need something to improve.

38 months ago
~$a+a Bern $~

Great news . But when you will have new Cash out method which works in my country I will become Success Coach )

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Alex, this is definitely on our radar. We ask that everyone do their best to understand how difficult of a task this is. We thank everyone again for their patience and understanding, and do want everyone to know that we are aware of this issue. Thanks!

38 months ago
Richard Burger

Wow this sounds interesting and looking forward to a better tomorrow. So lets all keep learning more and doing what it takes to move up the leaderboard and power levels. That is the key to succss.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you, Richard! Let's keep up the good work everyone.

38 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Frumoasa idee o asteptam din momentul treceri de la FanBox aici sper sa se poata si rezolva ,avem incredere totala in acesti oameni care lucreaza pentru binele acestei mari familii.Antrenori de succes ar trebui sa fie pe primul plan ca actionarii pentru ca fac o munca foarte grea este dificil sa lucrezi cu multe persoane sa le dai lamuririi in orce mica sau mare problema sa fi disponibil tot timpul ,apoi cei care au vinzari dar atentie au vinzari datorita faptului ca nu se pot licita toate produsele ,au vinzari care ramin neplatite ,cumparatorii sunt cei mai dezavantajatii cumpara produse si constata ca vinzatorul a parasit familia ,sau cine stie de ce nu mai are activitate.Cumperi un produs cu plata de transport si il platesti in fiecare luna cu toate ca acel produs lai primit sau nu la prima licitare dar ghionion din neatentie ....deci trebuie luate in cansiderare multe aspecte multumesc o seara frumoasa

38 months ago
Roger Foulks

Empowr, thank you for the wonderful announcement! As a previous participant in stock option plans with U.S. Fortune 50 companies, I can assure everyone that stock options are a legitimate powerful method for building wealth.

38 months ago
Monique Armstrong

I agree with Bob Poster and some of the others. The people making final sales and shipping products in a timely manner and building the empowr economy should get the op points. Those that are listing but don't reply when someone makes final purchase/do not ship products are causing frustration and more work for the scs and should not be rewarded. I am not an SC anymore (at this time) but the scs and auditors should also get op points. They work very hard.

38 months ago
Richard Burger

Well what did you have a boy or a girl Monique

38 months ago
Nemo (Vitaliy)


34 months ago